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Found 1 result

  1. DoA-Mu 97d+99i+Full Custom item 1000xp Dop50% Wings/Set/Shield works on all Class! Max level 400 Reset lvl normal/vip: 400/380 Point per level MG/ELF/BK/SM: 2+Bonus Point Max Stats 32767 Max Zen /move stadium (from 5rr) /move stadium2 (from 60rr) /move vipshop/vipstadium/vipstadium2 (Just VIP!) Jewel Of Soul succes rate: 50% Jewel Of Soul succes rate +luck: 60% Jewel Of Life succes rate: 65% Item +10 succes rate: 80% Item +11 succes rate: 70% 2nd level Wings Success rate : 80% Events: Golden-Archer: HOT! Devil Square: HOT! Blood Castle: YES Golden Invasion:YES PvP Class: YES PVP ALL: YES Web Site: FaceBook: YouTube: Discord Server: Image: