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  5. Openmu Season 3 Episodio 1

    OpenMu Season 3 Episodio 1- Server Name: OpenMu - Website : - Version: Season III + Episode I - Server is from: Bulgaria  - Experience: 99999x  - Item drop: 100%  - Monster HP: 100%  - Points per level: 20/30  - Maximum Points: 65000  - Reset: From the site  - Reset cost: 1,000,000 Zen  - Maximum level: 999  - Level for reset: 400  - Points per Reset: Keep stats  - Maximum resets: 999  - Minimum level for delete Hero: 40  - Minimum level for create Guild: 80  - PK Clear: From the site  - PK Clear cost: 1,000,000 Zen for a murder  - Clear Inventory: No  - Clear Spells: No  - Clear Stats: No Opportunities For Success - Jewel Of Soul success: 100%  - Jewel Of Soul success + Luck: 100%  - Jewel Of Life success: 80%  - Item +10 success: 100%  - Item +11 success: 95%  - Item +12 success: 90%  - Item +13 success: 88% Events - Blood Castle Event - every 1 hour(s)  - Devil Square Event - every 2 hour(s)  - Chaos Castle Event - every 4 hour(s)  - Golden Dragon Invasion - every 1 hour(s)  - Kundun Invasion Event - every 12 hour(s)  - White Wizard Attack Event - every 2 hour(s) GM|Administrator Events - Drop Event  - Race Event  - Find Event  - PK Event  - Survivor Event  - Tournament Event  - Question Event  - Guild Event Informacion del Servidor es activo y estable desde el 2009 OpenMu is server running since Octomber 2009.  Official website: Game servers running over 6 months without wipe: - Version: Season 3 Episode 1 no bugs or modifications  - 3 Game servers - 2x PVP and 1x Non-PVP.  - Experience: 999999999x  - Drops: 99%  - Box of kundun + 1 +2 +3 +4 +5 in Lorencia shop  - Daily GM events  - MU SHOP  - Unique payment methods  - Active community team  - 24/7 Online Dedicated Server - Servers:  - Server 1 (PVP)  - Post chat on  - Server 2 (NON - PVP)  - Post chat on Facebook : Forum : Website :
  6. Cost of CMS?

    Hello, You can find prices here   Please pm me if you like to order or contact by skype or fb   Thanks
  7. Cost of CMS?

    Just wondering how much the actual CMS costs? It says 100 credits but there is no way to purchase credits?  (No donation method found. ) What does 100 credits stand for, USD? And is it a one time payment? Or this monthly fee subscription non-sense like all these other CMS's out there.
  8. "Reborn MU season 3 Episode 1" -Fresh Server -Old Classic Season 3 server -Premium Anti Cheat System (UGK) -Stable Server 24/7 -Balance Pvp All Class -GM Daily events -Voting System enable -Exchange Online Time enable -SMS for credits ( COMING SOON ) -Stats Transfer -Freebies at NPC 3option +9 -Exp 9999x -Bless bug: Off -Jewels on Shop -Max level: 400 -Max stats: 32767 -Godlike Items enabled -Tier1 Ancients only -No edited items In Game Features : -Each Reset FREE Bonus 2000 Points - - Max Stats : 32767 - /addstr /addagi /addvit /addene /addcmd /resetstr /resetagi /resetvit /resetene /resetcmd /zen ( give money ) /removeharmony /reset (reset character) Added new command to change your class / character ! If you doesn't like your class / character Use this command. /changeclassbm ( Blade Master ) - Cost 3,000 Credits /changeclassgm ( Grand Master ) - Cost 3,000 Credits /changeclasshe ( High Elf ) - Cost 3,000 Credits /changeclassdm ( Duel Master ) - Cost 3,000 Credits /changeclassle ( Lord Emperor ) - Cost 3,000 Credits NOTE :- Remove all your items before change class. We won't be responsible for your mistake. Website: Forum: Facebook Page: Facebook Group:  
  9.[/img] Website: Server information Exp Rates Exp: x9999  Master Exp: x9999  Quest Exp: x9999 Drop Rates General Drop Rate: 100% Exc Drop Rate: 500x Items With Luck Drop Rate: 50% Items With Skill Drop Rate: 50% Exc Items With Luck Drop Rate: 50% Exc Items With Skill Drop Rate: 50% Boxes Drop Rate: 150x CHARACTERS: BK-SM-MG-DL-ELF-SUM-RF & GROW LANCER ALL CHARACTERS CREATION LEVEL : 1 [AT START] Max Stats : 32767 Max Level : 400 Max Master Level : 420 Master Skill Per/Level : 1 MAX EXCELLENT OPT : 9 SOCKET ITEMS : NON-EXCELLENT MAX SOCKET COUNT : 5 MAX SEED SPHERE LEVEL : 10 LUCKY ITEMS : Exc+Ancient ANCIENT ITEMS : Exc+Ancient 380 ITEMS : Excellent NORMAL BLOODANGEL ITEMS : EXCELLENT ACCIENT BLOODANGEL ITEMS : Exc+Ancient ANCIENT DARK ANGEL ITEM : Exc+Ancient ANCIENT HOLY ANGEL ITEMS : Exc+Ancient New Socket/380 Items For : Rage Fighter And Grow Lancer Max Reset : 9999 Max Grand Reset : 9999 Grand Reset Req: 25 = Tcoins Party EXP 2 players - 9000% Exp Bonus 3 players - 9000%Exp Bonus 4 players - 9000% Exp Bonus 5 players - 9000% Exp Bonus different classes in the same party 3 players - 9000% Exp Bonus 4 players - 9000% Exp Bonus 5 players - 9000% Exp Bonus Jewel Rates Soul: 80% Soul With Luck : 100% Life: 80% Harmony: 100% Mixing Rates +10: 100% +11: 100% +12: 100% +13: 100% +14: 100% +15: 100% Items With Luck: +25% Enhanced +10: 100% Enhanced +11: 100% Enhanced +12: 100% Enhanced +13: 100% Enhanced +14: 100% Enhanced +15: 100% Enhanced Items With Luck: +25% +10 With Socket: 100% +11 With Socket: 100% +12 With Socket: 100% +13 With Socket: 100% +14 With Socket: 100% +15 With Socket: 100% Socket Items With Luck: +25% Pentagram +10: 100% Pentagram +11: 100% Pentagram +12: 100% Pentagram +13: 100% Pentagram +14: 100% Pentagram +15: 100% Pentagram Items With Luck: +25% Feather Of Condor: 100% Wings Level 2: 100% Wings Level 2.5: 100% Wings Level 3: 