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  1. Deviant MU 50x Season9.2 (new server – Open beta test – No wipes) A server for players by players -live admin support and feedback forums Custom Shops Starting 1k stats and 5million Zen Reset level 400 Grand rest – credit rewards 1k = 2k wcoin Master Grand reset rewards 2k = 4k wcoin /offlevel – set up at your spawn and type /offlevel to offline level at the spawn /offtrade – set up your shop to sell offline Webshop – buy items from the web for credits Webshop - sell items you found in game on the webshop for credits Earn credits in game 3 tiers of vip with a vip hunting map Earn credits for votes – and get entered into a weekly credit lottery with other voters Active admins with events for players with great rewards Custom hunting spawns added So much more.. come check it out!
  2. Trinity Mu, The Server You Have Been Looking For Hello to all our fellow MU community sincerely from all of our Trinity project team, First of all, ¿What is Project Trinity? ¿Who are we?. We are a group of MU developers that got tired of working for people that was used to paying us very low to do all the work, then getting all the money and then closing or abandoning the server leaving the players behind. Since we are also old time MU players, we felt really bad when that happened and sadly, we had no choice. So we group up and decided to start a server of our own with a new perspective of never scamming, never leaving the server to die, never getting p2p, never doing anything corrupted, we just wanna develop, have an amazing happy community and overall, to create and maintain the best server out there. To do that we have developed a brand new experience, with a very specific set of rules that we as a server MUST OBEY. 1st. Must be Play 2 Win. 2nd. Server will never be abandoned 3rd. keep the server with constant updates and fixes 4th. Keep in touch with the community 5th. Game must be fun, competitive and active. All those rules will go side by side with our main goal, improving the experience of an old game and bring it back to 2019. Take a Look at our Facebook Page for ingame images,videos, updates, chat with us and more! --- FUN GRAND RESET AND RESET SYSTEM RESET POINTS Points per Reset: 500 Points per Gran Reset: 1500 This means that if you have for example 2 Grand Resets, you will start your next one with 3000 points RESET SHOP You will receive 20 Reset Points for each reset that you accomplish. You will receive 1000 Reset Points for each Grand Reset that you make. Reset Points are for the RESET SHOP, an unique feature that we offer. We want to reward players for actually playing. This will be the only way to buy items, with reset points, not with donations. Meaning no Pay 2 Win. MASTER RESET SYSTEM Since we are determined to accomplish a long term fun game, we have developed a system that will resolve the issue of what would happen if you get to the maximun number of resets + grand resets The master reset system will allow you (if you choose to), to reset your character back to 0 rr 0 gr, but with some benefits into it: You will receive 30000 Reset Points. You will receive 10000 Trinity Points. You will receive permanent VIP on your account for free. You will receive a free class change and character name change, if you choose to use them. All of this will help you if you get to the point where you are somehow bored of your class or character and you would like to start on a new one but with an extra good boost into it. TRANSPARENCY A transparent budget. One of the things that we have seem so much around and that we hate, is all that misterious behaviour from the admins. So there will be a monthly budget so everyone can see on what exactly are we spending your donations. We will focus them on publicity so the server grows, technology improvement, game files developing and salaries. SERVER FEATURES MONSTERS ARE VERY STRONG - this is our method of making the game more interesting and more updated. One of the main problems that make the current game boring and repetitive is the fact that you either have a low exp server which turns out to be a game of only afk people just leveling forever, or you have a high exp server which has more active people but still feels too fast, like mobs dont mather, like maps don't matter, there is no actual progression. GETTING ITEMS WONT BE EASY - We dont want a server when everybody has +15 exc items easily, old mu wasn't like that and we sure enjoyed it back then. It wont be crazy dificult but more balanced, more meaningful. There will be a Huge Party EXP bonus so you will be encouraged to play with other friends. SERVER KINGS Since we will never have Conqueror Wings or Angel and Devil Wings on the shop, we have come up with a way to reward players with these items which are basically one of the coolest elements in the game. And so, our King System was born: PVP KING - Wings of Conqueror Conqueror Wings will be given to the Castle owner and the Guild Master of the other allied guilds for as long as they hold the Castle. If the castle changes ownership, Wings will go to the new Guild Masters. The top 3 players with the most Chaos Castle Wins will also receive Conqueror Wings for as long as they remain on the top 3 PVM KING - Angel and Devil Wings Angel and Devil Wings will be given to the top 3 players who have killed the most amount of bosses for as long as they remain on the top 3 Angel and Devil Wings will be given to the top 3 players who are in the top of the most Blood Castle and Devil Square events completed for as long as they remain on the top 3 PVM PROGRESSION One of the things we constantly see being forgotten the most is the hunting part of the game so we are definetly making the necesary changes to not only make it a more interesting and fun part of the game but to actually make it mandatory. First of all, the best items in the game and skills have to be bought with Ruud so with this in mind...The best way to get Ruud points will be to kill bosses so if you ever want to get that awesome Blood Angel set with the Blood Angel weapon,etc, you will most likely have to be strong enough to kill a certain boss and must take the time to setup a team with your guildmates to hunt for it. The stronger the boss, the more Ruud points it will give Also, if you would like to have access to an specific type of item you will have to look for the boss that drops it and then fight him in an epic fun battle. So to all of our dear players, we bring you our very own Boss Loot System Kundum : The Ancient and Jewerly Boss Erohim : The Castle Boss, drop will vary but will be exclusive Nightmare : The Weapon Boss Selupan : The Seeds Boss Medusa : The Top Socket Items Boss Acheron : The Pentagrams and Mounts Boss Ferea : The Blood Angel and Dark Angel Weapons Boss Nix : The Holy Angel, End Game Boss All this means that if for example, you need a weapon, you go hunt for Nightmare, you need seeds to fill your socket item, you go kill Selupan and so on. Future of Trinity Our first main goal is to update the server to the latest available season. With that in mind...We are developing both season 13 and season 14 as we speak and we expect to release one of them (which ever gets perfected first) after the first month of the server. Starting Bonus and Free Trinity Points Win 3000 free Trinity Points just by liking our Facebook Page and tagging 10 friends to our promotional video, after doing so, send a screenshot of the facebook comment to or send a private message to the admin on the forum. Also, during the first week after launching, everyone will enjoy of bonus EXP as a thank you for choosing us and trusting us. Let's have fun together and grow as a community. Remember to use the forum if you have any suggestion, report something, or if you wanna hang out and chat with us. SERVER OPENS FRIDAY / 12/07!
