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    ZealMu Season 10 Episode 3 Website: www.zealmu.com Download via google full client with sound: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cKM608fh5wMtxuXb_syDFZQ7rQSMaMYS/view Download via google full client with no sound: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cKM608fh5wMtxuXb_syDFZQ7rQSMaMYS/view Official Facebook Page: https://www.phc.onl/#forbidden#/zealmuonline/ Official Facebook Group: https://www.phc.onl/#forbidden#/groups/zealmu/ =================== Server Features PVP Settings Balance Exp Rate X9999 ML Rate x9999 Drop rate 80% No Webshop Max Level 400 Max Master Level 400 Max Socket Slot 4 MaxDrop Exelent 3option Max stat: 32000 =================== STARTING CHARACTER 1K LEVELUPPOINTS SET FO+15+ Bloody Wings of Conqueror (+15+L+Option) 2 RING +PEN +15+FO+AD28 2 WEAPON FO+15 PERMANENT ITEMS =================== Max Excellent Option 6 Max Drop Excellent Option 3 EXCELLENT OPTION LordMix: 6 EXCELLENT OPTION =================== Reset in Game Active Greset in Game Active Ring of Block Active =================== Chaos Machine Webzez Defualt Blood Caslte Drops BLoody Items 2 option Max Devil Square Drops Bloody Items 2 option Max =================== Drop boss Erohim Fo Item With Random Socket Kundun Fo Item With Random Socket medusa Fo Item With Random Socket Selupan Fo Item With Random Socket =================== Automatic Event Trivia - 1 Cash Point Bringme - 1 Cash Point Huntandkill - 1 Cash Point Pvp Lastmanstanding - 5 Cash Point =================== Command List Player /reset Value /greset Value /freezen Value /clearinv Name =================== Friendly active GM's & Admin