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  3. KillMu[5000x /100%] Season 6 Episode 3 °Servidor Fast° √•0 Lag Fast Connections 100MBPS √•AntiDDoS √•New Server Online Friends √•Vps Dedicated √•Exp: x5000 √•Drop: 100% √•Free Stats: 650000 √•Max Stats: 1300000 √•Max Level: 400 √•Free ML: 200 √•Max ML: 1000 √•PPL: 10 √•System VoteReward √•System Reconnect √•System Referrals √•System Antihack √•System Donations √•System Market √•System Webshop √•Mosters all Maps Full Spots √•Change Class In Game √•Events all Today Server Oppening 10/ 11 / 2017 , 03:12 AM Windows Compatibles XP, VISTA, 7 KillMu Full PVP
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  5. Before buying

    Hello, please find answers to your questions below 1. Theme files are %100 open source. You can handle anything related to theme. 2. There is module for change race. If you have enough php skills you can add anything 3. Domain is your busines. We can suggest sovahost,ovh,lg host for our cms. Actually anywebserver supports php 5.6 , pdo drivers 4. You will be noticed before your license expire. Contact us anything concern we will help for sure. Thanks
  6. Before buying

    Hello, I have few questions before i decide anything. 1. As far as i read i can design my template for this website, right? 2. Where is module for character change race? Can I add my own modules? 3. Do you offer hosting for this side or domain? or you just selling files? 4. How looks extension of license? What if I for example pay for next license a bit late ? Regards
  7. MuOnlineWebs Lite Version

    global ip and all gameserver names must be type to gather whole data.
  8. MuOnlineWebs Lite Version

