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  1. MuOnlineWebs Lite Version

    Yes, I m Select "Igc" All in One DB :) Account DB - MuOnline Character DB - MuOnline Ranking DB - Ranking
  2. MuOnlineWebs Lite Version

    I m using IGC 9 Server Files. I used MVCORE before and there was no problem. I see Rankings but account is not entered error =( I using MuOnline DB only.and another DB Ranking,Event vs. vs. I have 5 GameServer GameServer_Regular - name (OguzlarMu) GameServer_Battlecore - name (BattleCore) GameServer_Arca- name (Arca) GameServer_Market- name (Market) GameServer_Siege- name (Siege)
  3. MuOnlineWebs Lite Version

    I have a problem. I make the installation smoothly but I can not access accounts in MuOnline DB . . Can not Find Account I'm writing the GameServer Name in Setup Page ( " OguzlarMu" like this ) GameServer İP : I m writing or Localip ( 192.168.x.xx ) Sql Server port 1433 and access open