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    • Dear players are happy to inform you about the opening of 2 rate x100
      .The opening of the server is scheduled for July 13(Friday) at 20:00 Server time.
      Site:Grand Mu S4 Ultra Home

      We will be grateful to everyone who will participate.We guarantee you a stable job without wipes. An example of this is our x1000 server which has been working steadily for over 9 months! Basic Information :

      Server Rates : x100
      Drop Rate : 50%
      Version: Season 4 ULTRA
      Max level : 400
      Grand reset from 100 Reset
      Stats after Grand Reset 10000
      Max Reset : 100
      Max Grand Reset : 50
      Max Stats: 32767
      Get all top items with out donate!
      Reliable protection against all kinds of cheats and dumb.
      It is possible to receive bonuses through voting for the server.
      Hidden spots since Tarkan on 8-10 monsters.
      Fixed bug on sale of Wings (Zen)
      Server uptime: 24/7 Game process :

      Elf Assistant Up to 400 Level + 5 Reset
      Creating a Guild: 250 lvl
      MuHelper from 40 level
      New locations: Grand - Ubaid - Debender - Uruk- Ferea!
      New monsters, new bosses
      Spots in all locations for 6-10 monsters with respawn 10 seconds.
      All monsters are reconfigured, balanced for x1000 raises.
      PvP options hold all things from Leather to socket
      Harmony options hold all things, including Socket
      New Many Customs
      15 New Ancient Sets!
      Unique system Off-Exp (pumping in offline).
      Sale and trade is only on the map Elbeland [TradeZ]
      Start boxes falling from all monsters designed to quickly dress you up a bit. Description of Jewels :

      Knock out with Red Dragon, Golden Cherry Blossom.

      Jewel of Excellent - Adds an excellent option to your item. Not used on wings, costume jewelry and Ancient subjects. The maximum number of Excellent options on the item is 3. The probability of adding an option is 70%.
      Jewel of Ancient - makes from an ordinary object Ancient. Not used on costume jewelry, Excellent and Socket items. The probability of a successful transformation is 50%.
      Jewel of Option - adds + 28Add. Not used on costume jewelry. The probability of successful addition is 60%.
      Jewel of Socket - adds nests in things (Socket) to 5 pieces. The probability of successful addition is 75%.
      Jewel of Skill - Adds Skill to weapons, shields. The probability of successful addition is 70%.
      Jewel of Luck - adds Luck options to any of your items. The probability of successful addition is 50%.
      Jewel of Level - Raises the level (sharpening) of your item by 1 point. Not used on costume jewelry. The probability of a successful increase is 100%. Experience Modifier Bonus :

      A batch of 2 people does not have a difference which class = 100% EXT total (100% per member)
      A party of 3 people of the same class = 295% exp general (99% per member)
      A party of 4 people of the same class = 385% exp general (97% per member)
      A party of 5 people of the same class = 465% of the total exp (93% for each member) Exp at party :

      Silver: Party of 3 different characters = 315% total exp (105% for each member)
      Gold: A batch of 4 different characters = 440% total exp (110% for each member)
      Platinium: A batch of 5 different characters = 575% common (115% per member) Castle Siege :

