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Experience the full power of muonline SXIII in a fast way! The last 2 months we fixed alot of settings & bugs to proudly present you a really good high exp muonline server. 
We focussed at the gameplay to make sure you have a great time hunting/trading the new SXIII items. And offcourse spent alot of time to config the pvp challenge using ruud and other high quality items to balance all 8 classes !


Our configs:
- Exp: 9999x + Fo items drops ingame
- High rate chaosgoblin & wings gives excellent % option
- All monsters&character changed to match PVM & PVP

- Custom jewels drops ingame from bosses
- Ruud & wcoins & goblin points collect ingame defeating events & bosses
- get 20 goblin points par hour just to stay online ingame 

- NO webshop but quality Xshop: Wcoins & goblin points with good & new items.
- Unique items, custom ancients&sockets drops ingame. Fair gameplay by upgrading items ingame !

Location: France


Open beta is now in progress, so you can test and have some fun now !

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