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  2. OPENING TODAY 12.01.2018 WebMain: Forum: SOON! Season: 12 Ep 1 Webshop: Off Hot Server Exp & Drop: 2000 x 50% - Master x500 Server Lvl reset: 400 DEDICATED WITH 32 GB RAM - 1GB/S INTERNET / 8CPU 3,2 New S12 Features New Map Nixies Lake new! Holyangel Mastery Set new! Darkangel Weapons new! Maze of Dimensions new! Class Improvement new! New S11 Features New Map Ferea new! Darkangel Mastery Set new! Bloodangel Weapon new! Upgraded Divine Archangel Weapon new! Character information Window Improvements new! New Skills new! Elemental System Update new! New Socket Items new! Socket System Expansion new! New&Upgraded Pentagrams new! Hunting Log new! FOR MORE PLEASE VISIT WEBSITE AND PLAY THE GAME ! HAVE A NICE DAY ! NEW APPLICATION FOR GM POST!
  3. MuOnlineWebs Lite Version

    e compativel com muemu vesao 12x ?
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  5. Hello, We are glad to release 2.1.9 version of MuOnlinewebs below, Important ! * License system has been changed on 2.1.9 Update. Please get your license key from to activate your license. Contact us for further asistance. * [ Added ] Optional News Storage system. Possible Storage option feeds Website Storage,Facebook, Rss feeds. Fully management from ACP * [ Added ] Retrive Zen from Character Inventory or Wallet option on Reset Stage settings * [ Added ] Clear Cmd On/Off option to dual stats * [ Added ] Add item to webmarket from WebWarehouse option * [ Added ] Require Level from Merchant to sell items option on Webmarket * [ Added ] Require Resets from Merchant to sell items option on Webmarket * [ Added ] Maintenance mode on main settings * [ Added ] MoreLevel bonus points system on Reset Character.( Formula: Character will have more bonus points if they reset over required levels) * [ Added ] GuildBank Plugin * [ Added ] Guild Warehouse Plugin * [ Fixed ] Webshop does not show correct currencies in ACP. * [ Fixed ] Dual inventory does not insert correct inventory on some scenarios * [ Fixed ] Pentand/Staff wizardy damage not shows correct on iteminfo * [ Fixed ] Weapon min~max dmg does not show correct on some weapons on iteminfo * [ Fixed ] Ring of Magic shows Auto hp recovery insate of Increase max mana * [ Fixed ] Admin cp Edit user webbank zen returns int value instate of bigint * [ Fixed ] Rankings Skyevent error during initalize weekly rewards * [ Improved ] Character Classes - Added Points Per Level, Marlon Quest, Marlon Quest Bonus Points configs added to character classes to better compatibility change race, buy reset, buy level modules. ( Re-config requires if you update website from previus versions ) * [ Improved ] Credits/Currency/Jewel Names * [ Improved ] Recoded Market Item filter.Added Class filter and more * [ Improved ] Webmarket. Sidebar items cache refreshed after adding items * [ Improved ] Reset Character and Market config. Now it dejects auto custom currencies added from Jewel Management * [ Improved ] Webmarket & Market History Now it dejects auto custom currencies added from Jewel Management ( need to re-save jewel settings ) * [ Changed ] License system.
  6. MuOnlineWebs Features

    Changes on new year ! Added Monthy subscription Added plugin system. Updated License system. No more license file download required. New Prices are : 20€ / Monthly - 49€ / 3 months - 79€ / 6 months -109€ / Year subscription on first order -%10 Discount on renewals First Time domain change free ! Possible to do on website. Addinational License on same account -%20 Discounted on first order Newly updates ! Enjoy !
