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MURPG Season II - Full 1.02c - Classic Version *BETA* Opens Mid September

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KarLi    0

MURPG Season II  - Full 1.02c - Classic Old School GMO Version
BETA PERIOD Starts at Wednesday 29th August 2018 16:00 (CET) GMT+2
We are happy to announce and welcome you to our newly MU Online Private Server.Introducing you the classic taste of non reset servers here with an average of rates that make you enjoy every detail and feature of the game. 
One of the most important goal of our server is to create a nice bubble with quality players that enjoy the old school style of MuOnline gaming, therefore we make sure that everything is balanced and runs smoothly. Our server will be online for Long Term period, we also Developed our own game protection that makes sure to keep away from cheaters making sure our server is played fully fair. With the help of our players and the MU community there will be only Donations for supporting our server for its long term stability and new upcoming improvements and updates. We welcome any sugguestions and feedback directly through our forum board. If you'd like to Volunteer in helping the server become it's best version we have positions for Volunteering i.e as Game Masters, Forum Staff, Weekly Writers, Event Managers and other positions, all you have to do is check our forums and apply. Most favorite game activities players tend to do are: Hunting,PvP,Events,Marketing and Crafting their Items. 
There will be no Webshop for any items. We offer only (x) Shop with Seals and Tickets to ease your journey and make sure this feature is fairly used. We also want to present your our Reborn system which does only rewards the player only x (Shop) credits each reset (without wiping any items or stats) where you can spend them for Seals and Misc. Therefore we hope you enjoy our server and bring back the memories of classic servers having quality leisure time with great players and connecting with new people online enjoying the game in a fun and challenging way. MURPG [emoji769]

Server Links
Forum: (currently using our FB Page)


Server Statistics and Information:
Server Uptime and Specs: 24/7 Dedicated Server, 8GB, 1Gbps Connection 4 Core, DDoS Protected
Server version: Season 2 Classic GMO Version
Client Launcher: Enabled with Auto Updater
Server Location: France
Experience: 250x
Drop Rate:  45%
Elf Soldier Max Buff Level: 220
Max Level: 400
Max reborn times: Unlimited
PvP and PvM: Balanced
Reborn System: After reset u receive only x Credits (no clearing any items/stats except SKILLS)
Max Reborn times: Unlimited
Vote reward system: Yes

More server infos
Events: Default GMO Webzen events
GM Events: Hide and seek, PvP, PK, scramble and more!
Event Times: Each event is organised to start every each 1 or 2 or 3 hours
Box of Kunduns: Box+5 drops max Dragon/Guardian/Legendary etc items
Bosses: Event bosses like Kanturu/Aida/etc drop special items that don't drop from any Boxes!
Misc Bosses: Like the one from Tarkan2 end, they drop Jewels
Jewels: Drop from every map! also balanced. And they drop from Medals/Hearts aswell.
Castle Siege Cycle: Every 14 Days (Sunday's)
Crywolf Cycle: Every 24 hours (once a day)
Zen and Party system: Balanced
AFK / Bot System: Not available but its personal choice! (if it works for you)
Exc Drop Rate: 1 Exc item out of 300 monsters (max 2 options (luck+skill/option included)
Maximum zen: Inventory: / Vault: 
Spots: Spots are available on every map! (Arena is for PVP, Battle Soccer and Events Only)
Credits rewards: Each hour your receive 1 credit

Launch Day

We want to open the server around 20th-25th September 2018. Time: 19:00 CET (GMT+2) 
MURPG team made sure to have fixed 99.9% every bug and critical major issues in our server therefore our biggest focus on the beta period is for testing two things. 1. Stability and 2. Anticheat protection. We are very happy to bring a quality old school classic server fully free and risk-free to play!

Powered by MuAdmins
DtS (Root Administrator and Coder)
KarLi (Root Administrator and Owner)

Unkn0wn (Web and resources Designer)
Questions, Feedback or Sugguestions can be directly issued 
through our Facebook page or directly in this forum here.
Thank you for your attention! See you on the bright side.

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KarLi    0

Updates Done:

* Removed Death King from the server to avoid issues.
* Disabled exc visual bugs (on scrolls etc - still testing)
* For this beta untill 20th September you can make 1 Reset and gain 5000 

poitns. With 5000 points you can test the server fully and help each other 

make atleast 1 reset and see how the game works in total ease.
* Points per level now are 10 for normal and 12 for MG/DL (till beta ENDS)
* Enabled VOTE SYSTEM (Xtremetop100,GTOP100,TOPG) with vote reward system!

More to come:
- Add jewels/box/pets/tickets (will be listed) in x (cash shop)
- Reset reward after 5 resets you get a Treasure Box with random 

Ancient/Excellen item.
- Monster level in client (so when you point your mouse you see Name+Level

~ After 20th September all accounts that have played atleast to 50 Level 

willl get rewarded for their beta testing.
~ Points per level will change back to normal!
~ reset system will be back to normal! Unlimited resets and each reset = 75 

credits. (After 5 resets you get a Treasure box in your VAULT)

Thank you for playing and helping us grow!

Join our discord channel where we can discuss about anything related to our server and get to know each other :)


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