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  1. Server Website: Server Version: 97d+99i Server Experience: 999x Server Drop Rate: 40% Bless Bug: OFF Maximum Level: 350 Stat Points Per Level: BK/SM/ME - 5 MG - 7 Max Stats: 32767 Create Guild Level: 351 [Not working for now, later will be work for credits] Maximum Members in Guild: 20 Character Delete Minimum Level: 40 Max Item Level: +11+28 Reset Level: 350 Points Bonus After Reset: 2000 Until 35 Resets: / Reset Cost: 50 Mil after 35 resets require 2 Jewel Of Chaos Clear PK Zen Cost: 100 Mil x PK Level Keep Stats After Reset?: Yes Reset Reward: 1 Credit Grand Reset FROM: 75 Resets / Price: 50 mil zen, required: 5 Jewel of Soul / BURN STATS / BONUS 10000 POINTSxGrandReset Count / 2GRR = 20000 points and etc.. Grand Reset Reward: 30 Credits Item duration on the floor: 60 second Item dropped by other players can be picked up after: 30 seconds Zen duration on the floor: 30 seconds Healing Potions Drink Delay: 0.5 seconds Mana Potions Drink Delay: 0.5 seconds Maximum +2 OPT from Excellent Items Drop LIKE +1-5 Kundun Advanced Quest System (not working for now, as soon as possible will be work!) Server Events: BC / DS / Party Bonus / Lucky Jewels / Golden Invasions Devil Square as always every 60 minutes Blood Castle as always every 60 minutes Party Bonus: Every day at 12:00h for 30 minutes Party Bonus Experience: +100 Lucky Jewels: Every day at 19:00h for 30 minutes Lucky Jewels Bonus Success Rate: 5% Lucky Events work only for: Jewel Of Soul and Jewel Of Life Golden Invasions: Every 1 hour KUNDUN DROP: +Luck/Skill -Luck/Skill (RANDOM) MAX+2 Option Box Of Kundun+1 Items: Leather Set, Pad Set, Vine Set, Rapier Sword, Skull Staff, Fairy Bow, Round Shield, Double Axe, Angelic Staff, Buckler Shield, Battle Bow, Ring of Poison, Pendant Of Lightining Box Of Kundun+2 Items: Bone Set, Silk Set, Scale Set, Lightining Staff, Blade, Tiger Bow, Kris, Plate Shield, Skull Shield, Fairy Shield, Ring Of Ice, Pendant Of Fire Box Of Kundun+3 Items: Brass Set, Sphinx Set, Wind Set, Double Blade, Elemental Mace, Light Bow, Serpent Staff Box Of Kundun+4 Items: Plate Set, Legendary Set, Spirit Set, Dark Phoenix Set, Lightining Sword, Crystal Sword, Legendary Staff, Legendary Crossbow, Bronze Shield, Legendary Shield, Elemental Shield Box Of Kundun+5 Items: Dragon Set, Grand Soul Set, Guardian Set, Unicorn Set, Black Dragon Set, Destruction Sword, Chaos Dragon Axe, Resurrection Staff, Dragon Crossbow New Characters Bonus Points: 999 New Characters Bonus Zen: 1,000,000 Success Rates: Jewel of Soul Success Rate (No Luck): 65% Jewel of Soul Success Rate (With Luck): 80% Jewel of Life Success Rate: 85% Item +10 Success Rate (No Luck): 75% Item +11 Success Rate (No Luck): 70% Item +10 Success Rate (With Luck): 80% Item +11 Success Rate (With Luck): 75% Wings 1 Level Max Success Rate: 100% / Chaos Dragon Axe+4 opt and 1 Jewel Of Chaos Wings 2 Level Max Success Rate: 50% / Blue Feather, Jewel of Chaos and EXE Item +4 opt Dinorant Success Rate: 60% / 10 Unila and 1 Jewel of Chaos (Wings combining is bugged and is always 50% doesn't matter if combined on 13% or 90%) Also our server has Poker System that is build in website or you can find here: To Play Poker, you need to exchange your credits into dollars $ where you can find at our server webshop / 1 Credit you can exchange for 1000$ Poker Money and play together with server players and win more credits. If you win more money, later you can exchange $ for servers credits and then buy some items for that. Server Commands: /reset - Quickly Reset Character in Game /grandreset - Quickly GrandReset Character in Game /pkclear - Quickly PKClear Character in Game /resetskills - Clear your Character Skills /marry <name> - Marry in Davias Church 209/16 | 210/16 Cost: 100M /accept - Accepts when someone offers to marry you. /tracemarry - Trace to your wife / husband (Cooldown: 15 Sec) /divorce - Removes your marriage /post - Post a global message. Cost: 1,000,000 Zen /questinfo - Shows what kind of quest you have /charinfo - Shows your resets, grand resets, marry and VIP status /exit - Exit from the game (force disconnect) /time - Shows server current time /clearinventory - Deletes all items in inventory, without equipped items /party - join to party /guild join a guild /addstr - To add Strenght in Game (Example: /addstr 100) /addagi - To add Agility in Game (Example: /addagi 100) /addvit - To add Vitality in Game (Example: /addvit 100) /addene - To add Energy in Game (Example: /addene 100) /reset - To make Reset in Game /war <guild name> - Request a war with a guild /soccer <guild name> - Request a soccer with a guild /re (on/off) - Toggles requests for deals, party and trade on and off /ping - Shows your current ping to the server /online - Shows currently online players and game masters /vault - [1,2,3] Increase your vault space.. Server /move Commands: Cost: 1,000,000 Zen /move l or /move lorencia - Lorencia Map from 50 level /move d or /move davias - Davias Map from 50 level /move d2 or /move davias2 - Davias Castle 25 25 from 50 level /move d3 or /move davias3 - Davias Castle 225 225 from 50 level /move n or /move noria - Noria Map from 50 level /move dungeon - Dungeon Map from 50 level /move dungeon2 - Dungeon Map from 60 level /move dungeon3 - Dungeon Map from 60 level /move a or /move atlans - Atlans Map /move a2 or /move atlans2 - Atlans Map 2 /move a3 or /move atlans3 - Atlans Map 3 /move losttower 2,3,4,5,6 - Losttower Maps (2-6) from 100 level /move lt7 or /move losttower7 - Losttower7 Map from 120 level /move t or /move tarkan - Tarkan Map from 140 level /move t2 or /move tarkan2 - Tarkan Map 2 from 150 level /move i or /move icarus - Icarus Map from 180 level /move i2 or /move icarus2 - Icarus Map 2 from 200 level Custom /move Commands: /move s or /move stadium - Stadium ARENA from 150 level /move bar - Lorencia Bar 125 125 koordinates from 50 level /move bank - Lorencia Bank Teleport 148 110 koordinates from 50 level