  3. Server name : MU Pearl Grand Opening July 7, 2019 Philippines - 09:00 GMT+8 US - 21:00 GMT-4 Vietnam - 08:00 GMT+7 Poland - 03:00 GMT+2 Brazil - 22:00 GMT-3 Peru - 20:00 GMT -5 You can now download and register on website. Website : Register account : Download link : facebook page : Server Version: Season 12 Episode 2 Server Experience: 500x Drop: 30% Chaos Machine: Default No-reset / Non-rebirth Normal Level: 400 Master Level: 420 EVENTS: Castle Siege Arca War Battle Group PvP Selupan / Kundun / Medusa BC / DS / CC / Illusion and more.. Pandora event Duel Master Ferea battle Nixie boss event CryWolf Balgass event (Gives +10% success rate on chaos machine) IN GAME COMMANDS: /addstr (Strenght) /addagi (Agility) /addvit (Vitality) /addene (Energy) /addcmd /clearpk /clearinventory (clear whole inventory) /cleareventinventory Guilld alliance max 3 Guild min. member 10 Excellent option/s : 1~3 Ancient excellent option/s : 1~3 Socket item slot : 5 Max seed level : 5 Muun system Pentagram system OffTrade / OffLevel - OFF Cash shop : Seal etc. Starting gear added Devias PvP square NO VIP wCoins and Ruud reward: Boss hunt Online playing hour reward & Events
  4. The Legendary MU Online server is back! OFFICIAL WEBSITE |DISCORD COMMUNITY SERVER Behold, mutiziens! The ultimate MU Online private server for fans of the game has returned once again! Are you ready for a fresh, re-imagined and massively improved adventure in the continent of legend? Then you are in the right place, and we welcome you back into the world of MU. Only this time, things are a little bit different... VI. SERVER VERSION AND RATES Gameserver settings and configurations... Thread Menu: I. THE MU SERVER II. MY STORY III. ABOUT THE TEAM IV. RELEASE DATE V. SCREENSHOTS VI. SERVER VERSION AND RATES
  5. Website: Experience rate = 500 Drop = 50 Points per level 5/7 No Jewel in shop Maxim stats 65000 Reset level 400 (on website) All skills/scrolls in shop Server time: UTC +2 Server host location: Europe/Romania Commands in game : /str (add points) /agi (add points) /vit (add points) /ene (add points) /cmd (add points) /post /help (you get 3 monster to help you level) /resp (for quiz event) /clearinv 3D Camera : F10 start/stop F11 come back to default F12 minimize game Auto drop event in lorencia (145 135 Coord)with jewel and box of kundum Quiz event Team vs Team event and more events coming
  6. market on ||offlevel on ||freebies ||2x servers||epic rewards||wc on bosses ||kundun drops ancient||etc.
  7. Website: » Beginner Bonus -Warrior Ring 40lvl: drops Heart of Love items -Warrior Ring 80lvl: drops all class Small Wings / Cape / Cloak » Exp: x1000 » Master Exp: x10 » Drop: 90% » Party EXP System 3, 4, 5 Same Class Party 100% 3 Different Class Party 105% 4 Different Class Party 110% 5 Different Class Party 115% » Elf NPC Buff till 250 level » Required level for class: SUM 200 lvl, MG 220 lvl, DL 250 lvl, RF 350 lvl » Official MU Helper: Dynamic » Goblin Points: 10minutes in-game reward = 1 GP » Points Per Level: 5/6/7 » Master Skill Tree: Max 200 level » Guild Create Level: 300 » Monster Spots type: - Low Range (low range) - Mid Range (one line damage dealer) - Multi Spawn (high range) - Double (mix type) » Minimap TAB spots (not in Dungeon, Karutan2, Crywolf, Kalima) » Reset System: - Reset Cost: 10000000 Zen - Reset: 400 Level - Clear Stats after Reset - Points per Reset: 800points Note: After Reset charecter will respawn in Lorencia Bar with 1lvl ! CLIENT INFORMATION » 3D Camera - F10 functions to enable / disable - F11 to return to default - Mouse Scroll click to change angel or roll it to zoom in/out » Additional Functions - F12 minimize Client & saves CPU/RAM COMMAND INFORMATION » In-game Regular Commands - /add: add stats (/addene, /addstr, /addagi, /addvit, /addcmd) - /post: global chat, requirement level: 100 (100000 zen) » Party System - After "Switch" party saves! - Write "/re auto" to activate auto party - Set up password for party, "/re auto 1212", pm 1212 to join party » Personal Store - Sell your Items for bless, life, soul, creation, WCoin, GoblinPoints - Create Personal Store, write /store bless, /store soul,/store life,/store creation etc » Item Information - Find out any Items dmg, def, req to wear it, by writing /Leather Helm - To close this window press "ESC" on keyboard CASTLE SIEGE INFORMATION » Siege Warfare period every week on Friday » Ancient Item Drop Rate » Guild Create Level: 300 » Senior Mix for Castle Owner: - 1 Item Reward per one mix - Possible rewards: Condor Feather, Talisman of Chaos Assembly, Demon, Guardian, Unicorn Note: We are analyzing the best Castle Siege time for You! EVENT INFORMATION » White Wizard - Lorencia, Devias, Noria - Wizard Ring +10% damage » Skeleton King - Lorencia, Devias, Noria - Gold Key, Silver Key » Red Dragon - Lorencia, Devias, Noria - 30% ancient ring or pendant, 70% jewel » Rabbit - One event per map - Lorencia, Devias, Noria, Atlans Lost Tower, Tarkan, Aida - 25% Chaos Card, 75% Mini Chaos Card » Summer Monsters - spawn time 10 seconds - One event per map - Losttower, Atlans, Tarkan, Aida, Kanturu, Raklion - 40% Jewels, Zen » Cherry Blossom: Exchange 255 Golden Cherry Branch for 1 item Ancient » Kalima+7 (Lost Kalima) Illusion of Kundun drop 3 Ancient » Chaos Castle - Chaos Castle reward Jewels - Chaos Castle +6, +7 reward Ancient » Blood Castle - Blood Castle 1 reward Box+1 - Blood Castle 2 reward Box+1 - Blood Castle 3 reward Box+2 - Blood Castle 4 reward Box+2 - Blood Castle 5 reward Silver Key - Blood Castle 6 reward Silver Key - Blood Castle 7 reward Gold Key - Blood Castle 8 reward Gold Key - Silver Box drops Pet - Gold Box drops Excellent Ring or Pendant Note: Silver Sealed Box and Gold Sealed Box drops only from monsters who are in Blood Castle! » Illusion Temple - Illusion Temple requires 4 members to avoid failure - SD potions, 5% chance Fenrir » Golden Dragon Invasion - Golden Rabbit x3 Location: Elbeland Box of Kundun+1 - Golden Budge Dragon x3 Location: Lorencia Box of Kundun+1 - Golden Goblin x3 Location: Noria Box of Kundun+1 - Golden Titan x2 Location: Devias Box of Kundun +2 - Golden Lizard King x2 Location: Atlans Box of Kundun +2 - Golden Tantalos x1 Location: Tarkan Box of Kundun +3 - Golden Satyros x1 Location: Kanturu Box of Kundun +4 - Golden Twin Tail x1 Kanturu Relics Box of Kundun +4 - Golden Iron Knight x1 Location: Raklion Box of Kundun +5 » Doppleganger Event - Excellent / Jewels » Imperial Guardian Fortress - Excellent / Jewels DROP INFORMATION » Feather & Crest : Drops only in Icarus » Condor : Drops only in Swamp » Sphere Level 4 : Drops from higher mobs than 120 lvl » Sphere Level 5 : Drops only in Swamp » Magic Backpack: Drops only in Karutan 2 » Vault Expansion: Drops only in Swamp (not tradeable) » Gemstone : Drops only in Kanturu Relics » Jewel of Guardian : Drops only in Kalima +7, Lost Kalima » Jewel of Life : Drop starts from Tarkan to all higher maps » Kalima +7 (Lost Kalima) Illusion of Kundun drops 3 Ancient » Heart/Silver/Gold/Pink/Red/Blue: - Heart of Love can be farmed in maps from Devias until LostTower3. - Silver Medal can be farmed in maps from LostTower3 until Kanturu2 End - Gold Medal can be farmed in maps from Kanturu2 End until higher maps - Pink Chocolate Box can be farmed from Worms until Lizard King - Red Chocolate Box can be farmed from Iron Wheel until Genocider - Blue Chocolate Box can be farmed from Twin Tail until Dark Iron Knight - Heart of Love : Items like Silk, Bronze, Bone, etc. +7 through to +11 - Silver Medal : Items like Wind, Sphinx, Plate, etc. +8 through to +11 - Gold Medal : Items like Dragon, Legendary, Ashcrow, etc. +6 through to +12 - Pink Chocolate Box : Items like Wind, Plate, Bone, etc. +6 though to +9 - Red Chocolate Box : 70% Items like Sacred, Eclipse, etc. +6 though to +9 and 30% excellent - Blue Chocolate Box :70% Items like Ancient, Glorious, etc. +6 though to +9 and 30% excellent » Suspicious Scrap of Paper in DS+5,+6,+7 » Suspicious Scrap of Paper drops in Aida » Chaos Card Master, Lorencia 133, 161 - Chaos Card can be farmed starting from Kentauros Warrior till Dark Iron Knight - Rare Chaos Card can be farmed from Medusa, Nightmare, Balglass and from Selupan with 1% chance - Mini Chaos Card can buy from X shop for 80 WCoin P - Gold Chaos Card can buy from X shop for 160 WCoin P - Chaos Card: Items like BC/DS Ticket (10/10), Jewel of Bundle - Rare Chaos Card: Items like Condor Feather, Unicorn, Talisman of Chaos Assembly, Demon, Guardian - Mini Chaos Card: Items like Hurricane, Red Spirit, Demonic, etc. +7 through to +10 - Gold Chaos Card: Items like Volcano, Storm Blitz, Sunlight, etc. +7 through to +9 Website:
