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Mad-Mu 97d+99i 999x 40% Old School

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Server Website:
Server Version: 97d+99i
Server Experience: 999x
Server Drop Rate: 40%
Bless Bug: OFF
Maximum Level: 350
Stat Points Per Level: BK/SM/ME - 5 MG - 7
Max Stats: 32767
Create Guild Level: 351 [Not working for now, later will be work for credits]
Maximum Members in Guild: 20
Character Delete Minimum Level: 40
Max Item Level: +11+28
Reset Level: 350
Points Bonus After Reset: 2000
Until 35 Resets: / Reset Cost: 50 Mil after 35 resets require 2 Jewel Of Chaos
Clear PK Zen Cost: 100 Mil x PK Level 
Keep Stats After Reset?: Yes
Reset Reward: 1 Credit
Grand Reset FROM: 75 Resets / Price: 50 mil zen, required: 5 Jewel of Soul / BURN STATS / BONUS 10000 POINTSxGrandReset Count / 2GRR = 20000 points and etc..
Grand Reset Reward: 30 Credits
Item duration on the floor: 60 second
Item dropped by other players can be picked up after: 30 seconds
Zen duration on the floor: 30 seconds
Healing Potions Drink Delay: 0.5 seconds
Mana Potions Drink Delay: 0.5 seconds

Maximum +2 OPT from Excellent Items Drop LIKE +1-5 Kundun
Advanced Quest System (not working for now, as soon as possible will be work!)

Server Events: BC / DS / Party Bonus / Lucky Jewels / Golden Invasions
Devil Square as always every 60 minutes
Blood Castle as always every 60 minutes
Party Bonus: Every day at 12:00h for 30 minutes
Party Bonus Experience: +100
Lucky Jewels: Every day at 19:00h for 30 minutes
Lucky Jewels Bonus Success Rate: 5%
Lucky Events work only for: Jewel Of Soul and Jewel Of Life
Golden Invasions: Every 1 hour

+Luck/Skill -Luck/Skill (RANDOM) MAX+2 Option
Box Of Kundun+1 Items:
Leather Set, Pad Set, Vine Set, Rapier Sword, Skull Staff, Fairy Bow, Round Shield, Double Axe, Angelic Staff, Buckler Shield, Battle Bow, Ring of Poison, Pendant Of Lightining
Box Of Kundun+2 Items:
Bone Set, Silk Set, Scale Set, Lightining Staff, Blade, Tiger Bow, Kris, Plate Shield, Skull Shield, Fairy Shield, Ring Of Ice, Pendant Of Fire
Box Of Kundun+3 Items:
Brass Set, Sphinx Set, Wind Set, Double Blade, Elemental Mace, Light Bow, Serpent Staff
Box Of Kundun+4 Items:
Plate Set, Legendary Set, Spirit Set, Dark Phoenix Set, Lightining Sword, Crystal Sword, Legendary Staff, Legendary Crossbow, Bronze Shield, Legendary Shield, Elemental Shield
Box Of Kundun+5 Items:
Dragon Set, Grand Soul Set, Guardian Set, Unicorn Set, Black Dragon Set, Destruction Sword, Chaos Dragon Axe, Resurrection Staff, Dragon Crossbow

New Characters Bonus Points: 999

New Characters Bonus Zen: 1,000,000

Success Rates:
Jewel of Soul Success Rate (No Luck): 65%
Jewel of Soul Success Rate (With Luck): 80%
Jewel of Life Success Rate: 85%

Item +10 Success Rate (No Luck): 75%
Item +11 Success Rate (No Luck): 70%

Item +10 Success Rate (With Luck): 80%
Item +11 Success Rate (With Luck): 75%

Wings 1 Level Max Success Rate: 100% / Chaos Dragon Axe+4 opt and 1 Jewel Of Chaos
Wings 2 Level Max Success Rate: 50% / Blue Feather, Jewel of Chaos and EXE Item +4 opt
Dinorant Success Rate: 60% / 10 Unila and 1 Jewel of Chaos
(Wings combining is bugged and is always 50% doesn't matter if combined on 13% or 90%)


Also our server has Poker System that is build in website or you can find here:

To Play Poker, you need to exchange your credits into dollars $ where you can find at our server webshop / 1 Credit you can exchange for 1000$ Poker Money and play together with server players and win more credits. If you win more money, later you can exchange $ for servers credits and then buy some items for that.

Server Commands:
/reset - Quickly Reset Character in Game
/grandreset - Quickly GrandReset Character in Game
/pkclear - Quickly PKClear Character in Game
/resetskills - Clear your Character Skills
/marry <name> - Marry in Davias Church 209/16 | 210/16 Cost: 100M
/accept - Accepts when someone offers to marry you.
/tracemarry - Trace to your wife / husband (Cooldown: 15 Sec)
/divorce - Removes your marriage
/post - Post a global message. Cost: 1,000,000 Zen
/questinfo - Shows what kind of quest you have
/charinfo - Shows your resets, grand resets, marry and VIP status
/exit - Exit from the game (force disconnect)
/time - Shows server current time
/clearinventory - Deletes all items in inventory, without equipped items
/party - join to party
/guild join a guild
/addstr - To add Strenght in Game (Example: /addstr 100)
/addagi - To add Agility in Game (Example: /addagi 100)
/addvit - To add Vitality in Game (Example: /addvit 100)
/addene - To add Energy in Game (Example: /addene 100)
/reset - To make Reset in Game
/war <guild name> - Request a war with a guild
/soccer <guild name> - Request a soccer with a guild
/re (on/off) - Toggles requests for deals, party and trade on and off
/ping - Shows your current ping to the server
/online - Shows currently online players and game masters
/vault - [1,2,3] Increase your vault space..

Server /move Commands: Cost: 1,000,000 Zen
/move l or /move lorencia - Lorencia Map from 50 level 
/move d or /move davias - Davias Map from 50 level 
/move d2 or /move davias2 - Davias Castle 25 25 from 50 level 
/move d3 or /move davias3 - Davias Castle 225 225 from 50 level 
/move n or /move noria - Noria Map from 50 level 
/move dungeon - Dungeon Map from 50 level 
/move dungeon2 - Dungeon Map from 60 level 
/move dungeon3 - Dungeon Map from 60 level 
/move a or /move atlans - Atlans Map 
/move a2 or /move atlans2 - Atlans Map 2 
/move a3 or /move atlans3 - Atlans Map 3 
/move losttower 2,3,4,5,6 - Losttower Maps (2-6) from 100 level 
/move lt7 or /move losttower7 - Losttower7 Map from 120 level 
/move t or /move tarkan - Tarkan Map from 140 level 
/move t2 or /move tarkan2 - Tarkan Map 2 from 150 level 
/move i or /move icarus - Icarus Map from 180 level 
/move i2 or /move icarus2 - Icarus Map 2 from 200 level

Custom /move Commands: 
/move s or /move stadium - Stadium ARENA from 150 level 
/move bar - Lorencia Bar 125 125 koordinates from 50 level 
/move bank - Lorencia Bank Teleport 148 110 koordinates from 50 level


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