TaxiMu for Mobile(Android)

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Website: TaxiMu
Download: Google Play Store
Facebook: TaxiMu
Discord:TaxiMu Mobile

Version  3.0.0
Work only for android but you can also use it on your pc with android emulator(we recomand NOX)
- Exp: 1000x
- Drop: 80%
- Spots: Tranquil Poll with vip items
- Max Level= 100
- Max Reset: 15
- Summoner: 3 (Rebirth need)
- Magic Gladiator: 3 (Rebirth need)
- All events working + custom events
- Roland city
- Loteria
- Quiz
- Team vs Team
- Festival events
- Many admins events

Beginers pack:
- 30 milions gold
- 30 milions bound gold
- 30 milions bound diamonds
- 10 milions diamonds
- Vip lvl 10 (max game 12)
- Monsters drop diamonds
- Vote system reward
- Online time reward
- Vip events map






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