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RelaxMU / Fresh DB / x50 Hard / NO BUG / Real MU experience

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General characteristics:
Version: Season 6 Episode 3
Experience: 50x
Master Level Experience: 5x
Level Master Level: 400 
Drop: 30%
Monster HP: 100%
Bless Bug: No
Points per level: 5 & 7
Points limit: 32,767
Reset Level: 400
Points for reset: Keep Stats
Resets limit: 100
Grand Reset: 100 RR (WIN 5000 CREDITS)
Clear skills: No
Delete inventory: No
Max Elf Soldier Level: 220
Clan creation level: 300
Shops: Items + 3 + luck / Potions +50 / Basic Items
Spots: 5-8 monsters
Level for Mu Helper: 80
Party Bonus: Activated
Reconnection System: On
3D Camera System: Enabled
VIP system: Activated

Custom Added!!

- /Attack and /Offattack : enable
- /Marry Sistem: On
- Added the buttons of the 3D Camera. 
- Added Server Time and Local Time.
- Added Mini Map to the interface. 
- Fog was added to the interface. 
- Added the '' Panel '' button to the interface. 
- Added Panel to enable / disable customs.
- The Monsters HP Bar  
- Added HP and SD Bar to the Characters.  
- The / vault command was added.
- PK / Assassins can no longer buy in Store or enter Events.

Level of creation of personages:
Summoner: 200
Magic Gladiator: 220
Dark Lord: 250
Rage Fighter: 300
Jewel of Soul (No luck): 60%
Jewel of Soul (Confort): 80%
Jewel of Life: 70%
Probability of success at +10: 80% 
Probability of success in +11: 75%
Probability of success at +12: 70%
Probability of success at +13: 65%
Probability of success at +14: 60%
Probability of success at +15: 50%
Combination for Dinorant: 80%
Probability of success in Event Inputs: 80%
Probability of success in pets: 80%
Probability of success in items 380: 50% and 70%


Link >>>

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