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Olympus Mu Online

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001_tt1.gifLooking for long time server and have freebies?001_tt1.gif
Join Now! and get Freebies.
Post your ign and username in our discord under the #first-50freebies.
Website: Welcome to Olympus MU | Zodiac★Games™ Season 6
Register now and get free max stats and gear!
Grand Launch March 01, 2018
Master Level | BUILD | Battle
27a1.png Exp : x5000 | Master Level: x1000
27a1.png Statistics: 32767 
27a1.png Spots: ON
27a1.png VIP: ON
27a1.png 3 Option Excellent (Ancient) (380) (Socketed) in Boss Raids.
27a1.png Full Option Excellent (Ancient) (380) (Socketed) in LordsMix
27a1.png Ancient JOH System : Enable
27a1.pngFree to play

27a1.pngPremium Files
27a1.pngPremium Launcher
27a1.pngPremium Antihack



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