  7. Site: Forum: Server scores: x1000 (Dynamic Exp up to 100). Rate Drop: 50% The Chronicles of the Server: Season 4 ULTRA Maximum level: 400 Grand Reset with 100 resets Stats after grand reset 10000 Maximum Reset: 250 Maximum Grand Reset: 50 Maximum stats: 32767 Reliable protection against all sorts of cheats and dumb. It is possible to receive bonuses through voting for the server. Hidden spots since Tarkan on 8-10 monsters. Fixed bug on sale of Wings (Zen) Server uptime: 24/7 Game process : Elf Assistant Up to 400 Level + 5 Reset Creating a guild: 250 lvl Autoclicker is available from level 40 New locations: Freya - Ubaid - Debender - And many others! New monsters, new bosses Spots in all locations for 6-10 monsters with respawn 10 seconds. All monsters are reconfigured, balanced for x1000 raises. PvP options hold all things from Leather to socket Harmony options hold all things, including Socket Socket options (1) level - trimmed by 50% Unique system Off-Exp (pumping in offline). Sale and trade is only on the map Elbeland [TradeZ] Start boxes falling from all monsters designed to quickly dress you up a bit. Description of Stones: Knock out with Red Dragon, Golden Cherry Blossom. Jewel of Excellent - Adds an excellent option to your item. Not used on wings, costume jewelry and Ancient subjects. The maximum number of Excellent options on the item is 3. The probability of adding an option is 70%. Jewel of Ancient - makes from an ordinary object Ancient. Not used on costume jewelry, Excellent and Socket items. The probability of a successful transformation is 50%. Jewel of Option - adds + 28Add. Not used on costume jewelry. The probability of successful addition is 60%. Jewel of Socket - adds nests in things (Socket) to 5 pieces. The probability of successful addition is 75%. Jewel of Skill - Adds Skill to weapons, shields. The probability of successful addition is 70%. Jewel of Luck - adds Luck options to any of your items. The probability of successful addition is 50%. Jewel of Level - Raises the level (sharpening) of your item by 1 point. Not used on costume jewelry. The probability of a successful increase is 100%. Bonus experience modifier: A batch of 2 people does not matter which class = 100% exp general (100% for each member) A party of 3 people of the same class = 295% exp general (99% for each member) A party of 4 people of the same class = 385% of the total (97% per member) A party of 5 people of the same class = 465% exp general (93% per member) Experience in the party: Silver: A batch of 3 different characters = 315% total exp (105% for each member) Gold: A batch of 4 different characters = 440% total exp (110% for each member) Platinium: A party of 5 different characters = 575% of the total (115% for each member) Why us? Responsible administration, listen to the opinions of the players. At the moment, one of the most unique and interesting servers. Unlimited possibilities in development, additions and updates. Unique conclusive game world. In which you will not have to be bored. High stability, protection against break-ins, dodos and cheats. Everything is done by our own hands, the authors of the assembly are we. Experienced team of developers.
  8. Extazy-Mu | New Born Server Information Server: ExtazyMu Version : Season III Episode I Experience: 99999x Drops: 100% Bless Bug: On Reset Lvl: 400Max Level: 400 Max Points : 32.767 Reset : From the website/server GreandReset Need: 50 resets Rebirths Need: 5 GrandReset Points Per Level: 10/14 Box+1,2,3,4,5 In Shop Lorencia ! Wings 1,2,3 Level in Shop ! All Jewels in shop Rewards Reset Day Top: 100 credits GreandReset 1000 credits Rebirths 5000 credits Jewels and Chaos Machine ratio Jewel of Soul ratio: 100% Jewel of Life ratio: 100% Jewel of Bless ratio: 100% +10 Item Succes ratio: 100% +11 Item Succes ratio: 100% +12 Item Succes ratio: 100% +13 Item Succes ratio: 100% Server Commands /reset - reset your character in game /post - global message, which in chat window see all connected payers /pkclear - This command clears your PK status! /addstr (count) - ads your number of points (Strenght) /addvit (count) - ads your number of points (Vitality) /addagi (count) - ads your number of points (Agility) /addene (count) - ads your number of points (Energy) /addcmd (count) - ads your number of points (command)
