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  3. - Server Name: OpenMu - Website : - Version: Season III + Episode I - Server is from: Bulgaria - Experience: 99999x - Item drop: 100% - Monster HP: 100% - Points per level: 20/30 - Maximum Points: 65000 - Reset: From the site - Reset cost: 1,000,000 Zen - Maximum level: 999 - Level for reset: 400 - Points per Reset: Keep stats - Maximum resets: 999 - Minimum level for delete Hero: 40 - Minimum level for create Guild: 80 - PK Clear: From the site - PK Clear cost: 1,000,000 Zen for a murder - Clear Inventory: No - Clear Spells: No - Clear Stats: No Opportunities For Success - Jewel Of Soul success: 100% - Jewel Of Soul success + Luck: 100% - Jewel Of Life success: 80% - Item +10 success: 100% - Item +11 success: 95% - Item +12 success: 90% - Item +13 success: 88% Events - Blood Castle Event - every 1 hour(s) - Devil Square Event - every 2 hour(s) - Chaos Castle Event - every 4 hour(s) - Golden Dragon Invasion - every 1 hour(s) - Kundun Invasion Event - every 12 hour(s) - White Wizard Attack Event - every 2 hour(s) GM|Administrator Events - Drop Event - Race Event - Find Event - PK Event - Survivor Event - Tournament Event - Question Event - Guild Event Informacion del Servidor es activo y estable desde el 2009 OpenMu is server running since Octomber 2009. Official website: Game servers running over 6 months without wipe: - Version: Season 3 Episode 1 no bugs or modifications - 3 Game servers - 2x PVP and 1x Non-PVP. - Experience: 999999999x - Drops: 99% - Box of kundun + 1 +2 +3 +4 +5 in Lorencia shop - Daily GM events - MU SHOP - Unique payment methods - Active community team - 24/7 Online Dedicated Server - Servers: - Server 1 (PVP) - Post chat on - Server 2 (NON - PVP) - Post chat on Facebook : Forum : Website :
  4. InsertMU Season 9 Information: Server: InsertMu Server is From: Bulgaria Version: Season 9 FULL Experience: 9999999999999x Drops: MAXXX Free Items for Everyone!!! Free Credits for Everyone!!! A lot daily events!!! Just come and check by yourself! Bless Bug: On Reset Lvl: 400 Max Level: 1999 Reset Zen: 0 mil Reset Points: Keep STATS! Points Per Level: 10/20 Box+1,2,3,4,5 In Shop Lorencia ! Wings 1,2,3,4 Level in Shop ! All Jewels in shop Maximum Stats: 32767 Max Resets: 999 Clear Inventory: No Clear Skills: No Clear Stats: No Custom Commands: /re on, /re off (Turn on/off requests) /request on, /request off (Turn on/off requests) /partyleader Name (Changing leader for party) /move Arena (Teleport to another location) /warp Arena (Teleport to another location) /addstr 32767 (Adding Strength Stats) /addagi 32767 (Adding Agility Stats) /addvit 32767 (Adding Vitality Stats) /addene 32767 (Adding Energy Stats) /addcom 32767 (Adding Command Stats) /offtrade (Offline trade request using Store) /vault 1 (Up to 5 vaults and 5 extended vaults available) /guildwar GuildName /battlesoccer GuildName
  5. - Server Name: OpenMu - Website : - Version: Season III + Episode I - Server is from: Bulgaria - Experience: 99999x - Item drop: 100% - Monster HP: 100% - Points per level: 20/30 - Maximum Points: 65000 - Reset: From the site - Reset cost: 1,000,000 Zen - Maximum level: 999 - Level for reset: 400 - Points per Reset: Keep stats - Maximum resets: 999 - Minimum level for delete Hero: 40 - Minimum level for create Guild: 80 - PK Clear: From the site - PK Clear cost: 1,000,000 Zen for a murder - Clear Inventory: No - Clear Spells: No - Clear Stats: No Opportunities For Success - Jewel Of Soul success: 100% - Jewel Of Soul success + Luck: 100% - Jewel Of Life success: 80% - Item +10 success: 100% - Item +11 success: 95% - Item +12 success: 90% - Item +13 success: 88% Events - Blood Castle Event - every 1 hour(s) - Devil Square Event - every 2 hour(s) - Chaos Castle Event - every 4 hour(s) - Golden Dragon Invasion - every 1 hour(s) - Kundun Invasion Event - every 12 hour(s) - White Wizard Attack Event - every 2 hour(s) GM|Administrator Events - Drop Event - Race Event - Find Event - PK Event - Survivor Event - Tournament Event - Question Event - Guild Event Game servers running over 6 months without wipe: - Version: Season 3 Episode 1 no bugs or modifications - Game servers - PVP - Experience: 999999999x - Drops: 99% - Box of kundun + 1 +2 +3 +4 +5 in Lorencia shop - Daily GM events - MU SHOP - Unique payment methods - Active community team - 24/7 Online Dedicated Server website : forum :
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  7. MuOnlineWebs Lite Version

    How to activate the modules? help please
  8. How to install (Video)

    los caracteres en la cuenta no se muestran. use files muemu