100% Cape Of Lord: 100% Weapons With Socket Option: 100%   Extended Gens System System Auto Party System Bots System Cash Shop Gift System Cancel Item Sale Chaos Machine System Event Inventory Evenom Extended Inventory Extended Ware House Gens System Germony Case System Mass Combination System Mini Map Tags Mu Helper Mu Roomy Muun System Offline Trading Party And Guild Matching System Pandora Jewels And Mining System Pets System Play Guide In Game System Ruud Shop And Ruud Currency And Much Much More! Spots And More Mu Helper: From Level 80 (300 Zen * Players Level) Spots: on every maps specially in Arena Monster Reg Time: 2 Seconds (Over 400 Monsters)   List Of Events In Game (Activated) Acheron Guardian Arca Battle Attack Event Battle Soccer Bonus Event Blood Castle Castle Siege Chaos Castle Cherry Blossom Christmas Invasion Core Magriffy Boss Crywolf Devil Square Double Goer (Doppel Ganger) Dragon Invasion Egg (monster drop) Event Evolution Monster System Halloween Event Golden Invasion White Wizard Invasion Raklion of Hatchery Event Rabbit Invasion Santa Claus Event Medusa Event Loren Deep Event Last Man Standing Kanturu (Maya) Kalima (Kundun) Imperial Fortress (Guardian) Illusion Temple Renewal Season 12 Episode 2 Key features and changes overview -New Map Ferea and monsters -Ferea Battle event (Lord of Ferea) -Nixie Battle event (Knicks) -Dark Angel Items, Options & Combination -Blood Angel weapons, Options & Combination -Upgraded Archangel weapons and new skills support -Upgraded Archangel Weapons mix -New extended character statistic C window -New remade Errtel Upgrade mix -New Socket Items -Extension of Seed Sphere levels -Extension of Socket Bonus Options -New Socket Item Upgrade Mix -New Seed Extract Mix -New Seed Sphere Composite Mix -New Set Seed Sphere Mix -New Unsocket Seed Sphere Mix -New Seed Sphere Upgrade Mix -Removed Seed Researcher NPC -New Pentagrams and options -Hunting Log -New Nixie Lake Map and monsters -Holy Angel Items Options & Combination -Dual Class Sealed Mastery Items & Combination -Sealed Blood Angel Item combination using Blood Angel Spirit (Hero) (Makes Items +11) -Quiver (enhanced arrows) -New Socket combination for Socket items with 4 slots or more - Reduce socket slot. -Dark Spirit improvement -Master Conversion Order forms -Max Master Level 420 and many more.. Commands /offtrade - Personal store offline mode /post - can be use from lvl 50 and its cost 100k zen /requests - allows you to enable/disable requests /setparty - allows you to set password to your party /add str,agi,vit,ene,cmd - allows you to add specific amount of points /prop - allows you to send a wedding proposal /accept - allows you to accept wedding proposal /teleport - allows you to teleport to your spouse /war - allows you to start a guild war /endwar - allows you to end active guild war /battlesoccer - allows you to invite guild to a soccer /socstop - allows you to stop a soccer game /gpost - can be use from lvl 50 and its cost 500k zen /online - allows to check how many online players are in game /pkclear - allows player to clean his pk status and costs 25m /dcfriend - allows to disconnect someones account if you know their password /srvinfo - shows general information about the server /charinfo - shows general information of the player /ZXCinvclearZXC - deletes all items and zen be careful using this command! /ware1 - switch vaults from 1-10 Security Built In Anti Hack Built In Anti Dupe System Anti Flood Connection Limiter Packets Queue Packet Counter Limiter File Check Sum (CRC) Attack Distance Check Safe Zone Attack Distance Checker Account Lock System Log System For Each Move Or Action In Game  Hyper Threading Screen shots[/img][/img][/img][/img]
  10. 10 mins before official server start
  11. Pay System, Error

    please, read to pm
  12. OFFICIAL START DATE 7.05.2017 GMT+0 12:00AM We are using premium Season 8 Episode 2 files (MuEngine)that contain hardly any bugs. We took the time to configure this server to give our players the best experience. The client is equipped with anti-cheat protection both with server side and a custom launcher with auto-updates. This server has all the latest features such as: - RageFighter class - Mastering skill tree - New events - Official mu helper and loads more! This server come with two different configs reset & non-reset systems , which mean 1 server are running the same as GMO version and other server run as rebirth version . Some of feature are different ,NPC etc.With the new Gens feature PVP becomes even more fun, while you battle as family versus family. Get rewards as you work your way up in the Gens ranking list EliteMu.Online Ex802 Server info Website: EliteMu.Online - Register Now Download: EliteMu.Online - Download Forum:Join our Community 9999x Resets Server Settings:   Version : Muengine Season 8 episode 2 ( Ex802 ) Anti cheat : MuGuard & Heartbeat System ( Client-Server Side ) Experience : 9999x Master Experience : 999x Drop rate : 35% Zen Drop : Medium Character Settings :   Max Level : 400 Max Master Level : 302 Point Per Level : 5/5/7 Point Master Level : 1 DL&MG Creation Level : 220 ( MG ) & 250 ( DL ) RF&Summoner Creation Level : 1 ( Both ) Resets & Grand Resets systems :   Reset Level : 400 ( Each reset give 15 Bonus Credits & Cool down 60 minutes ) Max Resets : 10 maximum Reset giving LevelUp points : 300 extra stats points (Bonus LevelUp Points after reset character this value is multiplied by resets) Grand Reset require - 10 maximum resets Clear LevelUp Points after grand reset : Yes Grand Reset reward : 1000 bonus credits Jewel & Quest Rate Settings :   Jewel Of Bless : 1000/10000 % Jewel Of Soul : 2000/10000% Jewel Of Chaos : 1000/10000% Jewel Of Life : 3000/10000% Jewel Of Guardian : 1000/10000% Jewel Of Creation : 2000/10000% Gemstone : 3000/10000% Chaos Machine Rate :   Chaos Mix +9/10/11/12/13/14/15 : Default GMO Chaos Mix Wings Level 1/2/3 : Default GMO Seed Mix Rate : Default GMO Pet Dark Lord Mix Rate : Default GMO Castle Lord Mix : Default GMO Server Features :   We provided 2 unique security feature(OTP system and 4 Digits login code)to protect your investments in our server. Personal Store Using CashPoint Pandora (Mining System) Custom Events :( Rumble Words , Lastman Standing , Top Pk Weekly , Dungeon Race , Kill GM , Bring me. . .) reward Cashpoint Premium Cashshop : ( All Exp Seals , Panda Pet , Lucky Tickets 1&2 + Fo. Ex802 Wings will be available soon. ) Webshop : 3 EXC options limit Muhelper : Only for VIP NPC Buffer max level : 220 Server Item Settings :   Max Excellent Option : 2 ( Mobs , Boxes ) 3 ( Bosses & Vip User ) Max Sockets Option : 3 (Use special extra slot token will be 4) Max Option : 28 opt Excellent Ancient : Yes Excellent Socket : Yes Harmony Ancient : Yes Harmony Socket : No Server Spot :   Custom Monster Spots on each map Arca War Event New Ex7 Socket Items New UI New Monster Premium Site & Forum Dedicated Server 24/7 50x Non-Reset Server Settings:   Version : Muengine Season 8 episode 2 ( Ex802 ) Anti cheat : MuGuard & Heartbeat System ( Client-Server Side ) Experience : 50x Master Experience : 50 Drop rate : 25% Zen Drop : Medium Character Settings : Max Level : 400 Max Master Level : 302 Point Per Level : 5/5/7 Point Master Level : 1 DL&MG Creation Level : 220 ( MG ) & 250 ( DL ) RF&Summoner Creation Level : 1 ( Both ) Jewel & Quest Rate Settings : Jewel Of Bless : 1000/10000 % Jewel Of Soul : 2000/10000% Jewel Of Chaos : 1000/10000% Jewel Of Life : 3000/10000% Jewel Of Guardian : 1000/10000% Jewel Of Creation : 2000/10000% Gemstone : 3000/10000% Second Quest Item Rate : Default Third Quest Item Rate : Default Combo Quest Item Rate : Default Chaos Machine Rate : Chaos Mix +9/10/11/12/13/14/15 : Default GMO Chaos Mix Wings Level 1/2/3 : Default GMO Seed Mix Rate : Default GMO Pet Dark Lord Mix Rate : Default GMO Castle Lord Mix : Default GMO Server Features : We provided 2 unique security feature (OTP system and 4 Digits login code) to protect your investments in our server. Personal Store Using CashPoint Pandora (Mining System) Custom Events : ( Rumble Words , Lastman Standing , Top Pk Weekly , Dungeon Race , Kill GM , Bring me. . .) reward Cashpoint Premium Cashshop : ( All Exp Seals , Panda Pet , Lucky Tickets 1&2 ) Muhelper : Free Open NPC Buffer max level : 220 Server Item Settings : Max Excellent Option : 2 ( Mobs , Boxes ) 3 ( Bosses & Vip User ) Max Sockets Option : 3 Max Option : 16 opt Excellent Ancient : No Excellent Socket : No Harmony Ancient : No Harmony Socket : No Server Spot : Original Webzen Monster Spot ( Double Monster ) Arca War Event New Ex7 Socket Items New UI New Monster Premium Site & Forum Dedicated Server 24/7 EliteMu Online Staff Steam Regards PS. This server is consider for a perfect PLAY TO WIN AND PAY TO WIN on both gameplay. There will be no over balance in between 2 game plays. ( We don't open server for charity , of course supporting server by donate is help for a server bills of monthly cost and long term service. Thanks for understand) Server Specs :   Intel Pentium II @ 1.30 GHz 254 mb Ram 128 kbps speed connection Host location : China Town in Africa
  13. Server that promises and fulfills, long trajectory Server free of bugs and errors, passed by tests and balances is clean to inaugurate it officially, with improvements for this version (Opening date in the web) Web Site Fast: News HadesMu Season 12 WebMain: HadesMu NETWORK Forum: Forum HadesMu Powered by Vbulletin Season: 9  Server Slow Exp & Drop: 500 x 40% - Master x100 Server Slow Lvl reset: 400 Erase Stats and leave 600 cumulative. Max Stats: Support 65,000 Points (65k). Points By LVL: 5/7 (Normal). Availability: 24/7  CLIENTE : Official downloads - server Slow & Fast [B]New S12 Features[/B]  New Map Nixies Lake new!  Holyangel Mastery Set new!  Darkangel Weapons new!  Maze of Dimensions new!  Class Improvement new! [B]New S11 Features[/B]  New Map Ferea new!  Darkangel Mastery Set new!  Bloodangel Weapon new!  Upgraded Divine Archangel Weapon new!  Character information Window Improvements new!  New Skills new!  Elemental System Update new!  New Socket Items new!  Socket System Expansion new!  New&Upgraded Pentagrams new!  Hunting Log new!   [B]General Features[/B] Server Emulator based on 7 executables only Minimum CPU & RAM usage control resources usage from configuration Enhanced Speed and Performance of Server applications Hyper-threading optimized files multi-core processors are no longer a problem Packets Queue System Easy Configurable Environment minimalist configuration required to up and run server Detailed Logs System now you can keep an eye on what your players are doing Client Side Features HD Resolution Support Auto Reconnect System Glow System shinny your items in own colours Custom Items System add own items up to 512 per group Possible Item Combinations Ancient, Excellent Ancient, Excellent, Socket with up to 5 Spheres Support, JoH Items, 380 Items, Harmony Items System up to +13 Support of high attack speed for all Skills and Classes (no speed bug) [B]Server and Game Features[/B] New Character - Grow Lancer Master Equipment: Blood Angel Sets New Currency: Ruud Skill Imprint Event Entrance Icon New Map: Nars MuunSystem Party & Guild Matching Pandora Jewel and Mining System News and Notices System display global messages to your players on specified interval Advanced VIP System award your players with a range of benefits of being VIP Bonus Event System Adjust Exp rates for specified maps Cash Shop System award with cash or coin for every event type and Play Time Chaos Box System configure the rates the way you want Character Settings System get your character balanced, no matter of your server configuration Skill Settings System configure skills formula of each class and special mobs skills Buffer Bot System Customize the Bots to award your players with selection of Buffs Event Reward System Customize events (Blood Castle, Devil Square, Chaos Chaos and more) reward type and count Prohibited Words limit your players with the words that are not elegant ChaosCard Bag Custom Reward from Chaos Card - that can be done Custom Socket Manage Custom Socket Item? Yes, this is truth Lucky Items Manager want a Custom Lucky Item? Nothing easier Reset Item Manager required item to perform reset? Configure it here Item Bag Manager allows you to add New Event Bags yourself for and item or monster Drop Manager Configure drop the way you want, with no limits Game Master Shop Off-Trade System sell the Stuff for any type of coin or cash Off-Levelling gain exp being offline Auto Party System Leave an open door for your friends to join party while being AFK Configurable PVP Damage Reduction increases the PVP duration without changing the characters balance Configurable Castle Siege damage reduction increases the Castle Siege PVP duration without changing the characters balance Full Customizable Elemental System with pentagram, mithril and Errtel drop rates and mix rates Map Attribute System enabling or disabling PVP, Pk Penalty, Exp Bonus and Drop Rate for each map Zen Configuration customize the zen drop of each map Gens System configurable and with all features (Quests, Ranking, PVP and more) Multi-ware System which allows to use more then one vault per account [B]InGame Quests and Events[/B] Arca War Battle Acheron Guardian Event Chaos Castle Survival Event Illusion Temple Renewal Imperial Fort Event Double Goer (Doppelganger) Castle Siege Loren Deep CryWolf Devil Square (1-7) Blood Castle (1-8) Chaos Castle (1-7) Swamp of Peace (Medusa) Rabbits Invasion Pouch of Blessing Invasion Golden Monster Invasion White Wizard Invasion Battle Soccer Kalima (1-7) Event Kanturu Event LaCleon Event Last Man Stating Event (Custom) Bonus events Event (Custom) Santa Village Event Halloween Event New Year Day Event Lottery Events Lucky Items System Rena Event Chaos Card Moss The Gambler Box and Sepcial Item Events Chocolate Box (Blue, Red, Pink) Heart of Love Candy Box (Lilac, Vermilion, Deep Blue) Firecracker Ribbon Box (Blue, Green, Red) Golden and Silver Medals Start of Sacred Rebirth GM Box Cherry Blossom (Gold) Sealed Silver and Sealed Golden Boxes [B]Side Features[/B] Cash Shop System with gifting and Goblin points options Loren Market Location Duel System and Duel Arena located on Vulcanus Map Original Mini Maps Gens System with Gens Chat Support Quest System (Tutorial, Gens Quest System, Cherry Blossom Quest and more) Pentagram system (including new Pentagrams) Elemental Damage System Full completed skill tree for all races (including extended skill tree for Fist Master) Fruits System Expansion of Inventory and Warehouse New Trade Feature move items to and from the trade with right click of the mouse Mu Helper BOT System Marry System advanced Marry System to get a wonderful wedding with your love Fenrir - Red, Blue, Black, Golden combination & Pets Ring of Warrior for level 40 and 80          Copyright © 2016 HADESMUONLINE NETWORKS  
  14. InsertMU Season 9 FULL SERVER FAST x99999     Website : Server: InsertMu Server is From: Bulgaria Version: Season 9 FULL Experience: 9999999999999x Drops: MAXXX Free Items for Everyone!!!  Free Credits for Everyone!!!  A lot daily events!!!  Just come and check by yourself! Bless Bug: On Reset Lvl: 400 Max Level: 999 Reset Zen: 0 mil Reset Points: Keep STATS! Points Per Level: 10/20 Box+1,2,3,4,5 In Shop Lorencia ! Wings 1,2,3,4 Level in Shop ! All Jewels in shop Maximum Stats: 32767 Max Resets: 999 Clear Inventory: No Clear Skills: No Clear Stats: No Custom Commands: /re on, /re off (Turn on/off requests) /request on, /request off (Turn on/off requests) /partyleader Name (Changing leader for party) /move Arena (Teleport to another location) /warp Arena (Teleport to another location) /addstr 32767 (Adding Strength Stats) /addagi 32767 (Adding Agility Stats) /addvit 32767 (Adding Vitality Stats) /addene 32767 (Adding Energy Stats) /addcom 32767 (Adding Command Stats) /offtrade (Offline trade request using Store) /vault 1 (Up to 5 vaults and 5 extended vaults available)     SERVER IS WORKING FOR OVER A YEAR, NEVER RESTARTED AND REALLY ACTIVE PLAYERS AND STAFF. COME AND PLAAAAAY!!
  15. WILD MU SEASON 7 EP 1 SERVER FAST x99999   Name: WildMu MAXX  Website :  Version: Season 7 Ep1  Experience: 9999999999x  Drop Rate: MAXXX  Jewels Rate: MAXXX  Max Stats: 65535  Max level: 1000 !  Level Res: 400 !  Box in shop: +1,2,3,4,5,6 !  F.O Items in : SHOP  PVP Server: Online  Non-PVP Server: Online  Server Uptime: 99.7% Bless Bug: On  Reset Lvl: 400  Max Level: 999  Reset Zen: 1 mil  Reset Points: Keep STATS!  Points Per Level: 25/30  Box+1,2,3,4,5,6 In Shop Lorencia !  Wings 1,2,3,4 Level in Shop !  All Jewels in shop Maximum Stats: 65535  Max Resets: 9999  Clear Inventory: No  Clear Skills: No  Clear Stats: No - Vote System - Vote for Us and Get Rewarded!  - Grand Reset Feature - Exchange resets for WebShop Credits.  - 24/7 Online Dedicated Server hosted in Bulgaria, Sofia. Events : Devil Square  Blood Castle  Golden Invasion  Dragon Invasion  Chaos Castle  White Wizard Invasion  CryWolf Defense  Kalima Kundun  Halloween Event  Happy Hour Event  Erihom Event  Mystical Soldier Event  Carnage Event  Skeleton King Attack  Kanturu Event GM|Administrator Events - Drop Event  - Race Event  - Find Event  - PK Event  - Survivor Event  - Tournament Event  - Question Event  - Team PVP Event  - Guild Event  - Forum Event     DAILY GM EVENTS, VERY ACTIVE PLAYES AND A LOT OF FUN. COME AND PLAY!!
  16. General Info: # Pagina web: Novedades - Moron-MU Season 8 Ep3 # Fanpage : # Foro : # Experience: 200x # Master EXP : 300x # Drop: 45% # Drop Event everyday 20hs (Server Time GMT-3) # Weekend exp x 400x (Friday, Saturday y Sunday) # Level reset: 400 (via web) # Points per reset: 400 * reset number (delete stats) # Reset Limit :limitless # Points per level: 5 ~ 7 # Elf Buffer max level: 220 # Anti-hack: Activated # Auto-reconect : Activated # Max Stats : 65000 # Vote reward!! 120 per day # Ally members: 5 # Shop: Items +7+luck+opt # Spots everywhere!! Davias, Dungeon 3, Atlans (1, 2 y 3), Tarkan 1 y 2, Kantru 1, 2 y 3, Karutan 1 y 2. Arena y Barracks!! # Guild creation: 200 # Party EXP BONUS!! # SubServer NO-PVP!! Events working 100%!! -Blood Castle -Devil Square -Chaos Castle -Kantru -Imperial Guardian -Crywolf -Invasion de dorados -Loren Deep -Double Goer -Medusa -Selupan -White Wizard -Rabbits invasion -Eggs invasion -Castle Siege Rates Chaos Machine : Items +10 = 70% Items +11 = 70% Items +12 = 60% Items +13 = 50% Items +14 = 50% Items +15 = 40% Broken Horn = 50% Horn of Fenrir = 30% Rate Joyas : Soul = 60% Life = 60% Harmony = 50%   Character lvl creation: # Magic Gladiator: 220 # Dark Lord: 250 # Summoner: 250 # Rage Fighter: 280 Comamnds: # /post - Global message # /add (str, agi, vit, ene, com) - add stats (Example: /addstr 150) # /ware (5 available vaults, from 0 to 4) example /ware 1 # /pkclear VOTE US AND YOU WILL EARN FREE CREDITS TO BU ITEMS FROM OUR WEBSHOP OR VIP MEMBERSHIP!!! DONATION ENABLED FOR ALL COUNTRYS VIA PAYPAL!!