  9. - Village Muonline x500 Server Info Version: Pre Season 13 Experience: 500x Master Experience: 40x Drop Rate: 65% Maximum Level: 400 Maximum Master Level: 420 Points Per Level: 5/6/7 Max Stats 32767 Monsters spots in all maps ! Press TAB for minimap All characters from level 1 Webshop - OFFLINE Mu HELPER from level - 1 ELF buff till 220lvl Online ! Bronze, Silver, Gold Party ! New Jewels in game ! Nixie Battle Event Ferea Battle Event Labyrinth of Dimenstion Last Man Standing Medusa Event 5x Times a day Happy hour event with 1000x exp , drop , exc drop rates increased ! ALL events gives you 800x exp bonus !!! New Map - Ferea New Map - Nixies Lake New Sets - Holyangel Mastery Set New Weapons - Darkangel Weapons New Class ! Grow Lancer ! Get RUUD in BC , CC , DS , silver golden medals , heart drop and other events ! Reset in website Reset Level - 400 Reset Cost - 3kk * rr After reset - 500 free stat point - In Game Commands : "/gpost", "/post", "/addstr", "/addagi", "/addvit", "/addene", "/addcmd", "/pkclear", "/war", "/soccer", "/prop", /accept", /teleport" "/divorce", "/battlesoccer", "/endwar", /request on|off "/charinfo", "/offtrade", /setparty (autoparty system)
  10. ONLY ORIGINAL ITEMS SERVER MEDIUM SERVER NEW ONLINE FREINDS SEASON 8 EPISODE 2 MAX LEVEL: 500 PPL: 10 MAX STATS: 32767 MAX ML: 200 CONEXION: 100 MB ANTIHACK: On ANTIDOS: GAMER COMAND RESET ON Balanced Characters System VoteReward System Referrals System Donations System Market System Webshop Mosters all Maps Full Spots Change Class On Events all Today Server Oppening 06/ 12 / 2017 , 08:06PM Windows Compatibles XP, VISTA, 7 Comands: /evo: change class require level 500 /autoreset: require level 300 or 400 /reset: reset no disconnect from game and not move map /zen: get zen /pkclear: clear PK /for: ADD STR /agi: ADD AGI /vit: ADD VIT /ene: ADD ENE /com: ADD CMD CaMu Season 8 x2000
  11. Welcome to DraculaMu, Low Exp Server Server info: Version: S12 Ep1 Experience: 20x Dynamic Exp System Reset 1: Exp * 1.8 Reset 2: Exp * 1.5 Reset 3: Exp * 1.3 Reset 4-50: Exp * 1.0 Drop: 30% MuBot: Available from level 150 for 2000 zen * current level /5 minutes Max Resets: 50 Reset Type: Keep Points Reset Zen: 10.000.000 * number of resets but max 500.000.000 zen Max Master Level: 400 Master Level Resets requirement: 50 Success Rates (Without Luck / With Luck): Item +10: 60 / 85 Item +11: 60 / 85 Item +12: 60 / 85 Item +13: 55 / 80 Item +14: 55 / 80 Item +15: 50 / 75 Devil Square Invitation +1: 80 Devil Square Invitation +2: 80 Devil Square Invitation +3: 80 Devil Square Invitation +4: 80 Devil Square Invitation +5: 70 Devil Square Invitation +6: 70 Devil Square Invitation +7: 70 Feather Of Condor: 60 Wings Level 1 Max Rate: 90 Wings Level 2 Max Rate: 90 Wings Level 2.5 Max Rate: 60 Wings Level 3 Max Rate: 40 Cape of Lord: 90 Socket Weapon Mix: 40 WCoin Rewards: Vote Reward: 10 WCoin Blood Castle 1-7: 10 WCoin Devil Square 1-7: 10 WCoin Chaos Castle 1-7: 10 WCoin Illusion Temple 1-7: 20 WCoin Events: Bonus Event Exp: + 20% Drop: + 15% Start Time: 8AM/2PM/8PM/2AM Red Dragon Invasion Start Time: 1AM/3AM/1PM/3PM/11PM Skeleton King Invasion Start Time: 8AM/12PM/8PM Golden Dragon Invasion Start Time: 9:30AM/4:30PM/6PM White Wizard Invasion Start Time: 3:30AM/5:30AM/7:30AM/11:30AM/3:30PM/7:30PM/11:30PM Santa Event Start Time: 9:56PM Website: Dracula Mu
  12. Before buying

    Hello, We do not offer lifetime license. Thanks
  13. Before buying

    Is there a lifetime license?
  14. CaMu 2000X 40%

    SERVER MEDIUM SERVER NEW ONLINE FREINDS SEASON 6 EPISODE 3 MAX LEVEL: 500 PPL: 10 MAX STATS: 32767 MAX ML: 200 CONEXION: 100 MB ANTIHACK: UGK ANTIDOS: GAMER COMAND RESET ON Balanced Characters System VoteReward System Referrals System Donations System Market System Webshop Mosters all Maps Full Spots Change Class On Events all Today Server Oppening 06/ 12 / 2017 , 08:06PM Windows Compatibles XP, VISTA, 7
  15. MuOnlineWebs Lite Version

    you need to re-install to create new pin code. there are encryption method for security reasons
  16. General characteristics: NO WEBSHOP ! NO XSHOP! Version: Season 6 Episode 3 Experience: 50x Master Level Experience: 5x Level Master Level: 400 Drop: 30% Monster HP: 100% Bless Bug: No Points per level: 5 & 7 Points limit: 32,767 Reset Level: 400 Points for reset: Keep Stats Resets limit: 100 Grand Reset: 100 RR (WIN 5000 CREDITS) Clear skills: No Delete inventory: No Max Elf Soldier Level: 220 Clan creation level: 300 Shops: Items + 3 + luck / Potions +50 / Basic Items Spots: 5-8 monsters Level for Mu Helper: 80 Party Bonus: Activated Reconnection System: On 3D Camera System: Enabled VIP system: Activated Custom Added!! - /Attack and /Offattack : enable - /Marry Sistem: On - Added the buttons of the 3D Camera. - Added Server Time and Local Time. - Added Mini Map to the interface. - Fog was added to the interface. - Added the '' Panel '' button to the interface. - Added Panel to enable / disable customs. - The Monsters HP Bar - Added HP and SD Bar to the Characters. - The / vault command was added. - PK / Assassins can no longer buy in Store or enter Events. - ADD BUY /SELL/ ON CHAT SISTEM AND MUCH MORE CUSTOM! Level of creation of personages: Summoner: 200 Magic Gladiator: 220 Dark Lord: 250 Rage Fighter: 300 Rates: Jewel of Soul (No luck): 60% Jewel of Soul (Confort): 80% Jewel of Life: 70% Probability of success at +10: 80% Probability of success in +11: 75% Probability of success at +12: 70% Probability of success at +13: 65% Probability of success at +14: 60% Probability of success at +15: 50% Combination for Dinorant: 80% Probability of success in Event Inputs: 80% Probability of success in pets: 80% Probability of success in items 380: 50% and 70% Link >>>
  17. MuOnlineWebs Lite Version

    Hello, I forgot my Admin Pin Where can I found it? I tried to check it MUONLINEWeb in Admin Table but the length of PIN is too long Thanks in advance
  18. Server name: Mu WarZoneServer type: Easy (FUN), Hard server coming soon.Server version: Season IIServer exp: 9999xServer drop: 80%Events: BC, DS, CC, White Wizard, Kundun, Golden Invasion (Every hour), Castle Siage and more customCommands in game: /addstr, /addagi, /addvit, /addene, /addcom, /reset, /evo (Require 220lvl), /post, /charinfo, /zen (Give you zen. Example: /zen 1000000000)Box +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 in shop (Potation Girl 120,80)! Jewel of Bless and Chaos in shop (Potation Girl 120,80)! Jewel of Soul and Life drop from monsters. Wings 1lvl drop from monsters.Spots: Lorencia (4 exits), Noria, Devias 1, Devias 2, Devias 3, Devias 4, Losttower, Losttower 7, Arena, Crywolf Rewards from website:- Character Reset (Require 400lvl) - Reward 10 credits/per reset- Grand Reset (Require 100 resets and 400lvl) - Reward 1500 credits/per grand reset- Exchange Stone - Rate: 1 stone = 25 creditsImportant: Rewards from website is not available in game! Website: Download client:
  19. Before buying

    I have another question.. What about translate this website? Premium version has same language file? or will have to transtale it again?