  8. Global DOOM was released in january 2019.All players have the chance to all items in the game. Facebook Page Host location : GermanyLanguage:English Stable Server-Weekly events with epic rewards. Servers: Asgard-NO RESET Leveling up: Experience 5x 10 points per level to normal chars 11points per level to MG DL In game rewards: 1 credit each hour in game ( Claim it in account panel ) 6 credit per vote every 12h All bosses gives epic rewards Kundun box drops set items Azrael - 200X Leveling up: Experience 200x 1rr = 500 level up points 15 rr = 1 GR 1GR= 4500 level up points Final is 15 GR and 15 RR = 75000 level up points 1 stat is max of 32500 points. Example : You make 1 GR = 4500 points ,then you make 1 rr = 5000 points , 1 GR + 2 rr = 5500 points etc. In game rewards: 1 credit each hour in game ( Claim it in account panel ) 6 credit per vote every 12h Invite friends and get 250 credit when he/she makes 3 RR + 500 credit when he/she gets 5 GR All bosses gives epic rewards Kundun boxes in NPC lorencia Extras: F10 for 3d camera ( scroll it with mouse) F11 to reset F12 to minimize game in tray. Commands in game : /Dance, /Cry, /Hustle /pkclear cost: 3kk zen * pk level /post /addstr, /addvit, /addene, /addagi, /addcmd /setparty /war , /endwar, /battlesoccer
  9. Hi and Welcome to PlayZoneMU's Advertisement Thread. PlayZoneMU WebPage | Sign UP | Download MU Client Server Information: Server Version: 99.62T/1.01N Server Experience: 9999xp Item Drop: 60% Monster HP: 100% Bless Bug: ON Level Reset: 400 Points per Level: 5/7 Keep Stats: Keep Box in Shop: +1,+2,+3,+4 Starting Points: 0 Starting Zen: 0 NON PVP Maps: Lorencia, Noria, Devias Commands: /post, /add (str,agi,vit,ene,cmd), /reset, /pkclear SERVER IS NOW ONLINE Server Events: Blood Castle Devil Square Chaos Castle Golden Dragon Invasion Red Dragon Invasion Skeletons White Wizard Quest System SkyEvent Castle Siege Happy Hour Happy Level UP Kalima Event Sucess Rates: Jewel of Bless: 100% Jewel of Soul: 100% Jewel of Life: 100% +10 Item Combination: 100% +11 Item Combination: 100% +12 Item Combination: 100% +13 Item Combination: 100% 1 Level Wings: 100% 2 Level Wings: 100%
  10. Specifications Server Files Premium 100% Hosted In: Canadá, USA.Version: Season 6 - Episode 3 Website: level: 400Points for level: 5/7Item Drop : 40%Experience: x200Max Stats: 32.000Spots: 7-10 mobs.Reset Stats - 600 points for reset.Server ONLINE 24/7.REWARDSVote Reward SystemReset Reward SystemEvent Reward System*All prizes are awarded in WCoins, which can be used in the web-shop.EVENTSBlood Castle (1 - 8) Chaos Castle (1 - 7) Devil Square (1 - 7) Illusion Temple White Wizard Invasión Kalima Event Rabbits Invasión Kanturu Event Invasión de dragones dorados Invasión de dragones rojos Castle Siege Among others..We wait for you in!Staff MUBlawerd.
  11. We are glad to have announced for you an excellent service and our brand new vision of the mu online. Please welcome - MuxGlobal MUXGLOBAL Pandora x100 - A time of new discovers of Mu Online! The next chapter in the cycle of our new concept. Action medium rate server on our unique Arkania Episode 4 build. This time we have went even further and we have removed from the Shop, not only 3rd and 4th wings, but also all special pets. Demon, Spirit of Guardian, Shadowmere and Golden Fenrir are not anymore sold in the Shop, but they have their in-game substitutes:Hellion, Seraph and Elite Horse. Now you can craft your own special pet. And as before, you won’t be able to find any set items in the shop as well. You will have to collected exclusively by available gaming methods - fighting for bosses and trading with other players. Chance of looting items with 4 Excellent options and a wide range of available Ancient sets will make the process of assembling your perfect set truly captivating. One of the distinguishing features of the server is the new system - Guild Quests. Every week, all guilds on the server will receive a task - it can be killing certain monsters, bosses, attending events, completing quests and much more. 7 days will be given to complete the task, at the end of 7 day season, all members of the guild will be rewarded with Excellent items and extra Guild Buff. Full information about Guild Quests is available here. Consecutive in-game Quest System with more than 280 missions. For competing tasks you receive Zen, Cash points, Jewels, loot boxes, level-ups and additional stat points. The total amount of stat points, which you will be able to get after completing all quests is over 13 000. Stat points obtained in the quest system do not disappear with the resets, that means, the more quests you complete, the stronger your character becomes permanently. To prevent most active players from breaking forward from the main bulk of players - quests are becoming available gradually. Initially, there are 100 quests available on the server - up to the first significant Golden Dragon boss. When first 10 players successfully complete first 100 tasks, another 20 become available, until the next boss. When 10 people perform 120 quests, 20 more will be added and so on. Reset limitations – additional chance for the less hardcore players to not fall out of the reset race. This system has 3 stages: 15 players are needed to complete 25 resets. 10 players are needed to complete 50 resets. 5 players are needed to complete 75, 80, 85, 90, 95, 100 resets. The maximum number of people in a guild will be significantly smaller than we are used to. Ordinary characters can hold a clan of 20 people, Dark Lord - 25. The idea is to sustain a multilateral competition and clan wars. The first Castle Siege on the server will take place on Sunday 2 December at 19:00. Crywolf event will take place each Wednesday at 21:30 PK restrictions on locations: Locations Lost tower, Aida - Non-PvP, here you can not kill other players. Locations Lost tower, Atlans, Tarkan, Icarus, Aida, Kanturu - teleporting with the help of DL Summon skill is forbidden if you have 10 or more kills. Locations Arkania, Atlans, Tarkan, Icarus, Aida, Kanturu - unable to kill other players if you have 25 or more kills. Locations Dungeon, Valley of Loren and Crywolf - Free PvP, there are no penalties for killing players. Location Bless Arena - the most insecure place in the game world, PK is welcomed. Donate limitations; these items will never be on sale: All special pets (Demon, Spirit of Guardian, Shadowmere, Golden Fenrir). Wings 3 and 4 level. Sets (Helms, Armors, Pants, Gloves, Boots). Power Buff and additional stats from the website will be unavailable for several days after launch. These services will become available on 5 November. No separate VIP server and no service to level up items with a 100% chance of success using fruits. Game Version: Arkania Episode 4 (season 3 modified) Experience: Dynamic x100 Item Drop Rate: 50% Maximum Level: 400 Maximum Reset: 100 Points per level normal: 5 Points per level MG & DL: 7 Reset type: Reset Stats Castle Siege: Sundays Stat limitation: 32 767 After global cataclysm of the mu continent, your charсter will be starting in Arkania. Now Ruined Lorencia, Jungle Noria and Snowstorm Devias are much more dangerous than early 1. Only for you several game worlds, with different types of difficulty (in future). 