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Come And Play 
GrudgeMU Season 6
Return of Legacy
GrudgeMU - Season 6 Classic | Legacy Server


Many old school players here knows this server well, The Community, Quality of Game & Service are truly unmatched!

This Server was later on absorbed by Zhyper Network Merge and proceeded with Season 8 & Future Updates.

Our goal is to rebuild GrudgeMU & its glory by staying with Season 6 Legacy permanently.

This is the last Season (S6) of MU without Elementals.

The server objective is to Unite all Season 6 Players in a server where long term service and quality is guaranteed.

This server will be community based and absolute player driven environment & economy.

But we are still open to suggestions, we would love to hear some brilliant ideas from you !

Spread the News to your mates, and Lets make MU AWESOME like it was before! 
This is GRUDGE MU Legacy!

Best Regards,
Version: Season 6 Official ( Hunt Base Server )
Powered by: MuEnginePremium
Hosted by: MuEngine Cloud
Experience: x5000
ML Experience: x1000
Master Level: 220
Drop: 80%
Max Excellent : 7 Options
Max Socket: 3 (Tri-Sphere)
Chaos Machine: Webzen Default
PVP Settings: Perfect@220ML
Game Play PVP/PVM
Reset System: Keep Stat
MU Emulator Version: 2.20.2
Castle Siege: 8:00-10:00PM (Sat)
Unique Features:
unique CS point system
unique own buff server
Tarkan's PK Master
Devias , Devais GM's PVP Cage
Trade Logs
Store Logs
2 Option Gear +15 DD+REF
2 Weapons
Complete ACC With 2nd LVL Wing
ex.Buff + Panda
Freebies is Automatically added When you Create Character
Toca and add slot token in lord mix
lucky tickets drop at lot and boss raids (Kundun nightmare medusa)
FB Page:
FB Group:

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