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Server Files Premium 100%

Hosted In: Canadá, USA.

Version: Season 6 - Episode 3
Maximum level: 400
Points for level: 5/7
Item Drop : 40%
Experience: x200
Max Stats: 32.000
Spots: 7-10 mobs.
Reset Stats - 600 points for reset.
Server ONLINE 24/7.separador%20cocina.png
Vote Reward System
Reset Reward System
Event Reward System
*All prizes are awarded in WCoins, which can be used in the web-shop.

Blood Castle (1 - 8) puce_oui.png
Chaos Castle (1 - 7) puce_oui.png
Devil Square (1 - 7) puce_oui.png
Illusion Temple puce_oui.png
White Wizard Invasión puce_oui.png
Kalima Event puce_oui.png
Rabbits Invasión puce_oui.png
Kanturu Event puce_oui.png
Invasión de dragones dorados puce_oui.png
Invasión de dragones rojos puce_oui.png
Castle Siege puce_oui.png
Among others..

We wait for you in!
Staff MUBlawerd.

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