  17. The ultimate classic MU Online server, version Season 3 Episode 1 NEW since April 2017 Remastered by the masters, with over 10 years of experience with MU Running on a dedicated server, planned for longterm, 24/7 Uptime NO LAGS Brought to you by Milamber, Karli, and the legendary MU coder Shatter Made by MU fans, for MU fans We are very excited to bring you our ultimate version of MU Online. This private server has been in the making for an extremely long time. The result, the final product, is what me and my team believe to be an extremely unique, beautifully re-designed, and a 'true to its roots' MU Online server into which an unbelievable amount of time, passion and hard work have been poured into. I am a MU Online fan, and have been for the most part of my life. My primary goal is to share my dream MU Online server with other fans of the game. I invite you to come and try if you like this server. Because Faronnia MU could be something very special to you, as it is for me. NO PREMIUM. NO CASH SHOP. NO WEB SHOP. WEBSITE: Faronnia MU Online Private Server | Free-2-Play Diablo Style 3D MMORPG CREATE NEW ACCOUNT: Faronnia MU Online Private Server | Free-2-Play Diablo Style 3D MMORPG DOWNLOAD GAME CLIENT: Faronnia MU Online Private Server | Free-2-Play Diablo Style 3D MMORPG WIKI/GUIDES: Faronnia MU Wiki COMMUNITY FORUMS: Faronnia MU Forum   MU SERVER INFORMATION MU Version: Season 3 Episode 1 Development by Shatter | Design by Milamber and Karli Powered by private build 'Spirex' MU Emulator, MuOnlineWebs, and UGK Anti-hack [SERVER FEATURES] - All original MU Season 3 Episode 1 content working with no bugs. - Custom Boss Monster System: More info here! - Probably the best original map re-designs and monster spots ever. - Re-balanced Monster and Item database for better gameplay. - Game Client modifications (widescreen, 3-d camera, fog effect, etc.) - Advanced client anti-hack system to prevent cheaters! - In-game character reset system and PK Clear. - Global chat /post command, quick add stats (/str, /agi, etc.) - Only a few custom items (including the classic Mace of Kings!) - Castle Siege skills allowed on all maps [CORE SETTINGS] Server Type: Open PvP Experience Rate: 300x Item Drop Rate: 60% Maximum Stats: 20,000 Maximum/Reset Level: 400 Maximum Resets: 20 Clear Stats: No Clear Inventory: No Reset Cost: 50,000,000 zen Grand Resets: Not yet available, coming in the future! Guild Create required level: 300 Exc+Ancient Items: No Jewel of Harmony+Ancient Items: Yes Maximum Item Level: 13 Maximum OptionLevel for Items: 7 Exc Items drop rate: Normal Party Exp System: Yes PC Shop system: No PK Drop Items on Death: No Event combination items in shops: Yes Fenrir Mix: Yes (including Gold Fenrir) Castle Siege: Yes Lord Mix: Yes [JEWELS] Jewels drop rate: Normal Jewel of Soul Success Rate: 60% Jewel of Soul Success Rate +Luck: 85% Jewel of Life Success Rate: 70% [QUESTS AND EVENTS] - Blood Castle every 2 hours, Double Exp Rate - Devil Square every 2 hours - Chaos Castle every 2 hours - Illusion Temple every 4 hours - Crywolf Fortress 2 times every day - CastleDeep/Loren Invasion 2 times every day - White Wizard Invasion every 2 hours - Golden Monsters Invasion every 4 hours - Red Dragon Invasion every 4 hours - Castle Siege once a week [DEDICATED SERVER HOSTING] - Server Location: EUROPE - DDoS Protected Windows Server - SSD for faster drive performance - Intel Xeon Quad Core 3.40GHz CPU - Corsair 8GB DDR3 RAM - 100Mbit internet speed / NO LAGS Frequently Asked Questions: 1 - The game doesn't run, I can not play! Run and install our Microsoft VC Redistributables provided inside the FixGameCrash folder. If problem perists. try downloading and installing Microsoft .NET Frameworks for your Windows PC. 2 - My antivirus says this game has a virus inside of it! That is the UGK Anticheat system we have running with the main game itself, which connects to a server outside of your network to run some quick security checks to ensure that cheaters/hackers will not overtake our game and ruin the experience for everybody. The solution is to open your Antivirus's settings, and to 'Whitelist'/Ignore the folder or the file within our client causing the problem. So that is the Mu.exe and the Main.exe files. Client settings/options/configurations So we have basic settings within our game launcher (resolution, sound, window mode, etc.) But within our client, we have a Config.ini file if you've noticed it. // [CONFIG] EnableWidescreen = 0 Works but may cause undesirable effect. Put 1 to turn it on. EnableShowBothWeapons = 1 Leave this alone. EnableCamera = 1 F9 to active/de-activate 3D camera, F10 to reset potion, Middle mouse to control camera EnableFog = 1 Fog to make 3D environment less old and ugly. EnableSky = 0 You can use this instead of Fog, but unfortunately it is a bit buggy. EnableSiegeSkills = 1 Leave this alone. // Know the rules on our MU Online private server!    a) Keep your password safe, do not share it with anyone.    b) Admins/GMs do NEVER ask for your password. We do not need it even to access your account.    c) PK and KS is 100% allowed, this is an open PvP server.    d) No cheating/hacking please, unless you really want that permanent ban.    e) Please do not use language that is racist, sexist, homophobic or falls under generally accepted guidelines for hate speech. Thank you for reading. Join us today in the most epic MU server, faronnian!  
  18. ChangeLog v2.1.5

    Hi all,  Please find changelog of v2.1.5  * [ Added ] Auto update function to acp. No more download/replace files, every update can be held on acp * [ Added ] Character Market * [ Added ] Min Reset required option for change class module * [ Added ] Settings status on acp. * [ Added ] Ability to deject auto socket list on webshop * [ Added ] Category select option,default price, default max level, default max add option for ACP webshop item import * [ Improved ] Vote reward system * [ Improved ] Warp Character system. Added multiple maps with required min level, custom prices for each maps (zen,credits,jewels) * [ Fixed ] Ultratop Vote Api * [ Fixed ] Change password error * [ Fixed ] Black red game "Take your bet" function * [ Fixed ] Admin cp view user warehouse. * [ Fixed ] Reset stage cooldown. * [ Fixed ] Inventory content not display correct on some characters.
  19. Looking for an easy server but with a touch of difficulty? ►► WE OPEN AND HAVE MORE THAN 90 USERS ONLINE!◄◄ ►New opening GanjahMU Season 10 Episode 3 ►We want to reach 100 online users daily.◄ ►We have technical support of the programmer of the files ► We have updated updates to fix bugs and errors. Https:// Facebook group Https:// ✎ OFFICIAL WEBSITE: <Server Features> 【PVP SERVER Experience: Dinamica [Change every 15 Restart more info on the official website] Drop base: 90% ! Excellent Drop: 50% Reset Level: 400 Delete stat: Da 1000 x reset Level of Creation of the characters: The 3 main magician, dk, elfa: to 0 Grow lancer (New): 200 Mg and summoner: 220 DL and RF: 250 EVENTS ✔Castle Siege: Every Sunday ✔Chaos Castillo ✔ Castle Devil's Devil ✔Illusion Temple ✔ Imperial Guardian Kanturu RRaklion ✔ Oriented square Guardian of Acheron ✔ Attack Attack ✔Castle Siege ✔ Dragon Events ✔Musa Off-line and off-line systems ➤Reconnect system ➤Set Originals ➤New version set New Muun Mountable Pets. ➤New staves ✌ADMINISTRADOR connected 24 HS✌ ✌REVISANDO ERRORS AND ATTENTION TO USUARIOS.✌
  20. GrandMu  Balanced new server open for players to enjoy. We are still a new server but we want to provide a fun environment with changes from player suggestions. Players can earn their gear so they can enter a class-balanced PvP or PvM Bossing. Here is some information about our server. Important Notice: I do want to notice that big credits should be given to this community and mostly IGCN's season 9 episode 5 files, without them this server wouldn't have been like this! Server Links - GrandMu Website - GrandMu Forums Server Features - Version: Season 9 (IGCN) - Experience Rate: 1000x - Item Rate: 100x (High Exc Rate) - Max Level: 400 - Max Master Level: 330 - Master Experience Rate: 30x - Max Resets: Unlimited - Max Stats: 65535 - Keep stats on reset: Yes - Reset rewards: 5 WCoin each reset, 1200 WCoin each Grand Reset (50resets) - Stats per level: 5/7 - Webshop: Disabled - we only use itemshop in-game (press "X") - Itemshop: Several EXP boosts, lv3 Wings, BoK for random exc+socket items - MuHelper level requirement: 10 - Ingame commands: Enabled - Events: Chaos Castle, Blood Castle, Devil Square, Illusion Temple, Kanturu, Raklion - Castle Siege: Active - Bosses: Kundun, Medusa, Lord Silvester, Selupan  - Boss respawn rate: Fast (each hour) - Level Up Spots visible on map: Yes - Jewel of Soul rate: 75% (without luck) - Chaos Machine rate (up to +15): regular rates +10% - Jewel of Harmony rate: 70% - 380 options: Available - Seed Sockets: Available, All sockets (even max level) earn-able - Chaos machine rates: +10=90%, +11=80%, +12=70% +13=65% +14=55%, +15=40% Server Screenshots:Selupan is a high-hp boss with very good rewards including excellent and socket items Medusa spawns more frequently and drops excellent jewellry +10-+13 Create all different characters up to Rage Fighter!
  21. I am proud to say that Faronnia MU's website is powered by MuOnlineWebs.   Forget MuCore 1.8, too old. Its good, but this is so much better for many reasons. An absolute arsenal of easy-to-use functions and configurations is available to you on this Admin CP, with all the options and settings that a MU Online admin could ever wish for. Most of the stuff there I don't even use, that's how much of a package you are getting with MuOnlineWebs.   My template was also done for me, and I am thrilled with it. Its exactly what I wanted. Alex and Raphael work honestly and as best as they could with me, and I felt cared and respected for during most part of the process.   My website at Excellent software, excellent support, 10/10 I absolutely recommend this website package to all MU Online gameserver owners. This is the real deal, as they say.  
  22. 5/5 Website CMS

    I liked your old website from years ago MuLander cool to see you're using these web files too.
