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Eco-Mu 99B+[1.0M]

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Grand opening is at december 21st more information you will find at


Server Experience:    500x
Server Drop:    25%
Excellent Items Drop:    25%(From all mobs!)
Points per Level:    BK/SM/ELF - 5 | MG/DL - 7
Guild create level:    220 Level required
Max items level:    +13 +28
Bless Bug:    Off
Quest System:    Yes
Vip System:    Yes
Webshop:    Yes(In WebSite)

Reset:    Website
VIP Reset:    Server
GrandReset:    Website
Add Points:    Website/Server(only VIP)
Change Name:    Website
Change Class:    Website
.:Grand/Reset Info:.
Max Level:    400 Level
Reset Level:    400 Level
Vip Reset Level:    350 Level
Keep stats after reset:    No
Points per Reset BK/ELF:    535/550
Points per Reset SM/MG:    570/625
Points per Reset DL:    725
Grand Reset:    60 Resets
Grand Reset Reward:    150 Credits

.:Server Events:.
Sky Event    Happy Hour Event
Happy Level Up Event    Blood castle (1-7)
Chaos Castle Event    Devil Square Event
Chaos Castle Event    Golden Invasions Event
Hall of Fame Event    And Gamasters Events

.:Success Rates:.
Item +10:    75% (65% if no luck)
Item +11:    70% (60% if no luck)
Item +12:    60% (50% if no luck)
Item +13:    55% (45% if no luck)
Jewel of Life    60% (70% if no luck)
Jewel of Soul    60% (45% if no luck)
2nd level Wings    90% Maximum possible

.:Party bonus exp:.
PartyExp3    150 ; 3 players exp %
PartyExp4    170 ; 4 players exp %
PartyExp5    190 ; 5 players exp %

.:In-Game Commands:.
/post    (global message)
/marry, /accept, /tracemarry, /divorce    Only for VIP
/questinfo    Quest Information
/charinfo    Char Information
/vipinfo    For check your vip status
/exit    Exit To game
/offtrade    Only for VIP
/vault (1/10)    Only For VIP
/str, /agi, /vit, /ene, /cmd    Only for VIP
/evo    Only for VIP
/move race, /move bar, move arena(25 from level)    Only for VIP


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