2. FULL HD game client, that don't have any analogs in the world. 3. Unique reset system, dynamic experience, builds and grand resets. 4. Consecutive quest system. 5. New maps, items and monsters. 6. Team Deathmatch event where you can get donate bonuses. 7. A lots of unique ratings to get donate bonuses. 8. In-game lottery system with very high prizes. 9. Convenient web market of characters that you can sell for donate bonuses. 10. Online players support, which will always help you. 11. Administration for extra payment can get your lost items back, if it was your fault and only items that you bought from us. 12. Brand new buff, that buff have extra 400 levels of different stages, that improve your fighting abilities. 13. Unique achievements system, from that system you can get donate bonuses and improving you buff level. 14. Powerful protection from cheaters, best among other analogues. 15. Special multilevel system of ancient sets. 16. Web-market for selling and buying good for donate bonuses in-game currency. 17. Tax system, that allows to collect tribute for owners of LOT of all the trading on web-market. 18. Unique VIP server that gives the ability to achieve more in the shortest possible time. 19. More than 20 web services on the site. 20. More than 10 possible ways to get donate bonuses without donate. For all beginners we have special "MUX world features" guide. Please read it Participate in our bonuses giveaway events! Bonuses for Facebook share Bonuses for Guild Master
  12. NEW SERVER SINCE SEPTEMBER 2018 HELP US POPULATE OUR NEW WORLD! Powered by Spirex MU Emulator, Liveguard Anticheat, and MuOnlineWebs. The ultimate classic MU Online MMORPG experience, remastered by the masters of the MU Online private server development community. Explore a brand new redesigned version of the MU Online game here on this new longterm and professional private server. We guarantee to meet your MU nostalgia and provide you with probably the best MU Online server you have ever played. This server has been in development for a long time, and is now finally ready for you! Our server features all S3 Ep1 features plus our own original content, such as new events, new items, new boss monsters, and new world zones. Our gameserver backend runs on a fully customizable emulator built by our super talented lead programmer Shatter, and we have plans for additional content in the future. Our MU Game Client has also been rebuilt, optimized and features additional game options such as a Widescreen Mode, a controllable 3-D Camera, an inbuilt Auto-AFK Bot, and more! We are passionate fans and longtime players of MU, and have produced our 'perfect' version of this game we love. Hopefully, you will decide to join us, too. Our legendary server team includes: - Milamber (head admin/lead designer/owner) previously at Heroia MU - Shatter (lead programmer/developer) - KarLi (co-administrator) previously at Ganja MU - -UnicorN- (co-administrator) previously at LostLand MU - Caviar (team leader) previously at Lockdown MU - TakMarche (head game master) previously at Dream MU NEW OFFICIAL 2018 TRAILER JOIN US ON DISCORD LINKS Faronnia MU Online free to play Diablo 2 style medieval fantasy NEW MMORPG 2018 Faronnia MU Wiki Faronnia MU Forum FARONNIA MYTH MU - Season 3 Episode 1 Modified - Made by MU fans, for MU fans. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [GAMESERVER_INFO] Exp Rate : 30x / GOLD Membership Exp Rate : 50x Item Drop : 50% / GOLD Membership Item Drop : 65% - Max Resets : 20 / Max Grand Resets : 1 Max Item Level : +13 / Max Item OptionLevel : +28 - Server location : London, UK / EUROPE Server connection : INTERNATIONAL ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [SERVER_SETTINGS] Server type : Open PvP Castle Siege : Every 20 Days Guild Create Level : 300 Character Stats Limit : 20,000 Item Exc.Options Limit : 2 Ancient Items + Jewel of Harmony : YES Ancient Items + Exc.Options : YES Inventory/Vault Max Zen : 2,000,000,000 - [PK_SETTINGS] NPC Guard clear PK Status : YES Clear PK Status cost : 25,000,000 zen PK Time per kill : 1 Hour PK Item Drop chance : 2% ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [JEWELS] Jewel of Soul success rate : 60% Jewel of Soul +Luck success rate : 85% Jewel of Life success rate : 70% - [ITEMLEVEL_ENHANCEMENTS] Item+10 Enhance success rate : 70% Item+11 Enhance success rate : 60% Item+12 Enhance success rate : 50% Item+13 Enhance success rate : 40% - [FENRIR_MIXRATES] Fenrir Level1 Creation success rate : 70% Fenrir Level2 Creation success rate : 50% Fenrir Level3 Creation success rate : 30% - [SD_POTIONS_MIXRATES] ShieldPotion Level1 sucess rate : 80% ShieldPotion Level 1 cost : 1,000,000 zen ShieldPotion Level2 sucess rate : 70% ShieldPotion Level 2 cost : 3,000,000 zen ShieldPotion Level3 sucess rate : 60% ShieldPotion Level 3 cost : 4,000,000 zen - [HARMONY_JEWEL] Purity success rate : 80% Purity cost : 15,000,000 zen Smelting cost : 5,000,000 zen Item Strengthen success rate : 80% - [Level380_ItemMix] Grade1 success rate : 70% Grade2 success rate : 50% Grade3 success rate : 30% Zen cost : 50,000,000 zen ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [MU_EVENTS] 1. Blood Castle (every 2 Hours) 2. Devil Square (every 2 Hours) 3. Chaos Castle (every 2 Hours) 4. Illusion Temple (every 4 Hours) 5. Loren Deep (every 8 Hours) 6. Crywolf Fortress (every 10 Hours) 7. White Wizard (every 2 Hours) 8. Red Dragon Invasion (every 4 Hours) 9. Golden Monsters Invasion (every 4 Hours) 10. Kalima KUNDUN BOSS (every 3 Hours) 11. Kanturu Relics Boss 12. Golden Archer NPC 13. CASTLE SIEGE ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [COMMAND_INFO] Global chat message command : /post Global chat message level requirement : 100 Global chat usage cost : 50,000 zen - [ADD_STATS] Requires character re-log : YES Add stats commands : /str , /agi , /vit , /ene , /cmd Minimum character level requirement : 6 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [RESET_SYSTEM] Reset Quests/Stats/Inventory : NO Reset character level requirement : 400 Reset cost : 50,000,000 zen Bonus StatPoints on reset : 100 Maximum resets : 20 Maximum grand resets : 1 Grand Reset requirement : 20 resets ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [BOSS_MONSTERS] KUNDUN (Kalima, Arena/Stadium, spawns every 3 Hours) HYDRA (Atlans) METAL BALROG (LostTower) DEATH VIM KNIGHT (Tarkan, HellFortress) DARK PHOENIX (Icarus, Arena/Stadium) CURSED KING (Dungeon, Arena/Stadium) EROHIM (Arena/Stadium, LandOfTrials) HELL MAINE (Aida, HellFortress) MUTANT HERO (Tarkan, Arena/Stadium) AXE WARRIOR HERO (Arena/Stadium) GIGAS GOLEM (Arena/Stadium) OMEGA WING (Icarus, Arena/Stadium) HAMMER SCOUT HERO (Crywolf) WEREWOLF HERO (Crywolf) SCREENSHOTS OPTIONAL FEMALE SKINS MAGIC GLADIATOR GIRL DARK WIZARD GIRL Thank you for checking out the server, hope you decide to try it out!
