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  1. Website MuSpell Season 6 FanPage : MuSpell - Accueil | Facebook Dedicated Server: OVH (USA.) 1000 Mbps - Online Server 24/7 (Anti DDOS) Version: Season 6 +Ep4 (Premiu) Exp Base: 7x~2X(200ML) Drop: 30% Zen bug OFF Spots: 3 mobs (Hot 5 mobs) Elf Buffer: 80 (Max Level) Máximo Nivel: 400 Minimizer: Si (F12) Helper: Si (LEVEL 1) Anti Hack: AdvaceGuard (Pay) Items Full: NO!, Castle Siege: Sundays Eventos: ACTIVE + PVP: Totally Balanced! Rates Chaos Machine Defaulf MuOnline Webzen % success of the jewelry bless 100% Alma: lucky objects 90%, no luck 70% Life: 70% Events: » Golden Invasion: ON » Red Dragon Invasion: ON » White Wizzard: ON » Blood Castle: ON » Devil Square: ON » Chaos Castle: ON » Illusion Temple: ON » Kalima Event N » Kanturu Event: ON » Raklion Hatchery: ON » Double Goer: ON » Imperial Guardian: ON » CastleSiege: ON » LorenDeep: ON » Sky Event: ON » Blue Event: ON » Red Wizzard: ON Commands /Addstr - /Addagi - /Addvit - /Addene - /Addcmd /OffAttack (You can stay leveling using MuHelper) /Store Bless,Chaos,Life,Soul,Wcp
  2. Hello Muonlinewebs! Mudamage is Back..... And Ready to present Great Gaming Experience in two Diferent Worlds Low150Exp & Medium 1500Exp! Medium Server 1500Exp Will Open 2 Weeks Later so 150x Upcoming First.. Expected Opening ON 28.April 2018 at (21:00 GMT +2 Helsinki,Vilnius,Riga) Forum is Already Opened & Awaits New Members For Last Suggestions & Some Great Ideas! Can Be Opened BETA Server... BUT All Collected data will be lost & ACC Suspended! Request On Our forum For BETA.. Reserve this Evening ON 28.April. OK LETS Do THIS..Here Its is 150x World Config.. *Server Rates* *Original GMO Style(No Customs Items)* Register Now - Start Earn Credits + Bonus In Forum .. Register In Our Website: Register In Our Forum: Folow US on FB: Or Twitter: These Accounts atm Is Empty But Info Will Be Updated.. Opening ON 28.April 2018 at (21:00 GMT +2 Helsinki,Vilnius,Riga) » Version: Season 6 Episode 3 » Experience: 150x » Drop: 25% » Elf NPC Buff Till: ON (till level 220) » Max Stats: 65000 » Official MU Helper: ON (1000 zen * level for 5min.) » Points Per Level: 5/6/7 » Reset Level: 400 (price 10kk * zen) » Reset Limit: 70.RR » Reset Reward: 50 Free Credits » Reset Clear Stats: Off » Reset Clear Magic/Spells: Off » Reset Clear Inventory: Off » Bless Bug: OFF » Monster HP: 100% » Required level for class: SUM 1 lvl, MG 1 lvl, DL 1 lvl, RF 1 lvl » Marry System and Commands: ON » Gens System: ON » Master Skill Tree: ON (max 220lvl) » Guild Create Level: 160 » Bonus Event: ON (bonus EXP in specific time 2 times per day) » CashShop: ON » GR Reset From: 50 resets (price 1kkk) » Grand Reset Limit: 10GR » GR Reward: 5000 Gold Credits » GrandReset Clear Stats: Off » GrandReset Clear Magic/Spells: Off » GrandReset Clear Inventory: OFF » GrandReset Clear Class: OFF » Extra EXP: ON (Extra EXP in Events 160x) * In-game Commands * /addstats /pkclear /ware /reset /store bless,soul,chaos,wcc,wcp,wcg /offstore /attack (skill must be registered) /offattack *Chaos COMBINATION RATES* » Objects +10: 60% » Objects +11: 55% » Objects +12: 45% » Objects +13: 40% » Objects +14: 30% » Objects +15: 80% *Jewel Succes Rate* » Jewel of Bless - 80% » Jewel of Soul - 70% » Jewel of Life - 50% Objects + Luck increase the probability of success by 20% ! *Wing Creat Rate* » Wing Creation: » 1lvl wings: 60% » 2lvl wings: 70% » 3lvl wings: 80% » Feather of Condor: 90% *EVENTS & QUESTS* » Hearts: ON » Silver & Gold