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  1. TopMuOnlineWebsite: Full Season 12Experience: 40xMaster Experience: 20xDrop Rate: 30%Maximum Level: 400Maximum Master Level: 500Points Per Level: 5/6/7Limited Stats for 1 Characteristic : 12767Monsters per Spot: 5 - 8Monsters Power AdjustedCreate Level MG, DL, RF, GL: 110Boss Monsters Increased PowerBronze, Silver, Gold Party BuildsMu Helper Use from Level 10Bloodangel, Darkangel, Holyangel SetsDifferent Gens Can Join Party, GuildCreate Guild from Level 300Shadow Phantom Soldier Buff till Level 350Shadow Phantom Buff Duration Increased to 2 hoursMarked Spots on Minimap: Press TABNon Pvp Maps are Atlans and KarutanAll Battle Maps Experience Increased +10%Peace Swamp Map Master Experience Increased +100%Cash Shop remade, No Over Powered ItemsSeal Buff Exp % Lowered, Not too much boostReceive 5 Goblin Points per every 10 minutes onlineWings Level 4 removed, Make level 3 in game onlyItems Level 350 / 380 / 400 / 600 / 800 wear from level 1Limit of Max HWID = 2 (max 2 open client windows from 1 computer)Resets and Grand Resets InfoFirst Reset Level: 350 - Command /reset in gameNext Resets Level: 400 - Reset in Website onlyReset Limit: 30After Reset Stats ClearSM, BK, ELF, SUM: 500 Free Points x ResetsMG, DL, RF, GL: 600 Free Points x ResetsReset Reward: 30 TopcoinsReset Cost: 1kk Zen x ResetsGrand Reset From: 30 ResetsGrand Reset Limit: 7After Grand Reset Stats ClearAll Classes 3000 Free Points x Grand ResetsGrand Reset Reward: 12 000 TopcoinsTotal Stat Points after 7 GR: 21 000Total Stat Points with 7 GR and 30 R: 36 000Game Events and Rewards Info[Guide] Invasion Event Times[Guide] Standard Event Times[Guide] Custom Event Times[Guide] Box and Other Rewards[Guide] Boss Rewards[Guide] Event RewardsWeb Item Shop InfoMaximum Item Level: +10Maximum Additional Defense: +12Maximum Excellent Options: 3Maximum Chosen Socket Options: 3Excellent + Sockets: NOExcellent + Ancient: YESExcellent + Ancient + Harmony: NOExcellent + Harmony: NOExcellent + Pink: YESChaos Machine Info Mix Item Level +10 = 75%Mix Item Level +11 = 70%Mix Item Level +12 = 65%Mix Item Level +13 = 60%Mix Item Level +14 = 55%Mix Item Level +15 = 50%Item with +Luck = +25%Jewel Success Rate InfoBless Success Rate = 100%Soul Success Rate = 60%Life Success Rate = 60%Harmony Success Rate = 50%If Item with Luck = + 25%CustomsPack and Unpack Jewels with CommandsStore and Offstore Sell for WcoinsAttack and Offattack Leveling OfflineRequests and Auto PartyLow Performance mode (button F9)Game Commands Info"/move", "/post", "/addstr", "/addagi","/addvit", "/addene", "/addcmd", "/pkclear","/war", "/soccer", "/re", /store", /offstore""/pack", "/unpack", "/info", /offattack""/prop", "/accept", "/divorce", /follow, /dcfriend
  2. InterkasaMu| Dynamic Xp (100-10) | S13 (divided in stages)MU.INTERKASA.NET PRESENTS!Links:Discord Server - - http://mu.interkasa.netForum - - have 2 Hosts. 1 for GAME SERVER , 1 for Website & Forum Game-host location is in France and Web-host in UnitedKindomWe look for staff to help. Position open for (Forum Moderator, In-Game Admin) Click here.!!The Interkasa Mu presents an S13Ep1 Mu Online server with a completely different gameplay experience compared with what you know before. We try to provide a new type of gameplay; all players will have equal chances against other players. The huge difference between a number of resets, or OP items is gone on our server. NO MORE OVER POWER PLAYERS, NO MORE PAY TO WIN, NO MORE HUGE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN PLAYERS RESETS OR PLAYERS ITEMS. ONLY YOUR GAME SKILL WILL MAKE YOU A WINNER ON THIS SERVER! If you miss the old features from Mu Online, now is your chance to play. The server is divided into 5 stages. Each stage will unlock some game content according to some old mu releases. Won’t be the same but will be some things which we will take in consideration in order to mirror the old releases. The first version was 97d, well, the server will start with low content than that version but some features which were released later will still be available. In a short example, we will have the following. (Warning! The example described below is not