  13. CyberMu Server Info Dedicated Server Why cyber play Cyber Mu LiveGuard Anti hack paid 6months ahead DMN Premium paid 6months ahead Premium Forum Premium Vote site Premium Webshop premium files monthly paid 6months ahead premium Launcher NA host Paid 3months ahead GOLD member in Vote site Paid monthly Montly Tunnel Paid 3months ahead Monthly anti DDOS paid 3months ahead ALL STAFF IS PAID MONTHLY REAL $ You can apply too who knows SEASON 6 Ep3 -Exp 5000x -Max stats 32767 -Freebies 35,000 cyber coins in webshop -Free full stats -instant full stats -PVP server -NON PVP SERVER -VIP SERVER -CS SERVER- -ML 400 -LIVEGUARD ANTI CHEAT -Guild Pack avaible -Macro On -NO QUEST type /evo twice -Never wipe 24 7 -EVENT CASH -MAX LVL400 -ALL CLASS COMBO -NO PAY 2 WIN. -PVP BALANC.E -NO BIAS. -EVENT EVERY DAY. -PPL 2530. -NO-LAG -MAKER. NOT FOR SALE. -LONGTERM SERVER. COME AND PLAY -EVERY 30MINS MEDUSA DROP FO ITEMS ANCIENT FO -EXCLUSIVE ITEM FOR HUNT ONLY -100RESET=COSTUME WING REWARD -can hunt Doante item -Real $ Cash Event in Vote -Real $ Cash in Special Event -NO OPEN PHP we are not that Cheap 😀 -Active GM staff -Active discord -Good Market ingame -Hunt is Real -Forum On -NO TERM SERVER and More /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// You want Pk? oh well most importante 24 hours PK in loren 1am 2am 3am 4am 5am 6am 7am 8am 9am 10am 11am 12n 1pm 2pm 3pm 4pm 5pm 6pm 7pm 8pm 9pm 10pm 11pm 12m we have PK Our PK is very Active 😀 /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// We Have 😀 LiveGuard Anti hack paid 6months ahead DMN Premium paid 6months ahead Premium Forum Premium Vote site Premium Webshop premium files monthly paid 6months ahead premium Launcher NA host Paid 3months ahead GOLD member in Vote site Paid monthly Montly Tunnel Paid 3months ahead Monthly anti DDOS paid 3months ahead ALL STAFF IS PAID MONTHLY REAL $ You can apply too who knows /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// we are looking for Talented PLayers not toxic players 😀 Our maker is not for sale like other server 😀 and we dont share it to others like other server 😀 Come and Join we dont need Your money . 😀 we need You! Not your money 😀 FUCK PAY 2 WIN 😀 ❤ Owner can provide all the expenses of the server with Out donate .. LONG TERM SERVER Paid ahead of time 😀 /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ALL link you need is here site: Registration: Download Link: Forum: Discord Group Page /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// So? what are you waiting for come and join now
  14. Official Start: 11.06.2018 at 20:00(GMT+3) Website : EliteMU :: MU Online ★Server Name: Elite-MU Version: 97d Max Stats:32767 Experience Rate: 2x Drop Rate: 40% Servers: PVP Bless Bug: OFF Guild creation available from: 180 Level Character Delete: 40 level max Max Level: 350 Resets: NO RESETS ★[Point per level / Point per reset] Dark Knight: 40 ppl. Dark Wizard: 40 ppl. Fairy Elf: 40 ppl. Magic Gladiator: 55 ppl. ★Jewels Rates Jewel Of Bless Succes Rate: 100% Jewel Of Soul Succes Rate: 60% Jewel Of Soul +Item Luck: 70% Jewel Of Life Succes Rate: 60% ★Available commands /post [MSG] - Sends a global message to the server /sell [MSG] - Sends a global message to the server for sell items /buy [MSG] - Sends a global message to the server for buy items /pkclear - Clears all your kills /addstr - Adds point(s) to Strength /addagi - Adds point(s) to Agility /addvit - Adds point(s) to Vitality /addene - Adss point(s) to Energy /questinfo - Get full information for your Custom Quest /re on - Accept all requests from other players /re off - Reject all requests from other players /guild - Allows you to join a guild (Face the Guild Master, right click on his character and press Enter) /soccer [Guild Name] - Starts a Battle Soccer match in Stadium ★Events in Game Blood Castle Devil Square Chaos Castle Golden Invasion ★Online Events Rena Auction - Random item Luck +0/ 2 options Lotto Event Change Stone Event - 1 Stone = 10MLN zen AFK Event - 1h afk = 4 credits etc.. [/img]
  15. is new private mu online gaming project. Server is based on S13 server files. Project is based on high experience settings, fast resets, and easy gear up style +a lot customs, and great features that makes server more exciting and less grinding. Server has build in in-game market system, so players can sell their items to other players in website, without being worried to be scammed in-game! Server will be opened on 6.April. Server location is Netherlands! Website: Registration: Forums: Server settings: Opening times: [UTC +2, 17.00-Poland] [UTC +8, 23.00-Philipines] [UTC -3 12.00-Argentina] Or check our count-back timer on top of website! Experience Normal: x5000 Master exp: x5000 Max option: +16 Soul + luck 95%, Without 70% Life: 70% Resets: Stats burns, Free 500 stats, +10 Credits each reset! Max level 920 (400 regular, 520 Master) Spots: Each map Party exp: Regular party 1-5 members 100% Exp! Set party: 3members: 115% Exp, 4 members: 112% Exp, 5 members: 125% Exp! Jewel rates: Soul +luck: 100%, Without luck:85% Jewel of life: 85% Guild create lvl: 250, Min request for alliance 10 members, max alliances 3 Post commands: /gpost 200k 400lvl Create all characters from 1 1vl (create DK, SM, or ELF to get access to others) Events Schedule/Plan Golden invasion: starting: 00: 45 (same time, every 2hours) Blood castle: 2x EXP, starting: 00: 20 (same time, every 2hours) Reward AA weapons, with 10% chance to get EXC and AA2lvl items! Devil Square: 2x EXP, starting: 01: 20 (same time, every 2hours) Chaos Castle: Every 3hours, starting: 00:05 Santa Event: 00:15, 06:15, 12:15, 18: 15 Silver/Golden boxes 10k/20k RUUD (drops randoms all maps) Offtrade: Enabled in Devias map only Season 13 Features! New map: Swamp of Darkness with great loot New Swamp of Darkness monsters New set items: Awakening Soul (Holy Angle item upgrade to Awakening Soul ancient items) New Awakening Soul chaos combination mix Enhancement fourth skill tree by debuff options Items division system Simplified material chaos combinations Fourth character evolution for all character class Fourth class quest Fourth Skill Tree Enhancement Renewal of third Skill Tree Deep Dungeon maps and monsters Changes to event entry levels General UI improvements MuHelper renewal Favourite Warps selection Guide Quest System Jeweler Bingo Mini-Game Removed special class warp benefits
