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  1. Hello people! We are happy to present you this new mu online project, called X MU ONLINE. Most of all useful information are available on site, in english language, so we are glad to see people with any race and nationality. Server time: UTC +3 Server host location: Ukraine Register Account Download Client MAIN INFO: • Exp: x1000 • Drop: 25% • Master Exp: x1000 • Max master level: 200 • Reset level: 400 • Max stats: 50000 • Points per level: DK/MG/ELF/DW/SUMM/RF = 5, DL = 6 • 4000 Level Up points on start CUSTOM FEATURES: • MU Online server without Lorencia? Easy! We are not using lorencia map at all. • New unique starting map: The Lost Fortress: • New unique Excellent options, Pink options, Harmony options, Socket options and bonus: • Extended party system with 10 people allowed. Buffs appear too: • Unique Talisman system and custom X Shop: • Battle Ground Event (Team vs Team) on new custom map, with kill statistics after finish and custom rewards: And Also: • No reflect animation in PvP. • Damage reflection turned off almost everywhere, except summoner skills and wings. • Rage Fighter visual damage fixed. • Farm Silver (custom currency), WCoinP for free from regular monsters and boss monsters. • You are able to make Full option +15 items in-game for free with Jewel of Excellent, Nature, Socket, Ancient etc. • You are able to make Full option +15 wings in-game with same jewels. • Advanced HP, SD bars with GR, Reset and Level. • New full ancient sets: Hurricane, Red Spirit, Dark Master, Piercing, Dark Soul, Great Dragon, Demonic. • 4th custom wings with custom effects. (5th will be added soon). • Master skill tree 95% reworked for PvP server with 50000 stats. Almost all values in percents. • Party automatically allowed. • Multi warehouses. (/ware 0-5). • 10-16 monsters on every spot. • Monster spawn every second. • Offtrade with Silver, WcoinP or jewels. • You can find more useful info about talisman system here: CLICK CASTLE SIEGE: • You are able to make 2-5 excellent option items from Senior in castle. (for castle owners). • New easy recipe to make items from Senior. (you dont need 30 jewel of guardian anymore). • You can take zen from castle per one time. • You can gain Silver from spots in Land of Trial. RESETS: • NPC for reset is located in the Lost Fortress (136, 143) • Zen for reset: 2.000.000 * reset count. • From 10+ reset you need Jewel of Soul for every reset. GRAND RESETS: • NPC for grand reset is located in the Lost Fortress (130, 165) • Zen for reset: 50.000.000 * grand reset count. AVAILABLE COMMANDS: /ware 0-4 - select warehouse. /autoparty 0/1 - auto accept party. /ms_reset - Master Skill Tree reset. /ci - inventoty cleaning. /resetpk - reset your PK level. /offtrade wcoin /offtrade soul /offtrade excellent /offtrade nature /offtrade socket /offtrade ancient /offtrade silver /partyleader "Player Name" - make someone else the party leader. CONTACTS: Skype: xmuonline1