Medals: ON » FireCrackers: ON » Red Dragon Invasion: ON » Battle Socer: ON » Golden Invasion: ON » White Wizard Event: ON » Blood Castle: ON » Devil Square: ON » Chaos Castle: ON » Illusion Temple: ON » Kalima Event: ON » Kanturu Event: ON v Raklion Hatchery: ON » DoppelGanger Event: ON » Imperial Guardian: ON » Medusa Event: ON » CastleSiege: ON » Loren Deep: ON » And More... *REFERRAL SYSTEMS* » Referral link can be found by going to account panel section. » Earn Free Credits by inviting players to Mudamage Community » To get Free Credits, you must use your referral link » Your friend must register under your referral link *WEB FUNCTIONS* » Reset Stats: ON » Character Sell(Market) & Wayting Room » Exchange wCoins: ON (collect Gold Credits and exchange them to wCoins) » Clear Inventory & Skill Tree: ON » Vote Reward System: ON (vote every 12h and collect Free Credits) » Market System: ON » ItemShop System: ON » Max + 3exc options per item: ON » Max item level +12 in Itemshop: ON » Ancient Items in Itemshop: ON » Socket Items in Itemshop: ON » Trade Online Time: ON » Sell Free Stats Settings: ON » Referral System: ON » Master GReset Rewards: ON » Reset Stats: ON » And More... *PARTY BONUS* The Party Bonus system gives you more experience if you make a party of 5 different races, including 3 base classes. As a race is added to the party, the extra experience is increased a little bit more. * Party Exp Bonus: ON * » 2 members in a party: 160x » 3 members in a party: 170x » 4 members in a party: 180x » 5 members in a party: 190x
  3. SERVER SPECIFICATIONS: Season 13 EP 02 FULL Files IGCN Premium + Web DMNCMS Hosting OVH VPS Host 12GB ram, intel Xeon 2,33ghz, 1000mbps Location: Brazil. Capacity: up to 2000 online users. 1 Server Pub. Language: Spanish mainly RATES: Normal Exp: x600 - x200 dynamic Master Exp: x80 Max Normal level: 400 Max Master level: 520 Max Total Level: 920 Points per reset 5/6/7/7 Max Stats: 32.767 Mu Helper: ON low cost Auto Party: ON Party exp bonus Auto-Reconnect: ON 700 points per reset Full stats at 188 classic chars. Reset cost: 500 000 during March Reset cost does not multiply each reset GENERAL DROP: Common drop: 14% Excellent drop: 14/10000 ITEMS: No socket + exc No acc + exc Last tier items can be upgraded w/ harmony Socket max: 3 New Sets S12/ S13, Blood, Holy, Dark, Awakening exc(drop) and acc (ruud) CHAOS MACHINE: Chance of upgrading w/o LUCK +10 : 50% +11 : 45% +12 : 40% +13 : 35% +14: 30% +15: 25% Chance of upgrade w/ LUCK +10 : 75% +11 : 70% +12 : 65% +13 : 60% +14: 55% +15: 50% Chance of upgrading pentagrams +10 : 65% +11 : 60% +12 : 55% +13 : 50% +14: 45% +15: 40% Wing S3 creation = Max 50% Luck succes rate on creating wings= 50% Opt. succes rate: 10% chance you get 3 options Feather of Condor = Max 50% Event ticket creation = 100% Fenrir = 40% WEB MODULES: PK Clear 500.000 zen Reset stats: FREE Reset Skill tree: gCoins or gPoints(in-game) Change name: Paid (wCoins) Change class: Paid (wCoins) Web market: FREE VIP SYSTEM: Basic Bronze VIP - 5% discount on web shop and account setting modules. Adds 10% experience points gain on regular levels and master levels.Semi-basic Silver VIP - 10% discount on webshop and account settings modules. Adds 10% experience points gain on regular levels and 20% on master levels. 2% extra drop rate.Semi-premium Gold VIP - 15% discount on webshop and account settings modules. Adds 20% experience points gain on regular levels and 38% on master levels. 4% extra drop rate. Adds 5% chance of success rate on Chaos Machine combinations and upgrades.Premium Platinum VIP - 20% discount on webshop and account settings modules. Adds 30% experience points gain on regular levels and 50% on master levels. 4% extra drop rate. Adds 10% chance of success rate on Chaos Machine combinations and upgrades. Will give access to ABYSS VIP.Website: Bastion Mu Online WebsiteFollow us: Bastion Mu Online Facebook
