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  1. Welcome to LightMu!Medium rate server,PLAY TO WIN!No donation server,no webshop and no FO ITEMS.All events and bosses are working with nice prizes. Version: Season 6 Episode 3 Experience Rate: 500x ML Experience Rate: 300x Master Level: 220 Drop Rate: 70% Max Excellent Option: 3 Max Socket Option: 5 (Tri-Sphere) LightMU random die
  2. Website: » Beginner Bonus -Warrior Ring 40lvl: drops Heart of Love items -Warrior Ring 80lvl: drops all class Small Wings / Cape / Cloak » Exp: x1000 » Master Exp: x10 » Drop: 90% » Party EXP System 3, 4, 5 Same Class Party 100% 3 Different Class Party 105% 4 Different Class Party 110% 5 Different Class Party 115% » Elf NPC Buff till 250 level » Required level for class: SUM 200 lvl, MG 220 lvl, DL 250 lvl, RF 350 lvl » Official MU Helper: Dynamic » Goblin Points: 10minutes in-game reward = 1 GP » Points Per Level: 5/6/7 » Master Skill Tree: Max 200 level » Guild Create Level: 300 » Monster Spots type: - Low Range (low range) - Mid Range (one line damage dealer) - Multi Spawn (high range) - Double (mix type) » Minimap TAB spots (not in Dungeon, Karutan2, Crywolf, Kalima) » Reset System: - Reset Cost: 10000000 Zen - Reset: 400 Level - Clear Stats after Reset - Points per Reset: 800points Note: After Reset charecter will respawn in Lorencia Bar with 1lvl ! CLIENT INFORMATION » 3D Camera - F10 functions to enable / disable - F11 to return to default - Mouse Scroll click to change angel or roll it to zoom in/out » Additional Functions - F12 minimize Client & saves CPU/RAM COMMAND INFORMATION » In-game Regular Commands - /add: add stats (/addene, /addstr, /addagi, /addvit, /addcmd) - /post: global chat, requirement level: 100 (100000 zen) » Party System - After "Switch" party saves! - Write "/re auto" to activate auto party - Set up password for party, "/re auto 1212", pm 1212 to join party » Personal Store - Sell your Items for bless, life, soul, creation, WCoin, GoblinPoints - Create Personal Store, write /store bless, /store soul,/store life,/store creation etc » Item Information - Find out any Items dmg, def, req to wear it, by writing /Leather Helm - To close this window press "ESC" on keyboard CASTLE SIEGE INFORMATION » Siege Warfare period every week on Friday » Ancient Item Drop Rate » Guild Create Level: 300 » Senior Mix for Castle Owner: - 1 Item Reward per one mix - Possible rewards: Condor Feather, Talisman of Chaos Assembly, Demon, Guardian, Unicorn Note: We are analyzing the best Castle Siege time for You! EVENT INFORMATION » White Wizard - Lorencia, Devias, Noria - Wizard Ring +10% damage » Skeleton King - Lorencia, Devias, Noria - Gold Key, Silver Key » Red Dragon - Lorencia, Devias, Noria - 30% ancient ring or pendant, 70% jewel » Rabbit - One event per map - Lorencia, Devias, Noria, Atlans Lost Tower, Tarkan, Aida - 25% Chaos Card, 75% Mini Chaos Card » Summer Monsters - spawn time 10 seconds - One event per map - Losttower, Atlans, Tarkan, Aida, Kanturu, Raklion - 40% Jewels, Zen » Cherry Blossom: Exchange 255 Golden Cherry Branch for 1 item Ancient » Kalima+7 (Lost Kalima) Illusion of Kundun drop 3 Ancient » Chaos Castle - Chaos Castle reward Jewels - Chaos Castle +6, +7 reward Ancient » Blood Castle - Blood Castle 1 reward Box+1 - Blood Castle 2 reward Box+1 - Blood Castle 3 reward Box+2 - Blood Castle 4 reward Box+2 - Blood Castle 5 reward Silver Key - Blood Castle 6 reward Silver Key - Blood Castle 7 reward Gold Key - Blood Castle 8 reward Gold Key - Silver Box drops Pet - Gold Box drops Excellent Ring or Pendant Note: Silver Sealed Box and Gold Sealed Box drops only from monsters who are in Blood Castle! » Illusion Temple - Illusion Temple requires 4 members to avoid failure - SD potions, 5% chance Fenrir » Golden Dragon Invasion - Golden Rabbit x3 Location: Elbeland Box of Kundun+1 - Golden Budge Dragon x3 Location: Lorencia Box of Kundun+1 - Golden Goblin x3 Location: Noria Box of Kundun+1 - Golden Titan x2 Location: Devias Box of Kundun +2 - Golden Lizard King x2 Location: Atlans Box of Kundun +2 - Golden Tantalos x1 Location: Tarkan Box of Kundun +3 - Golden Satyros x1 Location: Kanturu Box of Kundun +4 - Golden Twin Tail x1 Kanturu Relics Box of Kundun +4 - Golden Iron Knight x1 Location: Raklion Box of Kundun +5 » Doppleganger Event - Excellent / Jewels » Imperial Guardian Fortress - Excellent / Jewels DROP INFORMATION » Feather & Crest : Drops only in Icarus » Condor : Drops only in Swamp » Sphere Level 4 : Drops from higher mobs than 120 lvl » Sphere Level 5 : Drops only in Swamp » Magic Backpack: Drops only in Karutan 2 » Vault Expansion: Drops only in Swamp (not tradeable) » Gemstone : Drops only in Kanturu Relics » Jewel of Guardian : Drops only in Kalima +7, Lost Kalima » Jewel of Life : Drop starts from Tarkan to all higher maps » Kalima +7 (Lost Kalima) Illusion of Kundun drops 3 Ancient » Heart/Silver/Gold/Pink/Red/Blue: - Heart of Love can be farmed in maps from Devias until LostTower3. - Silver Medal can be farmed in maps from LostTower3 until Kanturu2 End - Gold Medal can be farmed in maps from Kanturu2 End until higher maps - Pink Chocolate Box can be farmed from Worms until Lizard King - Red Chocolate Box can be farmed from Iron Wheel until Genocider - Blue Chocolate Box can be farmed from Twin Tail until Dark Iron Knight - Heart of Love : Items like Silk, Bronze, Bone, etc. +7 through to +11 - Silver Medal : Items like Wind, Sphinx, Plate, etc. +8 through to +11 - Gold Medal : Items like Dragon, Legendary, Ashcrow, etc. +6 through to +12 - Pink Chocolate Box : Items like Wind, Plate, Bone, etc. +6 though to +9 - Red Chocolate Box : 70% Items like Sacred, Eclipse, etc. +6 though to +9 and 30% excellent - Blue Chocolate Box :70% Items like Ancient, Glorious, etc. +6 though to +9 and 30% excellent » Suspicious Scrap of Paper in DS+5,+6,+7 » Suspicious Scrap of Paper drops in Aida » Chaos Card Master, Lorencia 133, 161 - Chaos Card can be farmed starting from Kentauros Warrior till Dark Iron Knight - Rare Chaos Card can be farmed from Medusa, Nightmare, Balglass and from Selupan with 1% chance - Mini Chaos Card can buy from X shop for 80 WCoin P - Gold Chaos Card can buy from X shop for 160 WCoin P - Chaos Card: Items like BC/DS Ticket (10/10), Jewel of Bundle - Rare Chaos Card: Items like Condor Feather, Unicorn, Talisman of Chaos Assembly, Demon, Guardian - Mini Chaos Card: Items like Hurricane, Red Spirit, Demonic, etc. +7 through to +10 - Gold Chaos Card: Items like Volcano, Storm Blitz, Sunlight, etc. +7 through to +9 Website:
  3. Specifications Server Files Premium 100% Hosted In: Canadá, USA.Version: Season 6 - Episode 3 Website: level: 400Points for level: 5/7Item Drop : 40%Experience: x200Max Stats: 32.000Spots: 7-10 mobs.Reset Stats - 600 points for reset.Server ONLINE 24/7.REWARDSVote Reward SystemReset Reward SystemEvent Reward System*All prizes are awarded in WCoins, which can be used in the web-shop.EVENTSBlood Castle (1 - 8) Chaos Castle (1 - 7) Devil Square (1 - 7) Illusion Temple White Wizard Invasión Kalima Event Rabbits Invasión Kanturu Event Invasión de dragones dorados Invasión de dragones rojos Castle Siege Among others..We wait for you in!Staff MUBlawerd.
  4. <<<<Season 6 Episode 3>>>><<<<°Servidor Fast°>>>><<<<°BALANCE PERFECT°>>>><<<<°PVP SERVER°>>>>🔸 INFO 🔸🔹 Versión: Season 6🔹 Exp : x9999🔹 Drop: 40% (General)🔹 0 Lag Fast Connections 100MBPS🔹 AntiDDoS🔹 New Server Online Friends🔹 Vps Dedicated🔹 Spots: 30 Monstruos 🔹 Max Stats: 2000000🔹 Max Level: 5000🔹 Max ML: 200🔹 PPL: 100🔹 GET FREE 25000 CGOLD FOR VOTE🔹 1 GR GET 99999 CGOLD🔹 Mu Helper Funcional al 100%✅ System Vote Reward✅ System 1 Antihack Full Protection✅ System Webshop✅ System Market✅ System Reconnection✅ Mosters all Maps Full Spots✅ Change Class In Game✅ Events all Today✅ PayPal and SMS Donations for Others Countries.✅ Donaciones desde Venezuela.🌐Web Oficial:
  5. About PeaceMu Online . The X50 Server will officially open on the 3rd of February! We are excited for everyone to come and experience, and play, and most of all to enjoy! We have made this server from our own vision of Mu Online, we have and will continue to examine every single aspect of the server, we will leave no stone unturned when it comes to creating and configuring the best possible server for you to play! We are players who care deeply about this game, so much thought has been given to how each class can enhance the gameplay, every class has its uses and all have been made enjoyable to play. We feel the most Important thing to say here about our server is that every detail has been examined, considered and then configured, to give the best possible gameplay... the most enjoyment.. and the most gratifying results possible, mobs have been calibrated, classes have been balanced, drops have been adjusted, Bosses tested, Events perfected to give you the player, a MU experience that you can share with your friends, make new friends, and we guarantee you won't forget! Join now and you won't regret this! . Events are spread throughout the 24 hours so people from all corners of the world get a chance at events. Each event's rewards are configured and remade with using monsters with more powerful abilitys. Nightmare respawns 24 hours after its been killed, from him drops 1 item 380lvl. To get to him you need to firstly kill the Maya Hands, from them drops random excellent or non-excellent items. One of strongest Bosses in PeaceMu is Kundun he has a 12 hour respawn and drops 3 items with 100% chance to get ancient items! The only boss in here that drops socket items is Selupan, who spawns in LaCleon Hatchery. Golden Invasion spawns in almost all PeaceMu maps, each golden monster has its own abilities and drops. Ofc stronger goldens will drop better rewards! Similar to Golden Invasion we have Dragon Invasion where similar monsters spawn in few of maps and they drop 1 ancient with spawn time in 4 different time slots! Medusa as the strongest boss drops 3 items 380lvl same as Balgass from Crywolf Fortress event, where any player can join weekly, Crywolf Event takes place at 14.00 on Sunday. Castle Siege winners will get rewarded with use of the map Land of Trail, Erohim spawns here every 12 hours, Erohim drops are 50% chance to get excellent item and 50% chance socket item. Master class will be rewarded with SkillTree, Master Chaos Castle, where the drop is 100% ancients, and Master Blood Castle with 20% excellent Archangel weapon drop and 80% non-excellent Archangel weapon/chaos assembly drop. Castle Deep Event is held in the Valley of Loren and will be at 20.00 daily! Battle hordes of monsters until Erohim appears kill him and be rewarded 50% chance to get excellent item and 50% chance socket item. . As well know it takes time to create a balance, been testing all 7 classes to be more like in balance. Ofc there will be some differences in late game, mid game and first few resets. More about PeaceMu balance, which have been keep tested and remade many times. Few classes haven't been change from OBT, but we have been changed spells and buffs for them. It's all about strategy and best gear. Rage Fighter has different builds in and out. Physical dmg for rf are based on str/vit 23.65/76.35, so vit will effect more mid game, than other class will do with other builds. Skills are build for each build and calculated for late pvp game. Str will effect late game with attack success rate going till sky high. DPS for late game and mid game are limited by skills cool-down, but damage stay huge as it should be. Most spells hits from 3 - 5 per cast. Dragon roar in mid game will be about +15% better than Dark Side, since Dark Side have 4 stats whats effect dmg, but dragon roar have 3. As well know Summoner, second female and unique class with her debuffs, reflection and great dmg with berserker. This class use magic dmg, which effect verses melee classes. Berserker increase damage most of any PeaceMu buffs, as well decrease defense. Summoner owns all mid game since berserker % grow reset by reset, but his defense get lower because his defense are low and more even with berserker. Most deadliest are cursed pvp and pve, since they can bypass mana shield. Reflection will rush other classes to add more vitality since you can get back your own damage after damaged summoner with reflection! This buff can increase till 75%, can be increased with set options as well. Magic Gladiator as warriors who combine spells and swords, bringing both to rush in game beginning and mid game. These class arsenal includes abilities of both the dark knight and dark wizard classes. Class will own all class in DPS by his speed. Magic Gladiator got constant skill damage 200% from very first moment. Use his own skills as well along with dk and dw abilities. Fire Slash is so fast it creates fire in mid-air, decrease enemies defense. Also uses skill Power Slash with str build. Great class to compete in event such Castle Siege or Chaos Castle. Dark Lord have ability to command his pets. Horse can cast a destructive war stomp which cases tremendous damage and knocks opponents back. Assumed this class to be tank class in PeaceMu similar like Dark Knight, which holds battle front in wars. Dark Lord uses str and ene to increase his damage, similar to Dark Knight. Str increase base dmg, but ene increase skill dmg % and magic dmg what effects during casts. . Resets are a great way to gain some Coins while enjoying the game environment with other players from around the world. As a player you can make resets with your character, and be rewarded with Coins for each set of resets made. Experiencing your character in game will give you resets, which in turn gives you more stat points, and better gear, allowing you to level in better spots, and with better parties, which creates better game-play for quicker resets. Time spent in game while making these resets also gives a hidden bonus to players, as you can also exchange these online hours for coins through our website system. Every 10th reset will result in a players account receiving a reward. Each character can achieve 100 resets. After the 100th reset a character will be awarded with total stat points, plus the stat points gained in the last reset. As the game continues, Grand Reset is the next step for your character to continue his journey, to Grand Reset your character requires 100 resets level 400 and 400'000'00 Zen. Grand Reset Bonus will be 5 000 coins and 500 gold coins and 50 000 stat points, which will be adjusted for future resets. PeaceMu Online Website: PeaceMu Online homepage Our Community: PeaceMu Online Forum Registration: Sign Up! Downloads: Start to play! Game Screenshots
  6. VERSION: SEASON 6 EPISODE 3 PPL: 2 MIN STATS: 32000 MAX STATS: 65700 MIN ML: 200 MAX ML: 1000 CONEXION: 100 MB ANTIHACK: UGK ANTIDOS: GAMER COMAND RESET DISABLE System VoteReward System Referrals System Donations System Market System Webshop Mosters all Maps Full Spots Change Class On Events all Today Server Oppening 15/ 11 / 2017 , 11:11 PM Windows Compatibles XP, VISTA, 7
  7. KillMu[5000x /100%] Season 6 Episode 3 °Servidor Fast° √•0 Lag Fast Connections 100MBPS √•AntiDDoS √•New Server Online Friends √•Vps Dedicated √•Exp: x5000 √•Drop: 100% √•Free Stats: 650000 √•Max Stats: 1300000 √•Max Level: 400 √•Free ML: 200 √•Max ML: 1000 √•PPL: 10 √•System VoteReward √•System Reconnect √•System Referrals √•System Antihack √•System Donations √•System Market √•System Webshop √•Mosters all Maps Full Spots √•Change Class In Game √•Events all Today Server Oppening 10/ 11 / 2017 , 03:12 AM Windows Compatibles XP, VISTA, 7 KillMu Full PVP