    I got the same problem, any more info on which gameservers we should use>?? and which ip for the gameserver IP? or the actual server IP?
  9. Server Information 97D +99ILink: http://warningmu.tkOpened Today 11/15/2017#NO DONATES AVAIBLE.#SKILL SERVER # Host from: Germany # Greece: Server Private # Server Exp: 75x # Server Drop: 60% # Monster HP: 100% # Jewel of Bless Bug: OFF # Mana Shield Defence rate: 15% (AT START) # Level Resets: 350 on WebSite or Reset # Clear Skills on Resets: YES # Clear Points on Resets: YES # Clear Inventory on Resets: YES # Max Resets: 15 # Maximum points: 7098 - 8146 For MG # Points Leve Up: BK-5-ELF-5-SM-5-MG-8 # Zen Resets: 1.000.000 zen # PK Clear: 20,000,000 zen (In Game type /pkclear) # Box in Shop: No # Trade commands: Allowed # Move to Stadium: You need to 255lvl. # Golden Invasions: 5 Goldens +1,+2,+3,+4,+5 per 2 hour. # Quest System: Enable for now Succes Rate: # Jewel of Bless: 100% # Jewel of Soul / + Luck: 50% / 70% # Jewel of Life: 50% # Item +10 / + Luck: 70% / 75% # Item +11 / + Luck: 60% / 65% Command System /post, /addstr, /addagi, /addvit, /addene, /pkclear, /time, /exit, /buy, /sell, /online,/questinfo, /marry, /acceptmarry, /tracemarry, /marrystatus, /divorce, /getmarry Server Events: * Blood Castle Event* Devil Square Event * Happy Hour x100 * Party exp event* Lucky Jevels * Sky Event(HOT) Special Event Rewards* Blood Castle (1/6) (+1/+5) Box of Kundun Protection ClientMuEmu + Base Block From MuBeta
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  11. Come & Join Godz MU Season 12 ep2 500x None Rebirth Server Win 4 Consecutive In Castle Siege Event And Get 20k PHP / 400$ Cash Prize Website: Forum : Download Link : Visit Website Facebook Group : Facebook Page : Asia Dedicated Server Play And Earn Money For More Info You Can Visit Our Site ========== FREEBIES! Blood Angel +11 Gears Complete Sets & Weapons Excellent Gears +15 + 2 Excellent Options Upgrade Dark Angel: Yes Upgrade to Holy Angel: Yes 3rd Level Wing +9 +L +28 ========== 500x Exp Non Reset Double Stat Points Per Level Complete S12 Ep2 Features & Functions HD + 3D Gaming Extended Character Stats Window Frea Boss Raid Nixie Boss Raid Survival of The Fittest Tormented Square Acheron Guardian Golden Titans -> Hellmain -> Erohim -> Kundun Golds! Weekly Arca War Weekly Castle Siege MuuN Pets Complete ----------- Server will Start to Reward Wcoin & Goblin Points to Active Players Except Server 1 Server 1 = No In Game Automated Events Server 1 = No Bonus Exp Event Every 1 Hour = 5 Goblin Points ( Server 3 & 4 Only ) Passive Extra Exp Bonus to Servers 3 & 4 These items will be pure hunt from Boss Raids & Exclusive for Market Economy. Following Events will reward Wcoins: Illusion of Temple = 5 Wcoins + 20 Goblin Points Crywlolf Event = 20 Wcoins + 50 GoblinPoints Following Events will reward Goblin Points: Blood Castle = 10GP Devil Square = 10GP Nightmare Kanturu Event = 20GP Imperial Guardian = 20GP Dopple Ganger = 20GP ----------- Friday until Sunday we will be having double exp reward for the whole weekend! This is to give thanks to everyone who has been supporting our server all the way and to ever increasing population of our server. Lets now invite more friends and grind up while exp is at 100% boost! ======= 100% Guaranteed Long Term Dedicated Server! (Not Hosted by Some Kids) Blazing Fast Connection for Asia Users! Well Maintained Server Everything is Free Basically No Bias or Corruption! Castle Siege Winner = Holy Angel With Excellent Options!! Take Note: Select Nyo 2nd Realm " GodZ Instant PVP " -------- Where to Get 4th Level Wings? Kill Golden HellMain! Farm for Golden Goblin Drops Book of Golden Tantalose Drops Book of Golden Titan Drops Book of Golden Hellmain Drops Book of Golden Erohim Drops Book of Golden Kundun -------- You can get BOK +5 from * Tantalos Golden Invasion * Golden Titan * Golden Erohim All Season 7 Items Including New RF Socketed Weapons will start to drop from Golden Box You can get Golden Box from: * Ferea Boss * Magnicore Boss * Nixi Boxx * Medusa * Golden Kundun * Kanturu Nightmare Event * Golden HellMaine -------- Golden Goblin - Will Drop Golden Titan Spawn Golden Titan - Will Drop Golden Erohim Spawn Golden Erohim - Will Drop Golden Hellmain Spawn Golden Hellmail - Will Drop Golden Kundun Spawn This is also where you will get the materials for upgrading your Blood Angel Gears to Dark Angel and Upto Holy Angel! For Set: 1. Your Blood Angel Item 2. Stone Shard (Drop sa Golden Boss at New Events) 3. 