  4. URLSWeb: www.hastmu.netINFOSeason 3 Epi X (Downgrade Season 6, MU Helper Oficial ON)EXP: 75xPoints per Reset – 450Max lvl – 400MU Helper ActivedElf soldier Buff until 220Party exp system (bonus for 5 people party!) Auto Party SystemCreate guild at 150 LevelReconnect system fully workeddonation system! – No exe items! No Pay2Win!Custom BC/DS/CC Event3D Camera, FOG, Antialsing, OpenGLBank System in GameExclusive Guides SystemEVENTSBlood CastleChaos CastleDevil SquareWhite WizardGolden InvasionKanturuCastle DeepCrywolfCastle Siege
  5. - Village Muonline x500 Server Info Version: Pre Season 13 Experience: 500x Master Experience: 40x Drop Rate: 65% Maximum Level: 400 Maximum Master Level: 420 Points Per Level: 5/6/7 Max Stats 32767 Monsters spots in all maps ! Press TAB for minimap All characters from level 1 Webshop - OFFLINE Mu HELPER from level - 1 ELF buff till 220lvl Online ! Bronze, Silver, Gold Party ! New Jewels in game ! Nixie Battle Event Ferea Battle Event Labyrinth of Dimenstion Last Man Standing Medusa Event 5x Times a day Happy hour event with 1000x exp , drop , exc drop rates increased ! ALL events gives you 800x exp bonus !!! New Map - Ferea New Map - Nixies Lake New Sets - Holyangel Mastery Set New Weapons - Darkangel Weapons New Class ! Grow Lancer ! Get RUUD in BC , CC , DS , silver golden medals , heart drop and other events ! Reset in website Reset Level - 400 Reset Cost - 3kk * rr After reset - 500 free stat point - In Game Commands : "/gpost", "/post", "/addstr", "/addagi", "/addvit", "/addene", "/addcmd", "/pkclear", "/war", "/soccer", "/prop", /accept", /teleport" "/divorce", "/battlesoccer", "/endwar", /request on|off "/charinfo", "/offtrade", /setparty (autoparty system)
  6. Server name: Mu WarZoneServer type: Easy (FUN), Hard server coming soon.Server version: Season IIServer exp: 9999xServer drop: 80%Events: BC, DS, CC, White Wizard, Kundun, Golden Invasion (Every hour), Castle Siage and more customCommands in game: /addstr, /addagi, /addvit, /addene, /addcom, /reset, /evo (Require 220lvl), /post, /charinfo, /zen (Give you zen. Example: /zen 1000000000)Box +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 in shop (Potation Girl 120,80)! Jewel of Bless and Chaos in shop (Potation Girl 120,80)! Jewel of Soul and Life drop from monsters. Wings 1lvl drop from monsters.Spots: Lorencia (4 exits), Noria, Devias 1, Devias 2, Devias 3, Devias 4, Losttower, Losttower 7, Arena, Crywolf Rewards from website:- Character Reset (Require 400lvl) - Reward 10 credits/per reset- Grand Reset (Require 100 resets and 400lvl) - Reward 1500 credits/per grand reset- Exchange Stone - Rate: 1 stone = 25 creditsImportant: Rewards from website is not available in game! Website: Download client:
