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MU Exorcist | Season 6 Episode 3 | Drop: 50% | Exp: 1000x | OPENING MARCH 17

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Website: MU Exorcist | Season 6 Episode 3
Forum: Forums - MU Exorcist
Downloads:MU Exorcist | Season 6 Episode 3

MU Exorcist | REGISTER


Version: Season 6 Episode 3
Experience: 1000
Drop: 50%
Points per Level: 5/7
Points per Master Level: 1
Max Master Level: 100
Max Character Level: 400
Max Stats: 32767
Excellent + Ancient: Enabled
Socket + Excellent: Enabled
JoH + Ancient: Enabled
Cash Shop: Enabled
Spots: 6-8 Mobs
PVP: Default Mu Online Style
PVE: Default Mu Online Style
Character Creation Level: MG: 200, DL: 250, SUM: 300, RF: 400

Max Reset: 100
Reset Level: 400 LevelsKeep Stats: Yes
Required Zen: 5 Million

Max Grand Reset: 50
Grand Reset: 100 Resets
Required Zen: 1 Billion
Grand Reset Reward: 10000 Credits
Keep Stats: No


Bless: 80%
Harmony: 70%
Seeds maker: 80%
Refines: 20-70%
Chaos Machine: 20-100%
Soul + Luck: 70% Success Rate
Soul without Luck: 50% Success Rate
Life + Luck: 70% (+16 Option Max)
Life without Luck: 50% (+16 Option Max)
Castel Siege 100%
Blood Castle 100%
Chaos Castle 100%
Devil Square 100%
Double Goer 100%
Cry Wolf 100%
Kalima Event 100%
Golden Invasions 100%
Raklion Hatchery 100%
Medusa 100%
Move: /move [mapname]
Request: /re [on-off]
Auto Party: /autoparty [level]
Change Party Leader: /partyleader [name]
Clear Player Kill Status: /pkclear
Post: /post [message]
Add Points: /str /agi /vit /ene /cmd
Offline Attack: /offafk
Offline Trade: /offcredit /offwcoinc /offgoblin /offsoul /offbess /offchaos /offlife


Custom Panel: Player Panel by ExTeam
Custom Wings: 3 Wings (Level 2.5) |6 Wings (Level 4) | 6 Wings (Level 5)
Custom Offtrades : Credits, WcoinC, Goblin Points, Soul, Bless, Chaos, Life
Custom Jewel Bank: Save Jewel of Chaos, Life, Bless, Soul
Custom Jewels: Jewel of Luck, Skill, Level, Mistic, Evalution, Excellent, Ancent
Custom NPC Price: Buy Jewels using Wcoin
Custom Reconnect: If you lose connection you will be reconnected again
Custom HP Bars: Player HP Bar, Monster HP Bar
Custom Bonus: 1 Hour = 50 Goblin Points
Custom Boss Bonus: Credits and Wcoins
Custom Exchange: Receive and Transfer Credits to Players

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