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    200 Days OnlineHola estamos presentando inconvenientes con nuestro dominio que pueden ingresar por este dominio:
  5. Our configs: - FULL season 14, with new class RuneWizard - Exp: +- normal 100x exp, but medium-high master & majestic exp + good items drops ingame, 5PPL - High rate chaosgoblin & wings gives excellent % option - All monsters&character changed to match PVM & PVP - Implemented balanced custom items - Improved options of sockets, 380 items and ancients to make nice settings for PvP and PVm - Custom jewels drops ingame - Ruud & wcoins & goblin points collect ingame defeating events & bosses - Earn wcoins by grand reset or bosses/events ingame - NO webshop but quality Xshop: Wcoins & goblin points with good & new items. - Unique items, custom ancients&sockets drops ingame. Fair gameplay by upgrading items ingame ! Server: Dedicated server, longterm ! Location: US Grand opening TODAY 18-April-2018 Grand opening 18-April-2018
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  7. PORT MU So real it hurts! Season 12 Part 2 //Quick Tips Start today and get 150WCoins Bonus + 400 Stats points //The Quick Links PortMU Home Page PortMU Register Page PortMU Download Page PortMU Community board! //New S12 Features -New Character Grow Lancer -New Map Nixies Lake -Holyangel Mastery Set -Darkangel Weapons -Maze of Dimensions -Class Improvements -RUUD Coins -And many more... //Server Information -Season XII Part 2 -Normal Experience: 500x -Master Experiance: 250x -Drop: 40% -Reset Level: 400 -Zen for Reset: 15 000 000 (15 millions) -Zen for PK Clear: 2 000 000 (2 millions) -Location: Bulgaria -Hosted on Dedicated Server //Server Features -In-Game Cash Shop (X-Button) -Dual System & Arena -Mini Map -Fully working Season 12 Skill Tree -Extend your inventory & vault -Advanced Marry System -Muun Pet System -More then 20 custom commands //Server Event List -Acheron Guardian event -Arca Battle event -Cry Wolf event -Castle Siege event -Medusa Event -Raklion event -Kantru event -Illusion Temple event -Devil Square -Blood Castle -Chaos Castle -Last Man Stating Event -Bonus events Event -TvT Event ( Team VS Team) And many more
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  10. Website: Experience rate = 500 Drop = 50 Points per level 5/7 No Jewel in shop Maxim stats 65000 Reset level 400 (on website) All skills/scrolls in shop Server time: UTC +2 Server host location: Europe/Romania Commands in game : /str (add points) /agi (add points) /vit (add points) /ene (add points) /cmd (add points) /post /help (you get 3 monster to help you level) /resp (for quiz event) /clearinv 3D Camera : F10 start/stop F11 come back to default F12 minimize game Auto drop event in lorencia (145 135 Coord)with jewel and box of kundum Quiz event Team vs Team event and more events coming
  11. Dear players, we are pleased to announce the opening of our server Renewal x100. Opening is scheduled for April 12 at 21:00 GMT + 3. There is not much time left before the start, the advertising company is in full swing, but for now you can earn bonuses in the form of VIP and other values (more) Our Site : Our Forums: About Server: ------------------------------------------------------------------- Basic information : Server's scores: x100. Rate Drop: 50% Server Chronicles: Season 6 Episode 14 Maximum level: 400 First Reset with: 350 level For each reset: 10 Donate Coin Grand Reset with 100 resets Stats after grand reset 10000 Maximum Grand Reset: 50 Stats for Reset: DW / DK - 550 Points | ELF - 550 | MG - 650 | DL - 700 | RF - 650 | SUM - 600 | Maximum stats: 32767 Top items you can get from GR. Reliable protection against all sorts of cheats and dumb. It is possible to receive bonuses through voting for the server. Hidden spots since Losttower for 6-8 monsters. Balanced PVE/PVP! Server uptime: 24/7 Game process : Elf Assistant Up to Level 250 and 100 Reset Guild creation: 250 lvl Autoclicker available from level 1 Location for beginners Noob Map. Location for Premium Players - Premium Map (non-pvp) Forge in which you can buy things after the GR without leaving the game! 20 new pets that will help you in the game! Guild Bank- Gillia's chest in which you can store things together! Quest system with unique awards. Wedding system. Find a soul mate and get a reward! Extended characters, you can have 25 characters on your account! Guild Buf, Party Buf, Noob Buf. Unique buffs! 10 new bosses, as well as new monsters! 5 new locations from the new seasons of the game! Spot in all locations for 6-8 monsters with respawn 10 seconds! All monsters are reconfigured, balanced for x100 rates! Pvp options support all things from Leather to socket! Harmony options support all things, including Socket! Silent Event - where wins 1 strongest warrior who dies less and kills more! TvT Event- massive team event, the team killing more than once the enemy gets a prize! A unique system Off-Exp (pumping offline) with a choice of skills and selection! Start boxes falling from all monsters designed to quickly put you on a bit! Description of Stones: Jewel of Excellent - Adds an Excellent option to your Excellent item, It is not used on wings, costume jewelry. The maximum number of Excellent options on the item is 3. The probability of adding an option is 65%,VIP80% Jewel of Ancient - makes from an ordinary object Ancient .The probability of a successful transformation is 65%,VIP80% Jewel of Option - adds + 4Add, maximum can be added + 28add. Not used on costume jewelry. The probability of successful addition is 65%,VIP80% Jewel of Socket - adds nests in things (Socket) to 5 pieces. The probability of successful addition is 65%,VIP80% Jewel of Skill - Adds Skill to weapons, shields. The probability of successful addition is 65%,VIP80% Jewel of Luck - adds Luck options to any of your items. The probability of successful addition is 65%,VIP80% Jewel of Level - Raises the level (sharpening) of your item by 1 point. Not used on costume jewelry. The probability of a successful increase is 65%,VIP80% Bonus experience modifier: A party of 3 people of the same class = 295% exp general (99% for each member) A party of 4 people of the same class = 385% of the total (97% per member) A party of 5 people of the same class = 465% exp general (93% per member) Experience in Patria: Silver: A batch of 3 different characters = 315% total exp (105% for each member) Gold: A batch of 4 different characters = 440% total exp (110% for each member) Platinium: The party of 5 different characters = 575% of the total (115% for each member) Castle Siege: Every week the main event takes place on the server - the siege of Castle Siege Castle. The winning alliance, together with the castle, gets access to the special location Land of Trials. Schedule : Sunday. Registration for the attack of the castle. Monday. Registration for the attack of the castle. Tuesday. The signing of the Sign of Lord marks by registered guild members. Wednesday. Plain Thursday. 12:00 - Guild selection on the attack and announcement of the participants. 19:00 - Preparation for the attack. Saturday. 20: 00-21 Attack. Land of Trials: This is a special place, where only the alliance that owns the castle has access. This location is the safe zone of the alliance. It abounds with a lot of spots and unique bosses. Why we? Responsible administration, listen to the opinions of the players. At the moment, one of the most unique and interesting servers. Unlimited possibilities in development, additions and updates. Unique conclusive game world. In which you will not have to be bored. High stability, protection against break-ins, dodos and cheats. Everything is done by our own hands, the authors of the assembly are we. Experienced team of developers. -------------------------------------------------------------------
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  13. Welcome to LightMu!Medium rate server,PLAY TO WIN!No donation server,no webshop and no FO ITEMS.All events and bosses are working with nice prizes. Version: Season 6 Episode 3 Experience Rate: 500x ML Experience Rate: 300x Master Level: 220 Drop Rate: 70% Max Excellent Option: 3 Max Socket Option: 5 (Tri-Sphere) LightMU random die
  14. market on ||offlevel on ||freebies ||2x servers||epic rewards||wc on bosses ||kundun drops ancient||etc.
