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  2. # GAME SERVER FEATURES # • Account Level • Pro VIP System • Pro Reset System • Pro Grand Reset System • User Connection Verify • Server reduced lag • Main reduced lag • Add Credits real time • Multi Language System hot! • Reconnection System hot! • Party Reconnection hot! • Widescreen Resolution hot! • Monster Health Bar hot! • Duel Announce • PC Points Cafe System • Passive anti-hacker hot! • Superior Client Anti Hack • Superior Anti Flood Protected • Perfect Potion Cooldown • Perfect Combo Cooldown # SERVER HOT NEW ADDONS # • HOT New 3 Bosses Added • Arena Big Jewel Event Added • Perfect Well Ballanced Characters • 5 PC Point Cafe Every Hour • Custom Party System added in 5 maps • Custom Reset System in game without going on the website or sellect server just type /reset on level 400 and the restart will come automaticaly - Level minim for reset: 400 - Level after reset : 1 - Points after reset: 100 • Kick Fallen Enabled - Minimum Level: 20 • Hot New Happy Hour Event - Waiting Time: 10 MIN - Duration Time: 20 MIN - Compensation Time: 5 MIN # GAME SERVER RATES # • Max Level : 400 • Exp : 350x • Drops : 65% • Jewels : 185% • Bless Bug : ON # CHAOS MACHINE COMBINATION RATE # • (C.Mix) Chaos Weapon Rate: 85% • (C.Mix) First Wings Rate: 85% • (C.Mix) Second Wings Rate: 85% • (C.Mix) Second Wings Exe Rate: 85% • (C.Mix) Cape Of Lord Rate: 85% • (C.Mix) Third Wings Rate: 85% • (C.Mix) Third Wings Exe Rate: 85% • (c.UP) Upgrade +10 Level Rate: 90% • (c.UP) Upgrade +11 Level Rate: 90% • (c.UP) Upgrade +12 Level Rate: 85% • (c.UP) Upgrade +13 Level Rate: 85% • (c.UP) Upgrade Items With LK : 85% • (C.Mix) Create Fenir Rate lvl1: 85% • (C.Mix) Create Fenir Rate lvl2: 85% • (C.Mix) Create Fenir Rate lvl3: 80% • (C.Mix) Create Fenir Rate lvl4: 80% • JewelOfHarmonyItemPurityMixRate: 85% # GAME PLAY FEATURES # • Server Nationality: European • Game Play Mode: P.v.P • Professional Anti Cheat Client-Server Side. • Excellent Options on Ancients • Minimum Level for Reset: 400 • Pk Clear : Available • Personal Store System: Custom • Personal Store Ancient: Enabled • Trade System : Enabled • Zen Duration Time: 10s • Maximum Users Support: 1000 • Castle Siege Users Support: 500 • Party Leader reconnection • Ballanced Characters • Points per Level: Normal • Custom Random Drop • Ancient + Excelent Items Available • Grand Restart : 60 Resets • Game Client Clean without viruses • All Agility Bugs Fixed. • Web Shop, Vote & Reward System, Online Hours Exchanging. • Box of Kundun +1 +2 On NPC • Daily / Weekly and Monthly events with great prizes in game • Castle Siege 100% Active • Very Big and Friendly Community Forums with active Staff members # GUILD AND CASTLE FEATURES # • Create Guild: Enable • Create Guild Need Level: 400 • Guild Personal ID: Disabled • Guild Chat: Enabled • Guild Destroy: Enabled • Guild Destroy Level Need: 400 • Alliance Guild Chat: Enabled • Castle Owner Guild Destroy Limit: Enabled • Guild Alliance System: Enabled # SERVER GAME PLAY COMMANDS # /post -> Global message /addstr -> Add Points to Strength /addagi -> Add Points to Agility /addene -> Add Points to Energy /addcom -> Add Points to Command /addvit -> Add Points to Vitality /money [amount] -> zen incrase /marry [name] -> for marry with another charcater /pkclear -> Clear murderer status /reset - Reset your character from game. 400 level required. /request off -> Deny all requests from players. /request on -> Allow all requests from players. • Because we like to make a nice and performant game play we will keep updating our AntiHack every 20 days , to do this we need all yo're support to improve the best ! We do keep scanning and improving our antihack system and we are getting help from our MHP AntiHack provider to fix the issues straight away. If you have eny problems with the Anti Hack System or eny questions , or if you just simply find softwares that they can compromise our game play , just give as a contact email and we will make clear for you ! Thank you for understanding . Best Regards ! DemonicMU Team [video=youtube;KWaYP2sqRe8][/video]
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  5. BUMP lets play and enjoy together with the server, register now and lets get it on
