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Hellanionmu exp60/drop30/max level 400 non-reset

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Forum Coming soon!

Server is Online Join Now!!!!!

Hellanion Mu Online
-Fresh open 26/1/2018 GMT+2 Greek Time 18:00
-Server Hosting on Dedicated 24/7
-Server Files & Antihack Very good By Good Hands old BrBmu
-Auto loot does not work.

Exp 60%
Drop 30%
Reset 0
Points Per Level BK/SM/ME:16
MG: 21 /DL :19
Excellent Drop 1/100
Excellent Drop With Luck 50%
Blood Castle ON
Chaos Castle ON
Devil Square ON
Balgrass Event ON
Golden Invasion ON every 2 Hours
Withe Wizard ON every 1 Hour
Castle Siege Every 1 Week
Nightmare 24 Hours
Illusion of Kundum K7 BOSS 12 Hours
Kalima 6 Boss 3 Hours
Chaos Castle: 50% to drop ancient
Full Spots on every map
Good Balance on excellent set and character stats
No 380 excellent,Not excellent GD,RS,BS,HURR Only from Senior ( Siege Lord Mix )
No Webshop!
ChaosMix+10 = 80%
ChaosMix+11 = 75%
ChaosMix+12 = 70%
ChaosMix+13 = 65%
ChaosMix+Luck = 15%
SoulWithLuckSuccessRate = 75%
SoulLuckSuccessRate = 75%
SoulNoLuckItems = 60%
LifeSuccessRate = 60%

More Futures!!!!
Aida2,Icarus,Kalima6 bosses every 3Hours 5% for 380 armors no luck,
Balgass boss event evey 12 Hours!!!

K6 Boss drop 380 armors
Good spots on atlans,losttower7,kanturu2-3,kalima6-7,tarkan,davias.

BOX+5 Drop:Valiant Set,Eclipse Set,Ashcrow Set, Iris Set, Dark Steel Set, Jewels, Excellent Petands...
BOX+4 Drop: Storm Crow Set , Dragon Set, Legendary Set , Guardian Set ,Adamantine Set , Jewels , Excellent Rings
BOX+3 Drop:Plate Set, Scale Set , Sphinx Set, Spirit set ,Light plate Set , Jewels , Exc Rings-Petands.
BOX+2 Drop: Brass Set , Vine Set , Bone Set , Scale Set ,Exc Petands, Jewels.

BOX+1 Drop : Leather Set , Pad Set , Silk Set, Exc Rings , Jewels .

Boss Drop:
Bone blade
Grand Viper Staff
Sylphid bow
Solay scepter
Explosion Blade
Ancient Items
Dragon knight armor
Sylphid armor
Sunlight armor
Volcano armor
Venom mist armor
Balgass Drop
Excellent Staff of Kundun,Excellent AA Sword,Bow,Staff,Excellent Sword of Destruction,

Excellent Dragon soul Staff,Excellent Celestial bow,Excellent Lord scipter,Excellent Rune blade
Dragon knight armor
Sylphid armor
Sunlight armor
Volcano armor
Venom mist armor


Nightmare Drop
Archangel sword/crossbow/scepter/staff , Excellent Celestial bow
Dark phoenix Set , Excellent Knight Blade , Excellent Kundun staff

Excellent Platina Staff, Exc Albatross Bow , Exc Knight Blade, Exc Shining Scipter,Exc Sword of Dancer
380 lvl armors

Hands drop
Excellent Black Dragon set , Excellent Glorious set
Excellent Divine Set , Excellent Grand soul set , Excellent Thunder set.



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