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  16. EarthOfMU | Season 13 Episode 2 | x500-x300 | 60% Drop | Play2Win | Opened March 30 Server Information: Website: Https:// Fanpage: Here Grand Opening Time is: March 30- 5 PM GMT - 3 Timezone (Count Down in The Website.) Server Location: United States Season 13 Part 2 Updates: New map & monsters Deep Dungeon (1~5) New map & monsters Swamp of Darkness New Boss "God of Darkness" New Holy Angel weapons New Set's Awakening New Skills New 4th Wings (HOT) New 4th Quest Evolution (Dragon Knight, Soul Wizard, High elf and more!) Mini-Games Jewelry Bingo| MU Roomy | Bomb Game New Map Favorite System for an easy Warp Menu (HOT) New equipment Mastery Awakening Soul New 4th Master Skill Tree with Skills Enhancement and PVE New Skills Earth Of MU Gameplay Information: Exp: 500x - 300x (Dynamic) ML Exp: 100x Majestic Exp: 70x Drops: 60% Max Level: 400 Max Master Levels: 520 Jewels Rates: Default Chaos Machine Rate: Default The Best PvP in MuOnline you Will EVER experience Account Lock System for players who share their accounts, the items will not be mobile. Drop system expertly designed to avoid Crash in the economy and generate market. Bosses Raids modified to create an adventure of challenge and competitiveness to the players. Players can buy and sell their items in the personal store using wcoins and /or goblin points as currency Very well balanced PVP, giving pleasure to the highest standards of those exquisite players! No items Customs, or powerful items, all have the same ability to compete in PVP and PVE is the path they follow (Hunters, Farmers and Heroes) Skills and 4th tree master with new skills and improvements until Season 13 Part 1-2 The best PVE experience with bosses, monsters and personalized events for the greatest fun and challenge. - We put as much emphasis on the PVE (Player versus Enviroment) as we do with the PVP, you can enjoy the challenges of events, hunt, and Boss raids like never before and get incredible prizes in your journey. Important commands within the game: /addstr - Add strength attributes within the game /addene - Add energy attributes (energy) within the game /addvit - Add vitality attributes within the game /addcmd - Add command attributes within the game /addagi - Add agility attributes within the game /clearpk - Cleans the character's killer state (cost 5m) /offtrade - Sell items Offline /re - & lt; on /off & gt; Enables or disables accepting or rejecting invitations (trade, party, guild, etc) automatically. /offattack - Keep your character leveling by this command without game open. Special Features: All Webzen Default Events Activated! Arca War Blood Castle Devil Square Chaos Castle White Wizard Invasion New Golden Invasion Dragon Event Loren Deep Battle Soccer Kanturu Event Imperial Guardian DoppelGanger Kalima Kanturu Event Balgass Event Mini-Games Raklion Selupan Boss Fight Gens System and Vulcanus Fight. Weekly Castle Siege (Custom) Acheron Guardian (HOT) Ferea Battle (HOT) Labyrinth Of Dimension (HOT) Chaos Castle Survival (HOT) Tormented Square (HOT) Illusion Temple Championship (HOT) God of Darkness (HOT) All our events have been modified for the best user experience in a Hard rate server, the enjoy, fun and challenge in those events is out of this world.