  6. DragonsDogma Seazon 6 Episode 3 Polish Server ! Informations: *Web: *Version: Season 6 ep.3 *Experience: DynamicExp ! *Drop: 20% *DropVip:40% *Reset Level: 400 *Max Reset: 100 *Grand Reset: 100rr = Gift 1000 crd in WebShop *Max Item: +15+28 *Level Up Points: BK/SM/ELF/Sum - 5 | MG/DL/RF - 5 | *Bless Bug: Off *Webshop: Cooming soon. *Events: Golden Invasions,BC/DS/CC/CS/CW/DI/CD/WW/IG/IT/NM/RE/KUNDUN/MEDUSA/SELUPAN/GMEVENT *Success Rates: Normal. *Spawns: All Maps. Lack spot Stadium *Pvp: Balanced PvP. *Max Stats 65k We added Dynamic Exp: - 0-10rr (Exp: 2000x) - 11-20rr (Exp: 1500x) - 21-30rr (Exp: 1200x) - 31-40rr (Exp: 1100x) - 41-50rr (Exp: 1000x) - 51-60rr (Exp: 900x) - 61-70rr (Exp: 800x) - 71-80rr (Exp: 700x) - 81-90rr (Exp: 600x) - 91-100r (Exp: 500x) 2. Changes in GrandRes - GrandReset we do 100rr and get 1000crd - The stats are reset and we get 1000 in every stats 3. Spots - There have been gently modified spots in the game. 4. Events - BC, DS, CC events have more EXP than Event level. 5. Invasions - The invasion was gently twisted 6. Boss Games - Boss Games ie RedDragon respi every 8h and has a very good drop! - It was set so that the strong PT or Guild could be beaten
  7. I'm sorry for double post but the upper link won't work.I don't why this forum added those options after each link... Website Forum Downloads Registration
  8. Mu-IGS X100 GameServer Informations Website Forum Downloads Registration If you have problems/issues with client install the following: Microsoft .NET Framework 4 (Web Installer) Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 SP1 Redistributable Package (x86) Font Link for Font problem Server Information Season:XII Part 2 EXP: Dynamic x100 (4 Stages) Master EXP: Dynamic x100 (4 Stages) Drop Rate: 65% Zen Drop: Dynamic x1.5 - x15 Reset Level: 400 Resets (Max): 30 Reset Cost (Zen): 5000.000 Bonus Stats Points/Reset: 0 Grand Resets (Max): 50 Bonus Stats Points/Grand Reset: 8000 Grand Reset Cost (Zen): 2000.000.000 Level: 400 Master Level: 420 Master Point/Level: 1 Guild(Min. Level to Create): 200 Guild(Max. Members): 40 Alliance(Creation Req.): Guild with more than 20 members Alliance(Max. Guilds): 3 WebShop: DISABLED In-Game Shop(X Shop): ENABLED Goblin Shop(X Shop): ENABLED Dark Wizard:From Level 1 (5 Points/Level) Dark Knight:From Level 1 (5 Points/Level) Fairy Elf:From Level 1 (5 Points/Level) Summoner:From Level 1 (5 Points/Level) Rage Fighter:From Level 200 (7 Points/Level) Magic Gladiator:From Level 200 (7 Points/Level) Dark Lord:From Level 200 (7 Points/Level) Grow Lancer:From Level 200 (7 Points/Level) **Experience decreaseas from 0 towards 30 resets. **Zen increaseas from x1.5 towards x15 based on Monster Level and Map. **For MG,DL,Summ,RF and GL one character with minimum level requirement. **For Level 400+ items you require additional Master Level. **You can't sell Full Exec items to NPC! Instead you can put them in your personal store General Drop Rate Except Events, Bosses & Class Quest Drop List-------------Drop Rate----------Example Items------------------30%-----------Set item, weapons, shield, etc. Jewels-----------------5% -----------Jewel of Bless, Jewel of Chaos, etc. Zen--------------------20%-----------You really need explication? Event items------------8%------------Card piece, Rare piece of paper, etc. Event entry items------13%-----------Devil`s Eye, Blood Bone, etc. Crafting items---------7%------------Loch`s Feather, Fenir Piece, etc. Droppable items--------17%-----------Box of Luck, Gold Medal, etc. ]Available Commands Name----------------Command-----------Description Reset---------------/reset------------Reset you character in-game Post----------------/post-------------Standard Post message Global Post---------/gpost------------Global Post message Stats Adder---------/addstr-----------Add points to Strength Stats Adder---------/addagi-----------Add points to Agility Stats Adder---------/addvit-----------Add points to Stamina Stats Adder---------/addene-----------Add points to Energy Stats Adder---------/addcmd-----------Add points to Command PK Removal----------/pkclear----------Remove PK Status Guild War-----------/war--------------Start a War with another guild Marry