1x Jewel of Soul 4. 1x Jewel of Bless 5. 1x Jewel of Creation 6. 1x Jewel of Chaos Watch Video Guide Here : -------- Golden HellMaine Golden Erohim Golden Kundun Will now have chance to drop Bundle Jewel of Soul Bundle Jewel of Bless Bundle Jewel of Creation Bundle Jewel of Life Bundle Gemstone -------- You can get Goblin Points By Joining The Following Events: Blood Castle - 10 Goblin Points Per Win Devil Square - 10 Goblin Points Per Win Illusion Temple - 20 Goblin Points Per Win Crywolf - 30 Goblin Points Per Win Dopple Ganger - 20 Goblin Points Per Win Imperial Event - 20 Goblin Points Per Win You can get Reset Stats, Buffs, Idols, Mats for Dark Angel & More From Goblin Shop! -------- How to Reset Your Points Use fruit reset stats they can get it from goblin shop they can get goblin points by joining events blood castle devil square chaos castle -------- Talisman Chaos of Assembly Elemental Talisman Chaos of Assembly Will Drop in: Nixie Raid Event - 20% Drop Rate Ferea Boss Raid - 20% Drop Rate Core Magnify Boss Raid - 20% Drop Rate Golden Kundun - 10% Drop Rate -------- How to use /Offlevel in GodzMU 1.Make Sure that Your MUHelper is Set 2.then Type /Offlevel it Will Disconnect you After 5 Seconds 3.Done! You Can Now Watch Your Fav. Porn Site -------- We have just completed working our our drop table for MuuN We are happy to announce that all MuuN total of 255 MuuN Pets will now drop in game! The 255 Pets are divided into 4 Eggs Each Egg Guarantees Pets depending on class on pets, 3rd & 4th class being the rarest. Ware Rabbit Egg - 60 Possible Drops of MuuN Pet 1st Class 20 Pets = 100% Drop Rate 2nd Class 20 Pets = 75% Drop Rate 3rd Class 20 Pets = 50% Drop Rate Lucky Bag Egg - 60 Possible Drops of MuuN Pets 1st Class 20 Pets = 100% Drop Rate 2nd Class 20 Pets = 75% Drop Rate 3rd Class 20 Pets = 50% Drop Rate Flame Ghost Egg - 60 Possible Drops of MuuN Pets 1st Class 20 Pets = 100% Drop Rate 2nd Class 20 Pets = 75% Drop Rate 3rd Class 20 Pets = 50% Drop Rate Golden Goblin Egg - 80 Possible Drops of MuuN Pets 1st Class 20 Pets = 100% Drop Rate 2nd Class 20 Pets = 75% Drop Rate 3rd Class 20 Pets = 50% Drop Rate 4th Class 18 Pets = 25% Drop Rate You can also watch the video we have uploaded: --------------------------- 1. Phase 2 Character Balance Update Deployed 2. Illusion of Temple Reward Improvement Illusion of Temple 5 & 6 will start to reward & drop Legacy Evil Items 3. Lucky Tickets Drop Drop Table Completed Kundun Legacy - 20% 2nd Ticket | 30% 1st Ticket (Boss Buffed) Erohim Legacy - 20% 2nd Ticket | 30% 1st Ticket (Boss Buffed) Hellmaine Legacy - 20% 2nd Ticket | 30% 1st Ticket (Boss Buffed) Medusa Legacy - 20% 2nd Ticket | 30% 1st Ticket (Boss Buffed) Hydra Legacy - 20% 2nd Ticket | 30% 1st Ticket (Boss Buffed) Zaikan Legacy - 20% 2nd - Ticket | 30% 1st Ticket (Boss Buffed) Death King Legacy - 20% 2nd Ticket | 30% 1st Ticket (Boss Buffed) =========== Golden Erohim - 40% 2nd Ticket | 50% 1st Ticket Golden Hellmaine - 40% 2nd Ticket | 50% 1st Ticket 4. Jewel of Elevation Will Now Start to Drop with Golden Hellmaine & Golden Kundun (Gold Option for Lucky Set Items) 5. Jewel of Extension Will Now Start to Drop with Golden Hellmaine & Golden Kundun ( Jewel to Repair Lucky Set Items ) ---------------------- As we dont aim the server to be pure of bot mode this is just simple boost for players who do not have much time. We have isolated all offline features to Server 1 only. That means you can only use offline features such as /offlevel & /offtrade in Server 1. Server 1 will not have active events such as BC, DS, Illustion Temple & all other events. Offlevel feature can only be used for maximum 24 hours and then you will get disconnected. ----------------------- As we continue to advance in updated contents we are slowly adding season 13 features. 4th class is already available but we did not activated this yet as some small bugs issues are being fixed & this will get the game max ML to 480 and we still want to give time to other players who are still reaching 400. With this pre-deployment of Season 13 we are just adding for now those exotic blood angel gears. They are the same look as regular angel gears but have difference on ancient stats & color glow as exotic blood gears will have Gold Color. These exotic angel gears will drop from new boss raid maps Core Magnify Lord Ferea Nixie Boss Drop Rate: 10% Dark Angel Boots: 7.5% Holy Angel Boots: 5% Cheers!
  12. MuOnlineWebs Lite Version

