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We are inviting you to our Community
You can choose 2Servers with Different Season
All Files our premium

Click here for Season6

Click here for Season12

Season 6 Ep5
-Server Statistics-

Max Stats    32767
Max Socket Slots 3
Exp: 5000x
Master Exp: 5000x
Socketed T1, T2
Huntable S4 Items in Lot
Drop: 75%
CGoblin: Default

 Season 12 
-Opening date 02/07/18-

-Medium Rate Server
Experience Rate: 5000x
Max ML: 400
Max Stats: 32767
No limit reset ??
No Webshop, all items are huntable and jewels etc.
Max Option: 2 Option
No customs set and 4th/5th wings.
No donate. (Play for fun not Pay for fun)
Season 1 to Season 4 items/set only ??
75% Drop Rate: Jewels/items
50% Chaos Machine


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