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  1. Introducing you to a brand new world of Mu. A server where you are promised to have fun at. Welcome to HorizonMU. Enjoy all the aspects of Mu with Season 12 Episode 2. All new accounts start with 7-days of free VIP subscription to get your character going. Come experience MuOnline the way it's meant to be with friendly/helpful/active & dedicated Staff Members. Here at HorizonMU you are promised to have fun so gather around, form your party - turn that into a guild and beat anything & anyone in every occasion. Every golden monster is counted as a boss monster. The same goes for every other boss monster as their defensives & health points has been increased significantly to improve the gameplay features. [Social Information] Portal: Forums: Discord: Facebook Group: Live Support: Yes, at website. [Host Information] Location: France International Server Server Time: GMT+1 Uptime: 24/7/365 Server Capacity: 200 / can be raised. [General Information] Dark Wizard / Soul Master / Grand Master Dark Knight / Blade Knight / Blade Master Fairy Elf / Muse Elf / High Elf Summoner / Bloody Summoner / Dimension Master Rage Fighter / Fist Master Magic Gladiator / Duel Master (Unlocks at level: 220) Dark Lord / Lord Emperor (Unlocks at level: 220) Grow Lancer / Miracle Lancer (Unlocks at level: 200) PvP is fairly balanced for a low exp/hunt server. Every class can kill every class, it all depends on how you've built your character with your attributes. [Reset System] Reset Level: 400, Grants 25 Game Credits per reset up to 50, then from 51 to 100 you receive 50 Game Credits. Grand Reset: At 100 resets. Grants you 2500 Game Credits. Additionally at 11 GR you will start to receive 5500 Game Credits. Reset Cost: 20m*(Multiplies per reset) / Stats stays / Skills stays / No need to remove any items from inventory, personal store or equipment. Can only be used at the website, disabled in-game. Maximum Resets: Unlimited [Chaos Machine & Jewel Rates] Jewel of Bless: 1-6: 100% Jewel of Soul: 7-9: 75/75/70% (+Luck: 20%) Jewel of Life: 65% (+Luck: 20%) Jewel of Harmony: 40% Chaos Drop Rate & Area: 10% - All Maps | Hot Zone: Atlans 1-3, CC 1-8, DS 1-8, BC 1-8 CM +10: 70% (+Luck: 90%) CM +11: 65% (+Luck: 85% CM +12: 65% (+Luck: 85%) CM +13: 60% (+Luck: 80% CM +14: 55% (+Luck: 75% CM +15: 50% (+Luck: 70%) CM Cape of Lord: 70% CM Wings Level 1: 100% CM Wings Level 2: 65% CM Wings Level 2,5: 55% CM Wings Level 3: 40% [Game Events] Blood Castle Chaos Castle Devil Square Illusion Temple Arca Battle Imperial Guardian Acheron Guardian DoppelGanger Labyrinth of Dimension Raklion Ferea Battle CryWolf Kanturu Nixies Battle Last Man Standing Attack Event Golden Invasions Great Dragon Invasions Bonus Event White Wizard Attack [In-game Commands & Explanations] /post - Requires level 25 & Costs 5000 Zen per post. /addstr <amount> - Add an amount of your available points to the Strength attribute. Cost: Free /addagi <amount> - Add an amount of your available points to the Agility attribute. Cost: Free /addvit <amount> - Add an amount of your available points to the Vitality attribute. Cost: Free /addene <amount> - Add an amount of your available points to the Energy attribute. Cost: Free /addcmd <amount> - Add an amount of your available points to the Command attribute. Cost: Free /online - Displays information on how many people that are currently connected to the server. /pkclear - Costs: 1 million Zen but multiplies per kill. Canno't access any in-game events(CC, BC, DS etc) and shops during this status. Warping costs also more depending on your PK level. You have no chance to lose any item upon your death to a monster or a player. Upon death you will lose 1/5/10/25%(depending on PK level) of experience in your exp bar. Can only be used in-game, disabled at the website. /war <guild name> - Propose a Guild war upon another guild. /prop <name> - Propose to marry to another player. /accept - Accept the proposal of marry. /teleport - Teleport yourself to your married player. /divorce - Divorce yourself out of the marriage. /battlesoccer <guild name> - Challenge another guild for a BattleSoccer game. /requests - On/Off, To auto deny all in-game requests by other players e.g party, guild request, trade etc. /gms - Displays information on which GameMasters that are currently online with their in-game names stated. /setparty <password> - Everyone who knows this password can automatically join your party. /offtrade & /offlevel - Disabled. We want active players who are willing to stick around. You can always use the Market for trading or MuHelper for leveling & auto-looting.