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Luminous MU Season 6 Episode 3

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Luminous MU Season 6 Episode 3

★ Exp: 5000x - Drop 70% - Reset (level 400)(220 Max ML)
★ 1000 wcoins for each Grand Reset (50 RR)
★ Grand reset: ON
★ For every Reset recieves 10 wcoins 
★ Maximum Stats: 32767
★ Clear Stats: NO
★ Delete inventory: NO
★ Delete Skills: NO
★ Maximum Reset: Unlimited
★ All Class Combo: ON

Administrators or GMS Full Online.

★ Characters, Drops and Rates completely configured.

★ Main 3D + Anti-hack (MU Hack Protecter) Updated Licensed.
★ Shops: Basic items, Season 1 - 3 Sets.
★ Spots: Stadium, Lorencia, Noria, Devias, Elveland, Dungeon, Atlans 3, Lost Tower 3 and 7, Tarkan 2,

Kanturu 3, Aida 2 and La Cleon.
★VIP MAPS: Dunes - Custom Jewels (Jewel of Excellent, Jewel of Level, Jewel of Additional, Jewel of

Luck, Jewel of Socket, Jewel of Guardian, Jewel of Skills)

/ post
/ addstr (Strength)
/ addagi (agility)
/ addvit (vitality)
/ addene (energy)
/ addcmd (command)
/ move (move to the map (name of the map))
/ trade (Exchange)
/ party (Send a party request)
/ duel (Send a Duel request)
/ alliance (Send a guild alliance request)
/ reset (Reset the character)
/ evo (Evolve your Class)
/remaster (Change ML)

★ Reset Level: 350
★ Chaos Machine: 80%
★ Drop: 95%
★ Exp: 9000x
★ Money command: ON (/zen (amount of zen to add))
★ CMD: / Zen, /Evo
★ Golden Invasion: ON
★ Chaos Castle: ON
★ Blood Castle: ON (T2 Box Drops)
★ Devil Square: ON (TOCA, TOL and JEWELS)
★ Selupan: ON (S4 Sets and Ancient Sets)


Need Wcoins?
/reset = 10 wcoins
/greset = 1k wcoins (50 Resets)

Chaos Castle = 50cc

What can you buy using Wcoins?
-Custom Jewels
-3rd Wing at Elveland (Silvia) and Arkaina
-Vip (Bronze) (Platinum) (Gold)

What benefits you can get in purchasing VIP?
-Increased EXP
-Increased DROP RATE


Box of Kundun +1 - 5 (Medusa) FO items
Silver Medal
Gold Medal
Where? DEVIAS 2

S4 Box (Kundun)
Where? Dungeon 2 (Every 30 minutes)

T2 Box
Where? Blood Castle

Ancient Box
Where? Kalima

Blood Castle and Devil Square Tickets Drop

Symbol of Kundun +7
-Higher Maps

Where can we Loot TOCA TOL?
-Devil Square

for Downloads site:

FULL CLIENT:…/sg6…/LuminousMU_Season_6.rar/file

PATCH AUTO UPDATER:…/2mljtii5l…/Patch_July_31.rar/file


For more details feel free to contact ADM LUMINOUS.

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