  17. GENERAL INFO Re-Launched: 01 April 2019 16:00 gmt+2 Version: 99.62T Experience: 200x Drop rate: 50% Box in shop: NO Bless Bug: OFF Max level: 400 Reset level: 350 Max reset: Dynamic Grand reset: NO Stat Points Per level: SM/DK/ELF - 5, MG/DL - 7 QUEST SYSTEM Custom Quests designed to help new players Current quest for 10 max resets: 50 CUSTOM COMMANDS /post, /online, /pkclear, /time, /questinfo Stats adder (needs Switch Character) /addstr 999 /addagi 999 /addvit 999 /addenr 999 CLASS QUESTS For Scroll of the Emperor, kill monsters in: Lost Tower 1, Atlans 1/2 For second item (class-specific), kill monsters in: Lost Tower 7, Atlans 2, Tarkan It may take time until the item is dropped. GAME EVENTS Blood Castle Rewards : Blue Feather Devil Square Rewards : Zen & EXP + 1 Golden Monster Chaos Castle Rewards : Ancient Item Sky Event : Once a day; reward : 10 x Jewel of Bless GOLDEN INVASIONS DYNAMIC CUSTOM Elf Buffer viable for low reset PvP Party Bonus : FULLY WORKING for 3+ players Devil Square Party Bonus : Greater than outside zones Website : Client Download :
  18. Website: » Beginner Bonus -Warrior Ring 40lvl: drops Heart of Love items -Warrior Ring 80lvl: drops all class Small Wings / Cape / Cloak » Exp: x1000 » Master Exp: x10 » Drop: 90% » Party EXP System 3, 4, 5 Same Class Party 100% 3 Different Class Party 105% 4 Different Class Party 110% 5 Different Class Party 115% » Elf NPC Buff till 250 level » Required level for class: SUM 200 lvl, MG 220 lvl, DL 250 lvl, RF 350 lvl » Official MU Helper: Dynamic » Goblin Points: 10minutes in-game reward = 1 GP » Points Per Level: 5/6/7 » Master Skill Tree: Max 200 level » Guild Create Level: 300 » Monster Spots type: - Low Range (low range) - Mid Range (one line damage dealer) - Multi Spawn (high range) - Double (mix type) » Minimap TAB spots (not in Dungeon, Karutan2, Crywolf, Kalima) » Reset System: - Reset Cost: 10000000 Zen - Reset: 400 Level - Clear Stats after Reset - Points per Reset: 800points Note: After Reset charecter will respawn in Lorencia Bar with 1lvl ! CLIENT INFORMATION » 3D Camera - F10 functions to enable / disable - F11 to return to default - Mouse Scroll click to change angel or roll it to zoom in/out » Additional Functions - F12 minimize Client & saves CPU/RAM COMMAND INFORMATION » In-game Regular Commands - /add: add stats (/addene, /addstr, /addagi, /addvit, /addcmd) - /post: global chat, requirement level: 100 (100000 zen) » Party System - After "Switch" party saves! - Write "/re auto" to activate auto party - Set up password for party, "/re auto 1212", pm 1212 to join party » Personal Store - Sell your Items for bless, life, soul, creation, WCoin, GoblinPoints - Create Personal Store, write /store bless, /store soul,/store life,/store creation etc » Item Information - Find out any Items dmg, def, req to wear it, by writing /Leather Helm - To close this window press "ESC" on keyboard CASTLE SIEGE INFORMATION » Siege Warfare period every week on Friday » Ancient Item Drop Rate » Guild Create Level: 300 » Senior Mix for Castle Owner: - 1 Item Reward per one mix - Possible rewards: Condor Feather, Talisman of Chaos Assembly, Demon, Guardian, Unicorn Note: We are analyzing the best Castle Siege time for You! EVENT INFORMATION » White Wizard - Lorencia, Devias, Noria - Wizard Ring +10% damage » Skeleton King - Lorencia, Devias, Noria - Gold Key, Silver Key » Red Dragon - Lorencia, Devias, Noria - 30% ancient ring or pendant, 70% jewel » Rabbit - One event per map - Lorencia, Devias, Noria, Atlans Lost Tower, Tarkan, Aida - 25% Chaos Card, 75% Mini Chaos Card » Summer Monsters - spawn time 10 seconds - One event per map - Losttower, Atlans, Tarkan, Aida, Kanturu, Raklion - 40% Jewels, Zen » Cherry Blossom: Exchange 255 Golden Cherry Branch for 1 item Ancient » Kalima+7 (Lost Kalima) Illusion of Kundun drop 3 Ancient » Chaos Castle - Chaos Castle reward Jewels - Chaos Castle +6, +7 reward Ancient » Blood Castle - Blood Castle 1 reward Box+1 - Blood Castle 2 reward Box+1 - Blood Castle 3 reward Box+2 - Blood Castle 4 reward Box+2 - Blood Castle 5 reward Silver Key - Blood Castle 6 reward Silver Key - Blood Castle 7 reward Gold Key - Blood Castle 8 reward