  16. Hello people! We are happy to present you this new mu online project, called X MU ONLINE. Most of all useful information are available on site, in english language, so we are glad to see people with any race and nationality. Server time: UTC +3 Server host location: Ukraine Register Account Download Client MAIN INFO: • Exp: x1000 • Drop: 25% • Master Exp: x1000 • Max master level: 200 • Reset level: 400 • Max stats: 50000 • Points per level: DK/MG/ELF/DW/SUMM/RF = 5, DL = 6 • 4000 Level Up points on start CUSTOM FEATURES: • MU Online server without Lorencia? Easy! We are not using lorencia map at all. • New unique starting map: The Lost Fortress: • New unique Excellent options, Pink options, Harmony options, Socket options and bonus: • Extended party system with 10 people allowed. Buffs appear too: • Unique Talisman system and custom X Shop: • Battle Ground Event (Team vs Team) on new custom map, with kill statistics after finish and custom rewards: And Also: • No reflect animation in PvP. • Damage reflection turned off almost everywhere, except summoner skills and wings. • Rage Fighter visual damage fixed. • Farm Silver (custom currency), WCoinP for free from regular monsters and boss monsters. • You are able to make Full option +15 items in-game for free with Jewel of Excellent, Nature, Socket, Ancient etc. • You are able to make Full option +15 wings in-game with same jewels. • Advanced HP, SD bars with GR, Reset and Level. • New full ancient sets: Hurricane, Red Spirit, Dark Master, Piercing, Dark Soul, Great Dragon, Demonic. • 4th custom wings with custom effects. (5th will be added soon). • Master skill tree 95% reworked for PvP server with 50000 stats. Almost all values in percents. • Party automatically allowed. • Multi warehouses. (/ware 0-5). • 10-16 monsters on every spot. • Monster spawn every second. • Offtrade with Silver, WcoinP or jewels. • You can find more useful info about talisman system here: CLICK CASTLE SIEGE: • You are able to make 2-5 excellent option items from Senior in castle. (for castle owners). • New easy recipe to make items from Senior. (you dont need 30 jewel of guardian anymore). • You can take zen from castle per one time. • You can gain Silver from spots in Land of Trial. RESETS: • NPC for reset is located in the Lost Fortress (136, 143) • Zen for reset: 2.000.000 * reset count. • From 10+ reset you need Jewel of Soul for every reset. GRAND RESETS: • NPC for grand reset is located in the Lost Fortress (130, 165) • Zen for reset: 50.000.000 * grand reset count. AVAILABLE COMMANDS: /ware 0-4 - select warehouse. /autoparty 0/1 - auto accept party. /ms_reset - Master Skill Tree reset. /ci - inventoty cleaning. /resetpk - reset your PK level. /offtrade wcoin /offtrade soul /offtrade excellent /offtrade nature /offtrade socket /offtrade ancient /offtrade silver /partyleader "Player Name" - make someone else the party leader. CONTACTS: Skype: xmuonline1
  17.[/img][/img] MU Hampshire Online Season XII Exp. 700x Drop. 65%[/img] 65% Machine Box[/img] - All Events Working.[/img] /addstr /addagi /addene /addvit /reset[/img]
  18. CALLING ALL MU LOVER "CYBER MU SEASON 6: EPISODE 3" NOT PAY2WINKITA KITS NALANG SA GAME, ACTIVE GMS, ADMIN. WITH EVENTS AND LOTS MORE!JOIN NOW, AND BE THE CYBER MU FAMILY!GOOD CASTLE SIEGE WITH BALANCE CHARACTER!"WITH LOTS OF FRIENDS OUT THERE, WAITING FOR YOU!FOREIGNERS ARE WELCOME, COME AND JOIN US!COME NOW! LINK BELOW! OR CLICK HERE >>> CLICK ME FOR THE LINK⚜️❇️••Cyber Mu••❇️⚜️🔸🔸 Season 6 Ep 3 🔸🔸🇵🇭Looking for server that No Pay To win ⁉️🎉🎊this is the server that your looking for🎊🎉⚔️Experience 5000✖️🔺Max Stats32767🔺🔰All class combo✅🔱Free full stats🔱⚔️Max Lvl 400⚔️⚔️Max ML lvl 400⚔️🔘Max Socket Slot 3 🔘🔹Balance PVP🔹🔹Balanxe PVE🔹🔶Offtrade✅ /store soul/bless/chaos/credits/wcoins/❇️Reset Reward❇️🌀Freebies Credits FullGear T1 or your choice or S4 with socket of your choice🌀⚜️ComboBase⚜️🔱🔱All class combo 😱😱😱🚨🚨🚨🔱🔱🔱BM🌀SM🌀ELF🌀SUM🌀MG🌀DL🌀RF🔱❌❌❌NO BIAS❌❌❌🌀🌀🌀🌀🌀🌀🌀🌀🌀🌀🔰Command🔰↙️/addstr↙️/addagi↙️/addvit↙️/addene↙️/addcmd↙️/pk↙️/reset↙️/mreset✅/remaster↙️/evo↙️/zen 9999999🌀🌀🌀🌀🌀🌀🌀🌀🌀🌀🌀🔶✳️Download Link🚨🚨⬇️⬇️⬇️🔴📣🔈🔊Group Link 🚨🚨⬇️⬇️⬇️👁?🗨👁?🗨👁?🗨Page Link🚨🚨⬇️⬇️⬇️🔺🔺🔺📣📣Reset Reward 🚨🚨🚨🚨🔺🔺🔺⚔️⚔️100Reset= +15 costume Wing FO😱😱😱🔱🔱🔱📣1Grand Reset=Ultimate rewardTier1 + 15 with YO 😱🚨🚨🚨🔶+4TH wing +15 FO+10k creits 🖊➕➕➕➕➕➕➕Jewels🔹🔹🔹⚜️⚜️🔱End More Come and join Now🔱⚜️⚜️
  19. Undead MU, founded in 2018, is one of the most stable servers around for MU Online with a great population. We enable players to enjoy their free time in one great community and server through the game MU Online.Basic info and Features:Version: Season 3 Episode 1 modified and 99% BuglessSecurity: Game Protected by unique proprietary anti-cheating software withadvanced anti-dupe system. Community: Guilds, events, tournaments, castle siege, wars and a dynamic in-game economy Population: Hunderts of active players in-game and on forum at any time of the day Servers: ▪ Server 1 (Balanced PVP - All classes usable) ▪ Siege (Classic PVP) Stability: Servers are always online with only a few minutes of maintenance (pre-announced) Website: Feature rich, yet simple and user friendly website Rates: ▪ Experience: 9999999X ▪ Drops: 100% ▪ Chaos Machine: 100% ▪ Jewels: 100% Shops: Box of Kundun +1, +2, +3, +4, +5 / Wings / Jewels in NPCs Bless Zen Bug Enabled: buy and sell Jewel of Bless in NPC to get Zen. Daily GM Events, Support and many interesting tournaments In-Game. Warehouse System - We offer up to 2 Extra Vaults in order to store much more items via your Web User Panel than usual and it's free of charge. In-Game Reset System - Get your Level Reset completed in-game by warping Lorencia Map and use to type /reset and earn extra Credits for every Grand Reset to be used in the WebShop where everyone is allowed to spend Credits for Items + Full Options. Vote System - Vote for Us and Get Rewarded! Online Time Trade - As much as you stay online in-game, the more credits you earn from this function! Add Stats Command - Level Up Points adding in-game by command without need for switch character or relog. Your stats is added in real time.(/addstr, /addagi, /addvit, /addene, /addcom | Example, Press Enter in-game and type the following text: /addstr 5000 and 5000 points will be added to Strength) Easy/fun game-play without lags, bugs or cheats, constant updates and improves with professional developers behind the server. 24/7 Online Dedicated Server. 24/7 Support Service. E-mail Ticket service Very friendly and active community. We hope you will give Undead MU a try and we guarantee you will love it here if you search for a long term, high rate server that will still be here in years to come from now on. Undead Mu is the best place to play MU Online with your friends or make new one. The best private server for MU online in the internet. In our server Wipes are not existing.This means even after you come back after a few years, your characters and items will still be here and ready for action. Register now and download the game!