  9. Updates Done: * Removed Death King from the server to avoid issues. * Disabled exc visual bugs (on scrolls etc - still testing) * For this beta untill 20th September you can make 1 Reset and gain 5000 poitns. With 5000 points you can test the server fully and help each other make atleast 1 reset and see how the game works in total ease. * Points per level now are 10 for normal and 12 for MG/DL (till beta ENDS) * Enabled VOTE SYSTEM (Xtremetop100,GTOP100,TOPG) with vote reward system! More to come: - Add jewels/box/pets/tickets (will be listed) in x (cash shop) - Reset reward after 5 resets you get a Treasure Box with random Ancient/Excellen item. - Monster level in client (so when you point your mouse you see Name+Level REMEMBER: ~ After 20th September all accounts that have played atleast to 50 Level willl get rewarded for their beta testing. ~ Points per level will change back to normal! ~ reset system will be back to normal! Unlimited resets and each reset = 75 credits. (After 5 resets you get a Treasure box in your VAULT) Thank you for playing and helping us grow! PS: Join our discord channel where we can discuss about anything related to our server and get to know each other Regards, MURPG Team
  10. MURPG Season II - Full 1.02c - Classic Old School GMO Version BETA PERIOD Starts at Wednesday 29th August 2018 16:00 (CET) GMT+2 We are happy to announce and welcome you to our newly MU Online Private Server.Introducing you the classic taste of non reset servers here with an average of rates that make you enjoy every detail and feature of the game. One of the most important goal of our server is to create a nice bubble with quality players that enjoy the old school style of MuOnline gaming, therefore we make sure that everything is balanced and runs smoothly. Our server will be online for Long Term period, we also Developed our own game protection that makes sure to keep away from cheaters making sure our server is played fully fair. With the help of our players and the MU community there will be only Donations for supporting our server for its long term stability and new upcoming improvements and updates. We welcome any sugguestions and feedback directly through our forum board. If you'd like to Volunteer in helping the server become it's best version we have positions for Volunteering i.e as Game Masters, Forum Staff, Weekly Writers, Event Managers and other positions, all you have to do is check our forums and apply. Most favorite game activities players tend to do are: Hunting,PvP,Events,Marketing and Crafting their Items. There will be no Webshop for any items. We offer only (x) Shop with Seals and Tickets to ease your journey and make sure this feature is fairly used. We also want to present your our Reborn system which does only rewards the player only x (Shop) credits each reset (without wiping any items or stats) where you can spend them for Seals and Misc. Therefore we hope you enjoy our server and bring back the memories of classic servers having quality leisure time with great players and connecting with new people online enjoying the game in a fun and challenging way. MURPG [emoji769] Server Links Webpage: Forum: (currently using our FB Page) Facebook: Registration: Downloads: Server Statistics and Information: Server Uptime and Specs: 24/7 Dedicated Server, 8GB, 1Gbps Connection 4 Core, DDoS Protected Server version: Season 2 Classic GMO Version Client Launcher: Enabled with Auto Updater Server Location: France Experience: 250x Drop Rate: 45% Elf Soldier Max Buff Level: 220 Max Level: 400 Max reborn times: Unlimited PvP and PvM: Balanced Reborn System: After reset u receive only x Credits (no clearing any items/stats except SKILLS) Max Reborn times: Unlimited Vote reward system: Yes More server infos Events: Default GMO Webzen events GM Events: Hide and seek, PvP, PK, scramble and more! Event Times: Each event is organised to start every each 1 or 2 or 3 hours Box of Kunduns: Box+5 drops max Dragon/Guardian/Legendary etc items Bosses: Event bosses like Kanturu/Aida/etc drop special items that don't drop from any Boxes! Misc Bosses: Like the one from Tarkan2 end, they drop Jewels Jewels: Drop from every map! also balanced. And they drop from Medals/Hearts aswell. Castle Siege Cycle: Every 14 Days (Sunday's) Crywolf Cycle: Every 24 hours (once a day) Zen and Party system: Balanced AFK / Bot System: Not available but its personal choice! (if it works for you) Exc Drop Rate: 1 Exc item out of 300 monsters (max 2 options (luck+skill/option included) Maximum zen: Inventory: / Vault: Spots: Spots are available on every map! (Arena is for PVP, Battle Soccer and Events Only) Credits rewards: Each hour your receive 1 credit Launch Day We want to open the server around 20th-25th September 2018. Time: 19:00 CET (GMT+2) MURPG team made sure to have fixed 99.9% every bug and critical major issues in our server therefore our biggest focus on the beta period is for testing two things. 1. Stability and 2. Anticheat protection. We are very happy to bring a quality old school classic server fully free and risk-free to play! Powered by MuAdmins DtS (Root Administrator and Coder) KarLi (Root Administrator and Owner) Unkn0wn (Web and resources Designer) Questions, Feedback or Sugguestions can be directly issued through our Facebook page or directly in this forum here. Thank you for your attention! See you on the bright side. Screens
  11. MuBeyomd.Com

    MuBeyond.Com - Our new ServerSeason 6 Episode 3 + CustomEx:50xDrop:80%Lot of new quest.Lot of custom items.Lot of new monsters.Donwload links.!dRcDRAAQ!0AVbvnxcYM9c8niV69QE0u_RswwhfqStvxfcU3QVH5AAll are welcome.