Gold Key - Silver Box drops Pet - Gold Box drops Excellent Ring or Pendant Note: Silver Sealed Box and Gold Sealed Box drops only from monsters who are in Blood Castle! » Illusion Temple - Illusion Temple requires 4 members to avoid failure - SD potions, 5% chance Fenrir » Golden Dragon Invasion - Golden Rabbit x3 Location: Elbeland Box of Kundun+1 - Golden Budge Dragon x3 Location: Lorencia Box of Kundun+1 - Golden Goblin x3 Location: Noria Box of Kundun+1 - Golden Titan x2 Location: Devias Box of Kundun +2 - Golden Lizard King x2 Location: Atlans Box of Kundun +2 - Golden Tantalos x1 Location: Tarkan Box of Kundun +3 - Golden Satyros x1 Location: Kanturu Box of Kundun +4 - Golden Twin Tail x1 Kanturu Relics Box of Kundun +4 - Golden Iron Knight x1 Location: Raklion Box of Kundun +5 » Doppleganger Event - Excellent / Jewels » Imperial Guardian Fortress - Excellent / Jewels DROP INFORMATION » Feather & Crest : Drops only in Icarus » Condor : Drops only in Swamp » Sphere Level 4 : Drops from higher mobs than 120 lvl » Sphere Level 5 : Drops only in Swamp » Magic Backpack: Drops only in Karutan 2 » Vault Expansion: Drops only in Swamp (not tradeable) » Gemstone : Drops only in Kanturu Relics » Jewel of Guardian : Drops only in Kalima +7, Lost Kalima » Jewel of Life : Drop starts from Tarkan to all higher maps » Kalima +7 (Lost Kalima) Illusion of Kundun drops 3 Ancient » Heart/Silver/Gold/Pink/Red/Blue: - Heart of Love can be farmed in maps from Devias until LostTower3. - Silver Medal can be farmed in maps from LostTower3 until Kanturu2 End - Gold Medal can be farmed in maps from Kanturu2 End until higher maps - Pink Chocolate Box can be farmed from Worms until Lizard King - Red Chocolate Box can be farmed from Iron Wheel until Genocider - Blue Chocolate Box can be farmed from Twin Tail until Dark Iron Knight - Heart of Love : Items like Silk, Bronze, Bone, etc. +7 through to +11 - Silver Medal : Items like Wind, Sphinx, Plate, etc. +8 through to +11 - Gold Medal : Items like Dragon, Legendary, Ashcrow, etc. +6 through to +12 - Pink Chocolate Box : Items like Wind, Plate, Bone, etc. +6 though to +9 - Red Chocolate Box : 70% Items like Sacred, Eclipse, etc. +6 though to +9 and 30% excellent - Blue Chocolate Box :70% Items like Ancient, Glorious, etc. +6 though to +9 and 30% excellent » Suspicious Scrap of Paper in DS+5,+6,+7 » Suspicious Scrap of Paper drops in Aida » Chaos Card Master, Lorencia 133, 161 - Chaos Card can be farmed starting from Kentauros Warrior till Dark Iron Knight - Rare Chaos Card can be farmed from Medusa, Nightmare, Balglass and from Selupan with 1% chance - Mini Chaos Card can buy from X shop for 80 WCoin P - Gold Chaos Card can buy from X shop for 160 WCoin P - Chaos Card: Items like BC/DS Ticket (10/10), Jewel of Bundle - Rare Chaos Card: Items like Condor Feather, Unicorn, Talisman of Chaos Assembly, Demon, Guardian - Mini Chaos Card: Items like Hurricane, Red Spirit, Demonic, etc. +7 through to +10 - Gold Chaos Card: Items like Volcano, Storm Blitz, Sunlight, etc. +7 through to +9 Website:
  19. Hello, MuOnline players! We invite you to the new old school server. Initially, we wanted to create a server version 97d, but we decided that without castle siege it is a poor version for today. The decision was made that the server version would be 1.0M, which connects the old good MuOnline with a bit of novelty which is Castle Siege. The server is running in Poland, but we invite players from around the world. The server and forum page is friendly to players from abroad. The default language of the server is English, but it is possible to create forums for players from other countries. The server's great opening is scheduled for 5:00 pm, on March 30, 2019, GMT + 1. Below