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  1. -----Server official start will be on 21 December 2018 at 20:00 UTC +02:00--- 1.Links Discord Server - Website - Forum - Facebook - Screenshots: - - *The Interkasa COMUNITY presents an S13Ep1 International Mu Online server with a completely different gameplay experience compared with what you know before. *We try to provide a new type of gameplay; all players will have equal chances against other players. *The huge difference between a number of resets, or OP items is gone on our server. *NO MORE OVER POWER PLAYERS, NO MORE PAY TO WIN, NO MORE HUGE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN PLAYERS RESETS OR PLAYERS ITEMS. *ONLY YOUR GAME SKILL WILL MAKE YOU A WINNER ON THIS SERVER! *If you miss the old features from Mu Online, now is your chance to play. *The server is divided into 5 stages. Each stage will unlock some game content according to some old mu releases. *Won’t be the same but will be some things which we will take in consideration in order to mirror the old releases. *The first version was 97d, well, the server will start with quite low content than that version but some features, which were released later will still be available. *Each stage will last betwen 1 or 2 months. *All boxes will drop for Specific Class only ex.(Throw 1 box,heart,medal etc.. with Bk, you will recive items only for BK) *Excelent items can be obtined with Minim 1 Opt +Lk +Skill & Maximum 6 Opt +Lk +Skill *Perfect party and Gold party are also available. *We also have a count down on ower website. Fell free to check it out. *You want to try the beta version?. Feel free to join the discord server, and Contact the Generals or the Admins. *They will provide you with the client and Information about the server. *In a short example, we will have the following. (Warning! The example described below is not full. You can visit ower Discord,Website,Forum.. for more information.) 2.BASIC INFO: Vote Reward: Availeble and will not reset. Max Connection per IP: 5 Xp: Dynamic 100 - 10 Chaos Machine : 99% - 75 % Soul success rate : 85 % Life success rate :80 % 3.STAGE 1 Reset Level: 350 Max Resets: 10 Grand Reset: Online (10RR) Chaos Castle: ON Xp: Dynamic 4 chars available to play (BK,SM,ELF,MG-220LVL) Max lvl wings available 1 Maps: Up to Tarkan + Kalima 4 BC, DS, CC, IL: Up to 3 Quest: 1st (150 lvl) Golden Invasion: Max bok+3 Red Ragon Invazion: Rings and pendant exl. Rare Items: On invasion ( Ice Queen, Balrog, Gorgon) The main skills for the Caracters can be found on 1 specific monster.(Cursed King) He will spawn every 30 second and will drop for specific class. (Bk= bk skill etc..) Also he can be found in Lorencia and Noria. Other events, features, will be explaind on the Discord Server,Forum,Facebook,Website.