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Omen Mu Season 6 episode 3 x1000

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MuOmen Season 6 episode 3  

- We offer you qualitatively fast dedicated long term MU Online server without bugs or lags.
- Server is almost 99.9% bug-free that means you can freely explore everything without being disconnected.
- Server has great defense also secured with anti-cheat that means no more hackers and cheaters play fair and enjoy your pvp matches.

Server Information:

- Start 15.02.2019

- Website:

- Discord:
- Version: Season 6 Episode 3 custom+new items
- Experience: 1000x

- Drop Rate 30%

- Max item lvl +15
- Maximum Points: 32767

- DWLevelUpPoint = 5
- DKLevelUpPoint = 5
- FELevelUpPoint = 5
- MGLevelUpPoint = 6
- DLLevelUpPoint = 6
- SULevelUpPoint = 5
- RFLevelUpPoint = 6

- Plus 1 stat point after quest

- Reward after 100 reset=30 WcoinC

- Reward for each reset=10 GP

- Online Bonus 1H=10GP

- MLexp: x400
- Level for reset: 400

- Max Master Level: 350
- Xshop ON

- Max Socket Slot: 3

- Seed Sphere 4 lvl

New and re-designed invasions:

- Birthday invasion-Atlans

- Invasion of Omen-Aida

- Rabbit invasion-Tarkan

- Skeleton King invasion-Ferea

- Kundun invasion-Deventer

- Golden Goblin Hunt-Uruk Mountain

- Boss Omenix invasion-Elveland

New events:

-Automatic Quiz event every 1 hour

-Survivor-pk event

-Team vs Team

New features:

-New jewels

-New items from other seasons

-New EXO items(exclusive)

-Summon scrolls

-Auto Party system

-Summon party member

Chaos machine rate

+10 and+11-60% [85% with Luck]

+12 and+13-50% [75% with Luck]

+14 and+15-40%[65% with luck]

Jewels succes rate:

Jewel of Bless-100%

Jewel of Soul-60%

Jewel of Life-75%

Jewel of Level-100%

Jewel of Socket-100%

Jewel of Addicional-100%

Jewel of Luck-100%

Jewel of Skill-100%



Events and rewards: 

-Blood Castle-random pack of jewels 10 pcs

-Doppelganger-random pack of jewels 10 pcs or 1pcs
-Chaos Castle-random seed/ancient item

-Imperial Guardian Fort-Shining/Elegant/Steel/Old Jewelry Case


Lucky Coin Exchange-Delgado
10pcs-random pack of jewels 20
20pcs-Shining/Elegant/Steel/Old Jewelry Case
30pcs-random rare weapon

Chaos Card Master Exchange:
-Chaos card-random pack of jewels 30
-Chaos card mini/rare/gold-ingredients to create wings 2,5 lvl 3rd and 4th


Golden Archer Exchange:

-20pcs Rena-random exc item


Cherry Blossom Branch Exchange
10pcs White=random exc item
30pcs Red=random exc item
255pcs Gold=random wings 2,5 lvl with 2 options

Lucky tickets exchange-David
1st and 2nd lucky items tickets=Lucky sets with 1 random option/less chance for 2 options

Senior Mix
-random wings 3 lvl up to +13


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