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  1. Hello dear friends, we are pleased to anounce our server in this iconic-historic forum!! We have 16 years of life and we´re continue growing, day by day. Our intentions from the begining were made a secure and classical 0.97d ver. perdurable, estable and SAFE server for all. We are proud of our proyect not for only be an private mu online server...just for be a prosperous comunity, let´s go and reviving this epic and classic 097 whit your friends ! We have an a nice and kindly comunity who awaits for you! Dont late and come play whit us now! RosarioMU classic since 2003 to beyond !!! Web Site: Register: Registro - RosarioMU SLOW MU SERVER 0.97d Download: Descargas - RosarioMU SLOW MU SERVER 0.97d Facebook Group: SERVER INFO Name: Rosario MU International Server Version: 0.97D Language: Spanish, English, Portuguese GameTownGuard: Included, updated regulary. Server Location: Rosario, Argentina. Number of servers: 3, normal and 2 vip servers Game Experience: 20x Monster Spots: Default + Custom in a few maps. Drop Rate: 40%GAME INFO Points per level: BK/SM/ELF (5) MG (7) Reset Way: From Website Reset cost: 0 Grand Reset corst: 100.000.000 zen Clear Inventory: Yes Resets Stats: Yes (in every GR reached) Bank Online: Yes Grand Reset: Yes GR Sistem: For every 30rr reached you´ll start whit 5k points, and 500 credits for store. Maximum level: 350 Stats Max: 32767 Maximum resets: 100Hosting Stats (VPS) Server Runtime: 24/7 Online Hosting Location: Rosario, Argentina. DDoS Protection: Yes Auto Update Server: Yes Website: Separated Hosting 0% LAG!!!! Game Events Blood Castle - every 1 hour(s) Devil Square - every 2 hour(s) Golden Invasion every 60 Minutes GM Events Hide and Seek Event Survivors Event Questions and answers event Race Event PK EventRain K-Boxes Exclusive GM events!! (TradeKill, Gran Guerrero, and more!!) STAFF Permanently, and kindly staff presence composed by: ADMIN SNEIK GM DioNiSo GM >Maguitex< GM CenaKuz GM GameMaster GM Priamo GM Candelita GM ThaNaToS SCREENS Feel free to ask everithing about the game and server, whit pleasure´ll asnwer all related questions and doubts.Thank you so much for the space! ROSARIO MU 2003 - 2019 ALL RIGHT RESERVED