are examples of start times for different countries. Poland (Europe) - 6:00 PM, 30 March 2019 Brasil (South America) - 2:00 PM, 30 March 2019 Vietnam (Asia) - 12:00 PM, 30 March 2019 Venezuela (South America) - 1:00 PM, 30 March 2019 We present server settings General information Server name: SpiritMU Server location: EUROPE - Poland (VPS 24/7) Server site: Server forum: Facebook: Basic configuration Version: 1.0M (SEASON 1) Exp: 1000x Drop: 50% Maximum level: 400 Hours of operation: 24/7 Character Reset: Reset on the website Reset level: 400 Statistics are resetting Level 1) Resets from 0 to 100, cost: 100.000.000 ZEN, points per reset: 650 Level 2) Resets from 100 to 250, cost: 200.000.000 ZEN, points per reset: 350 Level 3) Resets from 250 to 1000, cost: 400.000.000 ZEN, points per reset: 200 Grand reset form: No GR Additional information about settings: Stadium (arena) is off. This is a rare practice, but please do not be afraid of the lack of the arena, because a lot of spots have been introduced on most maps. We focus on long-term, and with the arena turned on it would not be possible, due to the relatively high exp. Points for level: DK / DW / ELF - 5 points MG / DL - 7 points After completing the quest with Marlon + 1 point Events: - Blood Castle (every 1 hour) A bonus for the winner: BC 1-4 - 2 x jewel of chaos BC 5 - 5 x jewel of chaos BC 6 - 4 x jewel of bless BC 7 - 3 x jewel of soul - Devil Square (every 1 hour) - Chaos Castle (every hour) - Skeletons (every 4 hours) - White Wizard Invasion (every 4 hours) - Red dragon invasion (every 12 hours, 11AM, 11PM) - Golden dragon invasion (every 2 hours) - Sky Event (at 20:00 (8 PM UTC + 1)) duration: 5 min, minimum number of players: 2, - Happy Hour (at 12:00 (12 AM) and 18:00 (6 PM) UTC + 1) duration: 60 min, additional exp + 500x, additional drop + 10% - Happy level up (at 22:00 (10 PM UTC + 1) duration: 60 min, BK / SM / DW - 5 additional points for lvl, MG / DL - 10 additional points for lvl Additional EXP in the party: 3 players 150% 4 players 170% 5 players 190% 3 players in set-up 200% 4 players in set-up 230% 5 players in setparty 260% Drop items from Box of kundun -% exc items: BOK + 1 - 100% BOK + 2 - 100% BOK + 3 - 100% BOK + 4 - 60% BOK + 5 - 55% Raising the level of stones: Jewel of bless - 100% Jewel of soul without luck - 60% Jewel of soul with luck - 80% Jewel of life - 50% Chaos machine goblin Chance to raise item to +10 = 80% Chance to raise item to +11 = 70% Chance to raise item to +12 = 60% Chance to raise item to +13 = 50% A chance to pick up item with item = + 20% Maximum% for item upgrade = 75% Creating wings: Creating wings 1 lvl = 75% Creating wings 2 lvl = 60% Additional commands available on the server: / post, / add, / time, / gg, / getmarry, / onlinemarry, / questinfo, / buyvip, / vipinfo, / offtrade, / exit, / add (str, agi, vit, ene), / move, / warp . VIP system: The server is enabled to purchase a vip account for all characters in the account. The VIP account increases the exp by 300x. A VIP account can be bought for a period of one month. You must have a minimum of 100 credits. Credits can be obtained in various ways: - buy via paypal on the website after logging in - by daily voting on the website after logging in webshop: It is not available at the moment
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    177 Days Online Up New Custom Add Saludos.(ADM OWNER) Dictador
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    170 Days OnlineInformacion nueva:Aumentado el bonus para los que participan en el Evento de GR y Votos.Estos son las nuevas recompensas para ambos GR/VOTOS:1 RANK OBTIENES 5000000 CGOLD2 RANK OBTIENES 4000000 CGOLD3 RANK OBTIENES 3000000 CGOLDSaludos.(ADM OWNER) Dictador.
