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Welcome to ArkaniaMu Online Private Server !


ArkaniaMu is an international private MuOnline Season 6 server which is the latest version of its kind. Therefore our project provides the best gaming experience having the newest features that all players are looking for in a game.
An important aspect is that the server does not accept any donations and does not make any sells, ensuring stability and a great competition within the game.
We encourage you to invite your friends to join the game, as you will receive rewards once your friends reach a certain amount of resets.

Dedicate server OVH


Season 6 Episode 13
Experience: 500x Dinamice
Master Experience: 500x
Maximal Resets: 75
Maximal Grand Resets: 75

Anti-Cheat System



» Bot Alchemist: ON
» Bot Buffer: ON 
» Change Class : ON 
» Lucky Spin: ON 
» Party Search: ON 
» TvT Event: OFF
» PK Event: OFF
» Smithy : ON
» Gift: ON 
» Medusa Boss:  ON
» Karutan Boss:  ON



» Red Dragon : ON 
» Golden Invasion: ON
» White Wizard Event: ON
» Blood Castle: ON
» Devil Square: ON  
» Chaos Castle: ON  
» Kalima Event: ON 
» Kanturu Event: ON 
» Raklion Hatchery: ON
» Doppelganger Event: ON  
» Castle Siege: OFF







MinReset MaxReset



1x400 1x400 1 11 1x11 500
1x400 1x400 11 21 11x21 450
1x400 1x400 21 31 21x31 400
1x400 1x400 31 41 31x41 350
1x400 1x400 41 65 4165 300
1x400 1x400 65 75 65x75 250


RESET POINTS                        GRAND RESET POINTS

DK 50 DK 1000
DW 50 DW 1000
ELF 50 ELF 1000
MG 50 MG 1000
SUM 50 SUM 1000
DL 50 DL 1000
RF 50 RF 1000

 * New lvl 4 Wings from Season 13








 * Reconnect System



On Server


-Add (7 Player in Party)

-Add CMD /joinevent

-New Minimap

-Add User Panel Button

-Add GiftCode System

-Add Bot Trader

-Add Bot Alchemist

-Add Config Item Time SmithyItem

-Add Lucky Spin

-Add CyclonePushBack

-Add FruitOriginalWZ

-Add ChaosMix Wing 2.5

-Add ChaosMix Wing 4th [Season 13]

-Add ChaosMix Wing 5th [Season 14]

-Add LuckyItemAcceptJoh

-Add Regen Healing Pet Muun like Fenrir

-Add CustomItemPack

-Add Custom Store Interface

-Add Lag Monster HP Bar

-Add Buff MuHelper

-Add Roll&Dice/Heads&Tails bet amount up to 10k

-Add MonsterNameColo

-Add Weapon/Buff

-Ranking up to 150 Player

-Add News Board

-Add Marry System

-Add Quiz Event

-Add Rock Paper Scissors Gambling

-Add ChaosMixManager

-Add Personal Shop Search

-Recode Game Menu (F12)

-Add BotBuffer

-Add Interface Rename

-Add Entry BC/DS Level

-Add Jewels Bank

-Add Item Time Expiration (Smithy)

-Add Top 100 Player

-Add Button Sell B/S/C... Personal Shop

-Add Button OffStore

-Add On/Off Castle Skill

-Add Checkbox Reset Master Skill

-Add On/Off Create 25 Character in Account

-Add Display Buff Duration Time

-Add Display Buff Icon in Interface Party

-Add Change Party Leader in Interface Party

-Add ItemPrice (Sell|Buy WC/WP/GP)

-Recode Smithy Item

-Add RespawnLocation (Server/Data/Move folder)

-Add Quick Stats Add Interface (Window Character)

-Add Reset Stats Interface (Window Character)

-Add Write Logs Kill/Chat/PostItem in folder Client/Logs

-Add Scripts Chat Color (Client/Data/Scripts)

-Add Custom Interface OffAttack Pickup

-Add Max HIWD connect to Server

-Add Min/Max Reset connect to Server

-Add OffStore/OffAttack enable

-Add Announce Player Join Game


and more



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systemsmag    0
Season 6 Episode 13
Experience: 500x Dinamice
Master Experience: 500x
Maximal Resets: 75
Maximal Grand Resets: 75
Anti-Cheat System
At 20:00 we will give it a start Who is passionate about MuOnline waiting for you on server Server new menu for players new iteme new wings new maps new mobs bonus order /gift and you will see what you get extracting hours on the page and many other systems are waiting for you on the server to explore what we've specified and you'll find more. thank you!!

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