    Some update for lite version?
  13. MuOnlineWebs Lite Version

    YOu need to install website...
  14. MuOnlineWebs Lite Version

    Admin whats this problem Fatal error: Call to a member function prepare() on null in C:\xampp\htdocs\application\libraries\Db.php on line 0 A PHP Error was encountered Severity: Error Message: Call to a member function prepare() on null Filename: libraries/Db.php Line Number: 0 Backtrace:
  15. Hello everyone, We are happy to invite you to a new server israeli the server is OPEN! Server Name: World MU Season: 4.6 EXP: 2000 DROP: 65% Points to level (BK,SM,ELF): 5 Points to level (DL,MG,SUMMONER): 7 Reset in level 400. Offical Site: Register: Downloads: COMMANDS: Add - Command to mount stats Reset - Command to execute REST Post - Command to write in post Evo - Command to do mission 3 Zen - Command to add zen Clearinv - Command to clean the bag PKclear - Command to clean a killer Info - Command to check info about player Time - Command to check server time Online - Command to check onlines sendresets - Command to send resets to another player sendcredits - Command to send credits to another player gempack - Command to make a pack of gemstones ungempack - Command to break down a stack of gemstones kundun - Command you launch the empty area Perfume boss appears particularly strong This boss has a chance to get something very special. SYSTEMS: AFK TradeSystem ResetSystem Vip System Territory System Npc Reset PkClearGuard MarrySystem MaxStats GMSYSTEM quests Helpers AUTOMATIC EVENTS: Math Guess the number The first that comes to Images:
  16. How to install (Video)

