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[MU] ZEAL MU ONLINE | X5000 |S6ep3|Drop 80%|

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[MU] ZEAL MU ONLINE | X5000 |S6ep3|Drop 80%|

Version Season6 Ep3
Website: Come and Join Us at Zeal Mu Online
Forum Page:
Fb Group Page: ZealMUOnline


Experience x5000

ML Experience x1000
Master Level 220(Balance)
Drop Rate 70%
Max Excellent F.O
Max Socket 5(LVL3)
Chaos Machine Default
Monster HP 100%
Castle Siege 8:00-10:00pm(Sat UTC+8)
Manual Quest

Server Features

3D Camera
HD Resolution
Auto-Reconnect System
Monster Life Bar
Huge Spot
Top Reset
Top BC
Top DS
Top Gens(Soon)
VIP Sytem (Soon)
Grand Reset (Soon)
Quest Item on NPC
Skills on NPC

Game Automated Events

Battle Soccer
Happy Hour (Double Exp)
Blood Castle
Castle Siege (For Update)
Chaos Castle
Cherry Blossom
Christmas Invasion
Crywolf Event
Devil Square
Double Goer(Doppel Ganger)
Dragon Invasion
Holloween Event
Illusion Temple Classic
Loren Deep Event
Medusa Event
Santa Claus Event
Rabbit Invasion
Raklion of Hatchery Event
White Wizard Invasion
Jewel Crush - still ongoing

Where to get Wcoins?

Vote reward
Boss Hunt(Kundun, Medusa, Erohim & Kundun)
Chaos Castle
Blood Castle
Cow Killing Event
Daily GM's Event
Big Day Event
Castle Siege (10,000 wcoin for Castle Owner)
Marketing (Buy and Sell ingame)
Suprise Event at FB page

Item Drops

BC Reward Jewels and Wcoins (including TOCA & TOL)
DS Drops Toca/Tol
Doopel Ganger drop Jewel of extinction and jewel of elevation
All jewel drops in all monster
All Excellent F.O(random) Drops in all monster
380 items drops in Lacleon and karutan
Season4 Items(F.O) In Selupan
Bok1-5 Drops Excellent F.O
Candybox/Chocolate/chaos box drops Fo items (randomly)
Cherry blossom box drops fo weapon items (randomly)
Chaos boxes (mini, gold and rare - chance to get fenrir and bundled jewels)
Lucky coins - Drop at Land of trial chance to get bundle jewels, lucky ticket & Custom jewels
Custom jewel - can be get through exchange of lucky coins to Delgado


Good News - It was open for all now so start farming for Lucky coins to have custom jewel
Ingame Command

/addcmd (DL only)

Server Physical Location: EU Central







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