  12. NEW SERVER SINCE SEPTEMBER 2018 HELP US POPULATE OUR NEW WORLD! Powered by Spirex MU Emulator, Liveguard Anticheat, and MuOnlineWebs. The ultimate classic MU Online MMORPG experience, remastered by the masters of the MU Online private server development community. Explore a brand new redesigned version of the MU Online game here on this new longterm and professional private server. We guarantee to meet your MU nostalgia and provide you with probably the best MU Online server you have ever played. This server has been in development for a long time, and is now finally ready for you! Our server features all S3 Ep1 features plus our own original content, such as new events, new items, new boss monsters, and new world zones. Our gameserver backend runs on a fully customizable emulator built by our super talented lead programmer Shatter, and we have plans for additional content in the future. Our MU Game Client has also been rebuilt, optimized and features additional game options such as a Widescreen Mode, a controllable 3-D Camera, an inbuilt Auto-AFK Bot, and more! We are passionate fans and longtime players of MU, and have produced our 'perfect' version of this game we love. Hopefully, you will decide to join us, too. Our legendary server team includes: - Milamber (head admin/lead designer/owner) previously at Heroia MU - Shatter (lead programmer/developer) - KarLi (co-administrator) previously at Ganja MU - -UnicorN- (co-administrator) previously at LostLand MU - Caviar (team leader) previously at Lockdown MU - TakMarche (head game master) previously at Dream MU NEW OFFICIAL 2018 TRAILER JOIN US ON DISCORD LINKS Faronnia MU Online free to play Diablo 2 style medieval fantasy NEW MMORPG 2018 Faronnia MU Wiki Faronnia MU Forum FARONNIA MYTH MU - Season 3 Episode 1 Modified - Made by MU fans, for MU fans. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [GAMESERVER_INFO] Exp Rate : 30x / GOLD Membership Exp Rate : 50x Item Drop : 50% / GOLD Membership Item Drop : 65% - Max Resets : 20 / Max Grand Resets : 1 Max Item Level : +13 / Max Item OptionLevel : +28 - Server location : London, UK / EUROPE Server connection : INTERNATIONAL ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [SERVER_SETTINGS] Server type : Open PvP Castle Siege : Every 20 Days Guild Create Level : 300 Character Stats Limit : 20,000 Item Exc.Options Limit : 2 Ancient Items + Jewel of Harmony : YES Ancient Items + Exc.Options : YES Inventory/Vault Max Zen : 2,000,000,000 - [PK_SETTINGS] NPC Guard clear PK Status : YES Clear PK Status cost : 25,000,000 zen PK Time per kill : 1 Hour PK Item Drop chance : 2% ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [JEWELS] Jewel of Soul success rate : 60% Jewel of Soul +Luck success rate : 85% Jewel of Life success rate : 70% - [ITEMLEVEL_ENHANCEMENTS] Item+10 Enhance success rate : 70% Item+11 Enhance success rate : 60% Item+12 Enhance success rate : 50% Item+13 Enhance success rate : 40% - [FENRIR_MIXRATES] Fenrir Level1 Creation success rate : 70% Fenrir Level2 Creation success rate : 50% Fenrir Level3 Creation success rate : 30% - [SD_POTIONS_MIXRATES] ShieldPotion Level1 sucess rate : 80% ShieldPotion Level 1 cost : 1,000,000 zen ShieldPotion Level2 sucess rate : 70% ShieldPotion Level 2 cost : 3,000,000 zen ShieldPotion Level3 sucess rate : 60% ShieldPotion Level 3 cost : 4,000,000 zen - [HARMONY_JEWEL] Purity success rate : 80% Purity cost : 15,000,000 zen Smelting cost : 5,000,000 zen Item Strengthen success rate : 80% - [Level380_ItemMix] Grade1 success rate : 70% Grade2 success rate : 50% Grade3 success rate : 30% Zen cost : 50,000,000 zen ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [MU_EVENTS] 1. Blood