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  1. The server is now online. Feel free to join and give it a try. Good luck all.
  2. This season's official server start is less than 24 hours away. Make sure you download the new client and make your account registration on the website as well as your registration on the forums. We can't wait to see you online all tomorrow.
  3. GENERAL INFORMATION: Fresh start date: 05/05/2018 Website: Linkos MU Online Server name: Linkos MU Location: London, United Kingdom Version: 99b+ Experience: 60x Drops: 40% Bless bug: Off Max items level: +13 Monsters HP: 100% Points per level: 5/7 Points per reset: 500 Reset level: 300 Reset type: Reset stats Max stats: 32767 Max level: 400 Max resets: 999 Guild create level: 180 Dark Lord create level: 1 Magic Gladiator create level: 1 SUCCESS RATES: Jewel of Soul success rate: 60% Jewel of Soul success rate + Luck: 80% Jewel of Life success rate: 60% Item +10 success rate: 90% Item +11 success rate: 80% Item +12 success rate: 70% Item +13 success rate: 60% SERVER EVENTS: Blood Castle Devil Square Chaos Castle Golden Invasion Red Dragon Custom Quests Happy Hour Party Experience VIP System RED DRAGON BOSS INFORMATION: Locations: Dungeon, Atlans, Tarkan Respawn time: Every 3 hours AVAILABLE COMMANDS: /reset: Resets your character (Level 300 and 100,000,000 zen is required) /post [MSG] - Sends a global message to the server (Level 6 and 100 000 zen is required) /pkclear - Clears all your kills (10,000,000 Zen x Kills is required) /addstr [1-32000] - Adds point(s) to Strength (1,000,000 zen per use is required) /addagi [1-32000] - Adds point(s) to Agility (1,000,000 zen per use is required) /addvit [1-32000] - Adds point(s) to Vitality (1,000,000 zen per use is required) /addene [1-32000] - Adds point(s) to Energy (1,000,000 zen per use is required) /re off - Rejects all requests by other players /re on - Accepts all requests by other players /buyvip - Gives you VIP status (+10x bonus experience, requires 200 credits, valid for 48 hours) /vipinfo - Gives you information about your VIP status WEB SHOP INFORMATION: Donation currency: € (Euro) Web shop currency: Credits Item maximum excellent options: 2 Item maximum level: +9 Item maximum additional options: +16 FORUMS AND CONTACTS: Forums: Linkos MU Forums Facebook: Linkos MU on Facebook