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    • 200 Days Online
      Hola estamos presentando inconvenientes con nuestro dominio
      Asi que pueden ingresar por este dominio:
    • Our configs:
      - FULL season 14, with new class RuneWizard
      - Exp: +- normal 100x exp, but medium-high master & majestic exp + good items drops ingame, 5PPL
      - High rate chaosgoblin & wings gives excellent % option
      - All monsters&character changed to match PVM & PVP
      - Implemented balanced custom items
      - Improved options of sockets, 380 items and ancients to make nice settings for PvP and PVm
      - Custom jewels drops ingame
      - Ruud & wcoins & goblin points collect ingame defeating events & bosses
      - Earn wcoins by grand reset or bosses/events ingame - NO webshop but quality Xshop: Wcoins & goblin points with good & new items.
      - Unique items, custom ancients&sockets drops ingame. Fair gameplay by upgrading items ingame ! Server: Dedicated server, longterm !
      Location: US Grand opening TODAY 18-April-2018
      Grand opening 18-April-2018
    • PORT MU So real it hurts! Season 12 Part 2       //Quick Tips Start today and get 150WCoins Bonus + 400 Stats points   //The Quick Links PortMU Home Page PortMU Register Page PortMU Download Page PortMU Community board!   //New S12 Features -New Character Grow Lancer -New Map Nixies Lake -Holyangel Mastery Set  -Darkangel Weapons -Maze of Dimensions  -Class Improvements -RUUD Coins -And many more...   //Server Information -Season XII Part 2 -Normal Experience: 500x -Master Experiance: 250x -Drop: 40% -Reset Level: 400 -Zen for Reset: 15 000 000 (15 millions) -Zen for PK Clear: 2 000 000 (2 millions) -Location: Bulgaria -Hosted on Dedicated Server    //Server Features -In-Game Cash Shop (X-Button) -Dual System & Arena -Mini Map -Fully working Season 12 Skill Tree -Extend your inventory & vault  -Advanced Marry System -Muun Pet System -More then 20 custom commands    //Server Event List -Acheron Guardian event -Arca Battle event -Cry Wolf event -Castle Siege event -Medusa Event -Raklion event -Kantru event -Illusion Temple event -Devil Square -Blood Castle  -Chaos Castle -Last Man Stating Event -Bonus events Event -TvT Event ( Team VS Team) And many more
    • 193 Days Online