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  1. Site: Description of the server: -Version: Premium Season 6 episode 3 -Experience: 100 c dynamics up to 25. -Drop Rate: 55 -Maximum stats: 32767 -Statues per level: 5/7/7 -Master of Experience: 10% -Adjusted PVM / PVP balances -Get the top item, wcoinc-participating in the events and killing the bosses. -Every 10 resets you get bonuses in Wcoinc. -6 new stones: -Jewel of Exelent, Jewel of Level, Jewel of Skill, Jewel of Option, Jewel of Ancient, Jewel of Socket -New sets that can be obtained by killing bosses. -Noob map with low monsters for recruits. -New bosses -Adjusted PVM / PVP balances -For every hour spent in the game you automatically get 1 Wcoin -New Cash shop in which you will see an incredible range -Party Search-now do not need to search for party, the new NPC will do it for you !!! -Auto party system-take Party even when you're not at the computer. -Auto reconnect system automatically returns you to the game after disconnect. -Offline trading, sell your goods while not in the game. -Bonus experience on events is a good reason to quickly raise the level of participating in events. -Balanced reward on events -Spots of monsters 5-6 as well as top spots (7-8) on 1 per location -All spots are allocated to Minimap -New monsters and bosses.Bonus experience BC Event + 50% -Bonus experience DS Event + 50% -DL, RF creation: 250 (VIP less) -Summoner with 1 level. -Dynamic lowering of experience -Weddings -Gens system -Vip system -A large number of additions -New sets and wings -Player's pane in the game -MuHelper. Events -Imperial Fort Event -Castle siege -Loren Deep -CryWolf -Devil Square (1-7) -Blood Castle (1-8) -Chaos Castle (1-7) -Illusion Temple Event -Swamp of Peace (Medusa) -Rabbits Invasion -Pouch of Blessing Invasion -Golden Monster Invasion -White Wizard Invasion -Kalima (1-7) Event -Kanturu Event -LaColen Event -Santa Village Event -Halloween Event -TvT Event -Drop Event Reset system -Reset level: 400 (first reset 350 so on) -After the reset: the stats are removed After the resetting of the stats: 550/550/600/650/700/600/650 -For a reset you need 1 Chaos. -Max Reset: 100 -Grand Reset System: -Grand Reset: 100 resets -Points overseas resets: 10000 -Grand reser: Awards: 2500 Credits -Limit of grand resets: No Limit Site functions: -Market system: (sell for credits, wcoins, jewels, zen) -Voting system: (vote every 24 hours) -Exchange hours: (get credits for playing 1 hour = 1 credit) -Referral system: (invite friends and get loans for them) -Zen Bank: (transfer of money to the bank's website) -Web Chest: (translation of things on the web chest) -Change name: (you can change the nickname in the game) -Hide information: (Hide equipment and location) -Exchange wcoins: (Exchange loans for vkoins) -Reset master skill: (reset master level) -Clear inventory Game commands: -Standard commands: / post, / str, / agi, / vit, -/ Ene, / cmd, / pkclear, / re auto, / clearinv, / requests / prop, / party leader -Additional command: / dcfriend Game information: -Fully customized PVE balance -The balance of PVP and PVM is adjusted, -A balance party (Silver, Gold), -Mu Helper works with 1 level, -Creating a guild 250, Get 1-2 wcoin for each Gold monster: -Kanturu Ruins, Aida, Tarkan, Lost Tower, Atlans, -Kanturu Ruins (1-3) are Battle maps (requires Gens) Lotteries: -Lucky Coin -Lucky Items System -Rena Event -Chaos Card -Moss The Gambler