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MuOnlineWebs v2.2.0 Changelog

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Hi All,

We are glad to release  2.2.0 of muonlinewebs.

This will be our last version of v2 ( Except fixes )

What is next? 

- v3 Which will be more faster, lightweight, fully responsive with bootsrap 4 with our custom framework.

- Account panel will be static with bootsrap 4

- Front page will be really easy for templating and simple stufs like register,login,news,rankings etc.

- Can be easly upgradable from v2 to v3 trought acp.


Please find v2.2.0 updates below;


* [ Added ] New Season 13 Classes with images.
* [ Added ] Login Security and Known devices plugin with fully management and notification ( Like facebook, google etc ) Only CMS has this feature on MuOnline Comunity.
* [ Added ] Login with facebook social plugin, attemt do detect if user not registered redirect to register, ready to use for multiple server even with multiple database used for accounts. 
* [ Added ] Geolocation libarary. Attempt to check another provider ( currently 10 ) if current one not detects or any error scenario. 
* [ Added ] User active sessions list with wide information ( ip,device,operating system, estimated location etc. Login Security and Known devices plugin required )
* [ Added ] Website active session for each server in acp with wide information ( ip,device,operating system, estimated location etc. Login Security and Known devices plugin required )
* [ Added ] Latest Files check before runing update website if new version released.
* [ Added ] "Active sessions on web" statistics widget on Admin Panel Dashboard.
* [ Added ] Attempt to detect missing language strings from every each language and insert missing strings during update / setup !

* [ Fixed ] Database does not throw errros and log errors on query statements.
* [ Fixed ] Some wings does not show option in some scenarios on itemtooltip
* [ Fixed ] Some wings has excellent color on some scenarios on itemtooltip
* [ Fixed ] Session library creates useless session files.
* [ Fixed ] Domain get blacklisted from GeoLite sites due to Bots or Spiders.
* [ Fixed ] Adding new class error in acp

* [ Improved ] - Email library.E-mail templates and subjects are can be multilanguage and more clear. Moved email paterns under view folder.
* [ Improved ] - Localization library. Now more lightweight & fast.
* [ Improved ] - Translate library. There will be no more html errors. Attempt to detect quoties, slashes etc.
* [ Improved ] - License library. Now more lightweight & fast.
* [ Improved ] - Replaced fancbox to bootstap modal for better compatibility especially on mobile devices
* [ Improved ] - Ip2Country system. Now more lightweight.
* [ Improved ] - Security - Attempt to deject multiple/cross browser logins even within same device.
* [ Improved ] - Itemtooltip - HP/MP +115 Increase option per level with formula on itemtooltip
* [ Improved ] - Itemtooltip - Wings options display on itemtooltip. Now it deject addinational demage, defance and hp recovery
* [ Improved ] - Itemtooltip - Added stackable items info on itemtooltip.

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