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  1. Hallo! On this Friday: 11.05 2018 We’re starting with Medium server Exp 500x We invite You to read the following publication! Experience 500x Drop : 35% Exp Master lvl 10x Max Master level: 200 Points Per Lvl: BK/SM/ELF/SUM – 5 Points RF/DL/MG – 7 Points Marlon Quest +1 Point per lvl Monster HP 100% Reset : 400 lvl Zen Cost for rr : 1kk*Reset Points for rr – 250/all class*Reset Zen Cost for GR: 2 000 000 000kk 1GR = +5000 Pkt / 2GR = +10 000 Pkt ... Guild Creation = 400lvl Maximum Players in Guild = 30 Maximum Guilds in Alliance = 2 Helper from lvl = 10 Max Connects on 1 IP = 3 DL/MG/RF = 250 lvl Summon = 1 lvl AutoReconnectSystem = Active BuffElf System until lvl = 300 Party Exp: Solo 100% Exp 2 Players = 150% Exp 3 Players = 160% Exp 4 Players = 170% Exp 5 Players = 185% Exp Class Party Bonus +10% Exp Goblin Chaos Machine +10 = 80% +11 = 75% +12 = 70% +13 = 60% +14 = 55% +15 = 45% Luck = 10% More Jewel Suckess Rate: Soul = 50% Soul + Luck = 60% Bless = 100% Life = 60% Ring Of Warrior 80 lvl: Droped Small wings / cape for all class. Silver Medal: Sets: Dragon , Legendary , Guardian etc (Lvl items +7 /+13) Gold Medal: Sets: Thunder , Divine , Black Dragon , GrandSoul etc( Lvl Items +7/+11) Jewel Of Life Jewel Of Soul Jewel of Bless Jewel Of Chaos Jewel of Creation Drop jewels item = 5% Box Of Heaven: 70% Chance = Money (Zen) 30% Chance = Jewels Box Of Kundun +1 Sets: Pad, Bone, Leather, Bronze, Vine, Silk, Violent Wing. Weapons/Shields: Kriss, Short Sword, Small Axe, Hand Axe, Rapier, Small Shield, Skull Staff, Short Bow, Cross Bow, Buckler, Large Round Shield, Kite Shield, Horn Shield, Sword of Assassin, Bow, Mystery Stick, Violent Wind Staff,Red Wing Staff. Pendant of Fire, Pendant of Ability, Pendant of Lighting, Pendant of Ice, Pendant of Wind, Pendant of Water, Ring of Fire, Ring of Earth, Ring of Wind, Ring of Magic, Ring of Ice, Ring of Poison. Box Of Kundun +2 Sets: Scale, Brass, Wind, Spirit, Sphinx, Red Wing. Weapons/Shields: Crescent Axe, Skull Shield, Katana, Blade, Falchion, Tomahawk, Double Axe, Flail, Great Hammer, Serpent Spear, Giant Trident, Dragon Lance, Tiger Bow, Battle Bow, Gorgon Staff, Thunder Staff, Serpent Staff, Angelic Staff, Buckler, Battle Scepter, Elven Shield, Elven bow, Gladius, Elven axe, Serpent sword, Sword of Salamander, Light Saber, Legendary Sword, Double blade, Nikkea axe, Spear, Double polaxe, Hallberd, Light spear, Berdysh, Great scythe, Serpent crossbow, Giant Trident, Serpent Spear, Dragon Lance. Box of Kundun +3 Sets: Plate, Dragon, Legendary, Guardian, Sacred Fire, Light Plate, Adaminte,Storm Crow, Ancient. Weapons/Shields: Sword of Destruction, Lightning Sword, Crystal Sword, Crystal Morning Star, Bronze Shield, Serpent Shield, Plate Shield, Chaos Nature Bow, Chaos Dragon Axe, Chaos Lighting Staff, Saint Crossbow, Larkan Axe, Master Scepter, Legendary Staff, Giant Sword, Bill of Barlog, Silver bow, Heliacal Sword, Ancient Staff, Book of Sahamutt, Great Reign Crossbow, Thunder Blade, Rune Blade. Box Of Kundun +4 Sets: Black Dragon, Dark Phoenix, Grand Soul, Divine, Thunder Hawk, Glorious, Dark Steel, Black Rose,Ashcrow,Eclipse,Iris,Valiant,Storm Jahad. Weapons/Shields: Dragon Soul Staff, Staff of Destruction, Black Rose Staff,Staff of Archangel, Sword of Archangel, Crossbow of Archangel, Dark Breaker, Lord Scepter, Legendary Shield, Celestial Bow, Grand Soul Shield, Divine Stick of the Archangel, Scepter of Archangel,Book Of Neil, Dark Reign Blade. Box of Kundun+5 Sets: Great Dragon, Dark Soul, Red Spirit, Hurricane, Dark Master, Piercing