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  1. MU CLOVERFIELD SEASON XIII - SERVER MEDIUM EXP X 500 Inauguramos hace 4 dias, te ivitamos a jugar Experiencia: Dinámica * Exp-Dynamica * 0-15 Reset =500x * 15-9999= -25 % Liberacion 40 Reset Semanal RESET : Lvl 400 PUNTOS POR RESET: 500 RESET DINAMICO : si CLEAR STAT : SI MAX STAT : 62K DISPONIBILIDAD : 24/7 + Offtrade + Auto Reconnect + helper WEB SITE: FACEBOOK: NEWS * New Skill Tree Season13 *New Maps *Deep Dungeon, *Swamp of Darkness NEWS ITEMS *Awakening *Weapons *HolyAngel TODOS LOS EVENTOS *️BloodCastle: On *️lineDevilSquare: ON *️lineChaos Castle: Online *️Illusion Temple: Online *️Doppelganger: Online *️Imperial Guardian: Online *️Archeron Guardian: Online *️Castle Deep: Online *️Items Division System *️General UI improvements *️MuHelper renewal *️Favourite Warps selection *️Guide Quest System (Press F1) *️Removed special class warp benefits *️Jeweler Bingo *️Mini-GameCard Deck Mini *️GameMining Pandora Mini-Game *️Evomon MonsterMiniGame NEW WINGS LEVEL 4: *Devil Wings = Dragon Knight *Genius Wings = Noble ELf *Destruction Wings = Magic Knight *Control Wings = Empire Lord *Eternal Wings = Dimension Summoner *Judgment Cloak = Fist BlazerE *ternity Cloak = Shining Lancer NEW 4th CLASS QUEST TO OPEN SKILL TREE !! NEW BOSS TO KILL * Many things to do in a new World of MuOnline! * New 4th Class Quest to open New Skill Tree! * New BOSS to kill