  2. Hi and Welcome to PlayZoneMU's Advertisement Thread. PlayZoneMU WebPage | Sign UP | Download MU Client Server Information: Server Version: 99.62T/1.01N Server Experience: 9999xp Item Drop: 60% Monster HP: 100% Bless Bug: ON Level Reset: 400 Points per Level: 5/7 Keep Stats: Keep Box in Shop: +1,+2,+3,+4 Starting Points: 0 Starting Zen: 0 NON PVP Maps: Lorencia, Noria, Devias Commands: /post, /add (str,agi,vit,ene,cmd), /reset, /pkclear SERVER IS NOW ONLINE Server Events: Blood Castle Devil Square Chaos Castle Golden Dragon Invasion Red Dragon Invasion Skeletons White Wizard Quest System SkyEvent Castle Siege Happy Hour Happy Level UP Kalima Event Sucess Rates: Jewel of Bless: 100% Jewel of Soul: 100% Jewel of Life: 100% +10 Item Combination: 100% +11 Item Combination: 100% +12 Item Combination: 100% +13 Item Combination: 100% 1 Level Wings: 100% 2 Level Wings: 100%
  3. We are glad to have announced for you an excellent service and our brand new vision of the mu online. Please welcome - MuxGlobal MUXGLOBAL Pandora x100 - A time of new discovers of Mu Online! The next chapter in the cycle of our new concept. Action medium rate server on our unique Arkania Episode 4 build. This time we have went even further and we have removed from the Shop, not only 3rd and 4th wings, but also all special pets. Demon, Spirit of Guardian, Shadowmere and Golden Fenrir are not anymore sold in the Shop, but they have their in-game substitutes:Hellion, Seraph and Elite Horse. Now you can craft your own special pet. And as before, you won’t be able to find any set items in the shop as well. You will have to collected exclusively by available gaming methods - fighting for bosses and trading with other players. Chance of looting items with 4 Excellent options and a wide range of available Ancient sets will make the process of assembling your perfect set truly captivating. One of the distinguishing features of the server is the new system - Guild Quests. Every week, all guilds on the server will receive a task - it can be killing certain monsters, bosses, attending events, completing quests and much more. 7 days will be given to complete the task, at the end of 7 day season, all members of the guild will be rewarded with Excellent items and extra Guild Buff. Full information about Guild Quests is available here. Consecutive in-game Quest System with more than 280 missions. For competing tasks you receive Zen, Cash points, Jewels, loot boxes, level-ups and additional stat points. The total amount of stat points, which you will be able to get after completing all quests is over 13 000. Stat points obtained in the quest system do not disappear with the resets, that means, the more quests you complete, the stronger your character becomes permanently. To prevent most active players from breaking forward from the main bulk of players - quests are becoming available gradually. Initially, there are 100 quests available on the server - up to the first significant Golden Dragon boss. When first 10 players successfully complete first 100 tasks, another 20 become available, until the next boss. When 10 people perform 120 quests, 20 more will be added and so on. Reset limitations – additional chance for the less hardcore players to not fall out of the reset race. This system has 3 stages: 15 players are needed to complete 25 resets. 10 players are needed to complete 50 resets. 5 players are needed to complete 75, 80, 85, 90, 95, 100 resets. The maximum number of people in a guild will be significantly smaller than we are used to. Ordinary characters can hold a clan of 20 people, Dark Lord - 25. The idea is to sustain a multilateral competition and clan wars. The first Castle Siege on the server will take place on Sunday 2 December at 19:00. Crywolf event will take place each Wednesday at 21:30 PK restrictions on locations: Locations Lost tower, Aida - Non-PvP, here you can not kill other players. Locations Lost tower, Atlans, Tarkan, Icarus, Aida, Kanturu - teleporting with the help of DL Summon skill is forbidden if you have 10 or more kills. Locations Arkania, Atlans, Tarkan, Icarus, Aida, Kanturu - unable to kill other players if you have 25 or more kills. Locations Dungeon, Valley of Loren and Crywolf - Free PvP, there are no penalties for killing players. Location Bless Arena - the most insecure place in the game world, PK is welcomed. Donate limitations; these items will never be on sale: All special pets (Demon, Spirit of Guardian, Shadowmere, Golden Fenrir). Wings 3 and 4 level. Sets (Helms, Armors, Pants, Gloves, Boots). Power Buff and additional stats from the website will be unavailable for several days after launch. These services will become available on 5 November. No separate VIP server and no service to level up items with a 100% chance of success using fruits. Game Version: Arkania Episode 4 (season 3 modified) Experience: Dynamic x100 Item Drop Rate: 50% Maximum Level: 400 Maximum Reset: 100 Points per level normal: 5 Points per level MG & DL: 7 Reset type: Reset Stats Castle Siege: Sundays Stat limitation: 32 767 After global cataclysm of the mu continent, your charсter will be starting in Arkania. Now Ruined Lorencia, Jungle Noria and Snowstorm Devias are much more dangerous than early 1. Only for you several game worlds, with different types of difficulty (in future). 2. FULL HD game client, that don't have any analogs in the world. 3. Unique reset system, dynamic experience, builds and grand resets. 4. Consecutive quest system. 5. New maps, items and monsters. 6. Team Deathmatch event where you can get donate bonuses. 7. A lots of unique ratings to get donate bonuses. 8. In-game lottery system with very high prizes. 9. Convenient web market of characters that you can sell for donate bonuses. 10. Online players support, which will always help you. 11. Administration for extra payment can get your lost items back, if it was your fault and only items that you bought from us. 12. Brand new buff, that buff have extra 400 levels of different stages, that improve your fighting abilities. 13. Unique achievements system, from that system you can get donate bonuses and improving you buff level. 14. Powerful protection from cheaters, best among other analogues. 15. Special multilevel system of ancient sets. 16. Web-market for selling and buying good for donate bonuses in-game currency. 17. Tax system, that allows to collect tribute for owners of LOT of all the trading on web-market. 18. Unique VIP server that gives the ability to achieve more in the shortest possible time. 19. More than 20 web services on the site. 20. More than 10 possible ways to get donate bonuses without donate. For all beginners we have special "MUX world features" guide. Please read it Participate in our bonuses giveaway events! Bonuses for Facebook share Bonuses for Guild Master
  4. DestroyMU™ - Season3 Episode1 - Experience 5000x - WWW.DESTROYMU.COM# GAME SERVER RATES #• Max Level : 400 • Exp : 5000x • Drops : 95% • Jewels : 100% • Bless Bug : ON # CHAOS MACHINE COMBINATION RATE # • (C.Mix) Chaos Weapon Rate: 100% • (C.Mix) First Wings Rate: 100% • (C.Mix) Second Wings Rate:100% • (C.Mix) Second Wings Exe Rate: 100% • (C.Mix) Cape Of Lord Rate: 100% • (C.Mix) Third Wings Rate: 98% • (C.Mix) Third Wings Exe Rate: 98% • (c.UP) Upgrade +10 Level Rate: 100% • (c.UP) Upgrade +11 Level Rate: 100% • (c.UP) Upgrade +12 Level Rate: 99% • (c.UP) Upgrade +13 Level Rate: 97% • (c.UP) Upgrade Items With LK : 99% • (C.Mix) Create Fenir Rate lvl1: 100% • (C.Mix) Create Fenir Rate lvl2: 99% • (C.Mix) Create Fenir Rate lvl3: 89% • (C.Mix) Create Fenir Rate lvl4: 99% • JewelOfHarmonyItemPurityMixRate: 100%# GAME PLAY FEATURES #• Server Nationality: European • Game Play Mode: P.v.P • Minimum Level for Reset: 400 • Pk Clear : Available • Party Leader reconnection • Ballanced Characters • Points per Level: Normal • Ancient + Excelent Items Available • Grand Restart : 100 Resets • Game Client Clean without viruses • All Agility Bugs Fixed. • Web Shop, Vote & Reward System, Online Hours Exchanging. • Box of Kundun +1 +2 +3 On NPC • Wings LvL 1-2-3 / Excellent Sets / Excellent Weapons On NPC • Daily / Weekly and Monthly events with great prizes in game • Castle Siege 100% Active and LOT With Prices • Very Big and Friendly Community Forums with active Staff members# SERVER GAME PLAY COMMANDS #/post -> Global message /addstr -> Add Points to Strength /addagi -> Add Points to Agility /addene -> Add Points to Energy /addcom -> Add Points to Command /addvit -> Add Points to Vitality /money [amount] -> zen incrase /marry [name] -> for marry with another charcater /pkclear -> Clear murderer status /reset - Reset your character from game. 400 level required. /request off -> Deny all requests from players. /request on -> Allow all requests from players.[video=youtube;wYnchqwKDJE][/video]• Because we like to make a nice and performant game play we will keep updating our AntiHack every 20 days , to do this we need all yo're support to improve the best ! We do keep scanning and improving our antihack system and we are getting help from our Premium AntiHack provider to fix the issues straight away. If you have eny problems with the Anti Hack System or eny questions , or if you just simply find softwares that they can compromise our game play , just give as a contact email and we will make clear for you ! Thank you for understanding . Best Regards ! DestroyMU Team
  5. is new private mu online gaming project. Server is based on S13 server files. Project is based on high experience settings, fast resets, and easy gear up style +a lot customs, and great features that makes server more exciting and less grinding. Server has build in in-game market system, so players can sell their items to other players in website, without being worried to be scammed in-game! Server will be opened on 6.April. Server location is Netherlands! Website: Registration: Forums: Server settings: Opening times: [UTC +2, 17.00-Poland] [UTC +8, 23.00-Philipines] [UTC -3 12.00-Argentina] Or check our count-back timer on top of website! Experience Normal: x5000 Master exp: x5000 Max option: +16 Soul + luck 95%, Without 70% Life: 70% Resets: Stats burns, Free 500 stats, +10 Credits each reset! Max level 920 (400 regular, 520 Master) Spots: Each map Party exp: Regular party 1-5 members 100% Exp! Set party: 3members: 115% Exp, 4 members: 112% Exp, 5 members: 125% Exp! Jewel rates: Soul +luck: 100%, Without luck:85% Jewel of life: 85% Guild create lvl: 250, Min request for alliance 10 members, max alliances 3 Post commands: /gpost 200k 400lvl Create all characters from 1 1vl (create DK, SM, or ELF to get access to others) Events Schedule/Plan Golden invasion: starting: 00: 45 (same time, every 2hours) Blood castle: 2x EXP, starting: 00: 20 (same time, every 2hours) Reward AA weapons, with 10% chance to get EXC and AA2lvl items! Devil Square: 2x EXP, starting: 01: 20 (same time, every 2hours) Chaos Castle: Every 3hours, starting: 00:05 Santa Event: 00:15, 06:15, 12:15, 18: 15 Silver/Golden boxes 10k/20k RUUD (drops randoms all maps) Offtrade: Enabled in Devias map only Season 13 Features! New map: Swamp of Darkness with great loot New Swamp of Darkness monsters New set items: Awakening Soul (Holy Angle item upgrade to Awakening Soul ancient items) New Awakening Soul chaos combination mix Enhancement fourth skill tree by debuff options Items division system Simplified material chaos combinations Fourth character evolution for all character class Fourth class quest Fourth Skill Tree Enhancement Renewal of third Skill Tree Deep Dungeon maps and monsters Changes to event entry levels General UI improvements MuHelper renewal Favourite Warps selection Guide Quest System Jeweler Bingo Mini-Game Removed special class warp benefits
  6. Hallo! On this Friday: 11.05 2018 We’re starting with Medium server Exp 500x We invite You to read the following publication! Experience 500x Drop : 35% Exp Master lvl 10x Max Master level: 200 Points Per Lvl: BK/SM/ELF/SUM &#8211; 5 Points RF/DL/MG &#8211; 7 Points Marlon Quest +1 Point per lvl Monster HP 100% Reset : 400 lvl Zen Cost for rr : 1kk*Reset Points for rr &#8211; 250/all class*Reset Zen Cost for GR: 2 000 000 000kk 1GR = +5000 Pkt / 2GR = +10 000 Pkt ... Guild Creation = 400lvl Maximum Players in Guild = 30 Maximum Guilds in Alliance = 2 Helper from lvl = 10 Max Connects on 1 IP = 3 DL/MG/RF = 250 lvl Summon = 1 lvl AutoReconnectSystem = Active BuffElf System until lvl = 300 Party Exp: Solo 100% Exp 2 Players = 150% Exp 3 Players = 160% Exp 4 Players = 170% Exp 5 Players = 185% Exp Class Party Bonus +10% Exp Goblin Chaos Machine +10 = 80% +11 = 75% +12 = 70% +13 = 60% +14 = 55% +15 = 45% Luck = 10% More Jewel Suckess Rate: Soul = 50% Soul + Luck = 60% Bless = 100% Life = 60% Ring Of Warrior 80 lvl: Droped Small wings / cape for all class. Silver Medal: Sets: Dragon , Legendary , Guardian etc (Lvl items +7 /+13) Gold Medal: Sets: Thunder , Divine , Black Dragon , GrandSoul etc( Lvl Items +7/+11) Jewel Of Life Jewel Of Soul Jewel of Bless Jewel Of Chaos Jewel of Creation Drop jewels item = 5% Box Of Heaven: 70% Chance = Money (Zen) 30% Chance = Jewels Box Of Kundun +1 Sets: Pad, Bone, Leather, Bronze, Vine, Silk, Violent Wing. Weapons/Shields: Kriss, Short Sword, Small Axe, Hand Axe, Rapier, Small Shield, Skull Staff, Short Bow, Cross Bow, Buckler, Large Round Shield, Kite Shield, Horn Shield, Sword of Assassin, Bow, Mystery Stick, Violent Wind Staff,Red Wing Staff. Pendant of Fire, Pendant of Ability, Pendant of Lighting, Pendant of Ice, Pendant of Wind, Pendant of Water, Ring of Fire, Ring of Earth, Ring of Wind, Ring of Magic, Ring of Ice, Ring of Poison. Box Of Kundun +2 Sets: Scale, Brass, Wind, Spirit, Sphinx, Red Wing. Weapons/Shields: Crescent Axe, Skull Shield, Katana, Blade, Falchion, Tomahawk, Double Axe, Flail, Great Hammer, Serpent Spear, Giant Trident, Dragon Lance, Tiger Bow, Battle Bow, Gorgon Staff, Thunder Staff, Serpent Staff, Angelic Staff, Buckler, Battle Scepter, Elven Shield, Elven bow, Gladius, Elven axe, Serpent sword, Sword of Salamander, Light Saber, Legendary Sword, Double blade, Nikkea axe, Spear, Double polaxe, Hallberd, Light spear, Berdysh, Great scythe, Serpent crossbow, Giant Trident, Serpent Spear, Dragon Lance. Box of Kundun +3 Sets: Plate, Dragon, Legendary, Guardian, Sacred Fire, Light Plate, Adaminte,Storm Crow, Ancient. Weapons/Shields: Sword of Destruction, Lightning Sword, Crystal Sword, Crystal Morning Star, Bronze Shield, Serpent Shield, Plate Shield, Chaos Nature Bow, Chaos Dragon Axe, Chaos Lighting Staff, Saint Crossbow, Larkan Axe, Master Scepter, Legendary Staff, Giant Sword, Bill of Barlog, Silver bow, Heliacal Sword, Ancient Staff, Book of Sahamutt, Great Reign Crossbow, Thunder Blade, Rune Blade. Box Of Kundun +4 Sets: Black Dragon, Dark Phoenix, Grand Soul, Divine, Thunder Hawk, Glorious, Dark Steel, Black Rose,Ashcrow,Eclipse,Iris,Valiant,Storm Jahad. Weapons/Shields: Dragon Soul Staff, Staff of Destruction, Black Rose Staff,Staff of Archangel, Sword of Archangel, Crossbow of Archangel, Dark Breaker, Lord Scepter, Legendary Shield, Celestial Bow, Grand Soul Shield, Divine Stick of the Archangel, Scepter of Archangel,Book Of Neil, Dark Reign Blade. Box of Kundun+5 Sets: Great Dragon, Dark Soul, Red Spirit, Hurricane, Dark Master, Piercing Grove. Weapons/Shields: Knight Blade, Dragon Spear, Chaos Dragon Shield, Elemental Shield, Elemental Mace, Kundun Staff, Great lord scepter, Albatross bow, Book of Ghost Phantom,Platina Staff, Arrow Viper Bow, Explosion Blade. Selupan: Only Socket Items Kundun on Kalima 7: All Ancient Sets 1 Kundun = 4 Ancient Items 80% = Ancient Items 10% = Jewel Bundles (20) 10% = Zen Rabbit: 80% Jewels 20% Zen Balagass: 20% Exelent Items 380 lvl 50% Normal items 380 lvl (+6/+9) 10% Zen 10% Jewel Bundles (30) 10% Fragment Of Horn Special Items: Dark Raven Spirit : Medium [Drop in Kanturu1/2/3] Dark Horse Spirit : Medium [Drop in Kanturu1/2/3] Gemstone : Medium [Drop in Kanturu 2/3/ Relics] Jewel of Guardian : Medium [Drop in LoT / Kalima] Jewel Of Chaos: Medium [All Maps] Jewel Of Soul: Medium [All Maps] Jewel of Life: Low [All Maps] Jewel of Creation: Low [All Maps] Feather: Low [Drop only Icarus] Crest: Low [Drop Icarus/Kanturu2] GemStone: Low [Only Kanturu2] IMP/Angels: Medium [All Maps] Happy Hours 7:00PM &#8211; 9:00 PM = 30% More Experience 15% More Drop Blood Castle Every 2 hours Devil Square Every 2 hours Kundun Kalima 7 Respawn Every 24 hours Selupan (Respawn Every 24 hours from when it is Killed ) Golden Invasion Every 4 hours (00:00)(4:00am)(8:00am)(12;00pm)(4;00Pm)(8;00pm) Golden Budge Dragon x4 Golden Dragon(Little) x3 Golden Soldier x3 Death King x3 Death Bone x2 Golden Goblin x3 Golden Rabbit x3 Golden Dragon x2 Golden Vepar x2 Golden Lizard x2 Golden Wheel x2 Golden Tantal x2 Golden Dark Knight x1 Golden Devil x1 Golden Stone Monster x1 Golden Crust x1 Golden Satyr x1 Golden Twin Tail x1 Golden Iron Knight x1 Golden Great Dragon = x1 (Droped 3x Bok) Only with VIP Account You can teleport to biggest Arena 125x More Exp 25% More Drop Jewel success Rate +20% If You read the entire publication, Thansk! If You have any questions or suggestions or would like to help in advertising the server, We’d like to invite You to our Facebook Page or our Forum. Also, We are looking for 2 Active players for GM position. Best Regards. See You on the server!
  7. GENERAL INFORMATION: Fresh start date: 05/05/2018 Website: Linkos MU Online Server name: Linkos MU Location: London, United Kingdom Version: 99b+ Experience: 60x Drops: 40% Bless bug: Off Max items level: +13 Monsters HP: 100% Points per level: 5/7 Points per reset: 500 Reset level: 300 Reset type: Reset stats Max stats: 32767 Max level: 400 Max resets: 999 Guild create level: 180 Dark Lord create level: 1 Magic Gladiator create level: 1 SUCCESS RATES: Jewel of Soul success rate: 60% Jewel of Soul success rate + Luck: 80% Jewel of Life success rate: 60% Item +10 success rate: 90% Item +11 success rate: 80% Item +12 success rate: 70% Item +13 success rate: 60% SERVER EVENTS: Blood Castle Devil Square Chaos Castle Golden Invasion Red Dragon Custom Quests Happy Hour Party Experience VIP System RED DRAGON BOSS INFORMATION: Locations: Dungeon, Atlans, Tarkan Respawn time: Every 3 hours AVAILABLE COMMANDS: /reset: Resets your character (Level 300 and 100,000,000 zen is required) /post [MSG] - Sends a global message to the server (Level 6 and 100 000 zen is required) /pkclear - Clears all your kills (10,000,000 Zen x Kills is required) /addstr [1-32000] - Adds point(s) to Strength (1,000,000 zen per use is required) /addagi [1-32000] - Adds point(s) to Agility (1,000,000 zen per use is required) /addvit [1-32000] - Adds point(s) to Vitality (1,000,000 zen per use is required) /addene [1-32000] - Adds point(s) to Energy (1,000,000 zen per use is required) /re off - Rejects all requests by other players /re on - Accepts all requests by other players /buyvip - Gives you VIP status (+10x bonus experience, requires 200 credits, valid for 48 hours) /vipinfo - Gives you information about your VIP status WEB SHOP INFORMATION: Donation currency: € (Euro) Web shop currency: Credits Item maximum excellent options: 2 Item maximum level: +9 Item maximum additional options: +16 FORUMS AND CONTACTS: Forums: Linkos MU Forums Facebook: Linkos MU on Facebook
  8. Introducing you to a brand new world of Mu. A server where you are promised to have fun at. Welcome to HorizonMU. Enjoy all the aspects of Mu with Season 12 Episode 2. All new accounts start with 7-days of free VIP subscription to get your character going. Come experience MuOnline the way it's meant to be with friendly/helpful/active & dedicated Staff Members. Here at HorizonMU you are promised to have fun so gather around, form your party - turn that into a guild and beat anything & anyone in every occasion. Every golden monster is counted as a boss monster. The same goes for every other boss monster as their defensives & health points has been increased significantly to improve the gameplay features. [Social Information] Portal: Forums: Discord: Facebook Group: Live Support: Yes, at website. [Host Information] Location: France International Server Server Time: GMT+1 Uptime: 24/7/365 Server Capacity: 200 / can be raised. [General Information] Dark Wizard / Soul Master / Grand Master Dark Knight / Blade Knight / Blade Master Fairy Elf / Muse Elf / High Elf Summoner / Bloody Summoner / Dimension Master Rage Fighter / Fist Master Magic Gladiator / Duel Master (Unlocks at level: 220) Dark Lord / Lord Emperor (Unlocks at level: 220) Grow Lancer / Miracle Lancer (Unlocks at level: 200) PvP is fairly balanced for a low exp/hunt server. Every class can kill every class, it all depends on how you've built your character with your attributes. [Reset System] Reset Level: 400, Grants 25 Game Credits per reset up to 50, then from 51 to 100 you receive 50 Game Credits. Grand Reset: At 100 resets. Grants you 2500 Game Credits. Additionally at 11 GR you will start to receive 5500 Game Credits. Reset Cost: 20m*(Multiplies per reset) / Stats stays / Skills stays / No need to remove any items from inventory, personal store or equipment. Can only be used at the website, disabled in-game. Maximum Resets: Unlimited [Chaos Machine & Jewel Rates] Jewel of Bless: 1-6: 100% Jewel of Soul: 7-9: 75/75/70% (+Luck: 20%) Jewel of Life: 65% (+Luck: 20%) Jewel of Harmony: 40% Chaos Drop Rate & Area: 10% - All Maps | Hot Zone: Atlans 1-3, CC 1-8, DS 1-8, BC 1-8 CM +10: 70% (+Luck: 90%) CM +11: 65% (+Luck: 85% CM +12: 65% (+Luck: 85%) CM +13: 60% (+Luck: 80% CM +14: 55% (+Luck: 75% CM +15: 50% (+Luck: 70%) CM Cape of Lord: 70% CM Wings Level 1: 100% CM Wings Level 2: 65% CM Wings Level 2,5: 55% CM Wings Level 3: 40% [Game Events] Blood Castle Chaos Castle Devil Square Illusion Temple Arca Battle Imperial Guardian Acheron Guardian DoppelGanger Labyrinth of Dimension Raklion Ferea Battle CryWolf Kanturu Nixies Battle Last Man Standing Attack Event Golden Invasions Great Dragon Invasions Bonus Event White Wizard Attack [In-game Commands & Explanations] /post - Requires level 25 & Costs 5000 Zen per post. /addstr <amount> - Add an amount of your available points to the Strength attribute. Cost: Free /addagi <amount> - Add an amount of your available points to the Agility attribute. Cost: Free /addvit <amount> - Add an amount of your available points to the Vitality attribute. Cost: Free /addene <amount> - Add an amount of your available points to the Energy attribute. Cost: Free /addcmd <amount> - Add an amount of your available points to the Command attribute. Cost: Free /online - Displays information on how many people that are currently connected to the server. /pkclear - Costs: 1 million Zen but multiplies per kill. Canno't access any in-game events(CC, BC, DS etc) and shops during this status. Warping costs also more depending on your PK level. You have no chance to lose any item upon your death to a monster or a player. Upon death you will lose 1/5/10/25%(depending on PK level) of experience in your exp bar. Can only be used in-game, disabled at the website. /war <guild name> - Propose a Guild war upon another guild. /prop <name> - Propose to marry to another player. /accept - Accept the proposal of marry. /teleport - Teleport yourself to your married player. /divorce - Divorce yourself out of the marriage. /battlesoccer <guild name> - Challenge another guild for a BattleSoccer game. /requests - On/Off, To auto deny all in-game requests by other players e.g party, guild request, trade etc. /gms - Displays information on which GameMasters that are currently online with their in-game names stated. /setparty <password> - Everyone who knows this password can automatically join your party. /offtrade & /offlevel - Disabled. We want active players who are willing to stick around. You can always use the Market for trading or MuHelper for leveling & auto-looting.
  9.[/img][/img] MU Hampshire Online Season XII Exp. 700x Drop. 65%[/img] 65% Machine Box[/img] - All Events Working.[/img] /addstr /addagi /addene /addvit /reset[/img]
  10. CALLING ALL MU LOVER "CYBER MU SEASON 6: EPISODE 3" NOT PAY2WINKITA KITS NALANG SA GAME, ACTIVE GMS, ADMIN. WITH EVENTS AND LOTS MORE!JOIN NOW, AND BE THE CYBER MU FAMILY!GOOD CASTLE SIEGE WITH BALANCE CHARACTER!"WITH LOTS OF FRIENDS OUT THERE, WAITING FOR YOU!FOREIGNERS ARE WELCOME, COME AND JOIN US!COME NOW! LINK BELOW! OR CLICK HERE >>> CLICK ME FOR THE LINK⚜️❇️••Cyber Mu••❇️⚜️🔸🔸 Season 6 Ep 3 🔸🔸🇵🇭Looking for server that No Pay To win ⁉️🎉🎊this is the server that your looking for🎊🎉⚔️Experience 5000✖️🔺Max Stats32767🔺🔰All class combo✅🔱Free full stats🔱⚔️Max Lvl 400⚔️⚔️Max ML lvl 400⚔️🔘Max Socket Slot 3 🔘🔹Balance PVP🔹🔹Balanxe PVE🔹🔶Offtrade✅ /store soul/bless/chaos/credits/wcoins/❇️Reset Reward❇️🌀Freebies Credits FullGear T1 or your choice or S4 with socket of your choice🌀⚜️ComboBase⚜️🔱🔱All class combo 😱😱😱🚨🚨🚨🔱🔱🔱BM🌀SM🌀ELF🌀SUM🌀MG🌀DL🌀RF🔱❌❌❌NO BIAS❌❌❌🌀🌀🌀🌀🌀🌀🌀🌀🌀🌀🔰Command🔰↙️/addstr↙️/addagi↙️/addvit↙️/addene↙️/addcmd↙️/pk↙️/reset↙️/mreset✅/remaster↙️/evo↙️/zen 9999999🌀🌀🌀🌀🌀🌀🌀🌀🌀🌀🌀🔶✳️Download Link🚨🚨⬇️⬇️⬇️🔴📣🔈🔊Group Link 🚨🚨⬇️⬇️⬇️👁?🗨👁?🗨👁?🗨Page Link🚨🚨⬇️⬇️⬇️🔺🔺🔺📣📣Reset Reward 🚨🚨🚨🚨🔺🔺🔺⚔️⚔️100Reset= +15 costume Wing FO😱😱😱🔱🔱🔱📣1Grand Reset=Ultimate rewardTier1 + 15 with YO 😱🚨🚨🚨🔶+4TH wing +15 FO+10k creits 🖊➕➕➕➕➕➕➕Jewels🔹🔹🔹⚜️⚜️🔱End More Come and join Now🔱⚜️⚜️
  11. MU Hampshire Online

    Welcome to Mu Hampshire Online Season XII Website: Exp Static. 700x Master. 500x Drop. 65 Free to Play. Download here
  12. About PeaceMu Online . The X50 Server will officially open on the 3rd of February! We are excited for everyone to come and experience, and play, and most of all to enjoy! We have made this server from our own vision of Mu Online, we have and will continue to examine every single aspect of the server, we will leave no stone unturned when it comes to creating and configuring the best possible server for you to play! We are players who care deeply about this game, so much thought has been given to how each class can enhance the gameplay, every class has its uses and all have been made enjoyable to play. We feel the most Important thing to say here about our server is that every detail has been examined, considered and then configured, to give the best possible gameplay... the most enjoyment.. and the most gratifying results possible, mobs have been calibrated, classes have been balanced, drops have been adjusted, Bosses tested, Events perfected to give you the player, a MU experience that you can share with your friends, make new friends, and we guarantee you won't forget! Join now and you won't regret this! . Events are spread throughout the 24 hours so people from all corners of the world get a chance at events. Each event's rewards are configured and remade with using monsters with more powerful abilitys. Nightmare respawns 24 hours after its been killed, from him drops 1 item 380lvl. To get to him you need to firstly kill the Maya Hands, from them drops random excellent or non-excellent items. One of strongest Bosses in PeaceMu is Kundun he has a 12 hour respawn and drops 3 items with 100% chance to get ancient items! The only boss in here that drops socket items is Selupan, who spawns in LaCleon Hatchery. Golden Invasion spawns in almost all PeaceMu maps, each golden monster has its own abilities and drops. Ofc stronger goldens will drop better rewards! Similar to Golden Invasion we have Dragon Invasion where similar monsters spawn in few of maps and they drop 1 ancient with spawn time in 4 different time slots! Medusa as the strongest boss drops 3 items 380lvl same as Balgass from Crywolf Fortress event, where any player can join weekly, Crywolf Event takes place at 14.00 on Sunday. Castle Siege winners will get rewarded with use of the map Land of Trail, Erohim spawns here every 12 hours, Erohim drops are 50% chance to get excellent item and 50% chance socket item. Master class will be rewarded with SkillTree, Master Chaos Castle, where the drop is 100% ancients, and Master Blood Castle with 20% excellent Archangel weapon drop and 80% non-excellent Archangel weapon/chaos assembly drop. Castle Deep Event is held in the Valley of Loren and will be at 20.00 daily! Battle hordes of monsters until Erohim appears kill him and be rewarded 50% chance to get excellent item and 50% chance socket item. . As well know it takes time to create a balance, been testing all 7 classes to be more like in balance. Ofc there will be some differences in late game, mid game and first few resets. More about PeaceMu balance, which have been keep tested and remade many times. Few classes haven't been change from OBT, but we have been changed spells and buffs for them. It's all about strategy and best gear. Rage Fighter has different builds in and out. Physical dmg for rf are based on str/vit 23.65/76.35, so vit will effect more mid game, than other class will do with other builds. Skills are build for each build and calculated for late pvp game. Str will effect late game with attack success rate going till sky high. DPS for late game and mid game are limited by skills cool-down, but damage stay huge as it should be. Most spells hits from 3 - 5 per cast. Dragon roar in mid game will be about +15% better than Dark Side, since Dark Side have 4 stats whats effect dmg, but dragon roar have 3. As well know Summoner, second female and unique class with her debuffs, reflection and great dmg with berserker. This class use magic dmg, which effect verses melee classes. Berserker increase damage most of any PeaceMu buffs, as well decrease defense. Summoner owns all mid game since berserker % grow reset by reset, but his defense get lower because his defense are low and more even with berserker. Most deadliest are cursed pvp and pve, since they can bypass mana shield. Reflection will rush other classes to add more vitality since you can get back your own damage after damaged summoner with reflection! This buff can increase till 75%, can be increased with set options as well. Magic Gladiator as warriors who combine spells and swords, bringing both to rush in game beginning and mid game. These class arsenal includes abilities of both the dark knight and dark wizard classes. Class will own all class in DPS by his speed. Magic Gladiator got constant skill damage 200% from very first moment. Use his own skills as well along with dk and dw abilities. Fire Slash is so fast it creates fire in mid-air, decrease enemies defense. Also uses skill Power Slash with str build. Great class to compete in event such Castle Siege or Chaos Castle. Dark Lord have ability to command his pets. Horse can cast a destructive war stomp which cases tremendous damage and knocks opponents back. Assumed this class to be tank class in PeaceMu similar like Dark Knight, which holds battle front in wars. Dark Lord uses str and ene to increase his damage, similar to Dark Knight. Str increase base dmg, but ene increase skill dmg % and magic dmg what effects during casts. . Resets are a great way to gain some Coins while enjoying the game environment with other players from around the world. As a player you can make resets with your character, and be rewarded with Coins for each set of resets made. Experiencing your character in game will give you resets, which in turn gives you more stat points, and better gear, allowing you to level in better spots, and with better parties, which creates better game-play for quicker resets. Time spent in game while making these resets also gives a hidden bonus to players, as you can also exchange these online hours for coins through our website system. Every 10th reset will result in a players account receiving a reward. Each character can achieve 100 resets. After the 100th reset a character will be awarded with total stat points, plus the stat points gained in the last reset. As the game continues, Grand Reset is the next step for your character to continue his journey, to Grand Reset your character requires 100 resets level 400 and 400'000'00 Zen. Grand Reset Bonus will be 5 000 coins and 500 gold coins and 50 000 stat points, which will be adjusted for future resets. PeaceMu Online Website: PeaceMu Online homepage Our Community: PeaceMu Online Forum Registration: Sign Up! Downloads: Start to play! Game Screenshots