    if you can create a video how to make a setup xammp sql so we can install the page Xamp,Required Drivers
  17. link Web Fanpague Group
  18. After 1 week of beta testing, we are launching this october 21st with a much better world and the best and most fun gameplay sensation out there. Don't miss it! Join us this saturday and get a real mu online, long term, unique experience
  19. New released Rufian mu mobile 1.9.1 Server test ONLINE - soon in store! features Free vip 12 -Free diamonds -Free weapon +15 -News events -4 characters to choose (BK/SM/ELF/MG) -Dungeons -daily events -daily boss -pet system -Ranking level, BP, guild, power, wings -Gifts for beta testers! link: Fanpague Group Web (Soon) IMAGES
  20. x9999 Complete Server Info : MU Version: Season 6 Episode 3 Server Files: IGCN Premium Experience: x500 Master Experience: x150 Points Per Level: 5 / 7 Master Level: 1:1 ML Points: 220 Reset: LvL 400 - Keep Stats - 32767 /Reset x500 Complete Server Info : MU Version: Season 6 Episode 3 Server Files: IGCN Premium Experience: x9999 Master Experience: x9999 Points Per Level: 5 / 7 Master Level: 1:1 ML Points: 250 Reset: LvL 400 Max Reset: 5 After Reset: Level goes back to level 300 Reset via web No Excellent 380, S4 , T1 and T2 Maximum Excellent Option: 2 Party Experience: NormalParty2ExpBonus = 160 ; + NormalParty2ExpBonus NormalParty3ExpBonus = 180 ; + NormalParty3ExpBonus NormalParty4ExpBonus = 200 ; + NormalParty4ExpBonus NormalParty5Expbonus = 220 ; + NormalParty5ExpBonus SetParty3ExpBonus = 230 ; + SetParty3ExpBonus SetParty4ExpBonus = 270 ; + SetParty4ExpBonus SetParty5ExpBonus = 300 ; + SetParty5ExpBonus Game Features: Auto Reconnect System Auto Reconnect Party Last Man Standing Event Built In Antihack 3D Camera HD Resolution for widescreen On-Server-Select Screen News System Bot System for Buffs Mu Helper VIP Map VIP System Offtrade Wcoins Cash Shop Chaos Machine Rate: x9999 +15 - 40% +14 - 50% +13 - 60% +12 - 70% +11 - 80% +10 - 90% x500 Default Chaos Machine Why play Ethereal MU? Ethereal Mu balances both donor and non-donor, all items are huntable, there is no need for you to donate. We dont want players to pay money just to win. Website: email: EVENT/PROMO SCREENSHOT:
  21. LEGACY MU ONLINE SEASON 9 EPISODE 2 Legacy MU Online Grand Opening 15th October UTC+2 18:00 Legacy Mu online is bringing new unique low rate mu online server, for hard rate leveling fans. We are here to deliver best quality and high performance mu online server. Administration with more than 10 years experience in mmorpg development. General Legacy Mu Online Information *Version: Full Season 9 *Experience: 40x *All Characters from level 1 *ML Experience: 20x *Drop Rate: 30% *Max Level: 400 *PPL: 5/7 *Bless Bug: Disabled *Duel Damage: 60% Full information about server configuration/events you can find - here Server Features *Webshop: Disabled (hot) *Off Leveling: Enabled (hot) *Reconnect: Enabled *AutoParty: Enabled *MuHelper: Enabled *MuBot System: Enabled LegacyMu Special Features *Boss Of The Month (hot) *Find The Key Event (hot) *Mu Roomy Event *Muun Rabbit Hunting *Fireflame Ghost Event *Fortune Pouch Event Reset Information *Reset Stats: Yes *Reset Points: 500/600 *Max Reset: 25 *Max Grand Resets: 15 *Reset Reward: 10 Credits *GR Reward: 500 Credits *Reset Price: 3kk x reset count *GR Price: 20kk x GR Count Party Experience Bonus *2 members in a party: -10% Experience *3 members in a party: -5% Experience *4 members in a party: +5% Experience *5 members in a party: +10% Experience Gens PvP Zones *Arena *Atlans 1 *Vulcanus *Kanturu 1 *Swamp of Calmness Item Mix Rates Item +10 Mix Rate = 60% Item +11 Mix Rate = 60% Item +12 Mix Rate = 60% Item +13 Mix Rate = 55% Item +14 Mix Rate = 55% Item +15 Mix Rate = 40% Socket Socket Item +10 Mix Rate = 40% Socket Item +11 Mix Rate = 40% Socket Item +12 Mix Rate = 40% Socket Item +13 Mix Rate = 35% Socket Item +14 Mix Rate = 35% Socket Item +15 Mix Rate = 30% Pentagram Pentagram +10 Mix Rate = 40% Pentagram +11 Mix Rate = 40% Pentagram +12 Mix Rate = 40% Pentagram +13 Mix Rate = 35% Pentagram +14 Mix Rate = 35% Pentagram +15 Mix Rate = 30% Legacy Mu Online Wing Mix Rate Level 2 Wings Max rate = 70% Level 2.5 Wings Max Rate = 60% Level 3 Wings Max Rate = 40% Level 3 Wing Exe option rate = 20% Level 3 Wings luck rate = 20% CapeOfLordMixMaxRate = 70% Socket Weapon Mix Rate Socket Weapon Mix Rate = 40%
  22. MuOnlineWebs Lite Version

    You have to add all your gameserver names to the gameserver list on server management
  23. MuOnlineWebs Lite Version

    Good Morning. The web does not want to show me connected users. I have the port in and the correct configuration
  24. How to Update (Video)

    You need to download and replace files, than click update website link on sidebar
  25. How to Update (Video)

    Hi there, i got this error from the autoupdate, Update file size not match with original file. Please re-download
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