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  1. FAQ

    Frequently Asked Questions: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Q : Do i need to pay join fee? A: No. There is no join fee. You need to get one of from monthly, querterly, semi-anually or anually subscription packages. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Q : How license system works ? A: Domain based. You will have license over your domain name. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Q : May i change domain name? A: First time domain change is free. ( other requests will charged as addinational license) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Q : Multi databese supports? A: Yes. Unlimited databases ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Q : Multi server supports? A: Yes. Unlimited servers ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Q : What i will get? What package included? A: Package included full features of cms, 4 templates, Support, First time setup, Regular Updates ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Q : Which webservers supported? A: Any webserver supported. Linux,Windows, Shared Hosting, ISS (Xamp,Lamp etc) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Q : Which php version and extansions needed? A: You need atleast php 5.6 and above. Required Extansions : Pdo Drivers (releated to your webserver supports pdo_dblib,pdo_sqlsvr,pdo_odbc) Ioncube Json Curl Hash OpenSSL Xml mcrypt ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Q : Which SQL servers suppoted? A: You need at least MSSQL 2008 and above ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Q : Can i install myself? A: Yes. CMS has own smart installition script. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Q : Which Version and files supported ? A: Any server files 97d - Season 12 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Q : Multi Database Supported? A: Yes. Cms supports multi database (Ranking,Me_MuOnline etc) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Q : Template files encoded? Can i do my changes/own themplate? A: Template files are %100 open source and not encoded. You can play with them to your own ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------