Command-------/prop-------------Propose a marry to other player Marry Command-------/accept-----------Accept the proposal Marry Command-------/teleport---------Teleport to your soulmate Marry Command-------/divorce----------Divorce Offline Tradeing----/offtrade---------Leave your personal store open while your are offline Offline Leveling----/offlevel---------DISABLED for now (Another option: Mu Helper ) Auto Party----------/setparty---------After command type a password for your party. Whoever will whisper you with the password will automatically join the party Daily Events Event Name----------------Times/day------------Entrance/day BloodCastle-------------------8----------------------3 ChaosCastle-------------------8----------------------3 DevilSquare-------------------8----------------------3 Doppelgenger------------------8----------------------2 Last Man Standing-------------2----------------------2 Illusion Temple---------------2----------------------2 Tormented Square Battle-------4----------------------4 Loreen Deep-------------------2----------------------2 Weekly Events Event Name-------------Starting Day---------Ending Day---------------Starting Hour Arca Battle------------Wednesday------------Wednesday----------------5:00 Acheron Guardian-----------Su,Mon,Tue,Thu,Fri,Sat--------------------15:00 CryWolf----------------Friday---------------Friday-------------------21:25 Castle Siege-----------Sunday---------------Sunday-------------------18:00 Imperial Guardian------Monday---------------Sunday-------------------No time limit (1 time/day) Monthly Events Event Name---------------------------Starting Date------------Ending Date ChaosCastle Survival----------------------1-----------------------6 Tormented Square-------------------------21-----------------------27 Mini-Bosses & Bosses Name---------------------------Map-------------------------Reward Ice Queen--------------------Devias------------------------WCoin/Ruud/GP & Exec Items(Tier I - Random Exec options Gorgon-----------------------Dungeon-----------------------WCoin/Ruud/GP & Exec Items(Tier I - Random Exec options Balrog-----------------------Lost Tower--------------------WCoin/Ruud/GP & Exec Items(Tier II - Random Exec options Hydra------------------------Atlans------------------------WCoin/Ruud/GP & Exec Items(Tier II - Random Exec options Zaikan-----------------------Tarkan------------------------WCoin/Ruud/GP & Exec Items(Tier III - Random Exec options Erohim-----------------------Land of Trials----------------WCoin/Ruud/GP & Exec Items(Tier 380(Guardian) - Random Exec options Medusa-----------------------Swamp of Calmness-------------WCoin/Ruud/GP & Exec Items(Tier 380(Guardian) - Random Exec options Selupan----------------------Raklion(Hatchery)-------------WCoin/Ruud/GP & Exec Items(Tier 380(Guardian) - Random Exec options Kundun-----------------------Kalima 7----------------------WCoin/Ruud/GP & Ancient Items Lord Silvester---------------Acheron - Uruk Mountain-------WCoin/Ruud/GP & Rarest Pentagram(Low %) Core Magriffy----------------Acheron - Nars----------------WCoin/Ruud/GP & Rarest Pentagram(Low %) Lord Ferea-------------------Ferea-------------------------WCoin/Ruud/GP & Bloodangel Items/Rarest Pentagram(Low %) **Beside standard rewards you will have a chance to get what is written above! How to get Credits,WCoin,Goblin Points and Ruud? Credits 1.Through Donation------------On our website using Donate Panel and available Donation methods 2.Through Grand Reset---------Grand Reset will reward you with: 1500 Credits(Each GR). Every 10 GR will reward you additional 2500 Goblin Points WCoin 1.Exchange Credits into Wcoin 2.Be the winner of an event! 3.Grand Reset 4.Referral System Goblin Points 1.Killing specific monsters(Most likely Goldens) 2.Be the winner of an event! Ruud Killing Monsters!!! (Normal/Mini-Boss/Boss/Event Monster) Simple as that!Kill a monster and you can get Ruud. 1.Normal monsters will give 1-10 2.Mini-Bosses will give 1-25 3.Goldens will give 1-50 4.Bosses will give 1-100 Helpers have arrived **A boost for all new players! **Press "N" -> Press "Join" in the party with the Helper! **For now Helpers will be only in Karutan 2 and Lost Tower 7 In Game Screenshots: Yhank you! Mu-IGS Team.
  9. Low Server x100 OPENING on JUNE 26 at 19:00 (Server Time UTC +2) New Low Server x100 will bring you unique and different Game Play because of Limits on Resets, Stats and Items. Stat points after reset are 400 only and maximum resets are 100. So maximum Stat points you can get are 40 000 only. YES you can make unlimited Grand Resets when you get 40 Resets but it will not give you extra free Stat points. By making Grand Resets you can get Credits Reward only. If you like low experience and pretty hard opportunities to be better than others it is for you. Activity Events: Monthly Vote Reward Event - READ HERE Facebook Event Free Credits - READ HERE Information about x100 server: Version: Premium Season 9 Episode 2 Experience: 100 Items Drop: 25 Maximum Level: 400 Maximum Stat Points: 40 000 Points Per Level: 5/7/7 Master Level Experience: 10 Maximum Master Level: 330 Points Per Master level: 1 Auto Party System [accept members auto] Auto Reconnect System [no DC] Muun System [get nice pets] Off-Trade System - [trade Items while offline] Offlevel System [10 Wcoins per 1 hour] Pandora Mining System [a way to get jewels] Mu Roomy System [play and win rewards] Balanced Event rewards [many type of Items] Monsters Per Spot 5-7 [on all maps except arena] Cashshop [press X to open shop in game] Gremory Case Open With Button K [some event rewards] Losttower 1-7, Karutan 1 Maps Are NON PVP [no killing there] Command /pkclear Price 10kk * Kill Count MG, DL Create Level: 220, 250 Summoner, RF Create Level: 300 Reset, Grand Reset System: Reset level: 400 After reset free stat points: BK, SM, ELF, SUM: 400 * resets DL, MG, RF: 450 * resets Reset reward: 50 Credits Reset limit: 100 Reset Cost: 2 000 000 Zen * resets Grand Reset From: 40 Resets Grand Reset Stat Points: 0 ( no points ) Grand Reset Reward: 18 000 Credits ( Can buy 1 exe + socket item for 18 000 Credits ) Grand Reset Limit: No Limit Web Itemshop Limits: Maximum Excellent Options to Buy: 3 Maximum Socket Options to Buy: 3 Excellent + Socket Items: ON Ancient + Excellent Items: ON Equal Seed Sockets: OFF Limits are needed to not be someone over powered. Website features: Market system: (sell items for credits, wcoins, jewels, zen) Vote reward system: (get credits by voting for us every 12 hours) Online hours system: (get credits being online while play) Referral system: (get credits by referring others to join game) Zen wallet system: (transfer zen to website zen bank) Web warehouse: (transfer items to web warehouse, unlimited space) Exchange wcoins: (Use wcoins to buy seal buffs, pets, more) Change name: (change character nick name) Hidden info: (Hide information, location from others) Clear skill tree: (clear your skill tree points placed) Clear inventory: (clear character inventory) In-game commands: Standard commands: /post , /addstr, /addagi, /addvit, /addene, /addcmd , /pkclear, /war , /battlesoccer , /requests . Marry system: /prop , /accept, /teleport, /divorce. Optional commands: /dcfriend , /setparty , /offtrade, /ware Gameplay information: Balanced Character Classes, Balanced PVP and PVM, Balanced Party Experience, Level 380 / 400 items can wear from level 1, All normal monsters power are Increased, Golden and Boss monsters power Increased, Mu Helper can start use from level 10, Mu Helper costs 500 Zen * Level for 5 min, Guild can be created from level 300, Bonus extra exp in BC, DS and Doppelganger Events + 30x Get WareRabbit Egg from Moon Rabbits: Find them in Lor, Dev, Noria and Elveland, Get 1 wcoin per every hunted Gold Rabbit: Kanturu R, Aida, Tarkan, Lt 1-7, Atlans, Get 1 wcoin per every hunted Golden Monster, Get 10 Wcoins if become an Event winner: BC, DS, CC, IT and Doppelganger, Kanturu Ruins (1-3), Karutan 2, Vulcanus are Battle maps, Battle Maps Experience Increase = 20% = 120x exp on Battle Maps. Chaos Machine Items Rates: Mix items +10 success rate = 65% Mix items +11 success rate = 65% Mix items +12 success rate = 60% Mix items +13 success rate = 55% Mix items +14 success rate = 50% Mix items +15 success rate = 45% Item with Luck bonus rate = 25% Feather Of Condor Max Rate = 70% Wings level 2 Mix Max Rate = 90% Wings level 2.5 Mix Max Rate = 60% Cape Of Lord Mix Max Rate = 90% Wings level 3 Mix Max Rate = 40% Chance to get Excellent option when making Wings level 3 = 50% Chance to get Luck option when making Wings level 3 = 60% Party Experience Bonus: 2 members in a party: - 10% exp 3 members in a party: - 5% exp 4 members in a party: + 10% exp 5 members in a party: + 20% exp (when 2 same races in PT , example: BK+BK+SM+MG+SUM) 3 different character classes in a party: + 30% exp 4 different character classes in a party: + 50% exp 5 different character classes in a party: + 70% exp (when different races in PT , example: BK+ELF+SM+MG+SUM) Register Here: Site:
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  11. OPENING: 2017, July 7 All registered users before opening will receive a random gift SERVER INFORMATION: - Version: Season 6 Ep 3 - Exp: 50% - Drop: 50% - Reset level: 400 FEATURES: - Auto reconnect - Auto party - Off-trade system - Off-level system EVENTS: - Devil Square - Blood Castle (Bonus Exp x2) - Chaos Castle - Kalima - Castle Siegue - Crywolf - Illusion Temple - Golden invasion - Medusa & more COMMANDS: /post /attack /offattack /store /offstore /reset /addstr /addagi /addvit /addene /addcmd WEBSITE: DOWNLOADS: All registered users before opening will receive a random gift
  12. Mu Republica | Season 6 Episode 3 Web: Forum: FanPage: * Exp: 1000x * Drop: 60% * Level Reset: 400 * Points level: 5/7 * Max Stats: 65000 * Elf Buffer max level: 150 * Auto-reconect : Activado * Zen reset: 150.000.000 * Zen reset Master: 200.000.000 * Guild Create: 100 Lvl - 40 Resets * Gens: 35 Resets * Battle Zone Gens: Stadium y Vulcanus * Bar HP monster * Battle Soccer Rates Chaos Machine : - Items +10 = 90% - Items +11 = 85% - Items +12 = 80% - Items +13 = 75% - Items +14 = 60% - Items +15 = 50% Commands /add(str,agi,vit,ene,cmd) /ware (0,1,2) /reset
  13. FEREA MU! Server Start 02.07.2017 time 3.00PM! Name: FereaMU Version: Season 12 Episode 3 Max Players Online: 500+ Time Work: 24/7 Dedicated Server: Yes Link: CLICK Spots: YES -Lorencia, Noria, Elbeland (2x more mobs) Other Map spots 8-10 mobs! Arena only for VIP user! All spots has been pointed on mini map (TAB). XShop: YES - custom Max lvl: 400lvl Max Master Level: 400lvl Points per Master Level: 1 Experience: dynamic Reset 1-5 = 5000x Reset 5-10 = 4500x Reset 11-15 = 4000x Reset 16-20 = 3500x Reset 21-25 = 3000x Reset 26-30 = 2500x Reset 31-35 = 2000x Reset 35-40 = 1500x Reset 41-45 = 1000x Reset 46-50 = 750x Reset 51-55 = 500x Reset 56-60 = 250x Master Exp: Reset 0-60 = 1000x Drop: 70% Chaos Machine (+10-+15): +10 = 80% +11 = 80% +12 = 80% +13 = 80% +14 = 80% +15 = 80% +1% Luck BB: Off Mob HP: 100% Reset: Res 400 lvl on website Stats burn 900 pkt for res ! Cost 50mln zen! Reset in game command /reset Grand Reset: 60 resets Only website! Stats burn to 25, extra points 10k per GR 1GR=10k , 2GR=20k, 3GR=30k etc REWARD: 1000 WebCoins Guild: 180 lvl MG: 220 lvl DL: 250 lvl SU: 200 lvl RF: 200 lvl GL: 200 lvl Max Level Items: +15+28 Socket System: Seed Sphere LVL 10 15 GR = Blood Angel SET +15+FO 20 GR = Upgrade Blood Angel Set to Dark Angel Set +15+FO 25 GR = Upgrade Dark Angel Set to Holy Angel Set +15+FO Jewel of Science = Adds Skill to Weapons Jewel of Luck = Adds Luck to Item Jewel of Socket = Adds extra Socket slot to Socket Item Jewel of Excess = Adds random excellent options to normal Item Dark Knight: 5/6 Dark Wizzard: 5/6 Fairy Elf: 5/6 Summoner: 5/6 Magic Gladiator: 7 Dark Lord: 7 Rage Fighter: 7 Grow Lancer: 7 Normal Party 2 Exp Bonus: 5% Normal Party 3 Exp Bonus: 10% Normal Party 4 Exp Bonus: 15% Normal Party 5 Exp Bonus: 20% Set Party 3 Exp Bonus: 15% Set Party 4 Exp Bonus: 20% Set Party 5 Exp Bonus: 25% Blood Castle: Yes Devil Square: Yes Chaos Castle: Yes Illusion Temple: Yes Castle Siege: Yes Nightmare Event: Yes Doppelganger: Yes Imperial Fort: Yes Last Man Standing: Yes ARCA WAR: Yes Protection od Acheron: Yes Varka: Yes Medusa: Yes Golden Invasion: Yes Selupan: Yes Balgass: Yes Kundun: Yes Nix: Yes Lord of Ferea: Yes Lord Silvester: Yes Core Magriffy: Yes Points add: /addstr , /addvit , /addagi , /addene , /addcmd <value> Party: /setparty <pincode> Information: /serverinfo , /level , /online Reset: /reset Messages: /post , /gpost Marry: /marry , /accept , /tracemarry , /divorce Warehouse: /wh 0-2 Off-Trade: /offtrade Pk Clear: /pkclear Administration: JULKA Glory Broker DOWNLOAD: CLICK - New sets Socket and weapons - AUTO PARTY System - Auto Reconnect System - WINGS 4 LVL - Magic Bagpack available for goblin points - 3 warehouse and 3 expanded - Pandora Event - Win a GOLD FENRIR - New MUUN Pets ! even after evolution - MU ROOMY! Play card get Red Fenrira - Personal Shop zen/chaos/soul/bless - New Mini Map - All characters are balanced PvP and PvM (full stats) - SPOTS ON VULCANUS ! Try to get spot with your guild - Gens System - Gold invasion ! if u kill gold monster u getting points to xshop form 1-4 - Reset skill tree you have to get a scroll from xshop - if your char stack somewhere u can restart on www. - Exchange WCoinC on website - LOCK SYSTEM !!! Protect your account! - Collect WCoinC for killing BOSS Mobs: Selupan, Medusa, Nightmare, Lord Silvester - Marry system - Rankings Char, Gens, TOP Guild, Vote - Happy Hour event ! exp +500x , master +500x. 2x everyday from 7-9 AM and 7-9 PM. - Drop items exe with 3 opt ! 10% chance to get from box or boss - MUBOT SYSTEM add to game - BATTLE RING in LORENCIA and DEVIAS!
  14. FlawLess MU WEBSITE: DOWNLOADS: FORUM: FlawLess MU is new Mu Online community which offers you server with interesting and fair gameplay. Right now we are offering you one server x1000 drop 50% Season 9, with all events working like a charm. Server has weekly updates, so the most important updates, fixes and changes is going to be on forum news ! Server Info: Exp: x1000 Drop: 50% Max stats: 65535 (65'500 recommended) Fully Working Events Reconnect System (no more DC's in internet connect lost) Nice client Reset System: Max Resets: 150 resets Max Grand Resets: 50 GR Reset from: 400lvl (bonus +5 Free Credits each reset) Reset price: 10 kk Stats After Reset: Stays Grand Reset from: 100 resets (stats goes back to 10k, +500 credits) Grand Reset price: 1kkk Chaos Machine Rates: Item Mix to +10 = 60% Item Mix to +11 = 60% Item Mix to +12 = 60% Item Mix to +13 = 55% Item Mix to +14 = 55% Item Mix to +15 = 50% (Success rate to on for item with Luck add +25%) Wings Creation Rates: 3lvl Wings - 40% 2.5lvl Wings - 60% 2lvl Wings - 80% Feather of Condor: 60% Additional Info: Market System Item Shop Hide Character Info Vote Reward System (vote every 12h and get free credits) Exchange Online hours to credits wCoins = credits See you on server.
  15. MysticalMu Medium Server X220 (Grand Opening 23 June) Server Information Season 6 Episode 3 Experience x220xp /With Party 300xp Drop 40% Points Per Level 5/7/7 Stats Clear After Reset 500 / 600 Maximal 200 resets & 32000 Stats On Value No Maximum stats Build own stat combinations Reset price 10kk Zen *Reset Unical Reset Stage Reward System Free Coin Zen Drop PVP PVE Events Spots Fully Configured Online Hours You can Exchange To Coins For Free Vip System Enabled Reduce Reset level price and much more in arena icrease xp per 180 total you get 400xp Vote System enabled month top 10 voters get reward gold coin In land of Trial you can find 2 Erohim Monsters Only Land Of Trial seeds 4,5 level also Ancient items & Jog Seed Creation NPC IS LOCATED inside Castle only CS owners can add sockets item shop sell maximum 3 socket option items but in game you can add 5 sockets items+15 can upgrade only in game cant Buy items+15 +life Option Castle Siege Event Every Week MysticalMu.Com Youtube: FB: Forum:
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  17. I'm having the same issue. I'm in Argentina Admin.
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  19. i dont play is remove video youtube for copyrigt songs!! go reupload video
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  21. hello admin go reupload video install
  22. I Recommend MUOnlineWebs to everyone who wants a Best Quality Service, The features are really flexible and with reasonable price, You don't have to pay so much money just to get what you really need, The features are everything and you can adjust and change or add any feature as you like with reasonable price as well. Thank you very much MUOnlineWebs.