  13. Season 12 350x Launching this friday 26.1.18.Edited and customized server.
  14. Revenge MU Season 12 Episode 1 | 100% Play to win! BETA TEST ONLINE! OFFICIAL OPENING: 29/09 Estimated +500 Online in frist day Server Info: Season 12 Episode 1 Exp: x50 Master Exp: x10 Drop: 40% Non-Reset Server Server Features: * PvP Tournaments * New Rewards for Castle Siegue winners * Voting System for Goblin Points * New Map Nixies Lake * Holyangel Mastery Set * Darkangel Weapons * Maze of Dimensions * Class Improvement * New Map Ferea * Darkangel Mastery Set * Bloodangel Weapon * Upgraded Divine Archangel Weapon * Character information Window Improvements * New Skills * Elemental System Update * New Socket Items * Socket System Expansion * New&Upgraded Pentagrams * Hunting Log * 8 different characters to create * New character: Grow Lancer * New maps and skills for all races * New monsters, weapons and sets * New muun pets to mount * All Quests working - Amazing Files - Excellent Host - Friendly Website - 24hs Support - Great configurations - Experienced and competitive Guilds - Balanced PvP & PvM - Market section to buy/sell items in Forum - All Events, Quests and Bosses working Screenshots from Open Test:
  15. # GAME SERVER FEATURES # • Account Level • Pro VIP System • Pro Reset System • Pro Grand Reset System • User Connection Verify • Server reduced lag • Main reduced lag • Add Credits real time • Multi Language System hot! • Reconnection System hot! • Party Reconnection hot! • Widescreen Resolution hot! • Monster Health Bar hot! • Duel Announce • PC Points Cafe System • Passive anti-hacker hot! • Superior Client Anti Hack • Superior Anti Flood Protected • Perfect Potion Cooldown • Perfect Combo Cooldown # SERVER HOT NEW ADDONS # • HOT New 3 Bosses Added • Arena Big Jewel Event Added • Perfect Well Ballanced Characters • 5 PC Point Cafe Every Hour • Custom Party System added in 5 maps • Custom Reset System in game without going on the website or sellect server just type /reset on level 400 and the restart will come automaticaly - Level minim for reset: 400 - Level after reset : 1 - Points after reset: 100 • Kick Fallen Enabled - Minimum Level: 20 • Hot New Happy Hour Event - Waiting Time: 10 MIN - Duration Time: 20 MIN - Compensation Time: 5 MIN # GAME SERVER RATES # • Max Level : 400 • Exp : 350x • Drops : 65% • Jewels : 185% • Bless Bug : ON # CHAOS MACHINE COMBINATION RATE # • (C.Mix) Chaos Weapon Rate: 85% • (C.Mix) First Wings Rate: 85% • (C.Mix) Second Wings Rate: 85% • (C.Mix) Second Wings Exe Rate: 85% • (C.Mix) Cape Of Lord Rate: 85% • (C.Mix) Third Wings Rate: 85% • (C.Mix) Third Wings Exe Rate: 85% • (c.UP) Upgrade +10 Level Rate: 90% • (c.UP) Upgrade +11 Level Rate: 90% • (c.UP) Upgrade +12 Level Rate: 85% • (c.UP) Upgrade +13 Level Rate: 85% • (c.UP) Upgrade Items With LK : 85% • (C.Mix) Create Fenir Rate lvl1: 85% • (C.Mix) Create Fenir Rate lvl2: 85% • (C.Mix) Create Fenir Rate lvl3: 80% • (C.Mix) Create Fenir Rate lvl4: 80% • JewelOfHarmonyItemPurityMixRate: 85% # GAME PLAY FEATURES # • Server Nationality: European • Game Play Mode: P.v.P • Professional Anti Cheat Client-Server Side. • Excellent Options on Ancients • Minimum Level for Reset: 400 • Pk Clear : Available • Personal Store System: Custom • Personal Store Ancient: Enabled • Trade System : Enabled • Zen Duration Time: 10s • Maximum Users Support: 1000 • Castle Siege Users Support: 500 • Party Leader reconnection • Ballanced Characters • Points per Level: Normal • Custom Random Drop • Ancient + Excelent Items Available • Grand Restart : 60 Resets • Game Client Clean without viruses • All Agility Bugs Fixed. • Web Shop, Vote & Reward System, Online Hours Exchanging. • Box of Kundun +1 +2 On NPC • Daily / Weekly and Monthly events with great prizes in game • Castle Siege 100% Active • Very Big and Friendly Community Forums with active Staff members # GUILD AND CASTLE FEATURES # • Create Guild: Enable • Create Guild Need Level: 400 • Guild Personal ID: Disabled • Guild Chat: Enabled • Guild Destroy: Enabled • Guild Destroy Level Need: 400 • Alliance Guild Chat: Enabled • Castle Owner Guild Destroy Limit: Enabled • Guild Alliance System: Enabled # SERVER GAME PLAY COMMANDS # /post -> Global message /addstr -> Add Points to Strength /addagi -> Add Points to Agility /addene -> Add Points to Energy /addcom -> Add Points to Command /addvit -> Add Points to Vitality /money [amount] -> zen incrase /marry [name] -> for marry with another charcater /pkclear -> Clear murderer status /reset - Reset your character from game. 400 level required. /request off -> Deny all requests from players. /request on -> Allow all requests from players. • Because we like to make a nice and performant game play we will keep updating our AntiHack every 20 days , to do this we need all yo're support to improve the best ! We do keep scanning and improving our antihack system and we are getting help from our MHP AntiHack provider to fix the issues straight away. If you have eny problems with the Anti Hack System or eny questions , or if you just simply find softwares that they can compromise our game play , just give as a contact email and we will make clear for you ! Thank you for understanding . Best Regards ! DemonicMU Team [video=youtube;KWaYP2sqRe8][/video]
  16. OPENING: 2017, July 7 All registered users before opening will receive a random gift SERVER INFORMATION: - Version: Season 6 Ep 3 - Exp: 50% - Drop: 50% - Reset level: 400 FEATURES: - Auto reconnect - Auto party - Off-trade system - Off-level system EVENTS: - Devil Square - Blood Castle (Bonus Exp x2) - Chaos Castle - Kalima - Castle Siegue - Crywolf - Illusion Temple - Golden invasion - Medusa & more COMMANDS: /post /attack /offattack /store /offstore /reset /addstr /addagi /addvit /addene /addcmd WEBSITE: DOWNLOADS: All registered users before opening will receive a random gift
