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Welcome to IcelandMu.ONLINE - 200x

On the server IcelandMu is installed IGCN MuOnline Server Files  Season 6 Episode 3.
Exp Rate: 200x, with party up to 5 players - 250x Master Exp 100x!!!

Events exp 250x.

Drop Rate: 40%

The server is running since may 31, 2019.
We do not make a wipe (complete cleaning of the base) and we are long-term private game server!
In order to provide 24/7 availability and stable server we use only high quality dedicated servers .

Max Level: 400 (All Classes)

Available Classes: Dark Knight, Dark Wizard, Fairy Elf ,Magic Gladiator, Dark Lord ,Summoner, Rage Fighter,

3rd Character Class

Points per Level (DK/DW/Elf): 5
Points per Level MG and DL: 7

Grand Reset System: 50rr = 2500wcoins reward

3D Camera
Socket Items
HD Resolution
Monster Life Bar
buff bots.
Cash shop for Wcoins in Game (PvE Sets & PvP Sets )!!!  HOOT!!! 
Gift System

Mu Helper from 80 lvl.
Events .

Arca Battle  hot!
Attack Event
Battle Soccer
Bonus Event
Blood Castle
Castle Siege
Chaos Castle
Cherry Blossom
Christmas Invasion
Devil Square
Double Goer (Doppel Ganger)
Dragon Invasion
Egg (monster drop) Event
Halloween Event
Golden Invasion
Illusion Temple Classic
Imperial Fortress (Guardian)
Kalima (Kundun)
Kanturu (Maya)
Last Man Standing  hot!
Loren Deep Event
Medusa Event
Santa Claus Event
Rabbit Invasion
Raklion of Hatchery Event
White Wizard Invasion

If Server Reach 50 online we will make every day ingame events , 

First 100 players Receive Gifts from IcelandMu in their Inventory after character creation .

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