  7. Server Information: Web: DangerLink 98r (97d+99i) Since 2005-2017 Forum: DangerLink 98r (97d+99i) Facebook: DangerLink | Facebook Version: 98r (97d+99i) Experience & Drop 70x & 80% Points per Level BK, SM, ELF = 5 / MG = 7 PK Clear Cost /pkclear - 10,000,000 zen x Kill Guild create level 100 required Max items level +11+16 Server Events Blood Castle, Devil Square, Sky Event Dragon Invasion, Happy Hour, Lucky Jewels Hall of Fame and more Reset Info Max Level/Max Resets 350 Level / 20 Resets (will increase to 100) Reset Level Resets at level 330 Reset Cost 10,000,000 zen x Reset Number Keep stats after reset Disabled Points per Reset BK/ELF BK 460 :: ELF 500 Points per Reset SM/MG SM 580 (+40 Vit) :: MG 580 Success Rates 2nd level Wings 80% Maximum possible (Even if you visually get higher % in-game, the maximum possible is 80%! Everything above that won't matter!) Jewel of Soul 85% (75% if no luck) Jewel of Life 75% (65% if no luck) Item +10 80% (70% if no luck) Item +11 75% (65% if no luck) Mana Shield formula Start Percent 10% Agility per 1% 600 Agility Energy per 1% 300 Energy Mana Shield Max 80% Move Commands /move lor (lorencia) /move dav, dav3, dav4 (davias) /move nor (noria) /move dun, dun2, dun3 (dungeon) /move atl, atl2, atl3 (atlans) /move lt, lt2, lt3, lt4, lt5, lt6, lt7 (losttower) /move tar, tar2 (tarkan) /move ica, ica2 (icarus) /move sta (stadium) Server events: Blood Castle Event Devil Square Event Golden Dragon Event Sky Event - every 2 hours, duration 15 mins Happy Hour - every weekend bonus exp 20x, drop 15% Lucky Jewels - every weekend bonus 7% success rate Party Bonus Exp - 2 players - 70x, 3 players - 75x, 4 players - 80x, 5 players - 85x In-Game Commands /post (global message), /sell & /buy (global sell/buy message) Marry [ /marry, /accept, /tracemarry, /divorce ] Add stats [ /addstr, /addagi, /addvit, /addene ] /questinfo, /charinfo, /re (on/off), /exit, /time PK Clear [ /pkclear ] VIP info [ /vipinfo ]
  8. KillMu[5000x /100%] Season 6 Episode 3 °Servidor Fast° √•0 Lag Fast Connections 100MBPS √•AntiDDoS √•New Server Online Friends √•Vps Dedicated √•Exp: x5000 √•Drop: 100% √•Free Stats: 650000 √•Max Stats: 1300000 √•Max Level: 400 √•Free ML: 200 √•Max ML: 1000 √•PPL: 10 √•System VoteReward √•System Reconnect √•System Referrals √•System Antihack √•System Donations √•System Market √•System Webshop √•Mosters all Maps Full Spots √•Change Class In Game √•Events all Today Server Oppening 10/ 11 / 2017 , 03:12 AM Windows Compatibles XP, VISTA, 7 KillMu Full PVP
  9. Server Information 97D +99ILink: http://warningmu.tkOpened Today 11/15/2017#NO DONATES AVAIBLE.#SKILL SERVER # Host from: Germany # Greece: Server Private # Server Exp: 75x # Server Drop: 60% # Monster HP: 100% # Jewel of Bless Bug: OFF # Mana Shield Defence rate: 15% (AT START) # Level Resets: 350 on WebSite or Reset # Clear Skills on Resets: YES # Clear Points on Resets: YES # Clear Inventory on Resets: YES # Max Resets: 15 # Maximum points: 7098 - 8146 For MG # Points Leve Up: BK-5-ELF-5-SM-5-MG-8 # Zen Resets: 1.000.000 zen # PK Clear: 20,000,000 zen (In Game type /pkclear) # Box in Shop: No # Trade commands: Allowed # Move to Stadium: You need to 255lvl. # Golden Invasions: 5 Goldens +1,+2,+3,+4,+5 per 2 hour. # Quest System: Enable for now Succes Rate: # Jewel of Bless: 100% # Jewel of Soul / + Luck: 50% / 70% # Jewel of Life: 50% # Item +10 / + Luck: 70% / 75% # Item +11 / + Luck: 60% / 65% Command System /post, /addstr, /addagi, /addvit, /addene, /pkclear, /time, /exit, /buy, /sell, /online,/questinfo, /marry, /acceptmarry, /tracemarry, /marrystatus, /divorce, /getmarry Server Events: * Blood Castle Event* Devil Square Event * Happy Hour x100 * Party exp event* Lucky Jevels * Sky Event(HOT) Special Event Rewards* Blood Castle (1/6) (+1/+5) Box of Kundun Protection ClientMuEmu + Base Block From MuBeta
