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  1. Site : OldSquad MU - UNIQUE GAMEPLAY - LOW/MED - S6Ep3Forum : OldSquad CommunityHello guys,After 8 months of the first database it's time to give the MAX-RR server a fresh start to bring it to life again !Prologue :I want to present you something new, interesting and different from any other experiences.We are introducing a brand new Gameplay in the MU-Online world that you never seen before !We are a young team called OldSquad formed of old muonline tryharders and hard core players that had played hundreds of servers and many styles (non reset,fullstats,limited stats,etc.)Nowadays MU is suffering a lot because of all the new pay2win servers or not thinked at all for a nice gameplay.This is why many "pro" players can't find a stable place where they can show their skill.After a lot of brainstorming,a lot of work,spended nights, etc, we are here to deliver you a smooth MU experience.Have you ever dreamed about a server where Admins do really care about players ? Where admins really use good sugestions, solve the problems, be active almost anytime ingame, do many events ? Where admins really don't make any "differences" between players and are really fair ?Yea, I know, really hard to belive, but we had already show that this is real on our first database (romanian only) and on our 2nd database (that lasted until now) and now we decided to make a fresh start ! Let's get on subject with some detalied informations :We will update this topic and try to gather almost all things about OldSquad MU so if you want to know what you can do or get in our server it is recommended to read the entire post ! The informations about events rewards will be updated when we will decide (so don't trust the actual rewards).Basic info's Gameplay info's OldBox System & Rare items Events info's Spots info's Drop info's Chaos Mix Info's Hot info's Wings System info's Bonus System info's + Many, many, many other things !Info's aren't 100% sure for now, we can do any changes until the opening !Also we are waiting your suggestions to improve our brand new gameplay ! So, if you are a oldschool player, an experienced one or even a newbie that want to play some real MU you are welcomed in our community ! Let's bring MU Online to the next level ! Expected start date : 17 December Waiting any feedbacks, suggestions, ideas until the opening Some screens :
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    Hello, I have been using this CMS since first release and I can say with all my heart that this CMS is one of the best CMS's from MU Online Community. The developer is really friendly and open-minded and can also do almost anything you want for your site-side.Also price is really decent for how good the CMS is (even cheaper than at first release) so if you are looking for something really professional this is your best shot ! Cheers !