Grove. Weapons/Shields: Knight Blade, Dragon Spear, Chaos Dragon Shield, Elemental Shield, Elemental Mace, Kundun Staff, Great lord scepter, Albatross bow, Book of Ghost Phantom,Platina Staff, Arrow Viper Bow, Explosion Blade. Selupan: Only Socket Items Kundun on Kalima 7: All Ancient Sets 1 Kundun = 4 Ancient Items 80% = Ancient Items 10% = Jewel Bundles (20) 10% = Zen Rabbit: 80% Jewels 20% Zen Balagass: 20% Exelent Items 380 lvl 50% Normal items 380 lvl (+6/+9) 10% Zen 10% Jewel Bundles (30) 10% Fragment Of Horn Special Items: Dark Raven Spirit : Medium [Drop in Kanturu1/2/3] Dark Horse Spirit : Medium [Drop in Kanturu1/2/3] Gemstone : Medium [Drop in Kanturu 2/3/ Relics] Jewel of Guardian : Medium [Drop in LoT / Kalima] Jewel Of Chaos: Medium [All Maps] Jewel Of Soul: Medium [All Maps] Jewel of Life: Low [All Maps] Jewel of Creation: Low [All Maps] Feather: Low [Drop only Icarus] Crest: Low [Drop Icarus/Kanturu2] GemStone: Low [Only Kanturu2] IMP/Angels: Medium [All Maps] Happy Hours 7:00PM – 9:00 PM = 30% More Experience 15% More Drop Blood Castle Every 2 hours Devil Square Every 2 hours Kundun Kalima 7 Respawn Every 24 hours Selupan (Respawn Every 24 hours from when it is Killed ) Golden Invasion Every 4 hours (00:00)(4:00am)(8:00am)(12;00pm)(4;00Pm)(8;00pm) Golden Budge Dragon x4 Golden Dragon(Little) x3 Golden Soldier x3 Death King x3 Death Bone x2 Golden Goblin x3 Golden Rabbit x3 Golden Dragon x2 Golden Vepar x2 Golden Lizard x2 Golden Wheel x2 Golden Tantal x2 Golden Dark Knight x1 Golden Devil x1 Golden Stone Monster x1 Golden Crust x1 Golden Satyr x1 Golden Twin Tail x1 Golden Iron Knight x1 Golden Great Dragon = x1 (Droped 3x Bok) Only with VIP Account You can teleport to biggest Arena 125x More Exp 25% More Drop Jewel success Rate +20% If You read the entire publication, Thansk! If You have any questions or suggestions or would like to help in advertising the server, We’d like to invite You to our Facebook Page or our Forum. Also, We are looking for 2 Active players for GM position. Best Regards. See You on the server!
  2. MU Hampshire Online

    Welcome to Mu Hampshire Online Season XII Website: Exp Static. 700x Master. 500x Drop. 65 Free to Play. Download here
  3. MU CLOVERFIELD SEASON XIII - SERVER MEDIUM EXP X 500 Inauguramos hace 4 dias, te ivitamos a jugar Experiencia: Dinámica * Exp-Dynamica * 0-15 Reset =500x * 15-9999= -25 % Liberacion 40 Reset Semanal RESET : Lvl 400 PUNTOS POR RESET: 500 RESET DINAMICO : si CLEAR STAT : SI MAX STAT : 62K DISPONIBILIDAD : 24/7 + Offtrade + Auto Reconnect + helper WEB SITE: FACEBOOK: NEWS * New Skill Tree Season13 *New Maps *Deep Dungeon, *Swamp of Darkness NEWS ITEMS *Awakening *Weapons *HolyAngel TODOS LOS EVENTOS *️BloodCastle: On *️lineDevilSquare: ON *️lineChaos Castle: Online *️Illusion Temple: Online *️Doppelganger: Online *️Imperial Guardian: Online *️Archeron Guardian: Online *️Castle Deep: Online *️Items Division System *️General UI improvements *️MuHelper renewal *️Favourite Warps selection *️Guide Quest System (Press F1) *️Removed special class warp benefits *️Jeweler Bingo *️Mini-GameCard Deck Mini *️GameMining Pandora Mini-Game *️Evomon MonsterMiniGame NEW WINGS LEVEL 4: *Devil Wings = Dragon Knight *Genius Wings = Noble ELf *Destruction Wings = Magic Knight *Control Wings = Empire Lord *Eternal Wings = Dimension Summoner *Judgment Cloak = Fist BlazerE *ternity Cloak = Shining Lancer NEW 4th CLASS QUEST TO OPEN SKILL TREE !! NEW BOSS TO KILL * Many things to do in a new World of MuOnline! * New 4th Class Quest to open New Skill Tree! * New BOSS to kill