  10. Gold Mu Online Server x500 Grand Opening! Reset system: Stats Keep Grand reset: 30 Resets 2000 Credits! Max Resets: 30 Max Grand Resets:2 (Increase every Week) Grand Reset Stats: Keep! PPLVL 5/7 Exp: 500x Master Exp: x250 Max character level: 400 Max Master LVL: 300 Jewels of Soul +luck= 80% Jewel of Soul without luck= 75% Life =85% Max stats: 65000 NO FO ITEMS IN WEBSHOP ! (Max Items to buy = 4 Opt) (Wings= 4 Opt) (Sockets +3 Max!) WHEN YOU GET FO ITEMS? (Be GM or Eventmanager) (Receive on Events like Reset or GrandReset Event) (Most Votes) WebMarket: Sell your items to other players. Offtrade: Sell your items for Wcoins Spots: 5-15 Mobs Sockets + Excelent options= Enabled 380lvl +exc: Enabled Exchange System Market System (Can Sell and Buy Items) Friend System AutoExp System! Yewels in Shop! Boxes in Shop! KundunSpot in Arena! Much Website Features! PVP= Balanced On MAX STATS 65000 Post: 1lvl 100k zen Party exp bonus system: Increased exp for Bronze, Silver, Gold parties Gens battles maps Character creation lvl: MG: 220, DL: 250 Castle Siege: ActiveBlood Castle: Active Raklion Event (Selupan) Active.Kanturu Event (Maya) Active.Invasions: ActiveImperial Guardian: ActiveIllusion Temple: Active, need min 2 players.Double Goer: ActiveDevil Square: Active Scramble Event: (On Web active)
  11. GroxtarMu Online Server x9999 ! Reset system: Stats Keep Grand reset: 50 Resets 20000 Credits! Max Resets: 999 Max Grand Resets:999 Grand Reset Stats: Keep! PPLVL : 100 1 Monster : 100 lvl After Reset stay on Spot !!!!! 50 Resets = + / - 20 Min Exp: 9999x Master Exp: x5000 Max character level: 400 Max Master LVL: 250 Auto Reset : ON ( in game /reset auto ) Jewels of Soul +luck= 80% Jewel of Soul without luck= 75% Life =85% Max stats: 650k / 2000k DONATOR ( Free Players need 250 GR to get 2000k Stats ) FO ITEMS IN WEBSHOP ! (Max Items to buy = All Opt) (Wings= All Opt ) (Sockets +5 Max!) WHEN YOU GET FO ITEMS? (Be GM or Eventmanager) (Receive on Events like Reset or GrandReset Event) (Most Votes) WebMarket: Sell your items to other players. Offtrade: Sell your items for Wcoins Spots: 15 Mobs Sockets + Excelent options= Enabled 380lvl +exc: Enabled Exchange System Market System (Can Sell and Buy Items) Friend System AutoExp System! Yewels in Shop! Boxes in Shop! KundunSpot in Arena! Much Website Features! PVP= Balanced On MAX STATS Post: 1lvl 100k zen Party exp bonus system: Increased exp for Bronze, Silver, Gold parties Gens battles maps Character creation lvl: MG: 1, DL: 1 Castle Siege: ActiveBlood Castle: Active Raklion Event (Selupan) Active.Kanturu Event (Maya) Active.Invasions: ActiveImperial Guardian: ActiveIllusion Temple: Active, need min 2 players.Double Goer: ActiveDevil Square: Active Scramble Event
  12. # GAME SERVER FEATURES # • Account Level • Pro VIP System • Pro Reset System • Pro Grand Reset System • User Connection Verify • Server reduced lag • Main reduced lag • Add Credits real time • Multi Language System hot! • Reconnection System hot! • Party Reconnection hot! • Widescreen Resolution hot! • Monster Health Bar hot! • Duel Announce • PC Points Cafe System • Passive anti-hacker hot! • Superior Client Anti Hack • Superior Anti Flood Protected • Perfect Potion Cooldown • Perfect Combo Cooldown # SERVER HOT NEW ADDONS # • HOT New 3 Bosses Added • Arena Big Jewel Event Added • Perfect Well Ballanced Characters • 5 PC Point Cafe Every Hour • Custom Party System added in 5 maps • Custom Reset System in game without going on the website or sellect server just