  20. About PeaceMu Online . The X50 Server will officially open on the 3rd of February! We are excited for everyone to come and experience, and play, and most of all to enjoy! We have made this server from our own vision of Mu Online, we have and will continue to examine every single aspect of the server, we will leave no stone unturned when it comes to creating and configuring the best possible server for you to play! We are players who care deeply about this game, so much thought has been given to how each class can enhance the gameplay, every class has its uses and all have been made enjoyable to play. We feel the most Important thing to say here about our server is that every detail has been examined, considered and then configured, to give the best possible gameplay... the most enjoyment.. and the most gratifying results possible, mobs have been calibrated, classes have been balanced, drops have been adjusted, Bosses tested, Events perfected to give you the player, a MU experience that you can share with your friends, make new friends, and we guarantee you won't forget! Join now and you won't regret this! . Events are spread throughout the 24 hours so people from all corners of the world get a chance at events. Each event's rewards are configured and remade with using monsters with more powerful abilitys. Nightmare respawns 24 hours after its been killed, from him drops 1 item 380lvl. To get to him you need to firstly kill the Maya Hands, from them drops random excellent or non-excellent items. One of strongest Bosses in PeaceMu is Kundun he has a 12 hour respawn and drops 3 items with 100% chance to get ancient items! The only boss in here that drops socket items is Selupan, who spawns in LaCleon Hatchery. Golden Invasion spawns in almost all PeaceMu maps, each golden monster has its own abilities and drops. Ofc stronger goldens will drop better rewards! Similar to Golden Invasion we have Dragon Invasion where similar monsters spawn in few of maps and they drop 1 ancient with spawn time in 4 different time slots! Medusa as the strongest boss drops 3 items 380lvl same as Balgass from Crywolf Fortress event, where any player can join weekly, Crywolf Event takes place at 14.00 on Sunday. Castle Siege winners will get rewarded with use of the map Land of Trail, Erohim spawns here every 12 hours, Erohim drops are 50% chance to get excellent item and 50% chance socket item. Master class will be rewarded with SkillTree, Master Chaos Castle, where the drop is 100% ancients, and Master Blood Castle with 20% excellent Archangel weapon drop and 80% non-excellent Archangel weapon/chaos assembly drop. Castle Deep Event is held in the Valley of Loren and will be at 20.00 daily! Battle hordes of monsters until Erohim appears kill him and be rewarded 50% chance to get excellent item and 50% chance socket item. . As well know it takes time to create a balance, been testing all 7 classes to be more like in balance. Ofc there will be some differences in late game, mid game and first few resets. More about PeaceMu balance, which have been keep tested and remade many times. Few classes haven't been change from OBT, but we have been changed spells and buffs for them. It's all about strategy and best gear. Rage Fighter has different builds in and out. Physical dmg for rf are based on str/vit 23.65/76.35, so vit will effect more mid game, than other class will do with other builds. Skills are build for each build and calculated for late pvp game. Str will effect late game with attack success rate going till sky high. DPS for late game and mid game are limited by skills cool-down, but damage stay huge as it should be. Most spells hits from 3 - 5 per cast. Dragon roar in mid game will be about +15% better than Dark Side, since Dark Side have 4 stats whats effect dmg, but dragon roar have 3. As well know Summoner, second female and unique class with her debuffs, reflection and great dmg with berserker. This class use magic dmg, which effect verses melee classes. Berserker increase damage most of any PeaceMu buffs, as well decrease defense. Summoner owns all mid game since berserker % grow reset by reset, but his defense get lower because his defense are low and more even with berserker. Most deadliest are cursed pvp and pve, since they can bypass mana shield. Reflection will rush other classes to add more vitality since you can get back your own damage after damaged summoner with reflection! This buff can increase till 75%, can be increased with set options as well. Magic Gladiator as warriors who combine spells and swords, bringing both to rush in game beginning and mid game. These class arsenal includes abilities of both the dark knight and dark wizard classes. Class will own all class in DPS by his speed. Magic Gladiator got constant skill damage 200% from very first moment. Use his own skills as well along with dk and dw abilities. Fire Slash is so fast it creates fire in mid-air, decrease enemies defense. Also uses skill Power Slash with str build. Great class to compete in event such Castle Siege or Chaos Castle. Dark Lord have ability to command his pets. Horse can cast a destructive war stomp which cases tremendous damage and knocks opponents back. Assumed this class to be tank class in PeaceMu similar like Dark Knight, which holds battle front in wars. Dark Lord uses str and ene to increase his damage, similar to Dark Knight. Str increase base dmg, but ene increase skill dmg % and magic dmg what effects during casts. . Resets are a great way to gain some Coins while enjoying the game environment with other players from around the world. As a player you can make resets with your character, and be rewarded with Coins for each set of resets made. Experiencing your character in game will give you resets, which in turn gives you more stat points, and better gear, allowing you to level in better spots, and with better parties, which creates better game-play for quicker resets. Time spent in game while making these resets also gives a hidden bonus to players, as you can also exchange these online hours for coins through our website system. Every 10th reset will result in a players account receiving a reward. Each character can achieve 100 resets. After the 100th reset a character will be awarded with total stat points, plus the stat points gained in the last reset. As the game continues, Grand Reset is the next step for your character to continue his journey, to Grand Reset your character requires 100 resets level 400 and 400'000'00 Zen. Grand Reset Bonus will be 5 000 coins and 500 gold coins and 50 000 stat points, which will be adjusted for future resets. PeaceMu Online Website: PeaceMu Online homepage Our Community: PeaceMu Online Forum Registration: Sign Up! Downloads: Start to play! Game Screenshots
  21. Server x1000 OPENING on AUGUST 24 at 15:00 (Server Time UTC +2) Website: Forum: Game Guides: Information about x1000 server: Version: Premium Season 9 Experience: 1000 Drop: 35 Maximum Stats: 32767 Points Per Level: 5/7/7 Master Level exp: 500 Master Level Points: 2 Bonus extra exp in BC Event + 100x Bonus extra exp in DS Event + 200x Gremory Case Open with button K Losttower 1-7, Karutan 1 maps are NON PVP Command /pkclear Price 3 kk * kill count Summoner, MG, RF, DL Create Level: 1 Cash Shop System Auto Party System Auto Reconnect System Muun System Off-trade System Pandora Mining System Bonus Event System Configured event rewards Monsters per spot 6-8 Reset System: Reset level: 400 After reset: stats clear (burns) Reset free points BK, SM, ELF, SUM: 700 * Resets Reset free points MG, DL, RF: 800 * Resets Reset reward: 20 Credits Reset limit: 80 Reset Zen: 1 000 000 (1kk) * resets All stats 1000 after first reset Grand Reset System: Grand reset from: 80 resets Grand reset reward: 21000 Credits Grand Reset Stat Points: 3000 * GR Count Grand Reset Limit: No Limit Grand reset Zen: 500000000 (500kk) Web Itemshop Limits: Maximum Item Level: +11 (make up to +15 only in game) Maximum Addition Defense: +16 (make up to +28 only in game) Maximum Excellent Options to Buy: 3 Maximum Socket Options to Buy: 3 Excellent + Socket Items: ON (3 socket and 2 empty) Ancient + Excellent Items: ON (the same can get in game) Harmony + Ancient Items: OFF (can put in game) Website features: Market system: (sell items for credits, wcoins, jewels, zen) Vote reward system: (get credits by voting for us every 12 hours) Online hours system: (get credits being online while play) Referral system: (get credits by referring others to join game) Zen wallet system: (transfer zen to website zen bank) Web warehouse: (transfer items to web warehouse, unlimited space) Exchange wcoins: (Use wcoins to buy seal buffs, pets, more) Change name: (change character nick name) Hidden info: (Hide information, location from others) Clear skill tree: (clear your skill tree points placed) Clear inventory: (clear character inventory) In-game commands: Standard commands: /post <message>, /addstr, /addagi, /addvit, /addene, /addcmd <points_count>, /pkclear, /war <guild_name>, /battlesoccer <guild_name>, /requests <on|off>. Marry system: /prop <player_name>, /accept, /teleport, /divorce. Optional commands: /dcfriend <player_name> <password>, /setparty <password>, /offtrade, /ware <ware_number> Gameplay Information: Balanced Character Classes, Balanced PVP and PVM, Balanced Party Experience, All normal monsters power are Increased, Golden and Boss monsters power increased, Mu Helper can start use from level 20, Mu Helper costs 200 Zen * Level, Guild can be created from level 400, Get 10 Goblin Points every 10 minutes, Get 15 Wcoins if become an Event winner: BC, DS, CC, IT and Doppelganger, Get 1 wcoin per every hunted Gold Rabbit: Kanturu Ruins, Aida, Tarkan, Lost Tower, Atlans, Get WareRabbit Egg from Moon Rabbits: Find them in Lor, Dev, Noria and Elveland, Level 380 / 400 items can wear from level 1, Battle Maps Experience Increase + 20% Get conqueror badge from Golden Erohim, Kundun, Tantalos, Only Seal of Healing exp buff available in xshop, no others. More information read and discuss on our Website and Forum! Welcome!
