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  1. Server name: Mu WarZoneServer type: Easy (FUN), Hard server coming soon.Server version: Season IIServer exp: 9999xServer drop: 80%Events: BC, DS, CC, White Wizard, Kundun, Golden Invasion (Every hour), Castle Siage and more customCommands in game: /addstr, /addagi, /addvit, /addene, /addcom, /reset, /evo (Require 220lvl), /post, /charinfo, /zen (Give you zen. Example: /zen 1000000000)Box +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 in shop (Potation Girl 120,80)! Jewel of Bless and Chaos in shop (Potation Girl 120,80)! Jewel of Soul and Life drop from monsters. Wings 1lvl drop from monsters.Spots: Lorencia (4 exits), Noria, Devias 1, Devias 2, Devias 3, Devias 4, Losttower, Losttower 7, Arena, Crywolf Rewards from website:- Character Reset (Require 400lvl) - Reward 10 credits/per reset- Grand Reset (Require 100 resets and 400lvl) - Reward 1500 credits/per grand reset- Exchange Stone - Rate: 1 stone = 25 creditsImportant: Rewards from website is not available in game! Website: http://muwzone.net Download client: http://muwzone.net/downloads