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  23. SUPER-MU SERVER START DATE: 2019-02-16 Video url about server: Server Website: Server Version: 97d+99i Server Experience: 5000x Server Drop Rate: 50% Bless Bug: OFF Maximum Level: 350 Stat Points Per Level: BK/SM/ME - 5 MG - 7 Max Stats: 32767 Create Guild Level: 351 [You can buy for Credits, use Webshop System / Required Resets: 50] Maximum Members in Guild: 20 Character Delete Minimum Level: 350 Max Item Level: +11+28 Clear PK in Our Webshop Costs: 10 Credits Reset Reward: 1 Credit Grand Reset FROM: 100 Resets / Price: 1,000,000,000 Zen, BURN Stats Grand Resets Keep Stats: No [Bonus: 5000 Points] after +2500 more (2GRR - 7500, 3GRR - 10000) Grand Reset Reward: 100 Credits Item duration on the floor: 40 seconds Item dropped by other players can be picked up after: 30 seconds Zen duration on the floor: 5 seconds VIP System has been added to the server. VIP Features: Server Command: /buyvip Duration: 10 DAYS VIP Type: Character /pkclear in Game Cost: 90,000,000 Zen * PK Level Reset Level: 340 Reset Cost: 40,000,000 Zen GrandReset Cost: 900,000,000 Zen VIP Reset BONUS: 2 Credits VIP GrandReset BONUS: 150 Credits VIP GrandReset BONUS: 7000 Points after +2500 more (2GRR - 9500, 3GRR - 12000) VIP Cost: 500 Credits # Quest Advanced System # Quest System Status: Online The Quest Guard you will find beside Lorencia bar. Every Quest+1 Credit Reward New Commands has been added to the server! /buy - Post a global message [BUY ITEMS] Cost: 3,000,000 Zen /sell - Post a global message [SELL ITEMS] Cost: 3,000,000 Zen Maximum +2 OPT from Excellent Items Drop LIKE +1-5 Kundun Advanced Quest System (not working for now, as soon as possible will be work!) Server Events: BC / SkyLand / Lucky Mixes / Golden Invasions Sky Land: two times per day: 14:00h and 20:00h [GMT+2 Local Time] 1st Place Reward: 5 Credits and Box Of Kundun +5 Required: 100 Resets Lucky Mixes: Every day at 18:00h for 5 minutes Lucky Mixes Bonus Success Rate: +5% New Characters Bonus Points: 1000 New Characters Bonus Zen: 1,000,000 Success Rates: Jewel of Soul Success Rate (No Luck): 65% Jewel of Soul Success Rate (With Luck): 80% Jewel of Life Success Rate: 90% Item +10 Success Rate: 85% Item +11 Success Rate: 80% Wings 1 Level Max Success Rate: 100% / Chaos Dragon Axe+4 opt and 1 Jewel Of Chaos Wings 2 Level Max Success Rate: 50% / Blue Feather, Jewel of Chaos and EXE Item +4 opt (Wings combining is bugged and is always 50% doesn't matter if combined on 13% or 90%) Also our server has Poker System that is build in website or you can find here: To Play Poker, you need to exchange your credits into dollars $ where you can find at our server webshop / 1 Credit you can exchange for 1000$ Poker Money and play together with server players and win more credits. If you win more money, later you can exchange $ for servers credits and then buy some items for that. Server Commands: /reset - Quickly Reset Character in Game [Price: 3,000,000 Zen after 10 Resets: 50,000,000 Zen] /grandreset - Quickly GrandReset Character in Game [Required: 100 Resets and 1,000,000,000 Zen] /resetskills - Clear your Character Skills /marry - Marry in Davias Church 209/16 | 210/16 Cost: 100,000,000 Zen /accept - Accepts when someone offers to marry you. /tracemarry - Trace to your wife / husband (Cooldown: 15 Sec) /divorce - Removes your marriage /post - Post a global message. Cost: 100,000 Zen /buy - Post a global message [BUY ITEMS] Cost: 3,000,000 Zen /sell - Post a global message [SELL ITEMS] Cost: 3,000,000 Zen /questinfo - Shows what kind of quest you have /charinfo - Shows your resets, grand resets, marry and VIP status /exit - Exit from the game (force disconnect) /time - Shows server current time /clearinventory - Deletes all items in inventory, without equipped items /party - join to party /guild join a guild /addstr - To add Strenght in Game (Example: /addstr 100) /addagi - To add Agility in Game (Example: /addagi 100) /addvit - To add Vitality in Game (Example: /addvit 