  22.[/img] Website: Server information Exp Rates Exp: x9999 Master Exp: x9999 Quest Exp: x9999 Drop Rates General Drop Rate: 100% Exc Drop Rate: 500x Items With Luck Drop Rate: 50% Items With Skill Drop Rate: 50% Exc Items With Luck Drop Rate: 50% Exc Items With Skill Drop Rate: 50% Boxes Drop Rate: 150x CHARACTERS: BK-SM-MG-DL-ELF-SUM-RF & GROW LANCER ALL CHARACTERS CREATION LEVEL : 1 [AT START] Max Stats : 32767 Max Level : 400 Max Master Level : 420 Master Skill Per/Level : 1 MAX EXCELLENT OPT : 9 SOCKET ITEMS : NON-EXCELLENT MAX SOCKET COUNT : 5 MAX SEED SPHERE LEVEL : 10 LUCKY ITEMS : Exc+Ancient ANCIENT ITEMS : Exc+Ancient 380 ITEMS : Excellent NORMAL BLOODANGEL ITEMS : EXCELLENT ACCIENT BLOODANGEL ITEMS : Exc+Ancient ANCIENT DARK ANGEL ITEM : Exc+Ancient ANCIENT HOLY ANGEL ITEMS : Exc+Ancient New Socket/380 Items For : Rage Fighter And Grow Lancer Max Reset : 9999 Max Grand Reset : 9999 Grand Reset Req: 25 = Tcoins Party EXP 2 players - 9000% Exp Bonus 3 players - 9000%Exp Bonus 4 players - 9000% Exp Bonus 5 players - 9000% Exp Bonus different classes in the same party 3 players - 9000% Exp Bonus 4 players - 9000% Exp Bonus 5 players - 9000% Exp Bonus Jewel Rates Soul: 80% Soul With Luck : 100% Life: 80% Harmony: 100% Mixing Rates +10: 100% +11: 100% +12: 100% +13: 100% +14: 100% +15: 100% Items With Luck: +25% Enhanced +10: 100% Enhanced +11: 100% Enhanced +12: 100% Enhanced +13: 100% Enhanced +14: 100% Enhanced +15: 100% Enhanced Items With Luck: +25% +10 With Socket: 100% +11 With Socket: 100% +12 With Socket: 100% +13 With Socket: 100% +14 With Socket: 100% +15 With Socket: 100% Socket Items With Luck: +25% Pentagram +10: 100% Pentagram +11: 100% Pentagram +12: 100% Pentagram +13: 100% Pentagram +14: 100% Pentagram +15: 100% Pentagram Items With Luck: +25% Feather Of Condor: 100% Wings Level 2: 100% Wings Level 2.5: 100% Wings Level 3: 100% Cape Of Lord: 100% Weapons With Socket Option: 100% Extended Gens System System Auto Party System Bots System Cash Shop Gift System Cancel Item Sale Chaos Machine System Event Inventory Evenom Extended Inventory Extended Ware House Gens System Germony Case System Mass Combination System Mini Map Tags Mu Helper Mu Roomy Muun System Offline Trading Party And Guild Matching System Pandora Jewels And Mining System Pets System Play Guide In Game System Ruud Shop And Ruud Currency And Much Much More! Spots And More Mu Helper: From Level 80 (300 Zen * Players Level) Spots: on every maps specially in Arena Monster Reg Time: 2 Seconds (Over 400 Monsters) List Of Events In Game (Activated) Acheron Guardian Arca Battle Attack Event Battle Soccer Bonus Event Blood Castle Castle Siege Chaos Castle Cherry Blossom Christmas Invasion Core Magriffy Boss Crywolf Devil Square Double Goer (Doppel Ganger) Dragon Invasion Egg (monster drop) Event Evolution Monster System Halloween Event Golden Invasion White Wizard Invasion Raklion of Hatchery Event Rabbit Invasion Santa Claus Event Medusa Event Loren Deep Event Last Man Standing Kanturu (Maya) Kalima (Kundun) Imperial Fortress (Guardian) Illusion Temple Renewal Season 12 Episode 2 Key features and changes overview -New Map Ferea and monsters -Ferea Battle event (Lord of Ferea) -Nixie Battle event (Knicks) -Dark Angel Items, Options & Combination -Blood Angel weapons, Options & Combination -Upgraded Archangel weapons and new skills support -Upgraded Archangel Weapons mix -New extended character statistic C window -New remade Errtel Upgrade mix -New Socket Items -Extension of Seed Sphere levels -Extension of Socket Bonus Options -New Socket Item Upgrade Mix -New Seed Extract Mix -New Seed Sphere Composite Mix -New Set Seed Sphere Mix -New Unsocket Seed Sphere Mix -New Seed Sphere Upgrade Mix -Removed Seed Researcher NPC -New Pentagrams and options -Hunting Log -New Nixie Lake Map and monsters -Holy Angel Items Options & Combination -Dual Class Sealed Mastery Items & Combination -Sealed Blood Angel Item combination using Blood Angel Spirit (Hero) (Makes Items +11) -Quiver (enhanced arrows) -New Socket combination for Socket items with 4 slots or more - Reduce socket slot. -Dark Spirit improvement -Master Conversion Order forms -Max Master Level 420 and many more.. Commands /offtrade - Personal store offline mode /post - can be use from lvl 50 and its cost 100k zen /requests - allows you to enable/disable requests /setparty - allows you to set password to your party /add str,agi,vit,ene,cmd - allows you to add specific amount of points /prop - allows you to send a wedding proposal /accept - allows you to accept wedding proposal /teleport - allows you to teleport to your spouse /war - allows you to start a guild war /endwar - allows you to end active guild war /battlesoccer - allows you to invite guild to a soccer /socstop - allows you to stop a soccer game /gpost - can be use from lvl 50 and its cost 500k zen /online - allows to check how many online players are in game /pkclear - allows player to clean his pk status and costs 25m /dcfriend - allows to disconnect someones account if you know their password /srvinfo - shows general information about the server /charinfo - shows general information of the player /ZXCinvclearZXC - deletes all items and zen be careful using this command! /ware1 - switch vaults from 1-10 Security Built In Anti Hack Built In Anti Dupe System Anti Flood Connection Limiter Packets Queue Packet Counter Limiter File Check Sum (CRC) Attack Distance Check Safe Zone Attack Distance Checker Account Lock System Log System For Each Move Or Action In Game Hyper Threading Screen shots[/img][/img][/img][/img]