  17. The ultimate classic MU Online server, version Season 3 Episode 1 NEW since April 2017 Remastered by the masters, with over 10 years of experience with MU Running on a dedicated server, planned for longterm, 24/7 Uptime NO LAGS Brought to you by Milamber, Karli, and the legendary MU coder Shatter Made by MU fans, for MU fans We are very excited to bring you our ultimate version of MU Online. This private server has been in the making for an extremely long time. The result, the final product, is what me and my team believe to be an extremely unique, beautifully re-designed, and a 'true to its roots' MU Online server into which an unbelievable amount of time, passion and hard work have been poured into. I am a MU Online fan, and have been for the most part of my life. My primary goal is to share my dream MU Online server with other fans of the game. I invite you to come and try if you like this server. Because Faronnia MU could be something very special to you, as it is for me. NO PREMIUM. NO CASH SHOP. NO WEB SHOP. WEBSITE: Faronnia MU Online Private Server | Free-2-Play Diablo Style 3D MMORPG CREATE NEW ACCOUNT: Faronnia MU Online Private Server | Free-2-Play Diablo Style 3D MMORPG DOWNLOAD GAME CLIENT: Faronnia MU Online Private Server | Free-2-Play Diablo Style 3D MMORPG WIKI/GUIDES: Faronnia MU Wiki COMMUNITY FORUMS: Faronnia MU Forum MU SERVER INFORMATION MU Version: Season 3 Episode 1 Development by Shatter | Design by Milamber and Karli Powered by private build 'Spirex' MU Emulator, MuOnlineWebs, and UGK Anti-hack [SERVER FEATURES] - All original MU Season 3 Episode 1 content working with no bugs. - Custom Boss Monster System: More info here! - Probably the best original map re-designs and monster spots ever. - Re-balanced Monster and Item database for better gameplay. - Game Client modifications (widescreen, 3-d camera, fog effect, etc.) - Advanced client anti-hack system to prevent cheaters! - In-game character reset system and PK Clear. - Global chat /post command, quick add stats (/str, /agi, etc.) - Only a few custom items (including the classic Mace of Kings!) - Castle Siege skills allowed on all maps [CORE SETTINGS] Server Type: Open PvP Experience Rate: 300x Item Drop Rate: 60% Maximum Stats: 20,000 Maximum/Reset Level: 400 Maximum Resets: 20 Clear Stats: No Clear Inventory: No Reset Cost: 50,000,000 zen Grand Resets: Not yet available, coming in the future! Guild Create required level: 300 Exc+Ancient Items: No Jewel of Harmony+Ancient Items: Yes Maximum Item Level: 13 Maximum OptionLevel for Items: 7 Exc Items drop rate: Normal Party Exp System: Yes PC Shop system: No PK Drop Items on Death: No Event combination items in shops: Yes Fenrir Mix: Yes (including Gold Fenrir) Castle Siege: Yes Lord Mix: Yes [JEWELS] Jewels drop rate: Normal Jewel of Soul Success Rate: 60% Jewel of Soul Success Rate +Luck: 85% Jewel of Life Success Rate: 70% [QUESTS AND EVENTS] - Blood Castle every 2 hours, Double Exp Rate - Devil Square every 2 hours - Chaos Castle every 2 hours - Illusion Temple every 4 hours - Crywolf Fortress 2 times every day - CastleDeep/Loren Invasion 2 times every day - White Wizard Invasion every 2 hours - Golden Monsters Invasion every 4 hours - Red Dragon Invasion every 4 hours - Castle Siege once a week [DEDICATED SERVER HOSTING] - Server Location: EUROPE - DDoS Protected Windows Server - SSD for faster drive performance - Intel Xeon Quad Core 3.40GHz CPU - Corsair 8GB DDR3 RAM - 100Mbit internet speed / NO LAGS Frequently Asked Questions: 1 - The game doesn't run, I can not play! Run and install our Microsoft VC Redistributables provided inside the FixGameCrash folder. If problem perists. try downloading and installing Microsoft .NET Frameworks for your Windows PC. 2 - My antivirus says this game has a virus inside of it! That is the UGK Anticheat system we have running with the main game itself, which connects to a server outside of your network to run some quick security checks to ensure that cheaters/hackers will not overtake our game and ruin the experience for everybody. The solution is to open your Antivirus's settings, and to 'Whitelist'/Ignore the folder or the file within our client causing the problem. So that is the Mu.exe and the Main.exe files. Client settings/options/configurations So we have basic settings within our game launcher (resolution, sound, window mode, etc.) But within our client, we have a Config.ini file if you've noticed it. // [CONFIG] EnableWidescreen = 0 Works but may cause undesirable effect. Put 1 to turn it on. EnableShowBothWeapons = 1 Leave this alone. EnableCamera = 1 F9 to active/de-activate 3D camera, F10 to reset potion, Middle mouse to control camera EnableFog = 1 Fog to make 3D environment less old and ugly. EnableSky = 0 You can use this instead of Fog, but unfortunately it is a bit buggy. EnableSiegeSkills = 1 Leave this alone. // Know the rules on our MU Online private server! a) Keep your password safe, do not share it with anyone. b) Admins/GMs do NEVER ask for your password. We do not need it even to access your account. c) PK and KS is 100% allowed, this is an open PvP server. d) No cheating/hacking please, unless you really want that permanent ban. e) Please do not use language that is racist, sexist, homophobic or falls under generally accepted guidelines for hate speech. Thank you for reading. Join us today in the most epic MU server, faronnian!
  18. GrandMu Balanced new server open for players to enjoy. We are still a new server but we want to provide a fun environment with changes from player suggestions. Players can earn their gear so they can enter a class-balanced PvP or PvM Bossing. Here is some information about our server. Important Notice: I do want to notice that big credits should be given to this community and mostly IGCN's season 9 episode 5 files, without them this server wouldn't have been like this! Server Links - GrandMu Website - GrandMu Forums Server Features - Version: Season 9 (IGCN) - Experience Rate: 1000x - Item Rate: 100x (High Exc Rate) - Max Level: 400 - Max Master Level: 330 - Master Experience Rate: 30x - Max Resets: Unlimited - Max Stats: 65535 - Keep stats on reset: Yes - Reset rewards: 5 WCoin each reset, 1200 WCoin each Grand Reset (50resets) - Stats per level: 5/7 - Webshop: Disabled - we only use itemshop in-game (press "X") - Itemshop: Several EXP boosts, lv3 Wings, BoK for random exc+socket items - MuHelper level requirement: 10 - Ingame commands: Enabled - Events: Chaos Castle, Blood Castle, Devil Square, Illusion Temple, Kanturu, Raklion - Castle Siege: Active - Bosses: Kundun, Medusa, Lord Silvester, Selupan - Boss respawn rate: Fast (each hour) - Level Up Spots visible on map: Yes - Jewel of Soul rate: 75% (without luck) - Chaos Machine rate (up to +15): regular rates +10% - Jewel of Harmony rate: 70% - 380 options: Available - Seed Sockets: Available, All sockets (even max level) earn-able - Chaos machine rates: +10=90%, +11=80%, +12=70% +13=65% +14=55%, +15=40% Server Screenshots:Selupan is a high-hp boss with very good rewards including excellent and socket items Medusa spawns more frequently and drops excellent jewellry +10-+13 Create all different characters up to Rage Fighter!