      Every week the main event takes place on the server - the siege of Castle Siege Castle. The winning alliance, together with the castle, gets access to a special Land of Trials location.
    • <<<<Season 6 Episode 3>>>>
      <<<<°Servidor Fast°>>>>
      <<<<°BALANCE PERFECT°>>>>
      <<<<°PVP SERVER°>>>>
      🔸 INFO 🔸
      🔹 Versión: Season 6
      🔹 Exp : x9999
      🔹 Drop: 40% (General)
      🔹 0 Lag Fast Connections 100MBPS
      🔹 AntiDDoS
      🔹 New Server Online Friends
      🔹 Vps Dedicated
      🔹 Spots: 30 Monstruos 
      🔹 Max Stats: 2000000
      🔹 Max Level: 5000
      🔹 Max ML: 200
      🔹 PPL: 100
      🔹 1 GR GET 99999 CGOLD
      🔹 Mu Helper Funcional al 100%
      ✅ System Vote Reward
      ✅ System 1 Antihack Full Protection
      ✅ System Webshop
      ✅ System Market
      ✅ System Reconnection
      ✅ Mosters all Maps Full Spots
      ✅ Change Class In Game
      ✅ Events all Today
      ✅ PayPal and SMS Donations for Others Countries.
      ✅ Donaciones desde Venezuela.
      🌐Web Oficial:
    • First of June! 11:00(UK time) S6 Basic exp 15 / SVIP 20 Drop 25 / SVIP 30 No RR limits Party exp bonus! MAX item LVL: +15 FREE RESET – NO LIMIT 1RR = 1 RR POINT (6 points = 1 option into item) WEBMARKET for players you can sell item/ character to another player! LVL MAX: 400 MASTERLVL MAX: 400 Potion Stacks: 255 Points: DK 5 DW 5 ELF 5 SU 5 MG 7 DL 7 AFTER RESET: 1LVL DK DW ELF SU:  550 x RESET MG DL: 650 x RESET   Helper lvl 80 Basic shops, TS / ES in shop. Fully working Reconnect option. BASIC OPITONS; LUCK+ 25% JOL: 70% 65% 60% 55% BLESS: 100% SOUL: 70% 65% 60% 55% CHAOS MIX: 75% > -------------------------------------------------------------------------------   MonsterCount: 8000/8000 Spots: 8/10 Monsters Inc Arena ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PREMIUM VIP ChaosMachine  +5%  above +9 items Joh +5% pink opt +5% Soul +5% JoL +5% /post – from 75lvl /add(str, agi, vit, ene, cmd) = 4kk Zen /pkclear: 300kk Zen 2% discounts 2% more for rewards 30% more space in WebWarehouse 50% more Market Sell limit  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------  SUPER VIP VIP SUB ACCESS: +5x EXP +1x MExp +5% ChaosMix DS, BC, IT  +10%  chaosmix above +9+15% craft stat potion +10% craft SD potion  +1% JoH  +15% pink (380lvl)  +10% Soul  +10% JoL +10% JoH  /post – from 1st lvl  /add(str, agi, vit, ene, cmd) : 1,5kk Zen  /pkclear: 100kk Zen  aditional valut (command:  /ware 1)  5% discounts   100% more space in WebWarehouse  100% more Market Sell limit  5% more for rewards  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------  WEBSITE FEATURES: Buy Vip Buy vip status to have premium services Hide Info Hide inventory / location from others Add Luck Add luck to your items Buy Zen Do you more need zen? Check out here Buy Dual Inventory Activate Dual Inventory status Change Race Change your character race Change Name Change your character name Transfer Character Move your hero to another account PLAYER MARKET SELL YOUR ITEMS OR CHARACTER!    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Blood Castle: 01:00 > 00:00 Every Hour!   Devil Square: 00:30 > 22:30 Every 2 Hours!   Chaos Castle: 00:00 > 20:00 Every 4 Hours!   Golden Invasion: 00:00 > 18:00 Every 6 Hours!
      Exp Event : EVERY SATURDAY AND SUNDAY!     OTHER: Death King, White Wizard, Red Dragon, Illusion Temple, Castle Siege, Kalima, Kanturu, Loren Deep, CryWolf, Guild War, Drop Event etc.  
    • ZealMu Season 10 Episode 3 Website: Download via google full client with sound: Download via google full client with no sound: Official Facebook Page: Official Facebook Group: =================== Server Features PVP Settings Balance Exp Rate X9999 ML Rate x9999 Drop rate 80% No Webshop Max Level 400 Max Master Level 400 Max Socket Slot 4 MaxDrop Exelent 3option Max stat: 32000 =================== STARTING CHARACTER 1K LEVELUPPOINTS SET FO+15+ Bloody Wings of Conqueror (+15+L+Option) 2 RING +PEN +15+FO+AD28 2 WEAPON FO+15 PERMANENT ITEMS =================== Max Excellent Option 6 Max Drop Excellent Option 3 EXCELLENT OPTION LordMix: 6 EXCELLENT OPTION =================== Reset in Game Active Greset in Game Active Ring of Block Active =================== Chaos Machine Webzez Defualt Blood Caslte Drops BLoody Items 2 option Max Devil Square Drops Bloody Items 2 option Max =================== Drop boss Erohim Fo Item With Random Socket Kundun Fo Item With Random Socket medusa Fo Item With Random Socket Selupan Fo Item With Random Socket =================== Automatic Event Trivia - 1 Cash Point Bringme - 1 Cash Point Huntandkill - 1 Cash Point Pvp Lastmanstanding - 5 Cash Point =================== Command List Player /reset Value /greset Value /freezen Value /clearinv Name =================== Friendly active GM's & Admin
    • Hi all, We are glad to provide first look of v3. Progress is aprx %70. Perfect user interface, totaly mobile support and many more.  Please find some screens below.