type /reset on level 400 and the restart will come automaticaly - Level minim for reset: 400 - Level after reset : 1 - Points after reset: 100 • Kick Fallen Enabled - Minimum Level: 20 • Hot New Happy Hour Event - Waiting Time: 10 MIN - Duration Time: 20 MIN - Compensation Time: 5 MIN # GAME SERVER RATES # • Max Level : 400 • Exp : 350x • Drops : 65% • Jewels : 185% • Bless Bug : ON # CHAOS MACHINE COMBINATION RATE # • (C.Mix) Chaos Weapon Rate: 85% • (C.Mix) First Wings Rate: 85% • (C.Mix) Second Wings Rate: 85% • (C.Mix) Second Wings Exe Rate: 85% • (C.Mix) Cape Of Lord Rate: 85% • (C.Mix) Third Wings Rate: 85% • (C.Mix) Third Wings Exe Rate: 85% • (c.UP) Upgrade +10 Level Rate: 90% • (c.UP) Upgrade +11 Level Rate: 90% • (c.UP) Upgrade +12 Level Rate: 85% • (c.UP) Upgrade +13 Level Rate: 85% • (c.UP) Upgrade Items With LK : 85% • (C.Mix) Create Fenir Rate lvl1: 85% • (C.Mix) Create Fenir Rate lvl2: 85% • (C.Mix) Create Fenir Rate lvl3: 80% • (C.Mix) Create Fenir Rate lvl4: 80% • JewelOfHarmonyItemPurityMixRate: 85% # GAME PLAY FEATURES # • Server Nationality: European • Game Play Mode: P.v.P • Professional Anti Cheat Client-Server Side. • Excellent Options on Ancients • Minimum Level for Reset: 400 • Pk Clear : Available • Personal Store System: Custom • Personal Store Ancient: Enabled • Trade System : Enabled • Zen Duration Time: 10s • Maximum Users Support: 1000 • Castle Siege Users Support: 500 • Party Leader reconnection • Ballanced Characters • Points per Level: Normal • Custom Random Drop • Ancient + Excelent Items Available • Grand Restart : 60 Resets • Game Client Clean without viruses • All Agility Bugs Fixed. • Web Shop, Vote & Reward System, Online Hours Exchanging. • Box of Kundun +1 +2 On NPC • Daily / Weekly and Monthly events with great prizes in game • Castle Siege 100% Active • Very Big and Friendly Community Forums with active Staff members # GUILD AND CASTLE FEATURES # • Create Guild: Enable • Create Guild Need Level: 400 • Guild Personal ID: Disabled • Guild Chat: Enabled • Guild Destroy: Enabled • Guild Destroy Level Need: 400 • Alliance Guild Chat: Enabled • Castle Owner Guild Destroy Limit: Enabled • Guild Alliance System: Enabled # SERVER GAME PLAY COMMANDS # /post -> Global message /addstr -> Add Points to Strength /addagi -> Add Points to Agility /addene -> Add Points to Energy /addcom -> Add Points to Command /addvit -> Add Points to Vitality /money [amount] -> zen incrase /marry [name] -> for marry with another charcater /pkclear -> Clear murderer status /reset - Reset your character from game. 400 level required. /request off -> Deny all requests from players. /request on -> Allow all requests from players. • Because we like to make a nice and performant game play we will keep updating our AntiHack every 20 days , to do this we need all yo're support to improve the best ! We do keep scanning and improving our antihack system and we are getting help from our MHP AntiHack provider to fix the issues straight away. If you have eny problems with the Anti Hack System or eny questions , or if you just simply find softwares that they can compromise our game play , just give as a contact email and we will make clear for you ! Thank you for understanding . Best Regards ! DemonicMU Team [video=youtube;KWaYP2sqRe8][/video]
