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  1. Eco-Mu 99B+[1.0M]

    Grand opening is at december 21st more information you will find at Server Experience: 500x Server Drop: 25% Excellent Items Drop: 25%(From all mobs!) Points per Level: BK/SM/ELF - 5 | MG/DL - 7 Guild create level: 220 Level required Max items level: +13 +28 Bless Bug: Off Quest System: Yes Vip System: Yes Webshop: Yes(In WebSite) .:Perform:. Reset: Website VIP Reset: Server GrandReset: Website Add Points: Website/Server(only VIP) Change Name: Website Change Class: Website .:Grand/Reset Info:. Max Level: 400 Level Reset Level: 400 Level Vip Reset Level: 350 Level Keep stats after reset: No Points per Reset BK/ELF: 535/550 Points per Reset SM/MG: 570/625 Points per Reset DL: 725 Grand Reset: 60 Resets Grand Reset Reward: 150 Credits .:Server Events:. Sky Event Happy Hour Event Happy Level Up Event Blood castle (1-7) Chaos Castle Event Devil Square Event Chaos Castle Event Golden Invasions Event Hall of Fame Event And Gamasters Events .:Success Rates:. Item +10: 75% (65% if no luck) Item +11: 70% (60% if no luck) Item +12: 60% (50% if no luck) Item +13: 55% (45% if no luck) Jewel of Life 60% (70% if no luck) Jewel of Soul 60% (45% if no luck) 2nd level Wings 90% Maximum possible .:Party bonus exp:. PartyExp3 150 ; 3 players exp % PartyExp4 170 ; 4 players exp % PartyExp5 190 ; 5 players exp % .:In-Game Commands:. /post (global message) /marry, /accept, /tracemarry, /divorce Only for VIP /questinfo Quest Information /charinfo Char Information /vipinfo For check your vip status /exit Exit To game /offtrade Only for VIP /vault (1/10) Only For VIP /str, /agi, /vit, /ene, /cmd Only for VIP /evo Only for VIP /move race, /move bar, move arena(25 from level) Only for VIP