  23. Hi all, 2.1.6 version has been released. Please find details below. * [ Added ] Edit Jewel hex option on acp jewel settings * [ Added ] Allow/Disallow Killers option on warp character * [ Added ] Check gens settings option on warp character * [ Added ] Clear skill tree function on change race module * [ Added ] Seed options info on itemtooltip * [ Added ] Return Each stats value option on reset stats * [ Added ] Return Each stats value option on dual stats modules. * [ Added ] Recaptcha on reqistration.Removed jscaptcha * [ Added ] Ancient Set option managment (ACP) * [ Added ] Warehouse Editor (ACP) * [ Added ] Webmarket Item expire option * [ Added ] Image url option to news system * [ Added ] Transfer credits module * [ Added ] Install check function on first instalition * [ Improved ] Jewel Wallet System * [ Improved ] Buy Level system. Now after order levels, character will also gain exp. * [ Changed ] Votereward pingback links. You may need to re-configure pingback links from ads. sites * [ Fixed ] Admin-cp search ip not displays correct result * [ Fixed ] WebShop sometimes does not displays sockets * [ Fixed ] WebShop equal seed option select How to install : How to update :
  24. EliteMu.Online Season 2 Classic x25 Official Start 01.06.2017 14:00PM GMT+0 Website: Season 2 Classic Non-Reset HomeSeason 2 Classic Non-Reset HomeSeason 2 Classic Non-Reset Home EliteMu.Online is a Free-To-Play Global Role-Play-Game with community in all over the World! EliteMu.Online designed the game to make our players to Experience the Real and Original Mu Online Gameplay, with No-Resets at all. Which means that PvP & PvM are very Challenging and Balancing! In addition Real Mu Online focusing on based Economy which gives very high value to Zen & Rare Jewels.Basic Information:» Version: Season 2» Experience: x25 » Drop: 50%» Maximum level: 400» Points per level: 5/7/7» Bless Bug: OFF » Monster HP: 100% » Bar Monster HP: 100%» Reset : OFF» Excellent item max option : 3 » Excellent 380 : No » Ancient + Harmony option : No » Excellent ancient : No » Webshop : No » Bless: 100%» Soul luck: 75%» Soul non luck: 50%» Life: 70%» +10 rate : 70% » +11 rate : 60% » +12 rate : 50% » +13 rate : 40% » Luck bonus 25% success rate » Wings level 1 max success rate : 70% » Wings level 2 max success rate : 70% » Cape of lord max success rate : 70% » Magic Gladiator : 220*» Dark Lord : 250*» Elf Soldier Max level :220 ( 60 Minutes )» EliteMu.Online economy is based on Zen & Rare Jewels*» Jewels can be found as game rewards by Heart of Love/Medals & by killing random monsters* » First basic skills for each class*» Classic Low Sets & Weapons* » Kundun boss spawn time 6 Hours*» Kanturu Event spwn time 6 Hours*» Red Dragon event spawn time 3 Hours*» Chaos Castle event spawn time 1 Hour*» Blood Castle event spawn time 2 Hour*» Devil Square event spawn time 2 Hour*» White wizzard event spawn time 1 Hour*» Skeleton King event spawn time 2 Hours*» Golden Invasion event spawn time 2 Hours*» Castle Siege every Satturday 19:00 Server time*» Crywolf event everyday spawn time 12 Hours*» Box Of Kundun +1 = Low Category Exc Items *» Box Of Kundun +2 = Low Category Exc Items *» Box Of Kundun +3 = Low Category Exc Items*» Box Of Kundun +4 = Medium Category Exc Items*» Box Of Kundun +4 = Rare Category Exc Items**Golden Monsters*» 2 Golden Goblin in Devias/Lorencia/Noria (Box+1)*» 3 Golden Titan in Devias1/2/3 (Box+2)*» 3 Golden Dragon in Devias/Lorencia/Noria (Box+3)*» 5 Golden Lizard King in Atlans1/2/3 (Box+4)*» 5 Golden Tantalos in Tarkan1/2 (Box+5)**[Main Commands]*» /pkclear - clears PK stats for 5.000.000 Zen*» /post - Chat on the global post for 1.000.000 Zen*» /addstr /addagi /addvit /addene /addcmd (Max 200 Points*» Use your level points and add stats without clicking**[General Commands]*» /GuildWar - Start a guild war with any guild*» /battlesoccer GuildName - Start soccer fight with any one*» /alliance - Create alliance with another guilds*» /offtrade zen, /offtrade soul, /offtrade bless, /offtrade life, /offtrade creation - Offtrade market allow at Lorencia*» /alliance - Create alliance with another guilds* Intel Pentium II @ 1.60 GHz ( 1 CPUs) 1.6 GHz 528 mb Ram 128 kbps speed connection Host location : China Town in Africa
  25. MuEVE SEASON 6 NO RESET - HIGH EXPERIENCE WEBSITE DOWNLOAD MuEVE is innovative, ambitious and professional, a project based on the ideals and skills of the most experienced players. Simple and clean, ready to go, made by players for players, enjoy new features in step with the times, without fear of losing All your efforts and memories, sure to be protected from external attacks and hackers. Enter a friendly community that supports and helps you from the beginning by giving you a starter pack every level you will reach and two days of VIP access once you're signed up and of course with so many events made by GM every day. Use an amazing website where you can exchange zen for wcoins, trade your online time, complete as many achievement as you can and be awarded, Upgrade your items or add excellent option to it and much more! Discovery it your self! The server have a webshop and a vip system, but don't worry! Our webshop is designed only to give a help. Feel free to play with out overpowered items or players. No ancient, wings lvl 3, Jewel of harmony option and socket option(only empty), we reduced it only to the essential. ENTER THIS CODE: 7XMF-RO6P-WCFU and receive 1000 wcoins! Now lets talk about some confinguration! MAIN SETTING: Version: Season 6 Experience: 150x MLExperience: 100x Event experience: +10% Drop: 50% Balanced PVP\PVM ITEMS INFORMATION: No Season 2 lvl380 items excellent items No ancient excellent items No ancient with Jewel of harmony No ancient with socket No Socket excellent items No socket with jewel of harmony No full excellent opt Max excellent option count 2 Max socket option count 3 Max socket option count for 2handed weapon 5 GENERAL RATES: Drop +skill: 25% Drop +luck: 25% Jewel drop: Easy Jewel of bless: 100% Jewel of soul: 50% Jewel of life: 50% (no luck add rate) Luck add rate: 25% CHAOS MACHINE: Item+10: 70% Item+11: 65% Item+12: 60% Item+13: 55% Item+14: 30% Item+15: 15% Luckadd: +25% Wings lvl1: Max 100% Wings lvl2: Max 70% Wings lvl3: Max 40% Wings lvl3 opt rate: 20% Wings lvl3 luck rate: 25% Feather of condr: Max 50% EVENTS: Golden invasion: Every hour Golden Mobxbox: 10 Mob White wizzard: Every 2 hour BloodCastle: Every hour DevilSquare: Every hour ChaosCastle: Every hour Red dragon: Every 2 hours Skeleton King: Every 3 hours Crywolf: Every 3 hours Kanturu: Every 2 hours Selupan: Every 2 hours Medusa: Every 2 hours Kundun: Every 3 hours Moss: Active every time Bonus event: Every 2/3 hours (exp +15x, drop+15% for 1hr) Loren deep: Every 6 hours Castle siege: Every week Imperial: Active Doppel Ganger: Active MAIN WEBSITE FEATURE: Achievement system Starting kit Dual skilll tree Auction sytem Coupon Code Reward system upgrade item system exchanging system refferal system webshop vip system Lottery system Transfer character Transfer coins Vote for credits Trade online hour Top Voter Reset Stats Reset skilltree and much more! MuEVE is open from February 2017.
  26. OpenMu Season 3 Episodio 1- Server Name: OpenMu - Website : - Version: Season III + Episode I - Server is from: Bulgaria - Experience: 99999x - Item drop: 100% - Monster HP: 100% - Points per level: 20/30 - Maximum Points: 65000 - Reset: From the site - Reset cost: 1,000,000 Zen - Maximum level: 999 - Level for reset: 400 - Points per Reset: Keep stats - Maximum resets: 999 - Minimum level for delete Hero: 40 - Minimum level for create Guild: 80 - PK Clear: From the site - PK Clear cost: 1,000,000 Zen for a murder - Clear Inventory: No - Clear Spells: No - Clear Stats: No Opportunities For Success - Jewel Of Soul success: 100% - Jewel Of Soul success + Luck: 100% - Jewel Of Life success: 80% - Item +10 success: 100% - Item +11 success: 95% - Item +12 success: 90% - Item +13 success: 88% Events - Blood Castle Event - every 1 hour(s) - Devil Square Event - every 2 hour(s) - Chaos Castle Event - every 4 hour(s) - Golden Dragon Invasion - every 1 hour(s) - Kundun Invasion Event - every 12 hour(s) - White Wizard Attack Event - every 2 hour(s) GM|Administrator Events - Drop Event - Race Event - Find Event - PK Event - Survivor Event - Tournament Event - Question Event - Guild Event Informacion del Servidor es activo y estable desde el 2009 OpenMu is server running since Octomber 2009. Official website: Game servers running over 6 months without wipe: - Version: Season 3 Episode 1 no bugs or modifications - 3 Game servers - 2x PVP and 1x Non-PVP. - Experience: 999999999x - Drops: 99% - Box of kundun + 1 +2 +3 +4 +5 in Lorencia shop - Daily GM events - MU SHOP - Unique payment methods - Active community team - 24/7 Online Dedicated Server - Servers: - Server 1 (PVP) - Post chat on - Server 2 (NON - PVP) - Post chat on Facebook : Forum : Website :
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