  13. The ultimate classic MU Online server, version Season 3 Episode 1 NEW since April 2017 Remastered by the masters, with over 10 years of experience with MU Running on a dedicated server, planned for longterm, 24/7 Uptime NO LAGS Brought to you by Milamber, Karli, and the legendary MU coder Shatter Made by MU fans, for MU fans We are very excited to bring you our ultimate version of MU Online. This private server has been in the making for an extremely long time. The result, the final product, is what me and my team believe to be an extremely unique, beautifully re-designed, and a 'true to its roots' MU Online server into which an unbelievable amount of time, passion and hard work have been poured into. I am a MU Online fan, and have been for the most part of my life. My primary goal is to share my dream MU Online server with other fans of the game. I invite you to come and try if you like this server. Because Faronnia MU could be something very special to you, as it is for me. NO PREMIUM. NO CASH SHOP. NO WEB SHOP. WEBSITE: Faronnia MU Online Private Server | Free-2-Play Diablo Style 3D MMORPG CREATE NEW ACCOUNT: Faronnia MU Online Private Server | Free-2-Play Diablo Style 3D MMORPG DOWNLOAD GAME CLIENT: Faronnia MU Online Private Server | Free-2-Play Diablo Style 3D MMORPG WIKI/GUIDES: Faronnia MU Wiki COMMUNITY FORUMS: Faronnia MU Forum MU SERVER INFORMATION MU Version: Season 3 Episode 1 Development by Shatter | Design by Milamber and Karli Powered by private build 'Spirex' MU Emulator, MuOnlineWebs, and UGK Anti-hack [SERVER FEATURES] - All original MU Season 3 Episode 1 content working with no bugs. - Custom Boss Monster System: More info here! - Probably the best original map re-designs and monster spots ever. - Re-balanced Monster and Item database for better gameplay. - Game Client modifications (widescreen, 3-d camera, fog effect, etc.) - Advanced client anti-hack system to prevent cheaters! - In-game character reset system and PK Clear. - Global chat /post command, quick add stats (/str, /agi, etc.) - Only a few custom items (including the classic Mace of Kings!) - Castle Siege skills allowed on all maps [CORE SETTINGS] Server Type: Open PvP Experience Rate: 300x Item Drop Rate: 60% Maximum Stats: 20,000 Maximum/Reset Level: 400 Maximum Resets: 20 Clear Stats: No Clear Inventory: No Reset Cost: 50,000,000 zen Grand Resets: Not yet available, coming in the future! Guild Create required level: 300 Exc+Ancient Items: No Jewel of Harmony+Ancient Items: Yes Maximum Item Level: 13 Maximum OptionLevel for Items: 7 Exc Items drop rate: Normal Party Exp System: Yes PC Shop system: No PK Drop Items on Death: No Event combination items in shops: Yes Fenrir Mix: Yes (including Gold Fenrir) Castle Siege: Yes Lord Mix: Yes [JEWELS] Jewels drop rate: Normal Jewel of Soul Success Rate: 60% Jewel of Soul Success Rate +Luck: 85% Jewel of Life Success Rate: 70% [QUESTS AND EVENTS] - Blood Castle every 2 hours, Double Exp Rate - Devil Square every 2 hours - Chaos Castle every 2 hours - Illusion Temple every 4 hours - Crywolf Fortress 2 times every day - CastleDeep/Loren Invasion 2 times every day - White Wizard Invasion every 2 hours - Golden Monsters Invasion every 4 hours - Red Dragon Invasion every 4 hours - Castle Siege once a week [DEDICATED SERVER HOSTING] - Server Location: EUROPE - DDoS Protected Windows Server - SSD for faster drive performance - Intel Xeon Quad Core 3.40GHz CPU - Corsair 8GB DDR3 RAM - 100Mbit internet speed / NO LAGS Frequently Asked Questions: 1 - The game doesn't run, I can not play! Run and install our Microsoft VC Redistributables provided inside the FixGameCrash folder. If problem perists. try downloading and installing Microsoft .NET Frameworks for your Windows PC. 2 - My antivirus says this game has a virus inside of it! That is the UGK Anticheat system we have running with the main game itself, which connects to a server outside of your network to run some quick security checks to ensure that cheaters/hackers will not overtake our game and ruin the experience for everybody. The solution is to open your Antivirus's settings, and to 'Whitelist'/Ignore the folder or the file within our client causing the problem. So that is the Mu.exe and the Main.exe files. Client settings/options/configurations So we have basic settings within our game launcher (resolution, sound, window mode, etc.) But within our client, we have a Config.ini file if you've noticed it. // [CONFIG] EnableWidescreen = 0 Works but may cause undesirable effect. Put 1 to turn it on. EnableShowBothWeapons = 1 Leave this alone. EnableCamera = 1 F9 to active/de-activate 3D camera, F10 to reset potion, Middle mouse to control camera EnableFog = 1 Fog to make 3D environment less old and ugly. EnableSky = 0 You can use this instead of Fog, but unfortunately it is a bit buggy. EnableSiegeSkills = 1 Leave this alone. // Know the rules on our MU Online private server! a) Keep your password safe, do not share it with anyone. b) Admins/GMs do NEVER ask for your password. We do not need it even to access your account. c) PK and KS is 100% allowed, this is an open PvP server. d) No cheating/hacking please, unless you really want that permanent ban. e) Please do not use language that is racist, sexist, homophobic or falls under generally accepted guidelines for hate speech. Thank you for reading. Join us today in the most epic MU server, faronnian!
  14. GrandMu Balanced new server open for players to enjoy. We are still a new server but we want to provide a fun environment with changes from player suggestions. Players can earn their gear so they can enter a class-balanced PvP or PvM Bossing. Here is some information about our server. Important Notice: I do want to notice that big credits should be given to this community and mostly IGCN's season 9 episode 5 files, without them this server wouldn't have been like this! Server Links - GrandMu Website - GrandMu Forums Server Features - Version: Season 9 (IGCN) - Experience Rate: 1000x - Item Rate: 100x (High Exc Rate) - Max Level: 400 - Max Master Level: 330 - Master Experience Rate: 30x - Max Resets: Unlimited - Max Stats: 65535 - Keep stats on reset: Yes - Reset rewards: 5 WCoin each reset, 1200 WCoin each Grand Reset (50resets) - Stats per level: 5/7 - Webshop: Disabled - we only use itemshop in-game (press "X") - Itemshop: Several EXP boosts, lv3 Wings, BoK for random exc+socket items - MuHelper level requirement: 10 - Ingame commands: Enabled - Events: Chaos Castle, Blood Castle, Devil Square, Illusion Temple, Kanturu, Raklion - Castle Siege: Active - Bosses: Kundun, Medusa, Lord Silvester, Selupan - Boss respawn rate: Fast (each hour) - Level Up Spots visible on map: Yes - Jewel of Soul rate: 75% (without luck) - Chaos Machine rate (up to +15): regular rates +10% - Jewel of Harmony rate: 70% - 380 options: Available - Seed Sockets: Available, All sockets (even max level) earn-able - Chaos machine rates: +10=90%, +11=80%, +12=70% +13=65% +14=55%, +15=40% Server Screenshots:Selupan is a high-hp boss with very good rewards including excellent and socket items Medusa spawns more frequently and drops excellent jewellry +10-+13 Create all different characters up to Rage Fighter!