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AD MuContinent S6 E3 | 500x | Drop 30%

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(Client.exe 345mb)


25aa.pngVersion: Season 6 Ep 3
25aa.pngExp Base: 500x (Dynamic)
25aa.pngMaster Exp: 15x (Master Skill Tree)
25aa.pngDrop: 30%
25aa.pngSpots: 7 mobs (Hot 10 Mobs)
25aa.pngElf Buff: 250 (Max Level)
All Class Create LV 1
25aa.pngIP Limit: 15

Free Start Pack

● Reset Type: Puntuative
● Reset Level: 400
● Reset Stats: On
● Reset Points: 400 x RR
(All info here)

➠ Helper Season 6 

➠ Resolutons 640x480~1920x1080
➠ 3D Cam + Zoom + Rotation [F5/END] 

➠ Reduces CPU/GPU to play more fluid [F7/F8]
➠ Disconnect Friends (Login)
➠ AutoParty (/re auto)

➠ PvP Rings
➠ Mapa + Spots + NPC + Gates [TAB]
➠ OffStore + New Sell Buttons
➠ HP/SD Bar + Info (PvP, Party, Monstruos)
➠ Minimizer + Tray Icon + Reduce CPU/GPU/RAM [F12]
➠ Reconnect + AutoHelper + AntiDisconnect

➠ Launcher + AutoUpdate
 Extended Master Skill Tree
 Acc Items of new versions

 OffAttack + Helper + AutoParty + AntiDisconnect

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