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  1. LichMU Season 9 Grand Open 02.06 GMT+2 14:00Our goal is to have an internation long term servers, with regular updates, fixes and changes.In future, we would also like to open another rate server to have different servers for members of different taste We are using premium IGCN files and the server is hosted in EuropeWebsite : LichMU.comwhatsapp group : https://chat.whatsapp.com/FQ8c8emtNHN5LTK9DkPmwIJoin Us and do not forget to invite friends to mu online server!VOTE AND TAKE CREDITS BEFORE SERVER START!Server Grand Opening Mu online 01 September !Opening Time - 18:00 (+2 GMT) !SERVER TIME : 18:00LichMU Server Info:Version : Season9 Ep 2Exp: x100 | Drop: x50Max Level: 400Max Master Level: 330Max Stats: 65000Points Per Level: 8 / 10Post Command Cost: 10000Character creation level: SUM - 1, MG - 220, DL - 250 RF - 1 Online Hours Reward : 3 CreditHappy Hour Event :Start : Down at Events TimeDuration : 60 minutesExp : 130x / Drop : 65%Events Reward :Mu OnlineEvents & Drop / Reward :Arca War Battle - Ancient Items Blood Castle - Exp x2 + wcoins + items from 1 chaos up to Gold/Silver Key , AA weapons , Muun pets / Panda and many more . Devil Square - ZEN and Exp x2 > Chaos Castle - Jewels White Wizard - Ring Medusa Invasion - wcoins + ItemsGolden Invasion - BOK Of Kunduns 1-2-3-4-5Red Dragon InvasionHappy Hour Event - Exp and drop x2Santa Event - wcoins / itemsSkeleton King Invasion - wcoinsLoren Deep - Exp x2BALGASS NightmareHatchery - Exc items Season1 + S2 + (Socket LOW Drop)Last Man StandingVarka -Lord Silvester - wcoins + Ancient items low dropCastle SiegeLich Mu OnlineGrand Reset Reward Custom HOT NEW Commands: to Mu Online Server/add stats (/addene, /addstr, /addagi, /addvit, /addcmd)/requests off/on/prop & /teleport wife/husband (Marry System)/online (Check nr. of players online/pkclear (Clear pk status)/setparty (set auto party accept , example /setparty 1234 , 1234 is pw auto acceptyou can set what pw you want and share with your friends and tell to wisper you with pw)Chaos Machine Rates:Item Mix to +10 = 65%Item Mix to +11 = 60%Item Mix to +12 = 55%Item Mix to +13 = 50%Item Mix to +14 = 45%Item Mix to +15 = 40%(Success rate to on for item with Luck add +20%)Wings Creation Rates:3lvl Wings - 30%2lvl Wings - 80%Feather of Condor: 70%380 & 400lvl Items:Can only be hunted from monsters level 130 and to wear them need required 380/400 levelParty Exp Server x1000--- Normal Party --- ( Bonus XP + )2 Characters: x753 Characters: x804 Characters: x955 Characters: x100--- Bonus Party --- Bronze Party (3 different characters classes): x90Silver Party (4 different characters classes): x150Gold Party (5 different characters classes): x175Reset System:Reset From: 400lvl Stats After Reset: kep statsMax Resets: 50Additional Info:Auto Party System !Reconnect System (no more disconnects) !Events & Castle Siege !Level roading (in higher maps have stronger mobs) !Events with Bonus Exp !Cash Shop (buffs & pets) !Goblin Points System !Exchange Online Hours to Free Credits !Vote Reward every 12h !Unique Box Drops !No VIP Servers !No Full Option Items !AND MORE..Opening Time 2.6.2018 14:00 GMT+2Screenshot: