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Found 3 results

  1. Specifications Server Files Premium 100% Hosted In: Canadá, USA.Version: Season 6 - Episode 3 Website: level: 400Points for level: 5/7Item Drop : 40%Experience: x200Max Stats: 32.000Spots: 7-10 mobs.Reset Stats - 600 points for reset.Server ONLINE 24/7.REWARDSVote Reward SystemReset Reward SystemEvent Reward System*All prizes are awarded in WCoins, which can be used in the web-shop.EVENTSBlood Castle (1 - 8) Chaos Castle (1 - 7) Devil Square (1 - 7) Illusion Temple White Wizard Invasión Kalima Event Rabbits Invasión Kanturu Event Invasión de dragones dorados Invasión de dragones rojos Castle Siege Among others..We wait for you in!Staff MUBlawerd.
  2. Hello people! We are happy to present you this new mu online project, called X MU ONLINE. Most of all useful information are available on site, in english language, so we are glad to see people with any race and nationality. Server time: UTC +3 Server host location: Ukraine Register Account Download Client MAIN INFO: • Exp: x1000 • Drop: 25% • Master Exp: x1000 • Max master level: 200 • Reset level: 400 • Max stats: 50000 • Points per level: DK/MG/ELF/DW/SUMM/RF = 5, DL = 6 • 4000 Level Up points on start CUSTOM FEATURES: • MU Online server without Lorencia? Easy! We are not using lorencia map at all. • New unique starting map: The Lost Fortress: • New unique Excellent options, Pink options, Harmony options, Socket options and bonus: • Extended party system with 10 people allowed. Buffs appear too: • Unique Talisman system and custom X Shop: • Battle Ground Event (Team vs Team) on new custom map, with kill statistics after finish and custom rewards: And Also: • No reflect animation in PvP. • Damage reflection turned off almost everywhere, except summoner skills and wings. • Rage Fighter visual damage fixed. • Farm Silver (custom currency), WCoinP for free from regular monsters and boss monsters. • You are able to make Full option +15 items in-game for free with Jewel of Excellent, Nature, Socket, Ancient etc. • You are able to make Full option +15 wings in-game with same jewels. • Advanced HP, SD bars with GR, Reset and Level. • New full ancient sets: Hurricane, Red Spirit, Dark Master, Piercing, Dark Soul, Great Dragon, Demonic. • 4th custom wings with custom effects. (5th will be added soon). • Master skill tree 95% reworked for PvP server with 50000 stats. Almost all values in percents. • Party automatically allowed. • Multi warehouses. (/ware 0-5). • 10-16 monsters on every spot. • Monster spawn every second. • Offtrade with Silver, WcoinP or jewels. • You can find more useful info about talisman system here: CLICK CASTLE SIEGE: • You are able to make 2-5 excellent option items from Senior in castle. (for castle owners). • New easy recipe to make items from Senior. (you dont need 30 jewel of guardian anymore). • You can take zen from castle per one time. • You can gain Silver from spots in Land of Trial. RESETS: • NPC for reset is located in the Lost Fortress (136, 143) • Zen for reset: 2.000.000 * reset count. • From 10+ reset you need Jewel of Soul for every reset. GRAND RESETS: • NPC for grand reset is located in the Lost Fortress (130, 165) • Zen for reset: 50.000.000 * grand reset count. AVAILABLE COMMANDS: /ware 0-4 - select warehouse. /autoparty 0/1 - auto accept party. /ms_reset - Master Skill Tree reset. /ci - inventoty cleaning. /resetpk - reset your PK level. /offtrade wcoin /offtrade soul /offtrade excellent /offtrade nature /offtrade socket /offtrade ancient /offtrade silver /partyleader "Player Name" - make someone else the party leader. CONTACTS: Skype: xmuonline1
  3. Season 6 , Exp: 500X/100X/10X, Drop: 30. No Full Items, No Web Shop, No XShop. Long term server. Brand new server. Custom, stable and fun. Play To Win Server info: Version: S6 Ep3 Experience: 10x/100x/500x Drop: 30% MuBot: Available from level 80 for 2000 zen * current level /5 minutes Max Resets: 150 Reset Type: Keep Points Reset Zen: 10,000,000 * number of resets but max 500,000,000 zen Max Master Level: 400 Rates: Jewel of Soul (No luck): 60% Jewel of Soul (Confort): 80% Jewel of Life: 70% Probability of success at +10: 80% Probability of success in +11: 75% Probability of success at +12: 70% Probability of success at +13: 65% Probability of success at +14: 60% Probability of success at +15: 50% Combination for Dinorant: 80% Probability of success in Event Inputs: 80% Probability of success in pets: 80% Probability of success in items 380: 50% and 70% Extra Info: Monster HP: 100% Bless Bug: No Points per level: 5 & 7 Points limit: 32,767 Reset Level: 400 Points for reset: Keep Stats Clear skills: No Delete inventory: No Max Elf Soldier Level: 220 Clan creation level: 300 Shops: Items + 3 + luck / Potions +50 / Basic Items Spots: 5-8 monsters Level for Mu Helper: 80 Party Bonus: Activated Reconnection System: On 3D Camera System: Enabled VIP system: Activated