  20. Reset character bug

    It's alleady fixed on premium version, will be fixed future updates. thanks
  21. If you create reset stage, then everything is fine but if you want to edit already exist stage you will get error and Server field will be set DEFAULT as you can see on screeshot in attachment Regards
  22. VERSION: SEASON 6 EPISODE 3 PPL: 2 MIN STATS: 32000 MAX STATS: 65700 MIN ML: 200 MAX ML: 1000 CONEXION: 100 MB ANTIHACK: UGK ANTIDOS: GAMER COMAND RESET DISABLE System VoteReward System Referrals System Donations System Market System Webshop Mosters all Maps Full Spots Change Class On Events all Today Server Oppening 15/ 11 / 2017 , 11:11 PM Windows Compatibles XP, VISTA, 7
  23. Server Information: Web: DangerLink 98r (97d+99i) Since 2005-2017 Forum: DangerLink 98r (97d+99i) Facebook: DangerLink | Facebook Version: 98r (97d+99i) Experience & Drop 70x & 80% Points per Level BK, SM, ELF = 5 / MG = 7 PK Clear Cost /pkclear - 10,000,000 zen x Kill Guild create level 100 required Max items level +11+16 Server Events Blood Castle, Devil Square, Sky Event Dragon Invasion, Happy Hour, Lucky Jewels Hall of Fame and more Reset Info Max Level/Max Resets 350 Level / 20 Resets (will increase to 100) Reset Level Resets at level 330 Reset Cost 10,000,000 zen x Reset Number Keep stats after reset Disabled Points per Reset BK/ELF BK 460 :: ELF 500 Points per Reset SM/MG SM 580 (+40 Vit) :: MG 580 Success Rates 2nd level Wings 80% Maximum possible (Even if you visually get higher % in-game, the maximum possible is 80%! Everything above that won't matter!) Jewel of Soul 85% (75% if no luck) Jewel of Life 75% (65% if no luck) Item +10 80% (70% if no luck) Item +11 75% (65% if no luck) Mana Shield formula Start Percent 10% Agility per 1% 600 Agility Energy per 1% 300 Energy Mana Shield Max 80% Move Commands /move lor (lorencia) /move dav, dav3, dav4 (davias) /move nor (noria) /move dun, dun2, dun3 (dungeon) /move atl, atl2, atl3 (atlans) /move lt, lt2, lt3, lt4, lt5, lt6, lt7 (losttower) /move tar, tar2 (tarkan) /move ica, ica2 (icarus) /move sta (stadium) Server events: Blood Castle Event Devil Square Event Golden Dragon Event Sky Event - every 2 hours, duration 15 mins Happy Hour - every weekend bonus exp 20x, drop 15% Lucky Jewels - every weekend bonus 7% success rate Party Bonus Exp - 2 players - 70x, 3 players - 75x, 4 players - 80x, 5 players - 85x In-Game Commands /post (global message), /sell & /buy (global sell/buy message) Marry [ /marry, /accept, /tracemarry, /divorce ] Add stats [ /addstr, /addagi, /addvit, /addene ] /questinfo, /charinfo, /re (on/off), /exit, /time PK Clear [ /pkclear ] VIP info [ /vipinfo ]
  24. Hello MuOnlineWebs community. . proud to present: Hard server Season 6.3 Full! Server Details Server name: DragMu or Dragamo Server Location: AMSTERDAM - with ensurence f or the BEST PING IN EUROPE ALL LANG SUPPORT - With no interfernce. what you play is what you worth! All items are Avinable via Drop, F.O, Almost F.o Exc, Anc - and MUCH MUCH MORE. wanna know more? Sign up today! Season 6.3 Experience 100x~ Master Experience 1.5x Drop 30x Excellent drop 2000 Diamonds Drop 10% money Drop 5x Bless Bug Non Reset Level 400 in the site Maximal points 32,000 Tree skills *Active Summonar Active Rage Fighter Active Activity 24/7 +All Non * The summoner and Rage skill tree is 100% active. Why us? • Instead of telling you who we were, we'll tell you what we did and why you should choose us! • An experienced, dedicated and active team that works for you always - we specialize in community