Castle (every 2 Hours) 2. Devil Square (every 2 Hours) 3. Chaos Castle (every 2 Hours) 4. Illusion Temple (every 4 Hours) 5. Loren Deep (every 8 Hours) 6. Crywolf Fortress (every 10 Hours) 7. White Wizard (every 2 Hours) 8. Red Dragon Invasion (every 4 Hours) 9. Golden Monsters Invasion (every 4 Hours) 10. Kalima KUNDUN BOSS (every 3 Hours) 11. Kanturu Relics Boss 12. Golden Archer NPC 13. CASTLE SIEGE ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [COMMAND_INFO] Global chat message command : /post Global chat message level requirement : 100 Global chat usage cost : 50,000 zen - [ADD_STATS] Requires character re-log : YES Add stats commands : /str , /agi , /vit , /ene , /cmd Minimum character level requirement : 6 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [RESET_SYSTEM] Reset Quests/Stats/Inventory : NO Reset character level requirement : 400 Reset cost : 50,000,000 zen Bonus StatPoints on reset : 100 Maximum resets : 20 Maximum grand resets : 1 Grand Reset requirement : 20 resets ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [BOSS_MONSTERS] KUNDUN (Kalima, Arena/Stadium, spawns every 3 Hours) HYDRA (Atlans) METAL BALROG (LostTower) DEATH VIM KNIGHT (Tarkan, HellFortress) DARK PHOENIX (Icarus, Arena/Stadium) CURSED KING (Dungeon, Arena/Stadium) EROHIM (Arena/Stadium, LandOfTrials) HELL MAINE (Aida, HellFortress) MUTANT HERO (Tarkan, Arena/Stadium) AXE WARRIOR HERO (Arena/Stadium) GIGAS GOLEM (Arena/Stadium) OMEGA WING (Icarus, Arena/Stadium) HAMMER SCOUT HERO (Crywolf) WEREWOLF HERO (Crywolf) SCREENSHOTS OPTIONAL FEMALE SKINS MAGIC GLADIATOR GIRL DARK WIZARD GIRL Thank you for checking out the server, hope you decide to try it out!
  13. Official Website: Official Forums: Downloads: Some game Previews: - HD Resolution Support Now works for High resolution with HD support - Auto Reconnect Feature Server will reconnect you securely if you are having some connection problem - Possible Item Combinations Ancient, Excellent Ancient, Excellent, Socket with up to 5 Spheres Support, JoH Items, 380 Items, Harmony Items System up to +13 - +15 - Support of high attack speed for all Skills and Classes (no speed bug) Speedbug visually fixed, Anti-hack installed from client and server Settings - Max Stats 32767 - Exp. is max - Drops is Max - Grand Reset [ 100resets = 5700 Credits ] - Max Level is 400 - Items upgrade up to +15 - Item options up to +28 - Original Wings Level 4 and 4.5 - Original Small Wings System for Low level Characters - Global Message (Post) Server and Game Features - Off-Trade System sell the Stuff for any type of coin or cash - Off-Levelling gain exp being offline - Muun System - Party & Guild Matching - Pandora Jewel and Mining System - Bonus Event System Adjust Exp rates for specified maps - Cash Shop System award with cash or coin for every event type and Play Time - Chaos Box System - Balanced Characters for PVP - Buffer Bot - Event Reward System Customize events (Blood Castle, Devil Square, Chaos Chaos and more) - Auto Party System Leave an open door for your friends to join party while being AFK - Elemental System with pentagram, mithril and Errtel - Gens System (Quests, Ranking, PVP and more) - Multi-ware System which allows to use more then one vault per account - Extended Vault and Inventory InGame Quests and Events - Arca War Battle - Battle Core - Acheron Guardian Event - Chaos Castle Survival Event - Illusion Temple Renewal - Imperial Fort Event - Double Goer (Doppelganger) - Castle Siege - Loren Deep - CryWolf - Devil Square (1-7) - Blood Castle (1-8) - Chaos Castle (1-7) - Swamp of Peace (Medusa) - Rabbits Invasion - Pouch of Blessing Invasion - Golden Monster Invasion - White Wizard Invasion - Battle Soccer - Kalima (1-7) Event - Kanturu Event - LaCleon Event - Last Man Standing Event (Custom) - Bonus events Event (Custom) - Santa Village Event - Halloween Event - New year Event Lottery Events, Make your luck Gamble - Lucky Items System - Rena Event - Chaos Card - Moss The Gambler - Box and Sepcial Item Events - Chocolate Box (Blue, Red, Pink) - Heart of Love - Candy Box (Lilac, Vermilion, Deep Blue) - Firecracker - Ribbon Box (Blue, Green, Red) - Golden and Silver Medals - Start of Sacred Rebirth - GM Box - Cherry Blossom (Gold) - Sealed Silver and Sealed Golden Boxes Side Features - Cash Shop System with gifting and Goblin points options - Loren Market Location - Duel System and Duel Arena located on Vulcanus Map - Original Mini Maps - Gens System with Gens Chat Support - Quest System (Tutorial, Gens Quest System, Cherry Blossom Quest and more) - Pentagram system (including new Pentagrams) - Elemental Damage System - Full completed skill tree for all races (including extended skill tree for Fist Master) - Fruits System - New Trade Feature move items to and from the trade with right click of the mouse - Mu Helper BOT System - Marry System advanced Marry System to get a wonderful wedding with your love - Fenrir - Red, Blue, Black, Golden combination & Pets - Ring of Warrior for level 40 and 80
  14. Luminous MU Season 6 Episode 3 ★ Exp: 5000x - Drop 70% - Reset (level 400)(220 Max ML) ★ 1000 wcoins for each Grand Reset (50 RR) ★ Grand reset: ON ★ For every Reset recieves 10 wcoins ★ Maximum Stats: 32767 ★ Clear Stats: NO ★ Delete inventory: NO ★ Delete Skills: NO ★ Maximum Reset: Unlimited ★ All Class Combo: ON Administrators or GMS Full Online. ★ Characters, Drops and Rates completely configured. ★ Main 3D + Anti-hack (MU Hack Protecter) Updated Licensed. ★ Shops: Basic items, Season 1 - 3 Sets. ★ Spots: Stadium, Lorencia, Noria, Devias, Elveland, Dungeon, Atlans 3, Lost Tower 3 and 7, Tarkan 2, Kanturu 3, Aida 2 and La Cleon. ★VIP MAPS: Dunes - Custom Jewels (Jewel of Excellent, Jewel of Level, Jewel of Additional, Jewel of Luck, Jewel of Socket, Jewel of Guardian, Jewel of Skills) ★COMMANDS★ / post / addstr (Strength) / addagi (agility) / addvit (vitality) / addene (energy) / addcmd (command) / move (move to the map (name of the map)) / trade (Exchange) / party (Send a party request) / duel (Send a Duel request) / alliance (Send a guild alliance request) / reset (Reset the character) / evo (Evolve your Class) /remaster (Change ML) ★FEATURES VIP★ ★ Reset Level: 350 ★ Chaos Machine: 80% ★ Drop: 95% ★ Exp: 9000x ★ Money command: ON (/zen (amount of zen to add)) ★ CMD: / Zen, /Evo ★EVENTS★ ★ Golden Invasion: ON ★ Chaos Castle: ON ★ Blood Castle: ON (T2 Box Drops) ★ Devil Square: ON (TOCA, TOL and JEWELS) ★ Selupan: ON (S4 Sets and Ancient Sets) ★LUMINOUS MU GUIDES★ Need Wcoins? /reset = 10 wcoins /greset = 1k wcoins (50 Resets) Chaos Castle = 50cc What can you buy using Wcoins? -Custom Jewels -3rd Wing at Elveland (Silvia) and Arkaina -Vip (Bronze) (Platinum) (Gold) What benefits you can get in purchasing VIP? -Increased EXP -Increased DROP RATE -Increased SUCCESS RATE VIP MAP - DUNES (J.LUCK, J.EXC, J.ADD, J.LEVEL, J.SOCKET) Box of Kundun +1 - 5 (Medusa) FO items Silver Medal Gold Medal Where? DEVIAS 2 S4 Box (Kundun) Where? Dungeon 2 (Every 30 minutes) T2 Box Where? Blood Castle Ancient Box Where? Kalima Blood Castle and Devil Square Tickets Drop -Barracks Symbol of Kundun +7 -Higher Maps Where can we Loot TOCA TOL? -Devil Square for Downloads site: FULL CLIENT:…/sg6…/LuminousMU_Season_6.rar/file PATCH AUTO UPDATER:…/2mljtii5l…/Patch_July_31.rar/file for FACEBBOOK PAGE: For more details feel free to contact ADM LUMINOUS.
