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    We are inviting you to our Community You can choose 2Servers with Different Season All Files our premium Click here for Season6 Click here for Season12 Season 6 Ep5 -Server Statistics- Max Stats 32767 Max Socket Slots 3 Exp: 5000x Master Exp: 5000x Socketed T1, T2 Huntable S4 Items in Lot Balance Drop: 75% CGoblin: Default Season 12 -Opening date 02/07/18- -Medium Rate Server Experience Rate: 5000x Max ML: 400 Max Stats: 32767 No limit reset ?? No Webshop, all items are huntable and jewels etc. Max Option: 2 Option No customs set and 4th/5th wings. No donate. (Play for fun not Pay for fun) Season 1 to Season 4 items/set only ?? 75% Drop Rate: Jewels/items 50% Chaos Machine