100) /addene - To add Energy in Game (Example: /addene 100) /war - Request a war with a guild /soccer - Request a soccer with a guild /re (on/off) - Toggles requests for deals, party and trade on and off /ping - Shows your current ping to the server /online - Shows currently online players and game masters /vault - [1,2,3] Increase your vault space.. Server /move Commands: Cost: 100,000 Zen /move l or /move lorencia - Lorencia Map from 50 level /move d or /move davias - Davias Map from 50 level /move d2 or /move davias2 - Davias Castle 25 25 from 50 level /move d3 or /move davias3 - Davias Castle 225 225 from 50 level /move n or /move noria - Noria Map from 50 level /move dungeon - Dungeon Map from 50 level /move dungeon2 - Dungeon Map from 60 level /move dungeon3 - Dungeon Map from 60 level /move a or /move atlans - Atlans Map /move a2 or /move atlans2 - Atlans Map 2 /move a3 or /move atlans3 - Atlans Map 3 /move losttower 2,3,4,5,6 - Losttower Maps (2-6) from 100 level /move lt7 or /move losttower7 - Losttower7 Map from 120 level /move t or /move tarkan - Tarkan Map from 140 level /move t2 or /move tarkan2 - Tarkan Map 2 from 150 level /move i or /move icarus - Icarus Map from 180 level /move i2 or /move icarus2 - Icarus Map 2 from 200 level Custom /move Commands: /move l or /move lorencia - Lorencia Map from 50 level /move d or /move davias - Davias Map from 50 level /move d2 or /move davias2 - Davias Castle 225 225 from 50 level /move d3 or /move davias3 - Davias Spot from 50 level /move n or /move noria - Noria Map from 50 level /move dungeon - Dungeon Map from 50 level /move dungeon2 - Dungeon Map from 60 level /move dungeon3 - Dungeon Map from 60 level /move a or /move atlans - Atlans Map /move a2 or /move atlans2 - Atlans Map 2 /move a3 or /move atlans3 - Atlans Map 3 /move lt or /move losttower - Losttower Map from 100 level /move lt7 or /move losttower7 - Losttower7 Map from 120 level /move t or /move tarkan - Tarkan Map from 140 level /move s or /move stadium - Stadium ARENA from 150 level /move i or /move icarus - Icarus Map from 180 level /move i2 or /move icarus2 - Icarus Map 2 from 200 level Custom /move Commands: /move bar - Lorencia Bar 125 125 koordinates from 50 level /move raw - Davias Castle 25 25 Our Discord Platform: click here Our Facebook Platform: click here Our Poker System: click here Our WebShop System: click here
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  25. Global DOOM was released in january 2019.All players have the chance to all items in the game. Facebook Page Host location : GermanyLanguage:English Stable Server-Weekly events with epic rewards. Servers: Asgard-NO RESET Leveling up: Experience 5x 10 points per level to normal chars 11points per level to MG DL In game rewards: 1 credit each hour in game ( Claim it in account panel ) 6 credit per vote every 12h All bosses gives epic rewards Kundun box drops set items Azrael - 200X Leveling up: Experience 200x 1rr = 500 level up points 15 rr = 1 GR 1GR= 4500 level up points Final is 15 GR and 15 RR = 75000 level up points 1 stat is max of 32500 points. Example : You make 1 GR = 4500 points ,then you make 1 rr = 5000 points , 1 GR + 2 rr = 5500 points etc. In game rewards: 1 credit each hour in game ( Claim it in account panel ) 6 credit per vote every 12h Invite friends and get 250 credit when he/she makes 3 RR + 500 credit when he/she gets 5 GR All bosses gives epic rewards Kundun boxes in NPC lorencia Extras: F10 for 3d camera ( scroll it with mouse) F11 to reset F12 to minimize game in tray. Commands in game : /Dance, /Cry, /Hustle /pkclear cost: 3kk zen * pk level /post /addstr, /addvit, /addene, /addagi, /addcmd /setparty /war , /endwar, /battlesoccer
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  27. Please help to fix it. You do not have the Pdo_sqlsrv database driver loaded. which is required. You should contact your hosting provider or system administrator to ask for it to be enabled. Thanks in advance
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