  15. Hades Networks se complace en ofrecerle este fascinante juego en línea llamado Mu Online, ponemos a su disposición la más reciente y novedosa sobre este maravilloso juego, donde le ofrece la oportunidad de conocer gente de todo el mundo y pasar grandes momentos.Hades Networks está creado para usuarios que quieren resolver sus dudas, problemas o ayudar a otros usuarios a comprender más el funcionamiento de HadesMu a través de sus foros y chat, descubrirá cuán divertido y gratificante puede ser el mundo de Hades Mu Online. ¡No pienses más! Únete a nuestra comunidad, ¡no te arrepentirás! Exp : x200 - Sistema dinámico Master Exp: x100 - Sistema dinámico Drop : 50% MaxLvlMaster: 600 Nivel reset : 400 Limite de Reset : 400 Puntos por nivel : 5/7 MaxStats: 62000 Todos los PJ liberados desde el nivel 1 Spots: En todos los mapas, remarcados en el MiniMapa para que puedan encontrarlos rapidamente y estar mejor organizados Cantidad variante entre 4 a 8 para la competitividad en buscar y usar el mejor spot de cada lugar Offlevel: Activado con función de poder obtener Jewel Of Bless, Jewel Of Soul , Articulos Excelente, Articulos Sockets Duración: 12 HS Free - 24 hs Vip Inmortal: Desabilitado ( es posible asesinar a los jugadores en modo OFFLEVEL ) Costo del uso: 1000 zen por hora Offtrade: Activado usted podrá vender articulos usando GoblinsPoints, Joyas y lo que sugieran agregar son libres de hacerlo Duración: Sin limite Zona de uso : Devias, Tarkan, Loren Market, Atlans ( para evitar que no tengan problemas de rendimiento " FPS " en las zonas mas usadas como Lorencia, Noria, Elbeland,ect ) PVP: Balanceado, trabajado por meses y en constante evolución acorde a las actualizaciones que sigan saliendo Si presentan alguna duda o sugerencia, pueden hacerlo libremente desde el foro o en las redes sociales. Shops: Set desde los básicos hasta intermedio +7+4 Magias y Habilidades intermedias Artículos para la primera evolución No hay venta de joyas en las tiendas Recompensas adicionales en boss y eventos: Podes obtener premios adicionales como Wcoins, Goblins Points y Ruuds de Eventos y Boss del juego, son variados Código: Fourth character evolution for all character class Fourth class quest Fourth Skill Tree Enhancement Renewal of third Skill Tree Deep Dungeon maps and monsters Changes to event entry levels General UI improvements MuHelper renewal Favourite Warps selection Guide Quest System Jewelery Bingo Mini-Game Removed special class warp benefits Max Master level 1000 New map -> Swamp of Darkness New Swamp of Darkness monsters and boss New set items -> Awakening Soul New Awakening Soul chaos combination mix Enhancement fourth skill tree by debuff options Items division system Simplified material chaos combinations Range of UI improvements Código: God of Darkness Battle Event Nixie Battle Event Ferea Battle Event Labyrinth of Dimenstion Miracle Exchange Box Arca War Battle Acheron Guardian Event Chaos Castle Survival Event Illusion Temple Renewal CryWolf Event Castle Siege Loren Deep Evomon Swamp of Peace (Medusa) Torment Square ( Battle Core ) Torment Square Survival ( Battle Core ) Chaos Castle Survival ( Battle Core ) Erohim Invasion ( Custom ) Rabbits Invasion Pouch of Blessing Invasion Golden Monster Invasion Last Man Stating Event (Custom) Bonus events Event (Custom) Lucky Items System Chocolate Box (Blue, Red, Pink) Heart of Love Candy Box (Lilac, Vermilion, Deep Blue) Firecracker Muuns MuRummy / MuRummy Special Jewel Bingo BombGame Website: Registration: Downloads: Forum: Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7700K CPU @ 4.20GHz ( 8 CPUs), ~ 4.2GHz Memory: 32 GB DDR4 2400 mhz HDD: 500 GB SSD OVH Copyright © 2011 HADESMUONLINE NETWORKS
  16. MuOnlineWebs Lite Version

    1 - Is it a running server? did you already run the client and connected in the game? 2 - While installing. When it loads all things from tables. Was it all green ? I mean did it load account table correctly ? 3 - are you using md5 ? Obs. Try using different browsers (FireFox, I.E., Safari) Don't use localhost if you don't have a domain for development go to \system32\drivers\etc\ and edit hosts files. add; anything.domain Then use anything.domain in you site...... but don't forget to edit config.php for your domain change Anything beyond that. I can help via TeamViwer in non comercial Time. ( Brasil/Brasilia TimeZone)
  17. MuOnlineWebs Lite Version

    Yes, I m Select "Igc" All in One DB :) Account DB - MuOnline Character DB - MuOnline Ranking DB - Ranking
  18. MuOnlineWebs Lite Version

    Just to check. While installing (setup) did you select. IGCN files ? Are you sure it is not MuEMU ? and did you set version number "9" ??? When in Setup (first step) was is showing MCripty error (in red) ?? Or Was it good (in Green) ??? Also. When in DataBase, Did you select Account DB and Character DB. As the same DB ? ( MuOnline)
  19. MuOnlineWebs Lite Version

    I m using IGC 9 Server Files. I used MVCORE before and there was no problem. I see Rankings but account is not entered error =( I using MuOnline DB only.and another DB Ranking,Event vs. vs. I have 5 GameServer GameServer_Regular - name (OguzlarMu) GameServer_Battlecore - name (BattleCore) GameServer_Arca- name (Arca) GameServer_Market- name (Market) GameServer_Siege- name (Siege)
  20. MuOnlineWebs Lite Version

    The way I see it. Your GameServer isn't the problem. Your SQL connection isn't the problem because it is showing RANK. The problem probably is in the Account DB. are you using MuOnline alone or MuOnline + MeMuonline ???
