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  1.   Coded with known php Framework CodeIgneiter Package contains 5 Templates Build with php 5.6 (Supports php 7) Easy to setup with installition script Can be adabtable with any version and files of MuOnline (97d - Season 10) Supports multidb files Multilanguage Support Seo Friendly Any Type Of WebServer Support (Linux,Windows, ISS,Shared) Fast, Optimized, Clean, Secured (Aprx page randering 0.03 (-+2) MiliSeconds) Uses files cache system Supports 4 Types of Vip with wide config (Titles, tables columns etc) Supports 3 Types of Credits Currency with wide config (Titles, tables columns etc) Supports 3 Types of automated donation systems with wide config (Paypal,PaymentWall,SuperRewards)   News Page Registration Page Lost password page Downloads Page Rankings Page Players Ranking Guilds Ranking Voters Ranking Killers Ranking Gens Ranking Online Ranking BC Ranking DS Ranking CC Ranking Duel Ranking Gens Ranking Online Players Top Online Rankings Voters Banned List Hof Ranking Weekly Bc Weekly DS Weekly CS Weekly Voters Weekly Online   Server Info Info About Server Server Statistics Info Page Info About Character Info About Guild Guides Page Rules Page Vip System Refferal System Logs System Automated Donation Systems Email system Template System Language System Events Timer System Facebook api   Account Panel Account Logs Reset System GrandReset System Add Stats System Reset Stats System Wcoin Exchange System Warp Character System PK Clear System Exchange Online Time System Account Settings Page (Change passwor, email, recover master key) Email Notifications and many more   Fully managment website and modules Over 1000+ Configs HOW TO INSTALL(Detailled installition included in files with drivers etc)1. Configure constants.php 2. If you are using CMS in subfolder application\config\config.php change " $config['base_url'] " to your website URL ( etc) otherwise dont touch it. 3. Run localhost/muonlinewebs_checker.php 4. If no errors run localhost/install and fallow stepsDOWNLOAD:Website Files : DownloadXamp,Required Drivers : DownloadDetailled installition included in filesNotice : Please ask your questions in this topic.
  2. [WEBSITE] - [FACEBOOK] IroncladMU ( Ironclad from the term unbreakable ) is a full Season X Episode III Emulator with unique settings and many features. A long term gameplay meaning you need a longer hours of playing online because of it's experience. We offer nice and unique gameplay and we assure you that there will be no PAY TO WIN in the server. Donations are welcome but it can only be used for our cashshop in game selling only cards, tickets, pets and buffs etc.  - Season X Part III - The Rise of Grow Lancer - Exp: 20x - Master Level Exp : 5x - Drop 30% - Maximum of 3 accounts on same ip - New Map - Nars! HOT* - New Currency - Ruud HOT* - Organized Shops for all class - Free Pentagram for Beginners - Create guild at level 150 - Reconnect system fully working - MUHelper is FREE at Level 1 - Shadow Phantom till Level 220 - Auto Update Launcher - Auto Reconnect System - Zen and Jewels Economy - NO Webshop - NO Pay 2 WIN - 2 Currency : WCoin and Vote Points Wcoin: is for Wcoin Shop (Press X ingame) is selling only cards, tickets, pets, buffs, MUUN and Ruud etc...You gain this by doing some events, online hours, killing bosses in-game Vote Points: is for Vote Shop (Press X ingame) is selling only cards, tickets, pets and buffs etc... ** You get this by voting to the server every 12 hours (40 Vote Points/ Vote) Character Requirements Magic Gladiator : 250 Grow Lancer: 220 Dark Lord : 250 Rage Fighter Can be created at the start Summoner Can be created at the start Stats for each level: 5/7 Jewel Rates Info Jewel of Bless 100% Jewel of Soul 50% Jewel of Life 65% Chaos Machine Rates Info Upgrade to +10 Normal Item: 60% | Excellent Item: 50% (Additional 25% with Luck) Upgrade to +11 Normal Item: 60% | Excellent Item: 50% (Additional 25% with Luck) Upgrade to +12 Normal Item: 55% | Excellent Item: 45% (Additional 25% with Luck) Upgrade to +13 Normal Item: 55% | Excellent Item: 45% (Additional 25% with Luck) Upgrade to +14 Normal Item: 50% | Excellent Item: 40% (Additional 25% with Luck) Upgrade to +15 Normal Item: 50% | Excellent Item: 40% (Additional 25% with Luck) Party Exp System Info: Normal: 2 players = 320 Exp Bonus. 3 players = 420 Exp Bonus. 4 players = 520 Exp Bonus. 5 players = 620 Exp Bonus. Gold Party (different classes in the same pt) 3 players = 570 Exp Bonus. 4 players = 710 Exp Bonus. 5 players = 850 Exp Bonus. Ingame Commands Info /offtrade - Personal store offline mode(can be use at Noria/Devias map only) /post <message> - can be use from lvl 1 and its cost 10k zen /dcfriend <PlayerName> <Password> - allows you to dc your self/friend account /requests <on/off> - allows you to enable/disable incoming requests(pt, trade and etc) /setparty <password> - allows you to set pass to your pt. whisper the pass to the leader to join the pt /addstr , /addagi , /addvit , /addene , /addcmd - allows you to add specific amount of points /prop <PlayerName> - allows you to send a wedding proposal(can be use at devias2 near the podium) /accept - allows you to accept wedding proposal(Homosexual wedding is not allowed) /teleport - allows you to teleport to your spouse /war <GuildName> - allows you to start a guild war(only for guild masters) /endwar <OpponentGuildName> - allows you to end active guild war(only for guild masters) /battlesoccer <GuildName> - allows you to invite guild to a soccer game at arena(only for guild masters) /socstop - allows you to stop a soccer game(only for guild master on active soccer game) /gm - allows you to see online GM Spots In-Game  Arena, Lorencia, Noria, Elveland 1-3, Devias 1-4, Dungeon 1-3, Atlans 1/3, losttower 1/2/3/4/5/6/7, Tarkan 1-2, Aida 1-2, Kanturu 1-3. Spots are 4-6 mobs More Mobs and more experience in Vulcanus Map ( Battle Zone) Website Features: Our website is powered by MuOnlinewebs, fast, user-friendly and secured MuOnline CMS. Upon registration you need to verify your email to play the game.  - Add Stats - Cleark PK - Exchange Online Hours - Exchange Vote Points to Wcoin (vice versa) - Change Name - System Notification - Search Option - Ticket System - Referral System and many more... The official launch will be on December 25 at about 8AM server time.  Screenshot in-game: