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  1. Hello, We are glad to release 2.1.9 version of MuOnlinewebs below, Important ! * License system has been changed on 2.1.9 Update. Please get your license key from to activate your license. Contact us for further asistance. * [ Added ] Optional News Storage system. Possible Storage option feeds Website Storage,Facebook, Rss feeds. Fully management from ACP * [ Added ] Retrive Zen from Character Inventory or Wallet option on Reset Stage settings * [ Added ] Clear Cmd On/Off option to dual stats * [ Added ] Add item to webmarket from WebWarehouse option * [ Added ] Require Level from Merchant to sell items option on Webmarket * [ Added ] Require Resets from Merchant to sell items option on Webmarket * [ Added ] Maintenance mode on main settings * [ Added ] MoreLevel bonus points system on Reset Character.( Formula: Character will have more bonus points if they reset over required levels) * [ Added ] GuildBank Plugin * [ Added ] Guild Warehouse Plugin * [ Fixed ] Webshop does not show correct currencies in ACP. * [ Fixed ] Dual inventory does not insert correct inventory on some scenarios * [ Fixed ] Pentand/Staff wizardy damage not shows correct on iteminfo * [ Fixed ] Weapon min~max dmg does not show correct on some weapons on iteminfo * [ Fixed ] Ring of Magic shows Auto hp recovery insate of Increase max mana * [ Fixed ] Admin cp Edit user webbank zen returns int value instate of bigint * [ Fixed ] Rankings Skyevent error during initalize weekly rewards * [ Improved ] Character Classes - Added Points Per Level, Marlon Quest, Marlon Quest Bonus Points configs added to character classes to better compatibility change race, buy reset, buy level modules. ( Re-config requires if you update website from previus versions ) * [ Improved ] Credits/Currency/Jewel Names * [ Improved ] Recoded Market Item filter.Added Class filter and more * [ Improved ] Webmarket. Sidebar items cache refreshed after adding items * [ Improved ] Reset Character and Market config. Now it dejects auto custom currencies added from Jewel Management * [ Improved ] Webmarket & Market History Now it dejects auto custom currencies added from Jewel Management ( need to re-save jewel settings ) * [ Changed ] License system.
  2. MuOnlineWebs Features

    Changes on new year ! Added Monthy subscription Added plugin system. Updated License system. No more license file download required. New Prices are : 20€ / Monthly - 49€ / 3 months - 79€ / 6 months -109€ / Year subscription on first order -%10 Discount on renewals First Time domain change free ! Possible to do on website. Addinational License on same account -%20 Discounted on first order Newly updates ! Enjoy !
  3. Before buying

    Hello, We do not offer lifetime license. Thanks
  4. MuOnlineWebs Lite Version

    you need to re-install to create new pin code. there are encryption method for security reasons
  5. Reset character bug

    It's alleady fixed on premium version, will be fixed future updates. thanks
  6. Before buying

    Hello, please find answers to your questions below 1. Theme files are %100 open source. You can handle anything related to theme. 2. There is module for change race. If you have enough php skills you can add anything 3. Domain is your busines. We can suggest sovahost,ovh,lg host for our cms. Actually anywebserver supports php 5.6 , pdo drivers 4. You will be noticed before your license expire. Contact us anything concern we will help for sure. Thanks
  7. MuOnlineWebs Lite Version

    global ip and all gameserver names must be type to gather whole data.
  8. MuOnlineWebs Lite Version

    YOu need to install website...
  9. MuOnlineWebs Lite Version

    You have to add all your gameserver names to the gameserver list on server management
  10. How to Update (Video)

    You need to download and replace files, than click update website link on sidebar
  11. MuOnlineWebs Lite Version

    This is not a problem. Whole modules comes off on default. You have to configure tham all
  12. Hi all, 2.1.8 version has been released. Please find details below. * [ Fixed ] Wrong redirections. * [ Fixed ] Server error when editing reset stage. * [ Fixed ] InterKassa payment pingback api. * [ Updated ] Fortumo Donate Api * [ Added ] 3 New Custom Donate System ( You can add your custom donate Eg: Western Union, Bank Transfer Etc) * [ Added ] Inventory Editor on ACP Character Management * [ Added ] Online User Record for total and each server on Dashboard (ACP) * [ Added ] Ban Ip module.
  13. MuOnlineWebs Lite Version

    You have do install one of the required pdo drivers and select correct one during install, Btw you have to run