  21. MuOnlineWebs Lite Version

    I have a problem. I make the installation smoothly but I can not access accounts in MuOnline DB . . Can not Find Account I'm writing the GameServer Name in Setup Page ( " OguzlarMu" like this ) GameServer İP : I m writing or Localip ( 192.168.x.xx ) Sql Server port 1433 and access open
  22. MuOnlineWebs Lite Version

    Ok, I've done it. If you are still stuck heres what you do. 1 - open ..//application/config/config.php add your domain in $config['base_url'] = ''; don't forget to set the "/" at the end 2 - in your root folder. ex. ..\\www\ or ..\\htdocs\ create or edit the .htaccess ADD to your .htaccess the following RewriteEngine on RewriteCond $1 !^(index\.php|resources|robots\.txt) RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d RewriteRule ^(.*)$ index.php/$1 [L,QSA] Some web hosting it is necessary to put a "?" after index.php like this. = index.php?/ So, if you are using a web hosting like GoDaddy for example it should be like this; RewriteEngine on RewriteCond $1 !^(index\.php|resources|robots\.txt) RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d RewriteRule ^(.*)$ index.php?/$1 [L,QSA] Well.. For me it worked just fine.
  23. MuOnlineWebs Lite Version

    I'm having the same problem. Just uploaded the web files to web hosting.... Requirements are all OK. when I type website domain. it redirect to but gives this error. File permission? maybe some web redirect function ??
  24. MuOnlineWebs Lite Version

    Well. I've run a update today and the problem was fixed. Maybe it was all along but thanks anyway.
  25. MuOnlineWebs Lite Version

    Hi, I'v got the files from RageZone (your post) I've done everything right (i think) but I got an error in the translation section. Also, I'm testing in Windows 12R2 but my hosting is Linux. So assuming I've got all requirements in configuration it does work right. I mean. it is not for windows web hosting only. right?
  26. Come And Play GrudgeMU Season 6Return of Legacy------------------------------GrudgeMU - Season 6 Classic | Legacy ServerFriends.Many old school players here knows this server well, The Community, Quality of Game & Service are truly unmatched!This Server was later on absorbed by Zhyper Network Merge and proceeded with Season 8 & Future Updates.Our goal is to rebuild GrudgeMU & its glory by staying with Season 6 Legacy permanently.This is the last Season (S6) of MU without Elementals.The server objective is to Unite all Season 6 Players in a server where long term service and quality is guaranteed.This server will be community based and absolute player driven environment & economy.But we are still open to suggestions, we would love to hear some brilliant ideas from you !Spread the News to your mates, and Lets make MU AWESOME like it was before! This is GRUDGE MU Legacy!Best Regards,Lemurios-------------------------------------SERVER INFORMATION !-------------------------------------Version: Season 6 Official ( Hunt Base Server )Powered by: MuEnginePremiumHosted by: MuEngine CloudExperience: x5000ML Experience: x1000Master Level: 220Drop: 80%Max Excellent : 7 OptionsMax Socket: 3 (Tri-Sphere)Chaos Machine: Webzen DefaultPVP Settings: Perfect@220MLGame Play PVP/PVMReset System: Keep StatMU Emulator Version: 2.20.2Castle Siege: 8:00-10:00PM (Sat)Unique Features:unique CS point systemunique own buff serverTarkan's PK MasterDevias , Devais GM's PVP CageTrade LogsStore Logs----------------------------------Freebies:2 Option Gear +15 DD+REF2 WeaponsComplete ACC With 2nd LVL Wingex.Buff + PandaFreebies is Automatically added When you Create Character----------------------------------Toca and add slot token in lord mixlucky tickets drop at lot and boss raids (Kundun nightmare medusa)Website: www.grudgemu.comFB Page: Group:
  27. DestroyMU™ - Season3 Episode1 - Experience 5000x - WWW.DESTROYMU.COM# GAME SERVER RATES #• Max Level : 400 • Exp : 5000x • Drops : 95% • Jewels : 100% • Bless Bug : ON # CHAOS MACHINE COMBINATION RATE # • (C.Mix) Chaos Weapon Rate: 100% • (C.Mix) First Wings Rate: 100% • (C.Mix) Second Wings Rate:100% • (C.Mix) Second Wings Exe Rate: 100% • (C.Mix) Cape Of Lord Rate: 100% • (C.Mix) Third Wings Rate: 98% • (C.Mix) Third Wings Exe Rate: 98% • (c.UP) Upgrade +10 Level Rate: 100% • (c.UP) Upgrade +11 Level Rate: 100% • (c.UP) Upgrade +12 Level Rate: 99% • (c.UP) Upgrade +13 Level Rate: 97% • (c.UP) Upgrade Items With LK : 99% • (C.Mix) Create Fenir Rate lvl1: 100% • (C.Mix) Create Fenir Rate lvl2: 99% • (C.Mix) Create Fenir Rate lvl3: 89% • (C.Mix) Create Fenir Rate lvl4: 99% • JewelOfHarmonyItemPurityMixRate: 100%# GAME PLAY FEATURES #• Server Nationality: European • Game Play Mode: P.v.P • Minimum Level for Reset: 400 • Pk Clear : Available • Party Leader reconnection • Ballanced Characters • Points per Level: Normal • Ancient + Excelent Items Available • Grand Restart : 100 Resets • Game Client Clean without viruses • All Agility Bugs Fixed. • Web Shop, Vote & Reward System, Online Hours Exchanging. • Box of Kundun +1 +2 +3 On NPC • Wings LvL 1-2-3 / Excellent Sets / Excellent Weapons On NPC • Daily / Weekly and Monthly events with great prizes in game • Castle Siege 100% Active and LOT With Prices • Very Big and Friendly Community Forums with active Staff members# SERVER GAME PLAY COMMANDS #/post -> Global message /addstr -> Add Points to Strength /addagi -> Add Points to Agility /addene -> Add Points to Energy /addcom -> Add Points to Command /addvit -> Add Points to Vitality /money [amount] -> zen incrase /marry [name] -> for marry with another charcater /pkclear -> Clear murderer status /reset - Reset your character from game. 400 level required. /request off -> Deny all requests from players. /request on -> Allow all requests from players.[video=youtube;wYnchqwKDJE][/video]• Because we like to make a nice and performant game play we will keep updating our AntiHack every 20 days , to do this we need all yo're support to improve the best ! We do keep scanning and improving our antihack system and we are getting help from our Premium AntiHack provider to fix the issues straight away. If you have eny problems with the Anti Hack System or eny questions , or if you just simply find softwares that they can compromise our game play , just give as a contact email and we will make clear for you ! Thank you for understanding . Best Regards ! DestroyMU Team
  28. Dear players are happy to inform you about the opening of 2 rate x100 .The opening of the server is scheduled for July 13(Friday) at 20:00 Server time. Site:Grand Mu S4 Ultra Home We will be grateful to everyone who will participate.We guarantee you a stable job without wipes. An example of this is our x1000 server which has been working steadily for over 9 months! Basic Information :Server Rates : x100Drop Rate : 50%Version: Season 4 ULTRAMax level : 400Grand reset from 100 ResetStats after Grand Reset 10000Max Reset : 100Max Grand Reset : 50Max Stats: 32767Get all top items with out donate!Reliable protection against all kinds of cheats and dumb.It is possible to receive bonuses through voting for the server.Hidden spots since Tarkan on 8-10 monsters.Fixed bug on sale of Wings (Zen)Server uptime: 24/7 Game process :Elf Assistant Up to 400 Level + 5 ResetCreating a Guild: 250 lvlMuHelper from 40 levelNew locations: Grand - Ubaid - Debender - Uruk- Ferea!New monsters, new bossesSpots in all locations for 6-10 monsters with respawn 10 seconds.All monsters are reconfigured, balanced for x1000 raises.PvP options hold all things from Leather to socketHarmony options hold all things, including SocketNew Many Customs15 New Ancient Sets!Unique system Off-Exp (pumping in offline).Sale and trade is only on the map Elbeland [TradeZ]Start boxes falling from all monsters designed to quickly dress you up a bit. Description of Jewels :Knock out with Red Dragon, Golden Cherry Blossom.Jewel of Excellent - Adds an excellent option to your item. Not used on wings, costume jewelry and Ancient subjects. The maximum number of Excellent options on the item is 3. The probability of adding an option is 70%.Jewel of Ancient - makes from an ordinary object Ancient. Not used on costume jewelry, Excellent and Socket items. The probability of a successful transformation is 50%.Jewel of Option - adds + 28Add. Not used on costume jewelry. The probability of successful addition is 60%.Jewel of Socket - adds nests in things (Socket) to 5 pieces. The probability of successful addition is 75%.Jewel of Skill - Adds Skill to weapons, shields. The probability of successful addition is 70%.Jewel of Luck - adds Luck options to any of your items. The probability of successful addition is 50%.Jewel of Level - Raises the level (sharpening) of your item by 1 point. Not used on costume jewelry. The probability of a successful increase is 100%. Experience Modifier Bonus :A batch of 2 people does not have a difference which class = 100% EXT total (100% per member)A party of 3 people of the same class = 295% exp general (99% per member)A party of 4 people of the same class = 385% exp general (97% per member)A party of 5 people of the same class = 465% of the total exp (93% for each member) Exp at party :Silver: Party of 3 different characters = 315% total exp (105% for each member)Gold: A batch of 4 different characters = 440% total exp (110% for each member)Platinium: A batch of 5 different characters = 575% common (115% per member) Castle Siege :Every week the main event takes place on the server - the siege of Castle Siege Castle. The winning alliance, together with the castle, gets access to a special Land of Trials location.
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