full)Stage 1Reset Level: 350Max Resets: 10Grand Reset: Online (10RR)Xp: Dynamic4 chars available to play (DW,BK,ELF,MG)Max lvl wings available 1Maps: Up to Tarkan + Kalima 4BC, DS, CC, IL: Up to 3Quest: 1st (150 lvl)Golden Invasion: Max bok+3Rare Items: On invasion (hunt Ice Queen, Balrog, Gorgon)Other events, features, etc.Stage 2Reset Level: 380Max Resets: 25Grand Reset: Online (25RR)DL Character ReleasedMax level wings 2Maps: Aida, Icarus, Kanturu 1-2 + Kalima 5 6 7, Crywolf, ReleasedGolden Invasion: Max bok+5Kanturu Event, Crywolf Event ReleasedOther events, features, etc.Stage 3Reset Level: 400Max Resets: 40Grand Resets: Online (40RR)Summoner & RF characters releasedQuests: Lvl 3 AvailableMaps Like: Raklion, Swamp of Calmness, Karutan 1-2 Released, ElbelandEvents Like: Selupan Medusa Gaion ReleasedOther events, features, etc.You got the idea, our server will release small content of the game, to avoid targeting only the latest features. These stages will increase the competition on the server, all the players will have the chance to get the desired items. Gameplay will be more relaxed, no more hate just nice experience.Enough about how the server is structured, let’s talk about what the server will offer to the players in stage 1!BASIC INFO:Vote Reward: Available and will not reset.Max Connection per IP: 5Chaos Machine : 99% - 75 %Soul success rate : 85 %Life success rate :80 %Freewebies: NoX-SHOP Online: Currency, WCoins.Your class Drop Only: All the event boxes (Bok's, Candy Box, Chocolate Box, Bosses) will drop items only for your class!JWL's Drop: NO (Can be found only on events or boxes [Heart of love,Firecracker,Candy,Chocolate] or Invasion Rabbits)9 New Jwls Available.STAGE 1:Reset Level: 350Max Resets: 10Grand Reset: Online (10RR)Chaos Castle: ON4 chars available to play (BK,SM,ELF,MG-220LVL)Max lvl wings available: Lvl 1Maps: Up to Tarkan + Kalima 4BC, DS, CC, IL: Up to 3Quest: 1st (150 lvl)Golden Invasion: Max bok+3Red Ragon Invazion: Rings and pendant exe (small chance to drop exe + 7 - +13) Rare Items: On invasion ( Ice Queen, Balrog, Gorgon) +7 - +15The main skills for the Caracters can be found on 1 specific monster.(Cursed King - Noria, Lorencia) He will spawn every 30 second and will drop for specific class. (Bk= bk skill etc..)Also he can be found in Lorencia and Noria.Events:BC, DS, IL, CC,Golden Invasion,Skeleton King Invasion, White Wizard, Happy Hour, Mini Games.Invasions: Golden Invasion : Max bok+3 (5 Goldens/Map)Red Dragon invasion: Rings and Pendant +0 or +7 - +13Jewel's Invasion : Hunt RabbitsGolden and Silver box invasion: Hunt Golden and White SnakesComplex Potion Invasion: Hunt Green and White Monkeys.Pets Eggs Invasion: Hunt RabbitsRare Items Invasion : Hunt Ice Queen, Balrog, GorgonCastle Siege:27 Spots in Lot.Senior: 1 item per day (380 Weapons only)Monsters from LOT will drop GM Box (Low Chances - 380 Items Only)Ancient drop rate: LowCC EventAncient ItemsJwl of Excess - Add 3 random options on item.Jwl of Kundun - Makes an item +15Jwl of Kondar - Make an item FOCherry Event:Gather 255 Golden Cherry Branch and you will obtain an Item of S2 (Eclipse,Iris etc)Golden & Silver BoxSealed Boxes drop on Snake Invasion or Golden+Silver Medal and Keys drop from BC or DS Monsters.Drop:Gobler Items exe +7 - +11 Nice Rewards (Xp Pets, Rings etc)New Jwls:BC & DSNice Rewards: Xp Pets, Rings Xp, New Jwls etc.Event Box:Candy Box + Chocolate Box = Non-Exe Items + Jewels For your class onlyFirecracker = Non-Exe rings + jewelsHeart of love = jewels (low rate).PKCan be cleared with Indulgence (Drop from Box of Heaven)Other features from the newest versions are still in place, we can’t mention all of them because don’t make the difference but will improve your gameplay or will help you a lot. Each stage release will be announced with at least 2 weeks before the release date. A currency like RUUD will be available on the server, just all of you to have the chance to gather the right amount for the items. (ITEMS WON’T BE AVAILABLE). Also, our website will have a lot of modules to have fun or to win some currency. Vote for us every day in order to populate our server. Also, you will get some rewards for your votes.