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  1. Ice MU 97D+99I Web Site Ice MU Configuration: Experience: 9999x Item Drop Rate: 80% Version: 97D+99I Monsters HP: 100% Maximum Level: 400 Maximum Resets: 45 Level Reset: 400 Points per Reset: 2000 Points per Level: 10/20 BK,SM,ELF/MG Reset Stats: Yes Reset Zen: 100,000,000 Clear PK Zen: 100,000,000 Maximum Stats: 32767 Starting Zen: 50,000,000 Starting Points: 2000 Guild Create Level: 255 Working Quest System Commands post add reset pkclear buy sell charinfo questinfo move Server UPTime: 24/7 Sucess Rates Jewel of Bless: 100% Jewel of Soul: 80% Jewel of Soul wo Luck: 65% Jewel of Life: 80% Jewel of Life wo Luck: 65% 2 Level Wings Sucess Rate: 80% Item+10 Sucess Rate: 75% Item+11 Sucess Rate: 80% Server Events Blood Castle Devil Square Golden Invasion Party Bonus Lucky Jewels Lucky Mixes Find Event PK Event Drop Event Race Event Ice MU 97D+99I Web Site