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  1. Before buying

    Hello, please find answers to your questions below 1. Theme files are %100 open source. You can handle anything related to theme. 2. There is module for change race. If you have enough php skills you can add anything 3. Domain is your busines. We can suggest sovahost,ovh,lg host for our cms. Actually anywebserver supports php 5.6 , pdo drivers 4. You will be noticed before your license expire. Contact us anything concern we will help for sure. Thanks
  2. MuOnlineWebs Lite Version

    global ip and all gameserver names must be type to gather whole data.
  3. MuOnlineWebs Lite Version

    YOu need to install website...
  4. MuOnlineWebs Lite Version

    You have to add all your gameserver names to the gameserver list on server management
  5. How to Update (Video)

    You need to download and replace files, than click update website link on sidebar
  6. MuOnlineWebs Lite Version

    This is not a problem. Whole modules comes off on default. You have to configure tham all
  7. MuOnlineWebs v2.1.8 Changelog

    Hi all, 2.1.8 version has been released. Please find details below. * [ Fixed ] Wrong redirections. * [ Fixed ] Server error when editing reset stage. * [ Fixed ] InterKassa payment pingback api. * [ Updated ] Fortumo Donate Api * [ Added ] 3 New Custom Donate System ( You can add your custom donate Eg: Western Union, Bank Transfer Etc) * [ Added ] Inventory Editor on ACP Character Management * [ Added ] Online User Record for total and each server on Dashboard (ACP) * [ Added ] Ban Ip module.
  8. MuOnlineWebs Lite Version

    You have do install one of the required pdo drivers and select correct one during install, Btw you have to run
  9. MuOnlineWebs Lite Version

    read carefully, there is submit button
  10. MuOnlineWebs Lite Version

    You need to run not install !
  11. MuOnlineWebs Lite Version

    fixed register activation code link.
  12. MuOnlineWebs Lite Version

    What is wrong with it? @myheart
  13. Hi All, We would like to glad release Lite version of MuOnlineWebs. How to install? 1. Run muonlinewebs_checher.php fix requrements if exist 2. Run website will auto start installition 3. Fallow steps Fallowing modules/system lacks on lite version. Admin panel is full featured. transfer credits dual stats dual inventory reset master level reset skill tree wallet warehouse buyvip xchanger add luck Website chaos machine buy reset buy level buy zen buy jewel change race change name Add option Add Harmony Transfer Character ItemShop referal system WebMarket Website Files :!vIhxDLYL!S40PuywWls0P6V435S7dXyNc3AasMvM9z0TFzzf5e0A Xamp,Required Drivers :!ORYiCASQ!Grd6TkBIc9FfbX_Lad4gcAcgt0ncpwYmKILS2Qlkn2Y Coded with known php Framework CodeIgneiter Built on a model-view-controller system Build with php 5.6 (Supports php 7) Easy to setup with installition script Supported Versions Season 2 - Season 12) Supports multidb files Multilanguage Support Supports 3 Types of Currency system (Web-Game) Supports Unlimited servers / databeses Seo Friendly Any Type Of WebServer Support (Linux,Windows, ISS,Shared) Fast, Optimized, Clean, Secured (Aprx page randering 0.03 Seconds) Cache system News Page Registration Page Lost password page Downloads Page Rankings Page Players Ranking Guilds Ranking Voters Ranking Killers Ranking Gens Ranking Online Ranking BC Ranking DS Ranking CC Ranking Castle Siege Ranking Duel Ranking Gens Ranking Skyevent Ranking Quest Ranking Online Players Top Online Rankings Voters Banned List Hof Ranking Weekly Bc Weekly DS Weekly CC Weekly Voters Weekly Online and more Server Info Info About Server Server Statistics Info Page Info About Character Info About Guild Guides Page Rules Page Support Ticket System Logs System Vote Reward Systems (6 Vote sites with pingback system Xtremetop100,TopG,Gtop100,MMTOP200,mmtopru,Ultratop100) Automated Donation Systems (Paypal,PaymentWall,SuperRewards,Fortumo,Paycall,PayGol,2CheckOut,PagSeguro,InterKassa,CuentaDigital) Email system Template System Language System Events Timer System and many more.. Account Panel Account Logs Reset System GrandReset System Add Stats System Reset Stats System Hide Character Info Page Warp Character System PK Clear System Zen Wallet VoteReward System Exchange Online Time System Account Settings Page (Change password, email, recover master key) Ticket / Support System Email Notifications and many more Fully managment website and modules Over 1000+ Configs GM Feature Ban Unban Characters/Accounts Credits Adder muonlinewebs_checker.php
  14. MuOnlineWebs v2.1.7 Changelog

    Hi all, 2.1.7 version has been released. Please find details below. * [ Added ] PayGol Donation System * [ Added ] 2CheckOut Donation System * [ Added ] PagSeguro Donation System * [ Added ] InterKassa Donation System * [ Added ] CuentaDigital Donation System * [ Added ] Require MasterKey option on ChangePassword module for MuEngine customers * [ Fixed ] ACP Character Edit Map error * [ Fixed ] Change details empty password error * [ Fixed ] ClearSkill tree does not show character class * [ Added ] Last 5 Donate feed on admin dashboard * [ Added ] Allow/Disallow Socket option switch on Add harmony module * [ Added ] Credits rank on ACP * [ Added ] Ability to see/manage user webmarket ( ACP ) * [ Added ] Ability to see/manage user web warehouse ( ACP ) * [ Improved ] Change email with wide configuration ( email validation, require price etc) * [ Improved ] Change password with wide configuration ( email validation, require price etc) * [ Improved ] Install Script How to install : How to update :