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  1. Hi all, 2.1.6 version has been released. Please find details below. * [ Added ] Edit Jewel hex option on acp jewel settings * [ Added ] Allow/Disallow Killers option on warp character * [ Added ] Check gens settings option on warp character * [ Added ] Clear skill tree function on change race module * [ Added ] Seed options info on itemtooltip * [ Added ] Return Each stats value option on reset stats * [ Added ] Return Each stats value option on dual stats modules. * [ Added ] Recaptcha on reqistration.Removed jscaptcha * [ Added ] Ancient Set option managment (ACP) * [ Added ] Warehouse Editor (ACP) * [ Added ] Webmarket Item expire option * [ Added ] Image url option to news system * [ Added ] Transfer credits module * [ Added ] Install check function on first instalition * [ Improved ] Jewel Wallet System * [ Improved ] Buy Level system. Now after order levels, character will also gain exp. * [ Changed ] Votereward pingback links. You may need to re-configure pingback links from ads. sites * [ Fixed ] Admin-cp search ip not displays correct result * [ Fixed ] WebShop sometimes does not displays sockets * [ Fixed ] WebShop equal seed option select How to install : How to update :
  2. Hi all, Please find changelog of v2.1.5 * [ Added ] Auto update function to acp. No more download/replace files, every update can be held on acp * [ Added ] Character Market * [ Added ] Min Reset required option for change class module * [ Added ] Settings status on acp. * [ Added ] Ability to deject auto socket list on webshop * [ Added ] Category select option,default price, default max level, default max add option for ACP webshop item import * [ Improved ] Vote reward system * [ Improved ] Warp Character system. Added multiple maps with required min level, custom prices for each maps (zen,credits,jewels) * [ Fixed ] Ultratop Vote Api * [ Fixed ] Change password error * [ Fixed ] Black red game "Take your bet" function * [ Fixed ] Admin cp view user warehouse. * [ Fixed ] Reset stage cooldown. * [ Fixed ] Inventory content not display correct on some characters.
  3. * [ Fixed ] Minor things from beta version * [ Added ] Reset stage system (ACP) * [ Improved ] Reset system. Added ability to add different stages, every stage has unique config * [ Added ] Reset Cooldown, Custom reset prices, required item options and more on reset system * [Improved] Vote reward system. Added ability to add custom vote sites without pingback system * [ Added ] vote reward system with pingback * [ Added ] ultratop100 vote reward system with pingback * [ Added ] paycall donation system
  4. Hello, v2.1.4 [Beta] has been released. Please notice that this is still in beta and totally new brand cms. Files uploaded on downloads section. You can find details as below. * [ Added ] Unlimited Multiple Server Support * [ Added ] Unlimited Database Support * [Improved] Item info function totaly re-coded. s10-12 suported.Igcn item info parsing from xml files * [ Added ] Advanced Item search by serial (Inventories,Warehouses,webwarehouses,webmarket,webmarket history,dual inventory, webshoplogs) * [ Added ] Advanced search system * [ Added ] Advanced Logs system * [Improved] Language System. Now system will deject missed translate strings auto and added pagination on translate tab * [Improved] Jewel Wallet. Added Warehouse to display real time items on deposit/withdraw feature (unique) * [Improved] Admin-Cp totally re-coded. Now much more usefull,clean,fast and easy to navigate.Some visual improvements * [ Added ] Edit Different version servers support (s2 - s10) * [ Added ] GM Limits / Modules Options * [ Added ] Control Panel Extra Pin Code security (Splitted for Administrator / GameMaster) * [ Added ] Control Panel Ip Filter System * [Improved] CMS tables splitted from Game Database to Cms Database * [ Added ] Webshop Statistics on admin cp dashboard (total,today,this week, this month) * [ Added ] Vote Statistics on admin cp dashboard (total,today,this week, this month) * [ Added ] Register Statistic on admin cp dashboard (total,today,this week, this month) * [ Improved ] Dual Stats. Now can be used by all characters in account instate of 1 * [ Added ] Permanent system on ban functions * [ Added ] Castle Siege Ranking * [ Added ] Unlimited Multiple Server Support * [ Added ] Unlimited Database Support * [ Added ] Added account panel currencies enable/disable option * [ Added ] Vote Reward system without pingback select option * [ Added ] Fortumo automated donation system * [ Improved ] Vip System. Added ability to create your own vip packages and unlimited Sub packages with wide configuration * [ Added ] Set item option info in ItemInfo tooltip * [ Added ] Quest System Rankings for 97d files * [ Added ] SkyEvent Rankings for 97d files * [ Added ] WeeklySkyEvent Rankings and Rewards for 97d files
  5. Server Information:Web: DangerLink 98r (97d+99i)Forum: DangerLink 98r (97d+99i) - НачалоFacebook: DangerLink | FacebookVersion: 98r (97d+99i)Experience: 60x (weekend 80x)Drop rate: 70% (weekend 85%)Box in shop: NoWebShop: NOBless Bug: OFFMax level: 350Max reset: 45Stat Points Per level: DK/DW/Elf - 5 MG/DL - 7Reset level: 330Points per resetSM Points: 350BK Points: 330ELF Points: 340MG Points: 420Reset points: Reset StatsCheck for equipment: On (can`t res with items)Guild create level: 100Mana shield formula: 1% = 110 Agi or 230 Ene, Max 80%Swell of Life formula: 1% = 100 Vit or 60 EneSome options in WebMarket (with History)Zen BankJewel BankRefferal systemNotification systemSupport system with ticketsWeb Warehouse etc.Premium Options~Buy VipBuy vip status to have premium services~Hide InfoHide inventory / location from others~Add LuckAdd luck to your items~Chaos MachineUpgrade your item levels~Buy ResetBuy resets to your character~Buy Dual InventoryActivate Dual Inventory status~Buy Dual StatsActivate Dual Stats status~Change RaceChange your character race~Change NameChange your character name~Transfer CharacterMove your hero to another accountSpots for BK/ME/MGSpawns for SM/MGRates InfoSuccess Rates:Jewel Of Soul Success Rate (No Luck): 65%;Jewel Of Soul Success Rate (With Luck): 85%;Jewel Of Life Success Rate: 75%;Item +10 Success Rate (No Luck): 80%;Item +10 Success Rate (With Luck): 90%;Item +11 Success Rate (No Luck): 70%;Item +11 Success Rate (With Luck): 75%;Server events:Blood Castle EventDevil Square EventGolden Dragon EventSky Event - every 2 hours, duration 15 minsHappy Hour - every weekend bonus exp 20x, drop 15%Lucky Jewels - every weekend bonus 7% success rateParty Bonus Exp - 2 players - 70x, 3 players - 75x, 4 players - 80x, 5 players - 85xQuest System with 30 quests for now:Quest Info"Kill 200 Spiders" Reward "6 Jewels of Bless" "Kill 300 Bull Fighters" "5 Jewels of Soul" "Kill 150 Death Knights" "10 Jewel of Lifes" "Kill 350 Stone Golems" "10 Creations" "Kill 250 Poison Shadows" "2 Rings of Poison" "Kill 200 Balrogs" "2 Rings of Ice""Kill 1500 Devils" Bring "20 Heart of Love" Reward "Kundun Staff""Kill 55 Golden Wheels" Bring "10 Fruits" Reward "Mace of the King" "Kill 650 Hydras" Bring "3 Satan Wings" Reward "ArchAngel Staff" "Kill 880 Zaikans" Bring "2 Angel Wings " Reward "Giant Bow" "Kill 1000 Alpha Crust" Bring "8 Storm Crow Armors +0" Reward "Adamantine Gloves" "Kill 1200 Alpha Crust" Bring "20 Jewel of Chaos" Reward "Adamantine Pants" "Kill 1400 Alpha Crust" Bring "10 Jewel of Bless" Reward "Adamantine Boots" "Kill 1600 Alpha Crust" Bring "10 Rena" Reward "Adamantine Mask""Kill 1800 Alpha Crust" Bring "15 Jewel of Soul" Reward"Adamantine Armor""Kill 1100 Phantom Knight" Bring "15 Jewel of Creation" Reward"Storm Mask""Kill 1000 Phantom Knight" Bring "15 Crystal Sword" Reward "Storm Gloves" "Kill 1200 Phantom Knight" Bring "24 Mana Shield Scroll" Reward"Storm Pants""Kill 1400 Phantom Knight" Bring "15 Twisting Slash" Reward "Storm Boots" "Kill 2000 Phantom Knight" Bring "24 Teleport Scroll " Reward "Storm Armor""Kill 1000 Aegis" Bring "12 Nature Gloves" Reward"Nature Gloves""Kill 1200 Aegis" Bring "12 Nature Pants" Reward "Nature Pants""Kill 1400 Aegis" Bring "12 Nature Boots" Reward"Nature Boots""Kill 1600 Aegis" Bring "12 Nature Helm" Reward "Nature Helm""Kill 1100 Lobster" Bring "10 Satan" Reward "Embroidered Gloves""Kill 1300 Lobster" Bring "3 Small Axe without Luck" Reward "Embroidered Pants" "Kill 1500 Lobster" Bring "4 Dinorant" Reward "Embroidered Boots""Kill 1700 Lobster" Bring "20 Orb of Blow" Reward"Embroidered Helm""Kill 1900 Lobster" Bring "35 Life Swelling Orb" Reward "Embroidered Armor"Commands Info/addstr/addagi/addene/addvit/clearinventory/questinfo/charinfo/post/online/time/marry/questinfo/buyvip - increase exp with 20%, its cost 220 credits duration 2 days/vipinfo/exit
  6. * [ Fixed ] Castle Siege doesnt show correct time left if battle day on countdown * [ Fixed ] Admin-Cp tooltip position for display item info * [ Added ] Team List with contacts on server info tab * [ Added ] GameServer Status function * [ Improved ] Rankings system * [ Added ] Re-Send Activation code function under lost password tab * [ Added ] Website vip functions with wide configuration (module discounts,Reset-GrandReset Discounts, Donate Awards,Improve Market,WebWarehouse Limits for every each vip packets) You need to re-configure your vip settings * [ Added ] Max Excellent option, serial check and Forbidden Items config in webmarket * [ Improved ] Event Timer system (Added ability to add specific days, you may need to re-configure event timers) * [ Changed ] Replaced refferal system Character name instate of nickname
  7. Site : OldSquad MU - UNIQUE GAMEPLAY - LOW/MED - S6Ep3Forum : OldSquad CommunityHello guys,After 8 months of the first database it's time to give the MAX-RR server a fresh start to bring it to life again !Prologue :I want to present you something new, interesting and different from any other experiences.We are introducing a brand new Gameplay in the MU-Online world that you never seen before !We are a young team called OldSquad formed of old muonline tryharders and hard core players that had played hundreds of servers and many styles (non reset,fullstats,limited stats,etc.)Nowadays MU is suffering a lot because of all the new pay2win servers or not thinked at all for a nice gameplay.This is why many "pro" players can't find a stable place where they can show their skill.After a lot of brainstorming,a lot of work,spended nights, etc, we are here to deliver you a smooth MU experience.Have you ever dreamed about a server where Admins do really care about players ? Where admins really use good sugestions, solve the problems, be active almost anytime ingame, do many events ? Where admins really don't make any "differences" between players and are really fair ?Yea, I know, really hard to belive, but we had already show that this is real on our first database (romanian only) and on our 2nd database (that lasted until now) and now we decided to make a fresh start ! Let's get on subject with some detalied informations :We will update this topic and try to gather almost all things about OldSquad MU so if you want to know what you can do or get in our server it is recommended to read the entire post ! The informations about events rewards will be updated when we will decide (so don't trust the actual rewards).Basic info's Gameplay info's OldBox System & Rare items Events info's Spots info's Drop info's Chaos Mix Info's Hot info's Wings System info's Bonus System info's + Many, many, many other things !Info's aren't 100% sure for now, we can do any changes until the opening !Also we are waiting your suggestions to improve our brand new gameplay ! So, if you are a oldschool player, an experienced one or even a newbie that want to play some real MU you are welcomed in our community ! Let's bring MU Online to the next level ! Expected start date : 17 December Waiting any feedbacks, suggestions, ideas until the opening Some screens :
  8. Coded with known php Framework CodeIgneiter Built on a model-view-controller system Build with php 5.6 (Supports php 7) Easy to setup with installition script Can be adabtable with any version and files of MuOnline (97d - Season 12) Supports multidb files Multilanguage Support Supports 4 Types of Vip system (Unlimited Sub Vip Packages) Supports 3 Types of Currency system (Web-Game) Supports Unlimited servers / databeses Seo Friendly Any Type Of WebServer Support (Linux,Windows, ISS,Shared) Fast, Optimized, Clean, Secured (Aprx page randering 0.03 Seconds) Uses files cache system Active Support / Development News Page Registration Page Lost password page Downloads Page Rankings Page Players Ranking Guilds Ranking Voters Ranking Killers Ranking Gens Ranking Online Ranking BC Ranking DS Ranking CC Ranking Castle Siege Ranking Duel Ranking Gens Ranking Skyevent Ranking Quest Ranking Online Players Top Online Rankings Voters Banned List Hof Ranking Weekly Bc Weekly DS Weekly CC Weekly Voters Weekly Online and can add any on request Server Info Info About Server Server Statistics Info Page Info About Character Info About Guild Guides Page Rules Page Support Ticket System Vip System Refferal System Webshop (Supports every item and option up to Season 12) Webmarket Character Market Logs System Vote Reward Systems (6 Vote sites with pingback system Xtremetop100,TopG,Gtop100,MMTOP200,mmtopru,Ultratop100) Automated Donation Systems (Paypal,PaymentWall,SuperRewards,Fortumo,Paycall,PayGol,2CheckOut,PagSeguro,InterKassa,CuentaDigital) Warehouse WebWarehouse Shopping Email system Template System Language System Events Timer System Facebook api and many more.. Account Panel Account Logs Vip System Reset System GrandReset System Add Stats System Reset Stats System Hide Character Info Page Wcoin Exchange System Warp Character System PK Clear System Reset Master Level Dual Inventory Dual Stats Clear SkillTree System Zen Wallet VoteReward System Change Class System Change Name System Transfer Character Buy Level System Buy Stats System Exchange Online Time System Account Settings Page (Change password, email, recover master key) Ticket / Support System Email Notifications and many more Details and up to date info please also check changelogs Fully managment website and modules Over 1000+ Configs GM Feature Ban Unban Characters/Accounts Credits Adder Pricing First time Setup ( website only ) No join fee. Suport and updates 3 Themes inclueded Oldschool version (97d,99b,1.1m etc - Webshop not included) : 39$ / 3 months - 69$ / 6 months - 99$ / Year Never versions (Webshop included Season 2 - Season 12) : 49$ / 3 months - 79$ / 6 months -109$ / Year Additional License : 35$ Custom Addons (Depends 5-50$) Custom Theme (20-100$) Payment Method Western Union, Paypal (+%5 Taxes) Prices are non-refoundable DEMO Url : Account : test Password: test Pincode : test Admincode: test Those prices are available untill 01.07.2017 Please Check your webserver supports MuOnlinewebs Cms with simple checker below; muonlinewebs_checker.php