  23.   - We offer you qualitatively fast dedicated long term MU Online server without bugs or lags. - Server is almost 99.9% bug-free that means you can freely explore everything without being disconnected. - Server has great defense also secured with anti-cheat that means no more hackers and cheaters play fair and enjoy your pvp matches. - Server does not turn off never! We are fully at work 24/7. - Demonic MU will always have your back if you got problems or questions feel free to PM or talk to us about it we are always available and ready to help. - Demonic MU is what you are looking for join today be a part of the family. SERVER INFORMATION - Version: Season III Custom - Experience: 999999x - Item drop: 99% - BlessBug : Off - Points per level: 4/5 - Maximum Points: 32000 - Reset cost: 20.000.000 zen - Max level: 400 - PK Clear cost: 100.000 Zen - Post(/post) cost: 700.000 Zen - Level for reset: 400 - Level for create Guild : 250 - Elf Buffer Max level: 300 - Grand Reset: 60 resets ( = 3500 credits ) - Ancient + Excellent F.O. - OK - Exchange online hours for credits - OK - Vote for credits - OK - WebShop - OK - Grand reset system - OK RATES SUCCESS: - Jewel Of Soul success: 99% - Jewel Of Soul success + Luck: 99% - Jewel Of Life success: 99% - Item +10 success: 99% - Item +11 success: 99% - Item +12 success: 99% - Item +13 success: 99% EVENT/QUESTS: - Castle Siege - Blood Castle - Golden Invasion - Devil Square - Chaos Castle - Blue Event - CryWolf Defense - Sky Event - Illusion Temple - Halloween Event - GameMaster System Event COINS/CREDITS: - Are used to buy anything you desire from our WebShop - Donations to keep server up - Grand Reset Reward - Vote Reward - Quests - Daily Bonuses COMMANDS: /post -> Global message /str -> Add Points to Strength /agi -> Add Points to Agility /ene -> Add Points to Energy /com -> Add Points to Command /vit -> Add Points to Vitality /marry [name] -> for marry with another charcater /pkclear -> Clear murderer status /reset - Reset your character from game. 400 level required. /request off -> Deny all requests from players. /request on -> Allow all requests from players. MEDIA: If you have any questions or problems‚ please contact our team on the forum or mail to  
  24. [ PRADA MU S10 HOT! ]

    Prada Mu S10 Status : ONLINE S10 EP3 Experience3% Drop Rate:80% PPL: 5/7 ==================== Party2ExpBonus = 300 Party3ExpBonus = 400 Party4ExpBonus = 450 Party5Expbonus = 460 Low shops Spots in all maps Muun system Max Rests 75 Reset Type: Keep Stats Reset Cost : 1M Maximal 5 Accounts per Pc Low prices GameShop (XShop) GOOD exe drop from EVENT BOSES (ANCIANT,EXE~9) Ice Queen , Barlog,Death King, Hydra, Zaikane exe drop every 12h Ruud money From Illusion Tample and Chaos Castle Reward Earn Wcoins For Participating ( BC, DS and Chaos Castle) Don't forget visit our Shop And much more @ Prada Mu S10 Opening Event
  25. MU4Life

    Come and join our server CBT(closed beta testing). Credits items etc all free just check our website for more details.  
  26. Start:24.03.2017 19:00 DangerLink Mu Online Information Server Name: DangerLink Server Location:Germany/Frankfurt Server Uptime:24/7 Server Version: 98r (97d+99i) Server Security:LiveGuard/DDoS Protektion Server Info Experience: 100x (weekend 120x) Drop rate: 50% (weekend 65%) Box in shop: No WebShop: NO Bless Bug: OFF Max level: 350 Max reset: 30 Stat Points Per level: DK/DW/Elf - 5 MG/DL - 7 Reset level: 330 SM Points: 550 BK Points: 430 ELF Points: 470 MG Points: 550 Reset points: Yes Check for equipment: On (can`t res with items) Guild create level: 100 Mana shield formula: 1% = 210Agi or 230 Ene, Max 80% Swell of Life formula: 1% = 100 Vit or 60 Ene Some options in Web: Market (with History) Zen Bank Jewel Bank Refferal system Notification system Support system with tickets Web Warehouse etc. Premium Options ~Buy Vip Buy vip status to have premium services ~Hide Info Hide inventory / location from others ~Add Luck Add luck to your items ~Chaos Machine Upgrade your item levels ~Buy Reset Buy resets to your character ~Buy Dual Inventory Activate Dual Inventory status ~Buy Dual Stats Activate Dual Stats status(for all char in account) ~Change Race Change your character race ~Change Name Change your character name ~Transfer Character Move your hero to another account Spots for BK/ME/MG Spawns for SM/MG Success Rates: Jewel Of Soul Success Rate (No Luck): 65%; Jewel Of Soul Success Rate (With Luck): 85%; Jewel Of Life Success Rate: 75%; Item +10 Success Rate (No Luck): 80%; Item +10 Success Rate (With Luck): 90%; Item +11 Success Rate (No Luck): 70%; Item +11 Success Rate (With Luck): 75%; Server events: Blood Castle Event Devil Square Event Golden Dragon Invasion Sky Event - every 2 hours, duration 10 mins Worm Event: Dunger3 Cordinat:25/72 Every 2 hours of kill Worm Drop:Embroideret Set;Nature Set;Adamantine Set  Mace of King;Kundun Staff:Aqua Gold Crossbow; Pendant;Rings; Random Options Quest Info: In Proces Commands Info: /addstr /addagi /addene /addvit /clearinventory /questinfo /charinfo /post /online /time /marry /questinfo /exit   With special thanks to DarksTeam and MuOnlineWebs!
  27. Changelog v2.1.4 [Offical]

    * [ Fixed ] Minor things from beta version * [ Added ] Reset stage system (ACP) * [ Improved ] Reset system. Added ability to add different stages, every stage has unique config * [ Added ] Reset Cooldown, Custom reset prices, required item options and more on reset system * [Improved] Vote reward system. Added ability to add custom vote sites without pingback system * [ Added ] vote reward system with pingback * [ Added ] ultratop100 vote reward system with pingback * [ Added ] paycall donation system
  28. Satisfied

    i bought this CMS 3weeks ago , i love it , absolutely love it. Support very kind and friendly , willing to help adjust CMS for personal ideas, as well 24/7 reply and help. lots of CMS + updates all the time. You can just sit back and watch how the engine improves itself everytime. Would reccomend to anyone who will ask in future
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