management. • In the past we had a hard season 4 server, which was the number one hard server in Israel during the high seasons - which held over 400 individual players, and close to 3000 Active players .. • No problems for ATI video card owners, the game runs under HD - High Definition • The personal shop sells items for diamonds, gems, credits and money. • Fully functional credits store - no FO Items, with emphasis on accessories only - Shop X (just click X in the city) • Achieve game points and credits by performing tests - see the R & G system below • Enjoy the full PVP experience in our servers - balancing the different characters as never seen on the server! • The battle system in the volcanic arenas works like magic! • Ultimate Box - Gift drops from bosses!!! Erohim- Land of Trials's Boss Kundun - Kalima's Boss Selupan - Raklion's Boss (100% - Charge Zen - MuHelper) • Our AutoClicker is built within the game! Once you open the game, the clicker will open! Special Cracker Activating a simple clip Cliker Stop F9 - Set the special cracker F10- Open another game window | Switch between 2 game windows F12- Minimizing the game Links Site Register Download search -------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------- Look for us on Google ... Facebook or anywhere on the web. DragMu | DragonMu MuDragon | Mu Dragon Dragon Mu | Hard Server Success rates Chaos machine 10+ 70% 12+ ~ 11+ 60% 13+ 55% Wing Level 1 65% Wing Level 2 55% Wing Level 3 40% Condor flame 45% speck of horn 70% Broken horn 50% Fenrir 30% In-game Shops No wings Up to Black Dragon +6 + Luck +28 Up to a crystal sword +6+ Luck +28 Up to the Nova No new season skills Summoner's curses are limited No boxes There are no diamonds No objects for Missions Game commands / str / agi / vit / ene / cmd / pkclear # - Shortcut to post / packgem30 or / packgem50 - Group 30 or 50 grams into one package (save space) / unpackgem30 or / unpackgem50 - disassemble the package you have prepared. / packhar30 or / packhar50 - Group 30 or 50 harmonic into one package (save space) / unpackhar30 or unpackhar50 - unpack the package you have prepared. RESET SYSTEM AND GRAND REST Level of Reset 400 The cost of 10,000,000 reset 10Reset gives 2 credits Credit - Shop X Game Points - Shop D Server Events Blood Castle Active Devil Square Active Chaos Castle Active Golden Invasion Active Cry Wolf Active Illusion Temple Active White Wizard Active Raklion Event Active Kanturu Event Active
  25. KillMu[5000x /100%] Season 6 Episode 3 °Servidor Fast° √•0 Lag Fast Connections 100MBPS √•AntiDDoS √•New Server Online Friends √•Vps Dedicated √•Exp: x5000 √•Drop: 100% √•Free Stats: 650000 √•Max Stats: 1300000 √•Max Level: 400 √•Free ML: 200 √•Max ML: 1000 √•PPL: 10 √•System VoteReward √•System Reconnect √•System Referrals √•System Antihack √•System Donations √•System Market √•System Webshop √•Mosters all Maps Full Spots √•Change Class In Game √•Events all Today Server Oppening 10/ 11 / 2017 , 03:12 AM Windows Compatibles XP, VISTA, 7 KillMu Full PVP
  26. Before buying

    Hello, please find answers to your questions below 1. Theme files are %100 open source. You can handle anything related to theme. 2. There is module for change race. If you have enough php skills you can add anything 3. Domain is your busines. We can suggest sovahost,ovh,lg host for our cms. Actually anywebserver supports php 5.6 , pdo drivers 4. You will be noticed before your license expire. Contact us anything concern we will help for sure. Thanks
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