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  1. OPENING TODAY 12.01.2018 WebMain: Forum: SOON! Season: 12 Ep 1 Webshop: Off Hot Server Exp & Drop: 2000 x 50% - Master x500 Server Lvl reset: 400 DEDICATED WITH 32 GB RAM - 1GB/S INTERNET / 8CPU 3,2 New S12 Features New Map Nixies Lake new! Holyangel Mastery Set new! Darkangel Weapons new! Maze of Dimensions new! Class Improvement new! New S11 Features New Map Ferea new! Darkangel Mastery Set new! Bloodangel Weapon new! Upgraded Divine Archangel Weapon new! Character information Window Improvements new! New Skills new! Elemental System Update new! New Socket Items new! Socket System Expansion new! New&Upgraded Pentagrams new! Hunting Log new! FOR MORE PLEASE VISIT WEBSITE AND PLAY THE GAME ! HAVE A NICE DAY ! NEW APPLICATION FOR GM POST!